TWO BULLS LOCK HORNS: Teen front runners Rico Bandeas and Bamboo faced off in a second “sudden death” posing round after falling into a unbreakable tie during their first routines.

Statistically rare, the teen super-heavyweight competition boiled down to not just one, but two ties between front runners Rico Bandeas and Bamboo.  Judges score on a ranked system, placing the competitors in a ranking of numbers 1 through 10 on the 10 factors they judge for.  The total scores lead to the final placements.

Both boys posed magnificently, and though both are still teenagers it was noted that they carried themselves with the gravitas of truly seasoned heavy-weights.  They each stood apart from the rest of the contestants, and both seemed to focus solely on the other one – tracking their moves, matching their poses, and even seeming to go for a cum-for-cum shoot off; each shot 18 times, though Bandeas admittedly showed more control and near perfect flex-timing. Bandeas also exhibited superior definition, symmetry and form, as well as a smoother and more professional routine.  But Bamboo arrived with a stunning physique, bulging and almost bursting with size and mass, and a cock of stunning beauty and volatility – spraying absolutely massive loads over judges and competitors alike.  Worries that his extensive social activities leading into the competition might deplete his performance were roundly rebuffed by a stellar showing.  However Bamboo’s posing was sometimes stiff and sometimes sloppy, so the final judge’s placements left the boys in a tie for first!

It was decided after the judges could not come to a decision to break the tie, to request the boys execute a second free pose routine together.  The two posed and sweated, and cummed for almost 25 minutes as the judges continued to deliberate.  Bamboo continued to impressively drop 11 additional thick and full loads of man juice, however he only perfectly timed 5, whereas Bandeas landed an impressive 8/8 timed shots.  The two were both called down off the stage to pose directly in front of the judges table, where the judges felt both of their bodies and tasted both of their fat, cum-slicked fuck-sticks.  After additional deliberation and a huddle with show organizer and IFNB VP Paulo Busek, it was announced that each boy was a winner and it was another tie – both would advance as the super-heavyweight teen to the overall finals.

“Although very rare, it does happen’” says Busek. “Both of these young men performed magnificently, and we went over every score several times.  We went down to even comparing the taste of their seamen.  It was a complete draw.  Both of these men are meant to be Alphas, and we could not narrow the field to just one.”




  1. Behind the scenes: the top-place tie here (and it is unclear - did this mark the end of the competition) was passed off as a judging rarity.

    In truth, it was the fruit of an offstage collaboration between the two young musclegods themselves. The real story...

    Bamboo and Bandeas have long been aware of one another prior to this Beefboy Classic. While it marks the first time the two megaboys have met onstage, there have long been rumors that the two began correspondence as long ago as 2016. Initiated (surprisingly) by the normally reticent Bandeas, and motivated by reports not only of Bamboo's massive penis size and power, but by the girth of his 30" biceps, the two conspired for just exactly this turn of events: a so-called "tie" for the top spot.

    Their motivation? A mutual loathing for Naked Bodybuilder Judge Myron Shapely, a known predator who promises money and prominence in the sport, and whose main quest is to secure gallon-sized "contributions" of the superior boy semen produced by massive muscleboy competitors 22 years of age and under for illegal sales to supplement company AminCum® brand amino cum enhancer.

    Shapely's game was simple. Since 2014, at a point pre-show before many Naked Bodybuilder signature events, he lured the biggest (and most inexperienced) muscleboy competitors, along with their managers, for a "special" night of private flexing and posing, with the added inducement of a free 20-course 10,000 cal protein dinner and a six month supply of AminCum®. Once in Shapely's lavish penthouse, the managers were distracted by pirated stim room videos (including a 5-hour loop reel of competitors Buck Paulette and Pierre Douton teaming in a muscle posing display while their cocks were being serviced by a squad of uncommonly handsome uniformed security officers.

    Once separated from their managers, drugged Cum drinks were produced, and the unconscious boys surreptitiously milked by a team of quick-moving cumtakers, a few quarts of prime cum taken. When the woozy boys awakened hours later, a concerned Shapely would pat them on their massive traps and ease them gently out the door and into the night. The boys were never the wiser until a few days later when notations of cum blasts recorded far less copious offerings. Dejected young Naked Bodybuilders often returned to their home gyms, not understanding their subpar performances. The mystified fans often reported their own frustrations at low-cum contests....and all the while, Myron Shapely made money off the poor muscleboys pirated semen.

  2. Part 2...

    Bandeas, having long suspected the scam, politely declined an invitation to Shapely's lavish penthouse prior to contest time, as did the equally suspicious, seemingly sunnily dopey party boy Bamboo. (Indeed, in Bamboo's case, the loss of his pirated jism wouldn't have affected his performance in any matter). For Bandeas, however, for whom precise, powerful and perfectly timed cum blasts is an art form, this meant war.

    Their plan was simple: as they approached the Judges table for officials to closely observe the power of the boys' penises, the two strode past all the elected officials, stood before a suddenly cowering Shapely, and flexed stunning front double biceps, as Bandeas announced, "Mr. Shapely, this blast's for you!" And, at once, both boys erupted with the most powerful cum shot of the evening, aimed squarely at Mr. Shapely's face. It's estimated the blast took 5 minutes to complete and resulted in 14 gallons of unrefined cum spray, all while unquavering hold those flawless front double biceps.
    At completion, the boys each wiped their dripping dicks clean in unison down Mr. Shapely's throat, and calmly returned to the stage. As for Shapely, he was rushed to the hospital with a broken nose, two black eyes, six missing teeth, and requiring emergency reparative throat surgery to repair the damage done by the marauding dicks.
    The official had no choice but to declare a tie, as the muscle giants threatened to make Shapely's longtime scam public. In light of the general disorganization of the event, a further black mark was unacceptable. And so, a tie was declared.

    It's said the musclegiants celebrated by an immediate display of 69-position oral stim in the wings immediately after. Bamboo, slightly larger, lifted Bandeas and turned him upside down, and the two stood in a melded statue of triumphant mutual cocksucking for nearly 90 minutes. Cameras were not allowed.

    Afterwards, officials had no further comment.