The next post in our continuing series catching up with pro-bodybuilders outside of competition.
RECONNECTING WITH HIS ALPHA SPIRIT: Russian superstar Yuri Korozoev participates in the poolside Morning Muscle-Meditation class at Raul Rubenez’s Camp Tesāo resort in the Amazonian rainforest. Rubenez personally guides the bodybuilders through poses and insertions meant to help them tap into their dominating Espírito Galo

Every country with a culture of naked bodybuilding has its own stars.  These are Alpha men that shine at the regional level and usually have engaging personalities that make them crowd favorites to watch.  However, with the entire world’s worth of competitors on stage at the international level, they often do not always get the same level of recognition or shine quite as brightly.

Brazilian culture’s fixation on beauty and perfection has made naked bodybuilding one of the most popular sports in the country, and Raul Rubenez, bodybuilding MVP and star Anaconda competitor, could have fallen into that bucket save for his irresistible charm.  “Though I am lean, my people recognize a winner when they see one.  In Brazil, I am a superstar.  Both for my work as a bodybuilder, and my fame as a Domino competitor.” Rubenez has consistently scored at regional and national levels with overall victories, despite competing in the light- or middleweight category and he is also a championship Domino fighter, the unique Brazilian performance similar to Capoeira, but done nude and including sexual dominance submission.  “At the international level however, I know that the lighter guys have a disadvantage.  I came in 6th at the IFNB Anaconda, but being voted MVP was a recognition of how amazing I am.”

Looking for downtime after his star turn at that show, Rubenez came across an isolated camp deep in the rainforest.  Knowing he had found an amazing spot, he bought it for himself.  “I knew the second I stepped off the boat, this was going to be a magical place to connect with nature and tap into my true Alpha spirit.  It is an hour by boat from Manaus so it was no easy task to open, but I am proud to finally have Camp Tesāo open for business.  It is an all-nude, all-male spot where we encourage alpha males to come deep in the jungle to relax and connect with the inner alpha spirit – their Espírito Galo, or Cock Spirit.  There is meditation, nature hikes, an intense powerlifting gym and group stimulation meetings performed in the forest.  It is a paradise.  As a Brazilian, it was important to me that Camp Tesāo was eco-friendly, and celebrated the natural beauty of Brazil, while also celebrating alpha male power and the dominance of our bodies over all other men.”

Elite Russian bodybuilder Yuri Korozoev came for more than a month after his disappointing 3rd place finish in the 2016 Mr. Alpha contest. “Yuri and I spent several weeks working together on reconnecting with his passion for naked bodybuilding.  He thought for sure without JK Roher there, he would at least come in 2nd.  But I think he and I had a lot of really good time training and stimming together, and I think he will dominate in 2018!”




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