PRO-LEVEL ATTITUDE: Most Impressive Endowment winner Swante Walhelm checks out of the BeefBoy dorms completely nude, confidently strolling out into the streets of Lisbon with his monstrous cock clearly excited by the gazing attention of fans.
As more and more time passes, people around the globe are coming to fully recognize that Naked Bodybuilding is not just a fad or a fetish, but actually the true sport of men everywhere.  As the truest demonstration of dominate masculinity, naked bodybuilders are finally being acknowledged by a society that used to penalize them for their well-deserved right to put their completely nude bodies on display.

There are now many metropolitan areas with naked bodybuilding communities where unnecessary and outdated “morality” laws against aggressive nudity are being abolished, and these men are being allowed to rightfully live nude-and-hard 24/7.  Some are even passing laws that allow these muscle monsters the right to fuck and cum in public wherever and whenever they please, acknowledging their correct place at the top of the sexual “food chain”, and their right and need to satisfy themselves whenever their overwhelming horniness demands it.

However not every place is fully enlightened to the proper respect that should be shown to a huge-cocked bodybuilder, so when moving around most bodybuilders will make some effort to cover their enormous bulk, despite how wrong it feels.  But there is a new generation of millennial bodybuilders, who feel even less encumbered.

“I grew up idolizing J.K. Roher.  I am at the BeefBoy because he won it, then went right on to win the Alpha.  He is my number one inspiration for all I do,” said Norwegian 4th place finisher Swante Walhelm as he checked out of the dorms completely nude, his muscles swollen from the testosterone thick environment of the BeefBoy and his throbbing cock rock hard in front of him, swinging dramatically with every step.  “One thing that J.K. always demanded was that he had the right to live nude at all times, wherever he went.  And I have decided to demand the same – let them try to stop me!  It is not fair to the world to cover up this award-winningly thick dong.  I plan to keep it perpetually hard.  I mean, I’m leaking pre-cum just thinking about all the people who are going to be inspired by being allowed to see my perfection.  I will require several cum milkings on our way back to Oslo just to keep my explosive horniness in check.  Thank goodness I’ll be traveling with my brothers, who are joining me in staying 100% nude from here on out.”




  1. In Los Angeles County, the code says you can be naked as long as you are 100 ft. away from others. I’ve now lived naked 24/7 for the past year. You have to know your neighbors and neighborhood. I’ve lived naked as much as possible since I moved out of my parents’ home. There are areas where I would never attempt to be naked and I stay out of them. I always drive naked in my SUV. I see my friends naked in my home and in theirs. I stay naked for deliveries and workman. I’m an exhibitionist and workout naked at the North Hollywood Spa and the Roman Holiday Spa. I want my sweaty, muscular body, and hard 13” cock to to be seen and admired. I live the IFNB way of life. I keep hard when I work out, shoot cum, and rub it on my body in the the gym. When possible, I have bodybuilders shove thier cocks up my hole and give me their load in the workout area. When it comes to naked bodybuilding, I am an alpha.
    The following instances are of men who at least work out. In the Silverlake area I had a rental where I was surrounded by naked men in public: in the unit in front, he took his trash to the curb naked and when I needed to I would visit him naked. This neighbor sunbathed naked behind my unit. Next door the neighbor smoked naked in his patio. On the other side, a high school teacher frequently played with his dog, naked in the back yard. The neighbors could see him. I jog late at night, or early in the morning, naked. I never take any clothing and sometimes jog several miles. I run into guys. I rarely see women and try to avoid them. The guys look and when they do, only made positive comments. A couple of years ago I jogged across the community college field naked. A couple of guys saw me and supported what I was doing. During the same period, I worked out naked at the Flex Spa. One time I left naked after 10 p.m. A couple of guys saw me in the parking lot and made positive comments. I used to jog in just micro see thru mesh shorts during the day. During these runs I saw a man working nude in his front yard, another went to his hot tub naked, another got out of his pool naked, and another sunbathed naked on the side of his property. For a while I lived near a state university in LA County. I jogged naked at night. One time a student, clothed, jogged with me for quite a while. I invited him to strip, but he declined. He liked looking at me and my stiff cock. We talked about my experiences. Another time, a student, clothed again, stopped me to chat and shoved 2 fingers up my asshole. I shot a load on the street. One time, in the frat house area, I got stopped by a policeman. I told him I was participating in a hazing ritual. He believed me and said to tell the others he would arrest anyone else pulling this kind of stunt. That did not stop me from jogging naked. I was just more careful. I’ve been seen a lot, but never had a problem. In Hollywood I’ve seen guys naked on balconies and sunning nude on roof tops. It seems that artsy communities and college communities are the best for the acceptance of male public nudity.

  2. I support the right to be naked at all times. We work hard to build muscles and our cocks. We are alpha exhibitionists and there are many who are voyeurs. We are role models to young men. Some won’t share their feelings, but lots of teens and young men want to look and be like us. They are flooding gyms and many go shirtless in public, some with pants riding low and crack showing. Some have visible penis lines and go commando, knowing full well their bouncing cocks can be seen. In the 70s, cities like Los Angeles and Berkeley allowed public nudity at beaches. A few years ago San Francisco and Barcelona also allowed public nudity everywhere. Unfortunately, prudes got their way and banned PN. Today there are Naked Bike Days and San Francisco has Bay to Breakers. There have been no problems and the public have been receptive or at least tolerant. At city halls, nude supporters should have been more aggressive. As a NB, be an alpha in your community. Jog, hike, live in and outside of your home, naked. Leave garage doors open to work out naked in home gyms. Join nudist organizations, get political, support public rallies. In lockerooms stay naked. I’ve seen young men use saunas naked when NBs are present. Support clothing optional resorts and nude events. Be naked with friends in your home and theirs. Find out which or your neighbors are ok with nudity. A friend of mine lived in Palm Springs and asked his surrounding neighbors if they were ok with public nudiity. They all were. I always swan naked at his house and the neighbors would wave. I’ve done my home work and have figured out how to live naked 24/7. I want my body to be seen and there are guys who want to see it.