The IFNB (International Federation of Naked Bodybuilding) is the worldwide competitive organization for bodybuilders who possess fantastical levels of masculine form, attitude, muscle and power.

It's a world where the most massive muscle imaginable merges with reality-defying, gigantic cocks and then becomes real right before your eyes! Bodybuilder fantasies of arrogant, over-endowed muscle-men – eager to show off their amazing bodies for devoted fans – become a reality here. The IFNB is where the line between imagination and reality blurs via imagery and words . . .

Official IFNB rules require complete nudity and mandatory cum shots during judged competitive bodybuilding posing.

In this blog we cover those IFNB competitions and events. Posts include onstage pics, pumproom shots, and exciting nude bodybuilding stories and reports, as well as hard-dicked posing, naked gym training, IFNB competitor nude bodybuilding lifestyles, and much more.


PRO PAN AFRICA 2017 : 19

Joe (2nd from right) in 2nd place and Chris NZWANGA in 1st place, dominating their group in individual posing and comparisons


  1. I want to be a NBA who can help me

  2. So great to see siblings performing so well together. For being so young, both boys show great development, and with Rob placing 1st, I imaging he'll be the Middleweight in the overall. Great exposure for someone so young, and I bet we'll see him move up in classes as he continues to grow and train.