QUIET DEDICATION: Gerard Bouchelle has been keeping to a rigorous training schedule during the lead up to the BeefBoy competition, despite numerous possible distractions.

The whirl of the BeefBoy social scene has undone many a young competitor.  No matter how hard they have worked, or how focused they were at home to to make it to the competition, when faced with the excitement and energy of hundreds of other hormonal and pumped alpha boys, it can become difficult to stay on task.  There are a few who are able to avoid the theatrics.

Maybe because he has already competed at the international level, Canadian Junior competitor Gerard Bouchelle has kept laser focused on preparing for the BeefBoy.  Bouchelle has made few changes to his training routine since being forced to join the rest of the boys in the dorm.  He has been keeping up a hardcore routine of only eating, training, stimimg, and sleeping.  So far he has avoided all social and communal events entirely.

Due to his last-minute placement, Bouchelle was initially placed into a room with 7 lightweight teen competitors from Eastern Europe. After 3 were forced out of the competition due to injuries, Bouchelle was assigned a solo room on a judge’s floor. But the isolation seems to suit Bouchelle, “I always look to improve on my already perfect body, and it takes work to ensure it remains this hard. Distractions are avoided at all costs and my team knows to clear away anything or anyone who compromises my focus from being an unstoppable force of male power."




  1. Bouchelle is smart to follow this strategy - he's learned at a young age how to hone the mystery, which shows a kind of 3-D chess playing Naked Bodybuilder skill usually found in more seasoned competitors. By keeping all away from his magnificent physique and equally-stunning cock, he's managed to increase what might have played out as simple curiosity on the part of judges, fans, and onlookers to something approaching insatiable obsession.

    Smart, smart boy. As to the rumors about his activity into the previously shared room, the truth is far less dramatic than the rumors. Bouchelle tried to make a go of it but found the stares and the pleas distracting. Talk is he promised one particularly handsome and hung lightweight a few hours of unrestricted deep-throating (once he determined the boy had no gag reflex issues) before he politely asked officials to change rooms. Bouchelle's public persona is one of preferring to ruin virgin musclebutt hole, true, but the real skinny reveals Bouchelle likes nothing more than a few restful hours with his cock steadily plundering butch muscleboy throats, as long as they remain quiet and respectful and don't gag too noisily (he wears headphones and listens to a rare Naked Bodybuilder Ted Talk on blasting biceps routines while receiving steady oral worship).

    However, these are training and post-contest endeavors. Prior to the show, Bouchelle prefers to keep to himself. Morever, the resultant first shoots onstage after a period of voluntary isolation have been known to cause electronic failures in the LEDs above the stage. During his Barcelona exhibition in 2016, it's known that his repeated cumshots shattered a row of 4 PAR lamps that were hanging a good 25'-0" above the stage.

    1. I think Bouchelle definitely knows how to play the game – he has the physical presence to demand attention, but also knows how to play that absolutely to his advantage and gain the best coverage. And I’m I have heard that his cum shots can be indeed be dangerously explosive. During a guest pose appearance in Germany last year, he almost blinded two fans who got a little too close during his posing routine, and the force of the resulting sperm left both with serious black eyes. Yet another risk for fans when close to these sexually inflamed musclemen!

  2. I'm a little surprised that this backstage skirmish (which, yes, did indeed occur) has been reported here. (It happened the Dusseldorf Assembly Hall and Gymnasium, in the mezzanine lobby, right after a particularly challenging photo session. It would be interested if IFNB photogs who were known to have been at the exhibition got any images of the melee).

    Bouchelle is known for his seeming mildness - temperamentally, he appears always to be slightly out of it. There are those in the sport who have scoffed at his stoner's demeanor, claiming that the blood rushes from his head whenever his massive cock is erect (about 3/4s of his waking hours, and all through his sleeping hours during his training and exhibition months), causing him to seem dizzy and dopey. Yet this is far from the reality: Bouchelle is watchful and alert at all times, as enthusiastic fans try to break through the crowd to cop a quick stroke of his magnificent pecs, or to touch or lick in any way possible his jaw-droppingly large penis.

    At another exhibition outside Paris when he was merely 16 years old, his temper did get the better of him when four 300-pound bruiser-sized men ploughed through the crowd, attempted to grab his shoulders, and tried to force him to bend over to his ankles, all to expose his legendarily perfect butthole to paparazzi, standing by at the ready (unapproved CU butthole activity and photography outside the safeguard parameters of stage, pump, and stim rooms is a growing problem as Naked Bodybuilding gains international stature.) Bouchelle lost it, grabbing all four men and felling them all with a single punch (a 3 Stooges roundhouse special, breaking the jaws of each as his punishing fist landed on each face). Before his handlers could stop him, he was holding the ringleader upside down, churning his powerful hips, beating the man's face bloody with whiplash back and forth penis blows. Hospitalizations resulted for all four.

    Since then, Bouchelle has been careful not to explode in public.

    1. Wow! I knew Bouchelle's calmness was actually a cover for some pretty intense emotions and aggressive need to dominate, but that's quite the story. I can imagine that having that thick, hard monster of a cock slapped across your face would pack a massive punch, and be pretty damaging. Hopefully he can keep his cool during this outing.

  3. Yeah Bouchelle knows how to use his fuck stick as a weapon. There is another "incident " i was lucky enough to witness. It was in the prep room in a show in Detroit years ago. There was this huge hairy chested 320lb monster prepping the guys. He wanted to dominate Bouchelle and put him in his place. (big mistake) The big boy grabbed bouchells balls yanked his balls hard and squeezed and twisted. It was brutal. Bouchells got weak in the knees as he dropped to the floor his big dick lined up with the big boys face. Game over. he used his cock as nunchucks on the dudes face. Brutal. Busted up the guys face. It's not only the size of his man meat but how granite hard it is. Broke the massive studs nose. Then delivered a number of perfectly targeted powerful cum shots to the eyes and nose. Face bloodied and unable to breath through the nose the huge man dropped.. had to breath through his mouth. Then Bouchelle had his "opening". He grapevined the huge dudes arms with legs and brutally face fucked the monster. The guy would have passed out due to lack of oxygen but every minute or two Bouchelle would pull out and let him breath ... then reinsert (only after delivering another load on his face) He kept the muscle mosnster concious as long as possible so he could experiance the pain gagging and humiliation as long as possible. Eventually the big bodybuilder passed out. Bouchelle stood up, put one foot on the hulks sleeping body, gave an impressive double bicep pose and shot three thick ropes of nut juice. Ironically the defeated monster was asleep but had a raging hard on , dripping pre cum. apparently he enjoyed the brutal beating on some level.