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CELEBRATING THE NEW RECRUIT: The stars of Sobrecarga Muscular, including lead FETM officer Ramon “El Gran Culo” Ramirez (far left) celebrate the initiation of their newest corporal, Spanish bodybuilding star Felipe “El Culo Aristocrático” Hernandez (center).

For most of Felipe Hernandez’s pro career, he was known for 4 things; his massive arms, his outgoing personality, “responsible” use of SPH, and for being the rare megaweight who used anal stim.  “Since starting naked bodybuilding in 2008, I knew that I was the biggest and best, deserving of all the attention I was getting,” Hernandez says, “But somehow I couldn’t get to the top with the judges. Competition after competition, I got the best-of-class trophy and an overall placement medal, but after years of that I started thinking that I needed more.”

The opportunity finally presented itself to Hernandez two years ago.  In Mexico City, but not competing in the CEPB Grande Mexico, a stray dose of black-market SPH led him on a bender. “It wasn’t my greatest moment,” he says sheepishly. “I was in full aggressive blackout mode, and raging in the streets of the Zona Rosa when I got picked up by the FETM.”

The Fuerza Especial de Toros Musculares (Special Force on Muscle Bulls or FETM) was formed in the early 2000s after roving bands of drugged nude bodybuilders started terrorizing the city during the annual Grande competition. Understanding that the show was too important and too big of a draw for Mexico to stop, and stopping the illegal drug trade was not feasible, the Policía Federal established a special force of highly trained men who could corral and contain nude musclemen in uncontrolled hole-raping blackouts.

After training by both extreme combat experts and the world’s best NBAs, the men are shaved hairless, oiled, and stay completely naked for the duration.  The task force squads move in groups of 4-6 officers and lure the beasts with their well-trained asses.  They then will occupy the crazed muscle monsters until they can cart them to the temporary wards in their specially dedicated vans, where the raging bodybuilder can be confined until the drugs work their way out of his system.

Noticing the popularity of the live streamed footage from the “van cam,” in 2010, Mexican organizers started airing “Sobrecarga Muscular” (“Muscle Overload”) as a series of specials on late night pay-per-view TV, with it becoming one of the sleeper hits on television.  Many complained that the show's popularity glamorizes the use of these drugs and celebrates the uncontrolled alpha dicks, but it has made celebrities out of some of the agents and the offenders.

“When I was finally released from custody, there were people on the street who would recognize me.  And not just the usual bodybuilding fans, but everyday people!  It dawned on me that the way I could finally get to the level of fame I had always been looking for.”

To extend the run of the show and extend the celebrity of the popular stars of “Sobrecarga Muscular”, they started “Sobrecarga Muscular: El Próximo Culo de la Superestrella” (“Muscle Overload: The Next Ass Superstar”).  During several weeks of competition, contestants are pared down to the most robust and charismatic men. One of the finalists gets chosen by fellow agents, and officially joins their ranks as part of the FETM.

“I am competitive and succeed at any challenge I put my mind to, so I knew that I could win it.  I walked into my audition and flexed every muscle I had and threw a dozen cum shots directly into the judges faces.  They had to choose me,” Hernandez explains.  “Once I was on, my charisma, strength and years of nudity and deep anal training meant I was ready to go from the beginning.  It wasn’t hard for me to ace challenge after challenge.  Just when we got to the end, I was worried that the guys wouldn’t choose me because they are also a competitive bunch of guys and would tease me as “Culo Aristocrático” for my Castilian accent. But they ultimately chose me! It was the greatest moment of my life, and now everyone knows how I am!  Now I get to be an actual FETM agent at this year’s Grande and I can’t wait to get my ass pounded by the huge dicks of my bodybuilding bros!”



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