The IFNB (International Federation of Naked Bodybuilding) is the worldwide competitive organization for bodybuilders who possess fantastical levels of masculine form, attitude, muscle and power.

It's a world where the most massive muscle imaginable merges with reality-defying, gigantic cocks and then becomes real right before your eyes! Bodybuilder fantasies of arrogant, over-endowed muscle-men – eager to show off their amazing bodies for devoted fans – become a reality here. The IFNB is where the line between imagination and reality blurs via imagery and words . . .

Official IFNB rules require complete nudity and mandatory cum shots during judged competitive bodybuilding posing.

In this blog we cover those IFNB competitions and events. Posts include onstage pics, pumproom shots, and exciting nude bodybuilding stories and reports, as well as hard-dicked posing, naked gym training, IFNB competitor nude bodybuilding lifestyles, and much more.




READY TO ROLL?: Bamboo arrives at the check in desk for BeefBoy backstage.  Some noted that he seemed tired and distracted, though his body still looked amazing. 

True Alpha-male bodybuilders have sometimes been accused of being dramatic.  But the truth is that the mindset of these men who are the epitome of masculinity are rightly focused on themselves.  They understand that they are exemplary specimens of what a man should be physically, and that their own level of self-absorption and self-adulation should only be equaled, and exceeded, by the members of the public that they allow to interact with them.

At this year’s BeefBoy, there have been many comparisons of young buck Bamboo to reigning Mr. Alpha Pierre Douton, and it goes beyond just the thick black cock. Their shared extreme self-assurance bordering on risky impudence, combined with a demandingly cocky and aggressive attitude to force lesser men to submit to their demands  – have been noted.  The big difference between the two is that Douton’s insolence is replaced in Bamboo by a disarming charming.

“I am sure they would have waited for me.  I am worth that.” He says with a wink, not a bellow, like Douton would. Bamboo was testing the limits for the final competitive sign in – arriving backstage with just 2 minutes before sign in finished and stage competition started.  “I was training up until the last minute, and had to rush down,” he says, a dollop of cum splattering off his lengthy dick.  So far his experiences in the pre-contest have been noted for the extreme amount of time spent fraternizing with the other contestants, and the joyfulness that he has taken in dominating boy after boy that he’s met.  That seems to have been his overriding focus so far, to the exclusion of sleep, muscle training and posing prep.  Like Douton, some have been left wondering if all Bamboo’s time spent obsessing over himself has left him unprepared to compete at the level required of a champ.  Only time will tell.



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  1. The sheer abundance of cum shots released each day from Bamboo could spell either an early demise to his career, or could be an indication of new world records yet to come. In any event, his measured cum output appears to be unusually dazzling in its shot range, viscous consistency, and drip factor for a competitor of his youth and comparative inexperience. However, to date the force and weight of his measured cum splashes have yet to challenge Bouchelle's who continues to do serious damage to stage electronics when he zeroes in on the equipment. Bouchelle's prodigious shot power is analogous to The Who's busting up of their instruments (and hotel rooms) 40 years ago. In fact, is there truth to the rumor that a euphoric Bouchelle recently knocked a 4'0" hole in his hotel room wall with a particularly powerful well-aimed shot?

    Bamboo, if he lives up to his hype and his potential, might very well match the handsome muscle giant blow by blow onstage with potentially disfiguring facials. And then again - maybe not. As the commentator says, only time will tell.