COULD ONLY FOCUS ON THE OTHER: The second round of finals contestants included fellow Heavyweights, Swante Walhelm and Yannis Kalophallis.  The two fell into an intense on-stage rhythm with each other that ended in a 15-minute duo posing session.

The next grouping of overall competitors offered a surprise in energetic posing between Heavyweights Swante Walhem and Yannis Kalophallis.  Representing the Junior and Collegiate divisions respectively, the dominant heavies almost immediately fell into a rhythm with each other, matching each other pose-for-pose. 

The two were soon so heavily obsessed with each other, the judges cleared the stage and let the 19-year old stars go head to head. Despite their physical differences – Swante short and dense, with a thickly impressive cock, and Kalophallis tall and defined, with an impressively rigid fuck pole, the two seemed to feed off each other’s energy and easily mimicked each other position-for-position, even cumming in time with each other. 

The show was so intense that a hush fell over the audience, a rarity for any stage competition, let alone one as traditionally rowdy as the BeefBoy.  After 15 minutes of duo posing and 12 timed cum shots for each teen, the judges had them return to group.  Intense discussion between the judging panel left many questioning who came out on top.  Those who prefer mass gave Walhelm a leg up, while Kalophallis’ smooth presentation earned him point among that group.  Unfortunately, we will not know until the final scores are announced – stay tuned!




  1. This Beefboy never fails to surprise and impress! The two powerhouse teens couldn't be more different offstage, which may account for the stunning chemistry of their improvised posedown showing.

    The Kalophallis Brothers 'Pose and Approve' technique, the strict, privately applied regimen of heavy training, accompanied by hours of posing mixed with deepthroat cocksucking, has delivered to the Beefboy a Collegiate champion with rare gifts. Yannis has clearly overcome his longtime tendency of being intimidated onstage when confronted by massive competitor cock, no doubt due to the soothing intimacies whispered by brother Dimitris' during their after-hours oral stim bouts. Why it's certainly not the case, Yannis' is said to be able to envision himself as possessor of the single largest, most masculine human penis on the planet, entering a spiritual realm of pure musclecock belief when he poses. It's a far cry from his early performances on the circuit, when he acknowledged he was embarrassed that his fuckpole was no more than a mere 12 inches. It's the power of positive thinking!

    As for entrepreneur Swante, though he was not about to cede the stage to the priapic musclemonster Greek, his handlers may have privately coached him to channel the energy created by the brothers, rather than resist it. Walhelm, while not know for his intellectual capacity, nevertheless understands the power of the purse, and he seems to have tied the ongoing marketing of his new supplement, Thick 'N' Creamy ™ , with every performance.

    Result? The posedown was an unusual blend of Greek spiritualism, the marketplace, muscles, gigantic cock, powerful cumshots, performance art, and sheer chutzpah! The judges have their work cut out for them.

    As for Yannis and Swante, it was noted that the two disappeared into the night following their posedown round to take their performance private. Rumors of an offtstage muscle romance were denied by officials, who wanted to keep focus on the daunting schedule of the Beefboy. More to the point, however, were the persistent accounts from those in the know, as a small cadre of high-roller sponsors, armed with their Gold Cards and never shy about spending thousands to attend top-caliber privates, intercepted the two determined teens in the stage door alley and quickly whisked them away in black cars to a hastily booked multi-million-dollar penthouse in an exclusive neighborhood of Lisbon. Dimitris is said to have been making arrangements, working in conjunction with Team Walhelm, even before the now-stuff-of-legend posedown had delivered its final, spectacular cumspray, which is said to have coated audience faces as far as the tenth row of the orchestra.


    Contrary to what was previously reported, Yannis and Swante now nearly legendary hushed onstage posedown and cumshot faceoff was actually strategized, staged and planned by Svolling Walhelm!

    The secretive, famously reclusive, hugely muscled and massively hung eldest Walhelm brother was actually BACKSTAGE, just off stage left, all during the muscle-and-cum display, slowly and deliberately working his huge tool in a deliberate provocation and challenge to Kalophallis. The purpose: to distract and derail the handsome teen Greek muscleboy to such a degree that Swante's performance (already stellar in the eyes of the judges) would appear that much stronger!

    What Svolling didn't know was that Dimitris Kalophallis, alerted to the unannounced backstage appearance of the elder Walhelm by the screams of excited fanboys in the alley who spotted the naked big bro as he emerged from his black car, took up HIS position offstage right to stroke his OWN tool in order to engage Swante!

    The stakes? Market superiority, of course. CumBlast™, the Kalophallis's contracted supplement cum drink, is being edged off the top shelf by the newly presented Thick 'N'Creamy™, the favored Walhelm family product!

    In any case, both of the elder brothers needn't have bothered, as, onstage, both Swante and Yannis seem to have put aside their cum drink competitive status. Hypnotized by each other's muscles and mammoth teen cock performance, neither competitor gave so much as a glance into the wings as their hushed freeform quarter-hour pose-and-cum session captivated audience, officials, and backstage competitors and their handlers alike to a degree unprecedented in amateur NB competitive history. Even the massive Svolling's stroke performance, unrecorded by cameras and all the more rare for his avoidance of the spotlight, had to finally morph into muscle-69-cocksucking. And how did THIS chain of events come about? Dimitris crossed the stage, unseen and unrecorded (behind the curtains) confront Svolling directly in a Kalophallis-standard Pose and Approve session that even the massive and experienced Swedish senior had to succumb to. The result was that the two muscle giants, suddenly absorbed by each other's massive cocks, indulged in an hour-long flex and cocksucking frenzy from which neither man could be separated, interrupted only when each would turn momentarily to flex and shoot in the faces of eager fanboys clamoring for inclusion before turning back for more.

    As always, unprepared Beefboy officials didn't record the event. The two naked muscle giants did finally show the grace at least to move their Pose and Approve session to an empty stim room. The Beefboy continued, unchecked by the fraternal attempts to derail the onstage action.

    As judge Myron Shapely, still in his hospital bed recovering from his painfully (if ecstatically received) punishingly-received facial blasts from angry competitors Bandeas and Bamboo, observed: "Let's see them try to top this at the next PowerDong."

    This reporter concurs.