CUM FOR A CAUSE: Fresh off his 4th place finish and prestigious Most Impressive Endowment award, Norwegian new comer Swante Walhelm is parlaying his new fame towards a good cause.  Dietmar Walch, a BeefBoy competitor-turned-Camp-Grit-enrollee is attempting to earn money for every load he manages to swallow.

Not every young athlete who dreams of flexing his big muscles and hard cock in front of thousands of men will get their chance to make it to the big leagues.  Breaking into the world of naked bodybuilding is hard – and expensive!  Even among the young men who made the effort and were able to compete in this year’s BeefBoy, this could be the only time they will be able to appear on an IFNB stage.  So what can those young men do if they still have an passion to participate in the naked bodybuilding lifestyle, but not the financial means or are yet at the level to further compete?

Along with the overall rise over the past few years in the profile of naked bodybuilding, the one true sport of men, there have been more and more ways for young men to join up.  Probably the first of these organizations was Camp Grit, founded over 10 years ago.  The program’s intent has been to give young men an intensive experience that will make them ready to be used by naked bodybuilders for sexual chores, and thus gain network in the sport.  The great success of naked-bodybuilding-assistant-turned-Alpha pro Eduardo Bedone has emboldened a new generation of men to realize the stigma that letting their holes get roughly fucked by enflamed Alpha bros doesn’t mean you cannot ascend to pro status.

Camp Grit offers a 6-month intensive program that produces many, many NBAs and cock-stim assistants for the world of competitive muscle cock.  The young attendees are trained to be obedient and accommodating for any level of muscle aggression and any size of bodybuilder cock, making their holes more desirable to the top pros.  These opportunities for use often open the door to the sport, allowing young men access where they would otherwise be stuck.  Camp Grit had a booth in the lobby of the event center for the duration of the BeefBoy Classic, and reported over 300 sign-ups amongst competitors and fans present at the show.

As they have at other shows, a number of naked bodybuilders donated time, and lots of cum, to raise money for Camp Grit at one of their traditional Cum Milking demonstrations.  Camp graduates are paired with NBs while an auditorium of rowdy benefactors cheer on the action and bid-up a series of progressively more intensive oral and anal stunts.  The boys managed to raise $43,500 for the camp, helping ensure another generation of fuck holes for the top alpha men of the naked bodybuilding world.

“My older brother Håkon has signed up for the new class, so I’m am happy to support this wonderful organization,” says featured bodybuilder Swante Walhelm.  “If there can be a whole new generation of muscle holes who can satisfy this thick fuck pole,” he says, pointing to his cum-slicked dong, “then I fully and completely support what they are doing at Camp Grit.”




  1. The NB program at Community College (CC) trains ANBs who plan to advance into being NBs. I have 20 - mostly 18 yr. old (the rest 19) and half of them are straight. The see NB as a masculine sport which supports naked, muscular, huge dicked, alpha males. Being called boys and sluts goes against the uber male sport. My students say they are men and power bottoms.

  2. Continuing: All of them would participate using their holes to raise funds for the NB programming at CC. They know that some of the NBs will abuse their holes, but they already see themselves as alphas, and want to absorb massive amounts of potent cum anally and orally to increase muscle and cock size. So, getting sponsors to donate pledged amounts for each load they take in their holes, goes towards helping the Men’s Phys. Ed. Dept., and the future of the NB program, and supports the unique brotherhood of NBs. Also, participating in the event would give the ANBs an opportunity to prove who is the most alpha at taking huge cocks in their holes. Friday, April 27, 10 p.m. - 2 a.m., in the CC gym, I will have a fundraiser called, “Cum for a Cause at Community College” (CCCC). Tickets are being sold to attend. Attendees must be 18 or up and nudity is mandatory for all. Even though it is voluntary, all the ANBs are participating. Non bodybuilders will stay seated in the bleachers and observe the participants spread out on the gym floor. Each bodybuilder attending, 18+, will be given tickets to give one to an ANB once they have deposited a load anally or orally. The ANB who raises the most money will receive 1/4 of the total money raised. I will do my part and plow as many ANBs with my 13” dong. All of them can take it.

    1. What a great fundraising opportunity! You will have to report back how things go next week after this Friday. I imagine the most enterprising ANB students looking to collect the maximum number of tickets over the 4 hours will be preparing themselves to spit-roasting and double penetrations - and maybe both - so they can be backing the maximum number of bodybuilder dicks at any given moment.

      Are you going to be inviting other NBs from outside of the program to also donate their money and cum loads? Who has the largest dong, and are any of the ANBs nervous about the size or ferocity of any of the Bodybuilders? And will Coach Johnson also be participating, using his straight 10 inch dick to plow the teens in training?

  3. Last night, 10 pm - 2 am, Community College held its “Cum for a Cause at Community College.” All 20 ANBs volunteered to participate. They were prepared to take the largest cocks into their holes. To prepare, some of the 18 & 19 yr. olds worked their assholes at the dildo station in the CC NB weight room, and at the Silverlake NB Gym. The gym owner moved the dildos in front of the floor to ceiling windows in front of the parking lot, so those coming and going would see the training students pumping their holes on the dildos, from butt plugs to the fist, the latter all the event participants had mastered. Many of the students had their cocks sucked or sucked cocks while they stretched their holes. Over 500 naked men, 18 and older, paid $25.00 to enter. Anyone who obviously worked out with weights (we wanted potent bodybuilder cum) was given 20 tickets. Attendees included mature NBs from the North Hollywood Gym, 18 yr. olds and older from the Silverlake NB Gym, bar patrons from Quake, friends, neighbors, and family of the ANBs, and staff and students from CC. Everytime they shot a load into an ANBs ass or throat, they handed over a ticket to the fuckee. The bleachers only sat 400, so 100 young men willingly sat on the floor. 20 workout benches were spread around the gym and each attendee with tickets (name written on back) chose one ANB and placed one ticket into the bag on the bench next to the competitor. This was done to control potential chaos. Each ANB called out a name. The fuckee could bring up 2 additional men if they wanted to double penetrate the ANB and also spit roast him. After the first batch of fuckees shot their loads, it became first come first serve. Immediately, the gym was filled with yelling, grunting, panting, swearing, moans, and sweat was pouring off bodies.

  4. Continued: Coach Johnson (10”) and I double penetrated 8 of the young men. With each, Coach lay on the bench, the ANB sat on the stick, and I shoved in my 13”s. Assistant Coach Mike, from Madison High, joined us and fucked the throats of the students, some of them from his school. EC (ebony cock) from North Hollywood Gym as called by 18 yr. old Miguel. EC took 3 other NBs with him, and very quickly, EC with 14”s, Duke with 12”s, and Dwayne with 11”s, triple plowed the student, as Manolo shoved his 12”s down Miguel’s throat. The teen gagged and squirmed with 3 monster dongs up this hole, then grunted and moaned loudly. HIs father, brother, and uncle watched with concern, but Miguel gave them a thumbs up. He took the drilling for over 15 minutes, them received gigantic loads. Miguel sucked cum off the dongs that had been in his hole. Following them, Miguel’s father, uncle, and brother, gently fucked him to give him a break from having his hole ravaged. After they shot their loads, they gave Miguel 3 tickets and next fucked his best friend Ernesto. The ANBs were trained to have their asshole brutally plowed in preparation for taking monster alpha dongs, in an amateur or pro setting. Only Kwan turned down the 4 NoHo Gym NBs. During the event, the 4 shoved their dongs into 14 of the ANBs, accompanied by lots of yelling and swearing. Coach Johnson, Mike, and I plowed Miguel next. His sphincter was still firm. Clearly, he had been doing this hole strengthening exercises. Cum was flying in the bleachers and on the gym floor as attendees watched all the fucking, writhing, sweaty bodies. President Cooper of the college board (his grandson Elwood is on the team) was also there. The 61 yr. old straight bodybuilder, and Elwood, double fucked a number of ANBs. Elwood’s younger gay brother, Henry, just turned 18 and had been working out naked at home. He joined his family and fucked mouths.

  5. Miguel was the winner of the event. He took 37 loads. All total, $100,000.00 was raised. Miguel got $25,000., 1/4 of the pot. He’s going to use it for college. His father, uncle, and brother rushed him for a group hug. The rest of the money will go to the NB program for equipment upgrades, and the balance will go to the Phys. Ed. Dept. To close I had the ANB form a daisy chain to eat cum oozing out of each other’s assholes. A lot of guys shot loads watching this spectacle. Then the ANBs licked cum off the cocks of attendees, and ate the cum seeping out of attendee holes. Miguel sucked the cocks of his father, uncle, and brother, dry. President Cooper’s grandson, Henry, was allowed to join the ANBs and lick attendee cum off cocks and eat attendee butt hole jizz, because he plans to become a NBN and wanted to experience the diverse cum. First he sucked the president’s and Elwood’s cocks. In June, Elwood graduates from CC. President Cooper has agreed to fund Elwood’s entrance into the amateur ranks of IFNB competitions. Coach Johnson had Henry suck clean his, mine, and Mike’s cocks. Everyone was covered in sweat, some with cum, and most went home naked.