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It's a world where the most massive muscle imaginable merges with reality-defying, gigantic cocks and then becomes real right before your eyes! Bodybuilder fantasies of arrogant, over-endowed muscle-men – eager to show off their amazing bodies for devoted fans – become a reality here. The IFNB is where the line between imagination and reality blurs via imagery and words . . .

Official IFNB rules require complete nudity and mandatory cum shots during judged competitive bodybuilding posing.

In this blog we cover those IFNB competitions and events. Posts include onstage pics, pumproom shots, and exciting nude bodybuilding stories and reports, as well as hard-dicked posing, naked gym training, IFNB competitor nude bodybuilding lifestyles, and much more.

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The next post in our continuing series catching up with pro-bodybuilders outside of competition.
THE INTERN WILL SEE YOU?: Impressively cocked college student Chris Garter consults with a teen athlete about dick and cum enhancements during his internship at MyoPower headquarters.

Several years ago a number of incredibly large-cocked boys burst on to the scene in bodybuilding, making for an exciting new class of dominating young men that took no prisoners in their rise to the top ranks.  These were the first generation of boys raised on a steady diet of enhancement drugs, so in addition to the usual rush of teen testosterone, they slung some of the largest cocks and most dominating cum shots around.  A few of these continued into adult bodybuilding fame, like Yann Perrod and of course the youngest Mr. Alpha winner ever, Johannes Karl “J.K.” Roher. But another teen “celebrity” of that period, Chris Garter, seemed to fade from view.

“It was really awesome to get famous so quickly.  When you are 16 and suddenly your face and cock are everywhere, it was a good feeling. At first it was great – people would recognize me, want to take pics and suck off my dick. Guys were dropping to their knees in the streets to get me to choke them on my fat cock.  But it got to be too much.  I had to use my sponsor money to build a private gym so I could get a workout done without being interrupted with some dude trying to sit on my cock while I was working out!” says a more mature 22 year-old Chris Garter.

“I enjoyed the fame, but after getting myself up to the Middleweight class, I just didn’t have the time to workout, go to school, keep up with my promotional schedule, and work with MyoPower on developing my line of DongMaxx Plus supplements.  The 2013 Freak Show was my last stage appearance and I decided to focus on own personal goals instead.”

And focus he did!  Chris is set to graduate from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology this year with a degree in Chemical Engineering, with his focus on biological enhancements.  “Working with the scientists at MyoPower was first just part of the promotional stuff when I was hired as spokesman for the DongMaxx line.  But after working closely with the team there, I started to grow fascinated with the science of it.  It ultimately led me down the path to study it myself.”

Garter’s turn towards scholastics did not mean he’s given up on the bodybuilding life. “I still worked out every day, and it took some time for there to be the proper amount of respect shown to my exposed dick when I walked around campus.  Eventually every one of those nerds learned to know that I was their better.  And I am leaving the place better than I found it – I founded a naked fraternity for likeminded guys, and I’ve fielded a Collegiate Muscle & Cock Sports League (CMCS) team that received approval from the national organization last year to start competing with the other collegiate level teams.”

As far as what the future holds, Garter says “I am looking forward to graduating this summer and starting to work officially at MyoPower.  It’s funny that I have my own line of products with them, but now have to go work as a junior scientist,” Garter says with a chuckle. “But I am looking forward to doing what I was meant to do; making sure men have the biggest, thickest, most volatile cocks possible.”



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  1. Wow! I can see that the teen "patient" likes what he sees. Both dudes are HAWT!!