The next post in our continuing series catching up with pro-bodybuilders outside of competition.
BOMBS AWAY: Matt Boyer's #2 in command, Eddie Arsenio, demonstrates some naked bodybuilding techniques for young clothed athletes after dropping a "Boyer Bomb" on the unsuspecting crowd at the Corner Gym. Collegiate wrestler Jeremy Althern was immediately inspired to pull out his hard cock. 

Between competitions, Matt Boyer has taken on a personal mission – dropping “Boyer Bombs” on the world of clothed bodybuilding.  Boyer spent over 15 years competing as a clothed bodybuilder, though he was noted during that period for controversially popping a fat erection during his posing routines.  It is a shock that it took him so long to find naked bodybuilding!  But since switching to the naked sport 7 years ago, the 43 year-old champ has excelled and grown to the top ranks.

He has become an outspoken proponent to bring clothed athletes over to the sport of true men. A “Boyer Bomb” consists of Matt and his crew travelling around the country and dropping in on well-known clothed gyms.  They arrive clothed, but strip off and storm the gym floor naked and hard.

“We have had plenty of reactions.  Almost always it goes from shock to totally positive – speaking from experience, most of these guys have been fascinated with the sport but are too worried about the stim training to really do anything about it.  But when we show up, confidently busting our poses and waving our fat dicks in their faces, they are all riveted.  Then when they see how alpha and dominating we are – the confidence that our huge fuck-sticks give us – often they’ll immediately start stripping off their workout gear and hitting poses with us too.  99% of the time when their shorts come down they’re already sporting a massive boner.

“For some of the more resistant guys, I’ll bet them that I can out lift them, and if I can they have to lose their clothes.  That’s a challenge that an amped-up bodybuilder cannot pass up.  And I’ve literally won every time!  If they are really resistant, I’ll sometimes jokingly throw in ‘You’ll also have to suck my dick!’  I cannot tell you how many times I’ve had a clothed alpha bro on his knees happily sucking away at my fat dick, getting high off the pump from my enhanced cum.”

Boyer’s team has been travelling with a camera crew, giving his “Bomb Drops” extra drama. As one of the very few Elite Level pros who rarely does endorsements for money, Boyer is planning to turn the footage into a video series he can share – for profit.  “I don’t do endorsements because I try and be truthful about who I am as a bodybuilder.  I wouldn’t be an effective ambassador for the sport if I was out promoting a bunch of crap that didn’t work.  But I still have to make a living, and these videos will help me both spread my message of the superiority of Naked Bodybuilding as the true Alpha Mans’ sport, and also make sure I can keep going and building on this magnificent foundation I have built for myself.”




  1. I'd like to be at my gym when Boyer and friends come around! I'd drop trou and beat off as I watched them pose.

    1. Would you take up Boyer's challenge, and potentially end up sucking his huge bodybuilder dick?

  2. Aresnio could be a role model for all amateurs of this sport. His physique is totally believable and is in reach of any dedicated amateur who wants to develop a muscular body but who knows he will never make the top grade or be on stage. He is also lucky in having a cock which has terrific balance between length and girth. And one can just believe that he has got there without any enhancement; - that any aspiring amateur could also get there and have a superb penis. All in all, this guy looks absolutely terrific and is an example to everyone.

    However, there is one small point which lets him down; the imperfect circumcision of his cock. Anyone who follows this sport will know that a cock is a guy’s greatest asset and must always be displayed to full advantage. This means that his cock-head – his knob – must be displayed, even when soft, with a clearly defined rim setting it off from the shaft itself. Arsenio unfortunately seems to have been left with an annulus of foreskin which looks like a heavy rubber band sitting directly beneath his knob, thereby spoiling the whole effect. Just backtrack to the first shot of this series and look at Dan Otter’s dick, which illustrates perfectly the paramount importance of a good a good clean circumcision to any naked bodybuilder. My advice to Arsenio; bite the bullet, go and see a good surgeon and get your dick attended to. It’s a small painless operation and you will feel a 100% better rid of that unwanted and unsightly bit of foreskin which spoils an otherwise perfect piece of man-meat. And to anyone who is thinking about taking up the sport, get your cock in order before you start. Uncut man-meat is a definite no no in this game - even for amateurs. Beautiful cocks are well-cut cocks with a good-sized head and a clearly defined rim.

    And whilst on the subject of cocks, Chris Garter’s reappearance in shot: Pros 2 confirms what we all already knew; his dick is just too long and unbalanced to be attractive. It was too long when he first appeared as a boy wonder on this blog and it is still too long. Balance, balance, balance Chris!

  3. Today, my 2 graduating Community College NB team members, and future CSUPasadena students, Angel and Elwood, did a “Bomb Drop” in the men’s weight room at CSUP. They met CSUP student Lavar, a former CC team member; Elwood’s cousin, on the CSUP wrestling team, and occasionally a NB workout partner; and Roberto, who works nights naked at the North Hollywood Gym, and is also a CSUP student; outside the weight room. The 5 arrived clothed, and signaled by Angel, stripped, revealing erections, and hit the weight room floor. At 11:00 a.m. the room was pretty full.

  4. Part 2 - A couple of guys said, “hey, put some clothes on,” but most of the guys circled the NBs and watched them work out. Angel talked about the sport and some of the guys familiar with NB verified what Angel said. A number of the CSUP students stripped and a few sucked the 5 huge cocks, including a basketball player, a wrestler, and a football tight end. Some of the guys wondered if NB was now offered. Not yet said Angel. He and Elwood told them about the CC team and that they want to bring NB to CSUP. The 2 NBs brought out petitions and got almost all the guys to sign, everyone muscular. The students liked what they saw and also want bigger, muscular bodies, larger cocks, and the alpha personality. Those who didn’t sign saw they were outnumbered and out alplaed and left.

  5. Part 3 - Angel set up a meeting to get petitions signed on campus and to plan how to approach the Executive Director for Intercollegiate Athletics, and the University President. The bodybuilder coach, Pete Rider, approached Angel. Coach Rider is a fan of NB and attended a visitor/training session at CC where he saw Angel and Elwood doing muscle and cock work. Pete would volunteer to run the program with, guidance from Coach Cox, at CSUP. In private he works out naked with friends. He believes he could get support from movers and shakers in the community, and donors who would motivate the University President to come on board. Angel and Elwood were so excited they didn’t need stimulation to stay erect. The 2 NBs invited everyone to the next visitor/training session at CC this Friday at 8 p.m. in the gym.