A WAVE OF CUM: The opening preliminary round of the Collegiate Middleweight division set a BeefBoy record for the sheer amount of seamen produced by the competitive young men. 

There are so many reasons that he BeefBoy is a different competition than other internationally sanctioned shows.  Because of the age of the bodybuilders, the pre-competition period is the longest in the IFNB, and lasts for many days before the actual competition gets underway.  The organizers want to give the young men plenty of time to adjust and be ready to present at a professional level of competition.  However sometimes the extended time together can make that plan go awry, in good and bad ways.

This year one of the noted side effects right on this first day is a noted excess of cum from the collegiate division. During pre-contest reviews, it was noted that the collegiate boys, on the whole, had overall good musculature but conditioning and the cockmeat on display wasn’t exciting.  Many blamed this on the last-minute rush to enter, meaning that many college boys hadn’t really been solidly focused on training.  However having so many boys crammed together with huge amounts of testosterone coursing through their veins can lead to exceedingly horny results.  This is often the case for the Teen division, where the boys are younger, less experienced, and may naturally have higher spikes in testosterone as they are still working through the end of puberty.  However, this year the collegiate competitors actually set records for their overall horniness.

To those critics and may other’s surprise, the collegiate boys not only performed but they broke records!  The first preliminary round of Middleweight boys had cocks that were dangerously on fire, and there was a noted excitement in the auditorium by the sheer amount of ejaculation coming from the stage, and the audience during the competitive view.  In total, despite some noted poor timing, every single middleweight competitors shot at least 9 cum shots each during compulsories – a record for competitors in the first round at any past BeefBoy. There was so much cum blasted that it required a break after each round of boys to clean the stage, as well as the juror’s table and the two front rows.  It got to be so much that after the second round, the professional judges, IFNB officials, and audience elected to stay completely nude to allow for easy clean up of the liberal and constant splashing of man juice over them.

Despite a somewhat dis-organized start, there are hopes that the level of horniness on display today is a harbinger that the competition will be a good one.  The initial coolness to the collegiate competitors brings the hope that the Teen and Juniors divisions, which start tomorrow and the day after respectively, will bring even great performances of bulging young muscle and extraordinary sexual excitement.




  1. I can hardly wait to see the Teen and Junior competitors!

  2. I have waited for a very long time to hear the news about this incredible competition. I am super impressed with this business of the 9 cum loads that each competitor shot. To me this is what this wonderful community is all about. A space in which men can get together in private away from the prying eyes of other people and play these incredible games together and actually boost their own, how shall we say...."capabilities". And it always leads to an increase of the number of times any of these uber-mensch penis gods can shoot multiple loads.
    I really wish that each article you post would have much more emphasis on the sheer number of ejaculations each man is capable of. Believe me, there are those of us who keep count.
    It's an important aspect to being involved with the IFNB.

  3. Now that the Beefboy is headed into the homestretch, and we have the upcoming superheavyweight matchoff coming up with Bouchelle the Giant Killer, Swante Walhelm, Bamboo, and Bandeas, it's been one hell of a ride with the Beefboy!

    First, the accusations of chaotic mismanagement (crowded quarters, stim and recovery room ejaculation parties running 24/7, the emergency replacement of cum-crammed plumbing, the onstage daisy chains, the fights, the damage to the hotel venue, and a lot more) threatened to derail the entire spectacle. However, as the event went on, sometimes straining at the seams, and often seeming to promise to crash and burn at any moment, an amazing reality began to emerge that tied the entire event together. And the Beefboy began to take on legendary meaning.

    First and foremost, even the lesser muscled competitors (the disappointing Collegiate class, for example) were, to a man, ripe, rife, built, and blasting. Was the extreme youth and horniness of the competitors the reason behind all this uncommon quantity - and QUALITY - of youthful semen?? Undoubtedly! And truth to tell, it's just possible that the number of ejaculations both onstage and off, timed and measured and spontaneous and anybody's guess, set a new world's record in sheer number, property damage and personal injury (always an exciting spectacle for the fans, as the most notable cumblasts take out show lights, and have resulted in it at least one serious hospitalization, that of corrupt judge Myron Shapely, whose face was famously battered with semen projectiles blasted straight from the triumphant penises of superheavyweights Bamboo and Bandeas).

    And the show is not even over yet! At the end of the day, Naked Bodybuilding reporters and commentators alike are switching their opinions of the Beefboy, morphing from the ambitious, feisty little amateur show that it started out to be, to the riproaring muscle and cock contest of the year. And the show's sponsors are in 7th heaven, as the supplement companies, Western European conference of Naked Bodybuilding Gyms, spokesmen and weightroom equipment consortiums are all clamoring for a place at the (cum drenched!) table.

    Even more to the point: the sheer amount of highly trained, bulging, ripped and massive musculature onstage and off has been stupefying. The biggest teen and collegiate biceps on the planet, the mightiest pecs, the meatiest traps, and the most shredded abs, quads, intercostals and calves have been on display in flex and pose contests that have left fans, judges, officials - and the muscleboys themselves! - all screaming for more!

    And it's not over yet!