RELENTLESS EXERTION OF DOMINANCE: IFNB MR. Alpha Pierre Douton took his role of 
promoter to a new, unprecedented level of demand when he demanded the Pan-Africa grant him a night to
solo flex and cum for fans.  The 3 hours of hard muscle and throbbing cock dsplay was thrilling for fans,
But has causes chaos in an already packed competitive schedule.  


  1. Not even Douton's most passionate admirers could say that he is a handsome guy; quite the contrary in fact, for he is rather ugly. But it is just that face of his, rough-hewn as it were from a block of granite, coupled with his extraordinary physique and that enormous fuck-stick of his that make him the great aggressive Alpha stud he is. And make no mistake, love him or loathe him, Douton is a world class NBB stud.

    Just look at his rock-hard cock in this picture; have you ever seen a more aggresive-looking tool? The definition of his cock is really amazing for you can see it in all its glory, rock-hard and fully erect with every vein showing, pulsating in all its sphincter-stretching, hole-wrecking glory.

    Douton is by no means my own favourite musclecock, but I do believe that this totally iconic shot of him is one of the greatest we have seen in recent times in this blog. I can understand with his marvellous attributes that he wanted a show of his own to let fans see just what he was capable of. The great pity is that we the blog fans never get to see the on-stage stuff live. Awesome comes to mind as a word which I suspect might best describe his performance. So what if he upset people? The fans loved it I am sure. Take a well-deserved bow and enjoy the applause Douton.

  2. Completely typical of Douton, that his need to show off and dominate takes precedence over all things. But two things – the producers of the Pan Africa know Douton better than anyone, and would not have selected Pierre as their lead promoter is they didn’t know he was going to bring excitement and attention to the competition. That he has done in spades! And secondly, what better way to celebrate an African Mr. A than to devote plenty of time during the star African IFBB event to celebrate and worship the supreme black muscle and domineering cock that is Douton.

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