BROTHERLY COCK FLEX: Middleweight brothers Joe and Chris Nzwanga (middle and right) both competed
 as middleweights.  Joe's win in the Sixth Preliminary Round middleweight class nudges him just high enough
to go on to the Finals Round.  His brother. Joe, just didn't have the wins in spite of a better-trained cock.

We all know the world of naked bodybuilding, while big, is also ironically secretive.  Because flagrant nudity and alpha male aggression is not always compliant with society's customs, the sport has always had to keep itself veiled, in spite of drawing massive numbers of fans.  And this "hidden" aspect is why so often young men discover the sport through close friends or even relatives.  In the many, many decades of the nude sport, we have seen literally hundreds of related competitors take the stage.

This year's Pan-Africa brought yet another amazing pair of related competitors, Joe and Chris Nzwanga. What makes the Nzwanga brothers stand out is their remarkably young age.  Typically an athlete will be brought in to the sport by an older relative, but in the case of the Nzwangas  both are still young teenagers!

Joe Nzwanga started in amateur contests a few years back after discovering a small nude bodybuilder gym bear their home.  With a naturally big dick, the trainers at the gym urged Joe into competition, and within two years this horny middleweight earned a pro card.  Known for an astoundingly rigid dick, the boy has managed perfect cum-flex rounds several times in his short career, and many think he will eventually rise to stardom once he starts heavier muscle- and cock-modification enhancements.

But his younger brother Chris got fascinated with the sport watching his older brother prepare for contests. "I would lay naked on my bed and watch how hard he stroked his dick in our bedroom," Chris remembers.  "It was more than what we typically did at night.  He was obsessed with his cock, and it was amazing seeing him transform into a kid who could sustain a hard on and cum more than just a couple times. I knew I wanted that kind of power!"

While Chris has had a much shorter career, something about his skill is just that much more passionate than his older brother Joe.  Chris qualified for pro contests in just half the time as his brother, and while Joe still has the larger cock, Chris brought a remarkable cock-muscle balance to the lightweight classes that has made him a young champion to watch.

And this year both brothers were competing side-by-side as the younger Chris has grown heavy enough for the middleweights. While Joe's experience, bigger dick, and higher cum numbers would make you think he would place better than his younger, Chris has been consistent and his amazing balance has won the numbers needed to advance.

"I know I deserve to be in the Finals at a Pro Event," Joe told us in the Release Room after the Sixth Round of Finals.  "But he is my brother, and I know he is worth being there.  I am bigger, stronger, and have a more powerful cock, but I can't deny my little brother has great assets for judges' scoring."

But making the Finals is one thing; standing out is quite another.  And with such powerhouses in the heavier weight classes present, this small triumph for the young muscle teen may be the highest point in his excellent showing at the Pan-Africa.



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  2. I think that there is little doubt that African NBBs are up there with the best in the world and as far a man-meat is concerned the present showing supports the premise that Africans have bigger cock than their Caucasian cousins,

    Just look at these two teenagers, Chris and his brother Joe. Even as teenagers they have mind-bendingly massive cocks; and not only massive but well proportioned to boot. It is a bit sad, though that the editors have decided to to eliminate the three shots which appeared recently without commentary. One of these was of the incomparable Joff Ballo. To my mind Ballo verges on perfection and the eliminated shot showed us all what a truly magnificent penis this young stud has: big, perfectly balanced, well cut, well rimmed with a good head and the whole lot poised elegantly over a pair of incomparably magnificent balls – possibly the best ever. This is a cock to dream about. Why this shot of Ballo was canned in favour of a repeat shot of Ogunkwe, who is a very heavy guy with a massively- thick, sphincter-wrecking cock , beats me. Why do we need two shots of him? Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder as we all know and for me this guy does not begin to compare with the finesse which Ballo brings to the sport. The only thing one can really say about him is that he is BIG – VERY BIG. So editor, please think again and reinstate that marvellous side shot of Ballo which shows his fuck-stick in all its glory. In my view it is an iconic shot, equal in every way to that mind-bending “Iron Man’” shot of Monza a few years. I think that this shot of Ballo and that one of Monza are the two defining picture of the past few years, to show us all what cock perfection is all about and both should be kept as defining icons of perfection of the sport.

  3. As coach of the NB program at Community College in Los Angeles, I got to know Rex and Max Whitney. Before joining my team they trained and lived naked at home with their father. Once they each turned 18 they gave each other potent family cum anally and orally. Alex, the father, straight, taught the sons to never be ashamed to take a cock up the ass or down the throat publically when doing cock and muscle work for NB. Alex had discovered the IFNB in 2012. He was proud his sons were interested in the sport. After they joined my team, Max went on to become an ANB for the Universidade de Rio, and Rex became the face of suckspLOAD, and at the ANFB Mr. Brazil, he got his pro card, spewing 8 loads per session with his 13" dong. Alex encouraged his sons to get my potent cum anally at team trainings and he proudly fucked his sons at visitor sessions with his 12" cock.

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  5. Excellent story, but I am waiting to see the actual number of times each brother came including their FLEX/CUM records.

  6. The amazing genetic base that it takes to start down the path of being an NBB seems to mean there are plenty of familial connections amongst the pros, especially at this contest alone! Ballo has followed in the footsteps of his uncle Tedi, and The Snake has competed and trained with his own brother. The Master's Boy competition of the Master's Grand Prix has always encouraged and celebrated these generational and familial connections between bodybuilders.

    Last year's phenom Pierre Neuville got his start after watching his older brother (and far outpacing him ultimately). JK Roher's younger brother has also competed. In the amateur world, there's Insta-stars the Izzaru brothers from Portugal. And not actual competitors, but Mexican FETM superstars from "Sobrecarga Muscular", uncle and nephew Ramon and Juan Ramirez (IFNB 2016 ANACONDA SOUTH AMERICAN CHAMPIONSHIPS 18 and AMATEUR LEAGUE 2015 ROUNDUP 13) have put a face on the family connections that run through the sport, as their competitiveness is one of the baselines of that hit reality show.

    1. It was interested to see that you had included the Izzaru brothers, Bixente and Ramuncho in your selection. These two amateurs, whom we have had the pleasure of seeing only once in the blog, are two of my very own favourites I recommend readers to take a retrospective look at their best shot which appeared as Amateur Spotlight No 7 on 4/10/2014.
      I think that these two young studs are a fine example of what an amateur NBB can reasonably attain, In the shot I mention, their glorious cocks are very well shown, and quite magnificent they are; beautifully cut and each man has a cock-knob to die for. I doubt that either of them has an enhanced cock, as they appear totally natural and are totally believable. And as for their muscular physiques, well for my taste they are also utterly perfect. I know that they do not fit in with the general ethos of blog, where big is king, but these men are an example to all young body builders as to what can be realistically be attained. So full marks for including them in your selection. I am really sorry that we have seen them only once, but that alas is the way with most up and coming young NBBs.
      Just one final point. The shot I mention is a superb photo of these men. However, the other shots of them are spoiled by the unfortunate tendency of whoever takes the photos, of showing them partly dressed and either sticking their cocks out form their briefs of lifting their shirts to let us see their fucr meat. This happens in all too many shots in the blog and I think it should be stopped as the whole effect is ridiculous. Let everyone show off his muscles and man-meat totally naked; after all it is a naked muscle and cock blog.

  7. It is incredibly important for a young bodybuilder to remember that the fastest way to grow and progress as a bodybuilder is to take as much enhanced cum from older and more experienced BB cocks as possible. The pump from live, fresh sperm, full of alpha testosterone enhanced with growth drugs and delivered in an aggressive pounding is invaluable training for the up-and-cumers.

    And it is well known that the very best cum to be effectively absorbed and incorporated into a young bodybuilder’s system (orally works, however the stomach doesn’t absorb as effectively as the colon does when large loads are left to absorb up his muscle cunt) is from a man with similar genetic make up. So brothers, fathers, uncles and other family members are going to be the very best trainers and therefore will help each grow faster than unrelated bodybuilders fucking and trading cum.

    The Nzwanga brothers mention observing each other’s cock and cock work, but not using the cum from each other as part of their training. That’s a shame if they are not – both show great genetics and potential to continue to progress as competitors, so I hope they will take advantage of this opportunity.

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  10. Hey. If possible, can I get access to http://ifnb-archives.blogspot.fr/ please?

  11. I’m so excited to see where things went with the Pan-Africa. More so than any Pro Level event, this one has so much variety in competitors and judging, it can be anyone’s guess. I wonder if true dedication and form will win (Ballo), or genetics and astounding style (Snake Assombo)? And what about brute force and heroic size (especially double-fist sized dong) on Ogunkue? And any more interesting ephemera from the lesser competitors – more family connections, record breakers, or backstage shenanigans? We will have to wait and see (hopefully not much longer).

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