ALL HAIL: The winner of this year’s Mr. Pan-Africa 2017, Joff Ballo, poses with the 1st place golden phallus trophy, an honor his long-time pro-bodybuilder uncle, Tedi Ballo, trained him for. 

The final all-around stage performance at this year’s Pan Africa was a close one. After an embarrassing round of cock failure for “Snake” Assombo in earlier rounds, he was on fire for this last go.  His muscles were pumped to the extreme, and horny as hell.  He made an astounding 18/19 cum showing, some of his best work, and stayed completely hard. “I recovered and did some of my best work on stage today. But is wasn’t enough to take the top spot.”

The overall win is about the compilation of all the previous performances, and the incredible dedication and consistency of young Joff Ballo has shown throughout the entire Africa, and put him right where he needed to be for the win. His cum game was on point, and he seemed to glide through the final show with a smooth, brash assurance.  Spied backstage taking a last load of spunk direct from Pierre Douton’s thick cock, Ballo was pumped and magnificent.

The Snake though still had to settle further.  Newby megaweight Matt Ogunkue came in a very close second.  His thick muscle was dense as expected, but his double-fist sized cock was the real star, showcasing an unusually consistent cum round for a mega of 15/21.  “I am happy the judges recognized my superiority in my first Pan-Africa,” a volatile Ogunkue said backstage as he immediately forced his huge fuck tool into an NBA in the pump room. “Next year I will make it to the top spot, and they will all call me the new Douton, as it should have been this time.” 

Assombo had to ultimately take the 3rd spot.  “I came with my best muscle ever, but my dick wasn’t ready to cooperate.  I didn’t have Pierre Douton egging me on the entire time,” he says with a sigh, referring to Ballo. Looking over at Okungue’s aggressive raping of the NBA with his extra thick tool, he lets out another sigh, “The victory fucks are going to be fun.”

Heavyweight Jalil Mhoulai came in 4th during his first time competing at the heavyweight class, and number 5 was a somewhat surprising Chris Nzwanga. “I couldn’t believe it when they called my name.  But then I looked down at my cock and I immediately shot cum, and I knew why!” he says excitedly.  Despite his 2nd place finish in the middleweight class, his big brother Joe Nzwanga did not place in the overall finals. “It can be tough to get this level of exposure as a middleweight in the overalls, so I’m not taking for granted my placements,” says Chris. “I’m sure Joe is already backstage getting releasing steam with the NBAs and maybe taking a few loads of his own. I can’t wait to see him!”

Congratulations to our IFNB Pro-Africa 2017 winners!



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  1. One photo is worth a thousand words and it is amazing just how one's appreciation changes with each successive photo. As I have said many times, we, the fans, have only the photos on which to base our views. All the rest about cum shooting etc is actually irrelevant, as we do not see it.. So, based on this winning shot of Ballo, I have to come back to him as my first choice. I did say in my comment on the previous shot when I changed my allegiance, the following:-

    “If this really is the final line-up and we have lost all other contestants, then I have to say I have changed my mind and would vote for Douton, who is not my favourite muscle-cock by any means. But here, giving credit where it is due, I think he has the edge on Ballo. Just look at the cock of his; have you ever seen a better defined rim and head than in this shot.”

    But that was not the final shot and Ballo’s cock in this winning shot is an absolute world-beater: utterly perfect. So well done Ballo.

    And finally could we settle on Snake’s name? Is it Assombo or Assombgo?