CUMMING HOME: Superstar Matt Boyer (center) arrives at the Master’s Registration with stim assistant Chris Weigle (left) and his Master’s Boy sponsee, 18-year old Brian Dreas. Weigle’s presence is a tribute to Matt Boyer’s first Master’s competition – in fact his first professional Naked Bodybuilding competition -  when he was Boyer’s sponsee. 

Among the famous pros with deep connections arriving at registration is clothed-turned-naked bodybuilder Matt Boyer.  Despite never taking an overall win in pro level competition, Boyer continues to be one of the most popular and well-liked naked bodybuilders in the sport.  The 44-year old star travels with a large entourage, but unlike many pro level bodybuilders he doesn’t pay these people – they just like being around his energy.

Boyer is referring to this year’s visit to the Master’s as his “Home-Cumming.”  The 2012 Master’s Grand Prix was his first elite level event as a pro naked bodybuilder after making the switch from 15 years of clothed bodybuilding.  Boyer further enforced his “Home-Cumming” to the 2012 Masters by showing up with his Master’s Boy sponsee from that year, the now-23-year-old Chris Weigle.  Though his individual performance in the Master’s Junior division that year was not the start of a pro carrier, in the years since Weigle has become a well-known stim trainer.  His start with Boyer led him down that path, and he continues to credit those early experiences with Boyer to helping him find his talent for cock training. He continues to be close to Boyer as well, being part of his regular entourage and spending plenty of time working with Boyer in the off-season.

Boyer plans to enter as a Master’s Super-Heavyweight, and has been training to show at this class.  He is also entering the Master’s Boy this year with his sponsee, 18-year old Brian Dreas.  The young Dreas met Boyer less than a year ago at a “Boyer Bomb” session of local his gym.  The high school athlete immediately set about working directly with Boyer on becoming a naked bodybuilder.  Though they had just arrived for registration, young Dreas was already drenched in cum.

“Brian is a natural poser, and has a really impressive cock already, but he hasn’t been putting on quite as much mass as I had hoped heading into the competition,” said Boyer about his protégée, “So the whole team and I have been really making sure he has been getting non-stop attention from us to pump him up as much as we can in the next days.”

Already appearing exhausted, Dreas was nonetheless obviously excited.  Asked how that was doing, Dreas smiled through the thick coating of cum on his face, “It has not been easy. Honestly, I’m a little overwhelmed by the intensity of Matt’s cock, and the aggressiveness of it’s need for stimulation.  I have been training with Matt for months, but 48 hours straight of bodybuilder cocks coming at me has been tough. I lost count of the number of loads.  But Chris has been a great guide on how to make it through.”

Boyer merely laughs at this, and tells us, "Let's just say the kid was worked hard.  And I take a lot of pride in my investment to teach, train and foster a new generation of young naked bodybuilders.  I want these young guys to not spend years wasting their time with posing suits when they can be building and showing off real Alpha male bodies to the appreciative audience.  So I make sure that all of us here on Team Boyer work as a team, and we want Brian to succeed.  Even when he was tired and claimed he couldn’t take any more, we pushed him further so he knows what it takes to play with the big boys.  And he came out of in good spirits, right?"



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