The IFNB (International Federation of Naked Bodybuilding) is the worldwide competitive organization for bodybuilders who possess fantastical levels of masculine form, attitude, muscle and power.

It's a world where the most massive muscle imaginable merges with reality-defying, gigantic cocks and then becomes real right before your eyes! Bodybuilder fantasies of arrogant, over-endowed muscle-men – eager to show off their amazing bodies for devoted fans – become a reality here. The IFNB is where the line between imagination and reality blurs via imagery and words . . .

Official IFNB rules require complete nudity and mandatory cum shots during judged competitive bodybuilding posing.

In this blog we cover those IFNB competitions and events. Posts include onstage pics, pumproom shots, and exciting nude bodybuilding stories and reports, as well as hard-dicked posing, naked gym training, IFNB competitor nude bodybuilding lifestyles, and much more.

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The first in our series catching up with pro-bodybuilders outside of competition.
MAKING TRULY GREAT NBAs: Alpha Legend and seven-time Mr. Alpha, Dan Otter, demonstrates his training techniques on students at his new venture, the TrueMan Naked Bodybuilding Assistant Academy. Though off the scene for 5 years, his physique and cock are still formidable.

Known for his ubiquity during his reigning years, unprecedented seven-time winner, "Perfect Human Male" Dan Otter was uncharacteristically quiet after leaving the scene after losing Mr. Alpha to young J.K. Roher in 2013. But he burst back out on our radar to promote the opening of his new TrueMan Naked Bodybuilding Assistant Academy, adjacent to his flagship OtterPower Gym on the TrueMan Supplements campus. 

"I got the idea to start the academy about 3 years ago," Dan says at a press preview of the school.  "During my career I had been working with my own team to properly train the NBAs that I used to train my award winning cock.  But after retiring, I decided those techniques were worth saving and passing on.  Opening this school was the obvious next step since I still get guys from all over the world who come to be inspired by my perfection."

Despite well received efforts by the International Federation of Naked Bodybuilding to become a professional sporting organization, over the past years, Otter is critical in one area, "They have never made the same efforts to properly train Naked Bodybuilding Assistants. It's a big miss: there are plenty of pro level performances, including my own, that have been ruined because of insufficient NBAs to properly work a pro's cock before performing."

"I am not actively competing any more and have more Alpha titles than any man alive. I am the co-owner of TrueMan and OtterPower.  I do not need to do this for the money.  I could just run these companies and occasionally show up to guest pose and to stand around an Expo for a couple hours and let the public touch my muscles and feel my cock. But I come here everyday and work with these guys because I want to make our sport better. Better than it was for me and better than it can be now. I guess it's rather altruistic," Otter says with a laugh as he casually plunges a dildo molded from his erect penis into a moaning student.

"My school is open to any guy who wants to learn. I get guys sometimes fresh out of high school, and I get guys who essentially want to start a second career as assistants. It varies and their level of experience varies as well, but I apologetically don't vary my techniques.  On the first day, I suck every student off individually, to cum. Then I tell them, 'This is the last time anything we do here will be about your dick.' They are usually so excited to have my famous mouth on their clock, they cum almost instantly. Then we get down the the real training.  I start with hardcore reps with progressive dildos. And we stretch from both ends - I immediately start opening their ass as wide as they can take, and eliminating the gag reflex is a must for this first week.

"It warms my heart when I see one of my boys with a fist in their ass and a smile on their face. That is when I know they are ready to graduate to a real alpha dick up their man cunts. And when they can take me punching their hole elbow deep in every position without protest, then I know they're ready to graduate."




  1. Dan Otter obviously does not wear clothes in his everyday life. He spends 24 hours naked, like a naked bodybuilder should stay. It is wonderful to be able to contemplate Dan Otter's imposing and naked figure when he needs to resolve his business or banking issues. In the city bank, he has a special service schedule, out of the ordinary, to avoid harming the bank's movement and not to cause inconveniences due to his nudity.
    Dan Otter also owns his own plane, to be able to travel naked across the country and exhibit at trade shows and competitions, as a special guest naked. He also became the first naked bodybuilder to show off in a non-naked competition and participate in the jury of this same competition by evaluating competitors. He needed to be absent in the boys' routines so he could ejaculate and thus help the boys in an experiment with Cumload, a company that markets the precious semen of Dan Otter, as a sunscreen. An expensive product, by the way...

    1. Wow, I had not heard of Dan's performing and judging at a clothed bodybuilding competition! It is a great representation about how much progress has been made in the acceptance of the naked sport. Did any of the clothed bodybuilders sport boners or remove their posing suits when in the presence of Otter's amazing body?

    2. Dan Otter was very well judging an event of a non-naked federation! After the event, the champion offered the posing suit to Dan to smell it as retribution ... Dan not only sniffed the posing suits, but returned it impregnated with his precious cum! Some competitors took off their posing trunks, and also asked their relatives and friends to take their belongings and after that they accompanied Dan Otter on a bare walk through the city, NAKED!

  2. Fortunately, nowadays most high-school students are very experienced in oral and anal sex and have highly stretched throats and assholes that long for receiving even bigger fuckpoles. In order to have their desire for monster cocks fulfilled many boys are willing to undergo the most rigorous training. So Otter can choose the best to lead them to perfection. I doubt, however, that anything can replace the real man meat of a naked bodybuilder, not even silicone replicas of the biggest cocks or Otter's elbow. That is why the best NBAs have been bred in old fashioned sex clubs where bodybuilders feed the eager boys their dicks at both ends. After all the IFNB is going to test every new NBA with real cocks.

    1. Totally agree, though the didlos do give a chance to let the boys open their holes to prepare for the oversized dongs of the professional bodybuilder. But true, as soon as they are ready, or can find a club, social organization or naked gym to join up, they should take every opportunity to experience real bodybuilder cock first hand.

  3. My program at Community College has some similar elements as Dan Otter’s. As the NB coach, (Coach Cox) I supervise a 20 man team which trains in the evenings, and conduct 2 classes during the day. Many on the team want to become pro, alpha, NBs, and 2 of my team have gone on to compete in IFNB competitions. One went to Brazil to become a pro ANB at a University. After this semester, 2 of my current team members will take steps to become competitors. What they have in common is funding, by a relative or patron of the sport. The rest are committed to the sport, and consider themselves alpha, NBs. Most of those in the classes want to be be NBs, but not competitors. They want the large muscles, the huge cocks, and the bond and friendship with the fraternity of NBs. To become a NB at CC, it has to be obvious that a student has been working out with weights, have a 8” or larger cock, and be at least 18. The Men’s Phys. Ed. Dept. is clothing optional. I require all my NBs to be naked in the dept. at all times, as I am. I lived naked 24/7 and encourge my men to live naked as muck as possible. Most are eager to comply. They are alphas and the public will see and admire their naked, muscular bodies and erect cocks. Only NBs are allowed to roam the campus naked and to attend classes sans clothing. Coach Johnson, straight and recently committed to the NB lifestyle, and I are naked throughout the campus. The straight college president is also naked when he attends NB events, His grandson is on the team. As part of the training, in the weight room I have a dildo area, with cock sizes 6’ to 14’ and the “fist.” All NB must master the “fist.” Especially for those going into competition, I want their assholes to be ready to take the largest monster cock, including double penetration. Once they master the 12”er, I regularly plow them with my 13”s as they work in the station. Once they master the “fist,” I double penetrate them with my cock and a dildo in the station. With Coach Johnson on board, we regularly plow and. double penetrate NBs in our offices, the hallway, and the weight room. The NBs want our potent cum. The more they are fucked in public, the better they’ll perform in competitions and demonstrations. This year I decided a student has to be an ANB first. Assistant Coach MIke, at Madison High, has been recruiting 18 yr. old seniors. It hasn’t been hard. The nearby to the high school, Silverlake NB Gym, offers my satellite program for 18 yr. olds from 3 - 6. NBs at the high school proudly flaunt their naked muscular bodies and large cocks in the locker room. Everyone knows they are NBs and word has gotten around about Silverlake NB Gym. There is a dildo station similar to the photo above, where seniors workout with dildos. The gym owner removed the wall facing the parking lot and installed floor to ceiling windows, so the young men shoving dildos up their holes could be seen by those coming and going. At the school, Mike is seen wearing tight shorts and t-shirts. At the gym he is naked and trains the high schoolers in NB. From the parking lot he can frequently be seen plowing and double penetrating his students with dildos. I added ANB to CCs NB program, from the gym’s pool of young men. The gym membership is free to 18-20 yr. olds and there is much interest. Many of the teens want NB bodies. The families of those participating are supportive of the program. To give the seniors and CC NBs and ANBs real experience with gigantic cocks, Mike and I take, or they go on their own, to North Hollywood Gym, which welcomes NBs. There most of the NBs are mature men and all of them have gigantic dongs. Many of my young men have been double penetrated and taken numerous potent loads up their holes. A couple of my students have learned they prefer being fisted for anal stim, and the mature NBs are willing to accommodate with an arm, up to the elbow if so desired. As part of our training, both Mike and I have demonstrated to the students that we can take an arm up our assholes, to the elbow.

    1. Coach Cox, you continue to do great work and inspire a new generation of young men to take up the lifestyle. It’s so admirable how you model the lifestyle of 24/7 alpha behavior for these young men, so even the ones not looking to compete can understand that being an NB IS the true way for a man to live.

      Just a few questions; when you say, “This year I decided that a student has to be an ANB first.” do you mean that all students coming into the program going forward will first have to master ANB duty before moving on to being an NB student of yours?

      And great to hear that the Silverlake gym has taken such an interest in helping out these teenagers to realize their dreams. I’m sure plenty of the regulars at Silverlake must walk by those windows and see the high schoolers and/or Coach Mike plunging those dildos into their asses, and willingly jump in to donate a few loads and stretch some holes to help them out?

      And just a word of warning: I know you know your training techniques work, but I do hope that you can convince the young men who have come to prefer deep fisting slim to remember that the most important part of anal stim is to get the potent cum of the bodybuilder, or bodybuilders, ramming their cocks into their ass. To grow, they need that testosterone rich semen, so if they are going to take fists, I hope they will simultaneously also have a mature NB cramming their dong down their throats and feeding them alpha seed that way.

      And lastly, I do love to get updates on Coach Johnson now that he has fully embraced the NB lifestyle. Has he seen any gains to his muscle mass or cock length/girth since he started training? And great to hear he is fucking any and all students, especially DP side-by-side with your cock into student assholes. Is he also taking loads from your 13” dick in his ass or down his throat? Is he working out with the other NBs at North Hollywood or Silverlake and taking their fat dongs up his straight ass? Does he continue to video his anal training so his girlfriend can watch him getting his hole opened by alpha bodybuilders?

  4. Hey, D-Man! Yes, students who want to become NBs, must complete my ANB training and start as an ANB. I only have 20 slots on my Community College NB team. Each year, at the end of the spring semester, some of the team leave, receiving an AA, and moving on, many to a university. There’s much competition to get the slots. Students in my 2 NB classes, and young men going to the Silverlake NB Gym, want to join the team. Focusing only on ANBs decreases the # of applicants. Students in my classes who want to be considered must switch to an ANB track. Most of them are taking the class to learn the sport and adapt to the NB way of life, not intending to compete. Also, I want all my team to be able to take an arm size cock up their assholes, for local competitions and should they go to IFNB events.
    18 yr. olds arrive at the SGNBG naked and erect, and go to their buds to lend a hand with dildo penetration as well as giving their pals a load anally or orally. When school lets out the dildo station is packed. Madison High Assistant Coach Mike, works with all the teens, most of them his students, giving them technique tips. He frequently uses his cock to demonstrate a point. Having Mike fist an 18 yr. old’s asshole to the elbow is a badge of honor to Madison students. NBs such as 20 yr. old, straight, Latino, Angel, prefers being fisted for stim, but also wants as much potent NB cum up his asshole. His cock grew from 2 years of absorbing cum up his hole and down his throat. At the North Hollywood Gym, he’s spent many an all nighter getting double fucked by mature NBs, while also having a dong shoved down his throat. He’s known as “load boy,” having taken 40 loads one night. He squeezed out 1/2 gallon of jizz out of his asshole into a bowl, then ate it in front of the NBs. Angel is a role model to the high schoolers, especially with his now, 13” cock.

  5. Hey, D-Man Continued: Coach Johnson is doing everything he can to help the NB students. He’s letting the 18 yr. olds use his holes for stim. The high schoolers like to double fuck him so they can tell their friends. The coach likes swallowing their sweet cum when they shove their cocks down his throat. At CC I’ve been plowing the coach where ever there are students in the Phys. Ed. Dept.: the hallway, the locker room, and even the parking lot. Coach wants the young men to see he has fully embraced the sport. Angel or Elwood, the Board President’s Grandson with a 14” cock, join me to double pound Johnson’s asshole. This is to help him take fists. The coach frequently takes 18 yr. olds to the NHG. He joins mature, large dicked NBs in double penetrating the teens. The grunting, moaning, and groaning is intense. The young men are competitive, comparing how many loads they have taken up their holes or down their throats. Johnson believes in “do as I say and do as I do.” The coach rigorously works out with weights, getting results, and the 18 yr. olds have seen him double fucked by the NBs and the former are invited to plow the coach’s throat. Not mush time has passed, but the coach told me his cock has grown 1 inch. He is rivaling Angel for cum absorption. Johnson was so pleased with his girlfriend’s reaction to seeing his asshole abused, he had cameras installed in the CC NB weight room, Silverlake NB Gym (the program is a satellite of CC), and got the ok to do the same at the NHG. All the students and the NBs at NHG signed consent forms to let us use the videos as we see fit. There was no hesitation. They all want thier bodies and cocks to be seen. The coach showed his girlfriend footage of being double fucked at the NHG. She was so turned on, Johnson arranged to have 6 of the NHG NBs workout, then double and triple fuck him, at their home, while he ate her pussy. It was a long night. HIs hole was filled with cum and she sucked it out of his hole and spit it in to his mouth, so they both could taste the potent cum.

  6. I am gratified to see that no cock was wasted on the female as the only penetration that occurred wuz between the group of gentlemen. In other words: this is an all male scene with virtually no participation coming from any woman.
    Other than watching these giant penis gods go at it she has no sexual contact with either of them as they are too wrapped up in pleasuring each other's own penis meat to bother with any woman. This is the way it should be. The only time any woman has sex is when she gets to watch other men have sex together. No sex with females even though they occasionally are allowed to watch.

  7. I have close female friends, but other than for procreation, I would never give a woman my potent cum. It would be a waste. I want it to benefit my students and fraternal NB brothers for muscle and cock growth. When Coach Johnson asked me to participate in his home workout, I declined, as did many of the NBs at North Hollywood Gym. Because a woman was present, Coach did not video tape the evening. The NBs and ANBs are eager to have their muscles, cocks, and holes penetrated, on camera, for the world to see, but they want to preserve the all male environment of NBs and the IFNB. This means no images of women. This is similar to the Ancient Greek Olympics and the Spartan way of life. Letting the girlfriend, Anita, be present while Coach was double fucked, was a compromise to keep her supportive of NB. She understands the difference between NB cock work and heterosexual sex. The 6 NBs were all straight, and being alphas, let her observe them showing no mercy as he was plowed first by 3 gigantic dongs at one time in his asshole. He yelled a lot and screamed “I am alplha,’ causing Anita to have an orgasm.She is the rare straight woman who enjoys watching men plow her man. Women like student Angel’s mother, knows what he’s into, is proud of him and supportive of NB, like the men in the family, but she doesn’t want to see anything. Angel wears shorts and nothing else in front of her, but in front of the men in the family, friends, neighbors and others, he lives naked 24/7. His beautiful, tanned, large muscled, body, with a bubble butt and giant dong, should be seen by all. He has never received a complaint and many know he is an alpha NB. When he shoots a huge load of cum, those present are amazed.

  8. I respect his personal situation but for myself there is absolutely no chance of any female being a part, or having any knowledge whatsoever of what I consider to be a private situation between men only. In fact, I find it highly erotic to purposely exclude all women from this type of activity.