The IFNB (International Federation of Naked Bodybuilding) is the worldwide competitive organization for bodybuilders who possess fantastical levels of masculine form, attitude, muscle and power.

It's a world where the most massive muscle imaginable merges with reality-defying, gigantic cocks and then becomes real right before your eyes! Bodybuilder fantasies of arrogant, over-endowed muscle-men – eager to show off their amazing bodies for devoted fans – become a reality here. The IFNB is where the line between imagination and reality blurs via imagery and words . . .

Official IFNB rules require complete nudity and mandatory cum shots during judged competitive bodybuilding posing.

In this blog we cover those IFNB competitions and events. Posts include onstage pics, pumproom shots, and exciting nude bodybuilding stories and reports, as well as hard-dicked posing, naked gym training, IFNB competitor nude bodybuilding lifestyles, and much more.

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BACK TO WIN IT AGAIN: Prior Master’s winner Tory Zak (center) poses in the VIP lounge at the 45th Anniversary Master’s Grand Prix after registering.  He was joined by 3 of his naked bodybuilding roommates.  The VIP lounge was well staffed with trained Naked Bodybuilding Assistants to entertain the attendees.

You cannot be a fan of alpha masculinity and be unaware of the IFNB Masters Grand Prix.  If is famously one of the rare naked bodybuilding events that attracts bodybuilding fans from the lesser sport of non-nude bodybuilding.  The Master’s Grand Prix is one of the oldest and most well loved of the International Federation’s professional level competitions.

However few know the origin of the Masters Grand Prix, and it's history as a reaction to an incident at an amateur level non-naked bodybuilding contest in 1969.  Clothed bodybuilder Terry Garret was preparing for the San Francisco Master's at age 39, and when the competitors lined up for weigh ins, he insisted on being weighed nude. Standing  in-line buck naked, there was confusion among the other Masters class competitors.  Were they also supposed to be weighed nude?  Soon, there were 10 to 15 older competitors naked in-line. It was awkward, but as the general public was not yet in the auditorium, the event organizers just let the unusual behavior go.

The ruckus began when Terry sprang a hard on while waiting in line.  His massive 10-inch dong was drooling pre-cum, and many of the crowd began to get upset by Garrett's nonchalance. Garrett was told to leave by organizers, but several other men in his class – also naked in line – defended his right to compete. No one could figure out in that moment if the men were supposed to be weighed nude or not since everyone in the room was male, and many defended his right. But tempers ran high as one bodybuilder was singled out and kicked from the event.  In the end, fifteen competitors walked out of the contest in protest along with Garrett.

Later that year, Terry and six of those competitors had their own exhibition of naked bodybuilding.  While not a contest, the exhibition went on for three years, until word reached the FNB (Federation of Naked Bodybuilding - the precursor to the International organization, and originally focused on promoting naked workout regimens for health and wellness) of this small group of naked, older bodybuilders putting on a small event every year. The rest is history, and in 1972 the IFNB held the first Masters-oriented naked bodybuilding competition.  Originally called the Masters Full-Nude Championships, the name was changed in 1973 to the more austere Masters Grand Prix.

Terry competed up until he was 57, winning the overall in the Grand Prix when he was 46, 47, 50 and 56.  Terry held the most loads in the light heavyweight class record of 14 cumshots up until 2008, when sperm shooting, Masters-Class legend, Fred Batton spewed 16 loads in the heavyweights. Terry continued organizing the event until 2013, and still attends proudly in retirement.  The masters Grand Prix is now celebrating its 45th year, and the show now includes Masters (45+) and Submasters (35+) categories, as well as the Master’s Boy (for sponsored Juniors), as well as a multi-day fitness and stim Expo.  The organizers are expecting the largest turnout ever for this year.

The first to arrive at the opening of this year’s tournament was a returning winner, the 2013 overall champion and megaweight legend, 48-year old Tory Zak.  Zak is one of the monster naked bodybuilders whose presence pressured the IFNB to inaugurate the Megaweight class in 2004, and while Zak primarily competes in Masters divisions, he is still one of the most legendary megaweights in the pro game.  Since his 2013 win, he has been working as the Director of Stim Athletics Programming for the eXpose Studios, a chain of “lifestyle” naked gyms and cock training centers throughout the US, underwritten by NB mogul Hugo Hackelberg.

He arrived with his “posse”, a group of his roommates who are all also naked bodybuilders.  Though all of them were not old enough to compete in the Master's, they all came to support Zak as he undertook his second run at the trophy.  Zak has also been a longtime proponent of naked communal living, believing that living with other massive naked muscle men has been the key to keeping him focused on getting bigger.  Despite his great success meaning he could live alone if he so chose, Zak enjoys spending his days at home with his NB bros, working out hard and naked, fucking 24/7.

“We simultaneously support and inspire each other’s competitive nature,” say Zak about his living arrangement.  “Living with six like-minded Alpha men means there are no unnecessary distractions.  We keep the focus on growing our hard muscles and fat dicks.  Plus 7 total is the perfect number of guys because we can each take a day of the week to be the stim coach for the others.  Tuesday is my day for oral, and Thursdays are mine to assist with anal,” he says with a laugh.  “The only real problem with 7 huge and horny muscle beasts living together is how much muscle jizz gets splattered all over the house!”

Zak definitely has the look of a megaweight champ, with an frightening 14” long and 12” circumference monster cock, and an overwhelming 299 lbs packed on to his 6’1” frame.  Zak says, “In my everyday life I’m somewhere around 340-350. But I felt like I needed to be under 300 for the competition.  It wasn’t easy, but I’m in the best shape I’ve been in years, and I’m ready to win it!”




  1. I agree with Tory’s views. Mike and I have decided to hold an ANB camp using our homes as the bases. Each of us has selected 7 of the best candidates, 14 total, from the Silverlake NB Gym. The students will live with us, do muscle and cock work, while we are at our day jobs, and from 3-6 pm everyone will get together, M - F, at the SNBG. Each night Mike and I will select one of our 7 trainees to receive potent cum and spent the night with us. The trainees will do the same with each other. On weekends both camps will join for bar-b-qs. Male bodybuilder family members are welcome to join naked, and do muscle and cock work with their trainee. Head Coach Johnson will continue to help train at the SNBG and will attend the bar-b-qs. Once a week there will be a field trip to the North Hollywood Gym, so the trainees will experience training was mature NB with gigantic dongs, and anally and orally absorb their potent cum. The students will live naked 24/7. The families see this as an opportunity for their relative to excell in the manly sport and there is no cost to them. The expenses will be covered by the donors of the NB program at Community College. The teens see the camp as an opportunity to quicken the pace to become NBs, get bigger muscles and a huge cock, and to be seen and treated as alphas. In Sept. the 14 will join the NB team as ANBs.

  2. I know as a community college, there’s probably no Greek life at the college, but it seems like this might be a great opportunity to develop a communal living house supported by the donors who are already supporting the program. That would mean year-round, the students could live together 24/7 and workout naked non-stop; I’m sure their gains will be off the charts! With you, Johnson and maybe Mike as faculty advisors and part-time residents, it would create a very positive environment.

  3. The camps at Mike’s and my homes start tomorrow and will run for 10 weeks. I selected Ruben and Ron as 2 of my 7 students. Ruben had difficulty taking my 13” cock up his hole. Now he has asked to be the first to spend the night with me. He’s determined to be a great ANB and a true alpha. I am looking forward to mentoring him. His father, Andres Lopez, is proud that I have chosen his son. He believes I will make a man of his son.
    D-Man, I like your idea of a communal living house. I will be setting up a meeting with Mike, Coach Johnson, and Community College’s Board President Cooper, whose grandson has just graduated and is now off my team. Elwood’s younger brother (18) is joining the team in September. Elwood will attend classes in the fall at CSUPasadena. There is a terrific weight room there and the university has a bodybuilding program, but no NB. Angel, my other graduating alpha is also going to CSUP.

    1. You’ll have to let me know what President Cooper thinks about the idea. Knowing his great support for the program, I hope he will be sympathetic.

      And another Cooper brother! I imagine being so close in age, that Elwood has been helping to train in his brother and/or since he’s such a dominating Alpha, feeding his brotherly seed to him at least. And so sorry to hear that the CSU doesn’t have a proper NB program, but at least Elwood and Angel can return to the Silverlake and NH gyms to practice. They are both so passionate about it, I imagine they’ll eventually convince the athletic department to support a program when they come to realize the importance of the true sport of men.

  4. I was writing quickly and in automatic mode. My cock is 14”s now. I assumed my cock was still 13”s, because I focus on my students getting as much portent cum as possible. When my team or ANB are present while I get plowed in my ass or mouth, I have a student eat as much of the cum out of my ass or tongue the jizz from my mouth into theirs. My students want that potent cum so my ass is eaten a lot while working out with my young men. I didn’t think I had absorbed enough cum to make a difference. Getting loads shot in my holes by the mature NBs at the North Hollywood Gym put super potent cum into my system. Despite having students eat the cum out of my asshole at NHG I obviously absorbed enough. Angel, my straight 20 yr. old now former team member, credits NHG with his 1” cock growth.
    By the way, Angel, and Elwood, even though they graduated and are officially off the team, they will work the 3 - 6 shifts in the Community College Phys. Ed. Dept. hallway, doing cock work with NBs and ANBs to give them their potent cum. Coach Johnson will continue to do Tuesday and I will do Wednesday. Elwood now will plow students or they will plow him. Cock work in the hallway is new for this summer session. Coach Johnson and I will be busy speaking about the NB program to young men new to the campus. I’ll have to set up a NB visitor/training session.

  5. Monday night, June 11, Ruben came to my bedroom. I pushed him, back down on the bed, grabbed his ankles and spread his legs wide, and shoved my dong into his tight hole. He yelled and whimpered, but said he wanted my potent cum. The other 6 ANBs heard him, and best friend Ron said, “sounds like he’s feeling all 14”s.” I plowed him for about 20 minutes. He was moaning when I shot a huge load. We went to sleep with my cock in his hole. I woke 2 hours later as Ruben ate cum off my dick. I put him in a doggie position and fucked him again, pulling completely out and shoving back in over and over for another 20 minutes. He grunted as I entered and groaned. I pulled out and shot another load down his throat. He gagged at first, but was able to eat all my cum. Then we went back to sleep. About another 2 hours later we both woke. I was rock hard. Ruben’s hole was now gaping. As I lay on my back I had him sit on my dong. I grabbed his wrists and yanked him onto my monster cock. He swore loud enough to wake the others and I plowed him for 30 minutes as I held him in a bear hug. He shot a load, for the first time that night, on my upper pecs and face. I shot a massive load in his hole. Again, we went to sleep with my 14”s in his hole. Ruben woke me in the morning licking and eating the cum off my cock, chest and face. He thanked me and said, “I can’t wait for you to abuse my hole again. He then went to proudly show his gaping hole to his fellow ANBs..

  6. Also on June 11, Assistant Coach Mike from Madison High in Silverlake, had 7 in-training ANBs in his home camp. He had a group discussion to decide who would spend the first night with him. Ever since the Silverlake NB Gym became a satellite of the Community College NB program to train 18 yr. olds as ANBs, Mike has been providing potent cum to each of the trainees, including the seniors from his school. Mike’s 7 students are from his school and he’s fucked all of them numerous times at the gym. For the first week of evenings, the 7 agreed they want to fuck their coach. Mike wants the evenings to contain training elements. A priority they all need to work on is double penetrations. As alphas, they need to be familiar with the techniques. The expertise of each high schooler varied. The coach paired up the 7, one being a threesome, pairing an ANB strong in DP with one less strong. For the first night, Thurgood (12”s), Humberto (9”s), and Hector (10”s), the college president’s grandson, did cock work with Mike. The evening started with Mike sitting on Hector’s cock. Thurgood slid his dick alongside the 10”s and both young men pumped into the coach’s hole as he grunted. All 3 shot loads. Mike had Humberto suck his hole for oozing cum and lick up and eat the cum he shot on the latex sheet. An hour later Humberto and Thurgood plowed the coach together, and another hour later Hector and Humberto rammed the coach. The 3 pairings were repeated again during the night. They took naps between the plowings. In the morning Mike showed the other teens his gaping hole to let them know what to expect when it was their turn. The guys were impressed. The 3 bedmates looked satisfied with themselves.

    1. It's great to see Coach Mike committing to showing the boys by his own actions the best way to train, instead of just instructing them. Modelling good behavior like this will help the boys learn faster, and continue to grow their respect for their Coach as they understand that he is just as willing to take multiple cocks up his ass when he pushes them to do the same.

      You'll have to continue to update us on the progress of your teams over the summer as you train them all in, and continue to take turns co-habitating with the eager young NB/ANB recruits.

  7. Last Sunday, the 2 camps joined at my house for the weekly bar-b-q. Family members attending included Reuben’s father, Andres; and Hector’s grandfather, Community College’s board president, Cooper, and his brother, recent CC graduate and former NB team member, Elwood. The b-b-q started with everyone working out with weights. Then I suggested to ANB, Reuben, that we form a fuck train to give him potent cum. I had Andres plow his son, Reuben’s friend Ron fucked Andres, Reuben fucked me, I fucked CC’s head coach Johnson, and the coach fucked ANB Guillermo. Everyone watched as we plowed, grunted and moaned. The coach swore as I shoved my 14” cock into his hole, but it quickly turned to groaning. Except for me, everyone in my fuck train was straight. Within 20 minutes everyone shot a load. I had Reuben, Ron, and Guillermo, suck out and eat the cum from the holes of Andres, coach Johnson, and me. Not to be out done, President Cooper formed a 2nd fuck train. He shoved his cock into his grandson, Hector, Hector fucked Madison High’s Assistant Coach Mike, Mike fucked one of his students, Brad, and Elwood fucked his grandfather. The entire train was straight. They pumped and plowed for over 1/2 hour. Their swearing, moans, and groans could be heard next door. The neighbors were used to the sounds of cock work coming from my back yard. Hector and Brad ate the cum from the holes of President Cooper and Mike. The 9 other ANBs each had one or more male family members at the b-b-q and each of them were plowed during the rest of the b-b-q. Some of the 18 yr. olds were being fucked while others ate and watched. Some of the teens took their burgers and hot dogs to those about to cum and had the jizz shot onto the meat. Some of the guys who had acquired a taste for cum said they were the best burgers and hot dogs they had ever eaten. To show our appreciation to the family members, Mike and I got on our hands and knees, side by side and had everyone fuck one or both of us, however they wanted: oral and anal fucking, double penetration, triple penetration, and fisting. This went on for over 2 hours and our positions kept changing. The highlight for me was Reuben shoving his cock down my throat as his father fisted me. Andres had never experienced fisting and wanted to try it. Now Reuben want his father to fist him. I told Reuben to make sure his father is also giving him potent cum. The highlight for Mike was when he was triple penetrated by Hector, Elwood and President Cooper. Hector sucked out the family cum from MIke’s hole and ate it. Not much potent cum was shared that night at the camps, at least not at bedtime. Later during the night, I’m sure many of the young men work up and had a nightcap served in thier hole.

    1. It seems like the summer program is a great success so far! I'm looking forward to hearing more updates as they come. And cum-coated food is definitely a delicacy I'd love to join in on ;)

      And just a quick questions; how long did it take Assistant Coach Mike to work himself up to triple penetration? I cannot remember if Asst Coach Mike identifies as gay or straight, and if straight how long was he working out as a naked bodybuilding coach before he started doing double and triple penetrations with big bodybuilder cocks? Between the two, does he find triple penetrations or fisting open up his hole more? How often can the cocks work in synchronization to cum into the ass at the same time? It must be a lot of cum in his hole all at once?!?

      And lastly, I can't remember if you've mentioned, Coach Cox, if you take triple penetrations? How is that? And is straight Coach Johnson, as he's becoming fully engaged in naked bodybuilding, planning on doing triple penetrations or fisting?