WORLD WIDE PHENOMENON: At only 18, Rico Bandeas already has millions of followers and fans across the globe. Here he prepares to shoot a cum shot over his audience in appreciation of their dedication to him. 
One thing is clear from the Master’s Boy competition already: despite his disappointing 3rd place finish at the BeefBoy, Rico Bandeas is the odds-on favorite for the Teen division.  At least if the welcome he received upon his arrival at the Master’s Expo is to be believed.

Already known for his prominent social media following (1.1 million watch his daily naked flexing Snapchats), Rico Bandeas was immediately overrun by the appreciative crowd when he swaggered into  the expo.  Coming from a wealthy family, Bandeas does not need sponsors and sponsorships like other young naked bodybuilders. But he does look for them because he likes ability to display his superior form for the public.  Sponsors also like his good looks, cocky attitude and his huge social media following.  His thick dong grew extra rigid as he basked in the adulation of the crush of fervent fans.  “I don’t do this to make money. I do this so that my fans can see and experience my superior Alpha life on their own. They’ll never be as amazing as I am, but they can dream when they look at my body and see the way I live my life.”

He even stopped to answer a few questions, though seemed annoyed by queries about his relationship with Bamboo. “There’s no relationship. We were competitors during the BeefBoy, and that’s it.  He is a good bodybuilder and we got along fine. But I haven’t had any interactions with him since then.”

He was much more forth coming when asked about his mentor and lead trainer, Carlos Monza.  Asked if they have a plan for the Master’s he said, “We spent the entire plane ride creating a strategy for this show for the both of us.  Carlos has a lot of aggression over really wanting to win the overall in his first Masters.  And I want to win as badly as he does. I can tell you he definitely took that aggressive stance out on my ass at 30,000 feet!”

Monza did not appear at the Expo with Bandeas, though as potentially South America’s most famous competitive bodybuilder, he surely would have been similarly mobbed.  It was revealed that he went straight to his hotel after registering to settle in and continue hardcore working out, and left his protégé to bask in the adulation.




  1. Rico Bandeas and Carlos Monza caused a damage at the airport. When they arrived, the two naked bodybuilders were immediately directed to the reserved area, once the crowd rushed to see the two naked beasts. Carlos Monza managed to quiet the crowd when he fired a heavy load into a bucket reserved for these emergencies. The distribution of the delicious sperm of Monza eventually diverted the attention of the popular and then Monza and his pupil Bandeas were able to board the car that awaited them.
    On the way to the hotel, Monza asked the driver to stop because he could feel his huge cock throbbing and ready to fire another charge. This is one of the reasons why a naked bodybuilder can never wear clothes. The clothes tighten the body, especially on the genitals and this causes a deep pain in our athletes. Doctors recommend that the naked bodybuilder never wear clothes. This is a health issue, above all else.
    The driver answered Monza and then our handsome bodybuilder got out of the car, lifted his heavy, rigid cock and let out a load so strong, so strong, it left the street flooded with his precious sperm. A puddle of sperm has been formed and some people will risk bathing in the precious liquid. There were people who took some of Monza's sperm, saying they wanted a reminder of the presence of a man as beautiful and naked as Monza.
    Bandeas remained in the car, laughing much of the charges that Monza fired. He was amazed to see how the master, already a mature man, could shoot loads that even he, a boy still, could not. Bande's stick throbbed a lot, but he did not want to fire unnecessary loads. Monza got back into the car and they both headed back to the hotel.
    The two of them arrived at the hotel, and when they appeared in the lobby, there was a tumult. Some guests, millionaires, complained of the hotel accepting two naked men as guests. However, Monza stated that nudity was his right and that he paid a much higher value of stay because naked bodybuilders have to pay the "nudity fee," a value that the sponsoring companies pay to hotels for them to accept athletes naked. Monza and Bandeas were given the keys to the room, a presidential suite, and were directed to the reserved room. As there was no luggage, obviously the weight machines were reserved by the sponsoring company and the two athletes had the best equipment available to prepare themselves properly for the big day.

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