STILL HARD AND FLEXING: IFNB Pro Lightheavyweight competitor Rob Swazila moments after realizing he broke a
league-wide cum-flexing record for the lightheavyweight class during the preliminary rounds.

When you deal with men who are, literally, the masculine ideal, almost every act they make seems amazing to us.  Their ideal physiques swollen with muscle fascinate us.  Their relentless sexual domination subdues us.  And their cocks – those majestic, ideal, hyper-enhanced monsters with which they exert their masculine dominance – utterly hypnotize us.  With so many assets, it is rare that you can pull just one single moment out from a naked bodybuilding competition to spotlight.

Yet every once in a while, a moment so majestic occurs that it literally defines an aspect of true masculinity for the world.  Lucky for fans, one of those moments happened during the Fifth preliminary Round of the Pan-Africa, where previously little-known lightwheavyweight Rob Swazila set a new cum-flexing record for the lightheavyweight class.

One aspect of the IFNB league organization that is rarely discussed yet highly relevant is their thorough records-keeping.  For nearly 50 years (longer when you look at the reports of the earliest days of American naked bodybuilding), the IFNB has kept track of numerous records of competitors pushing the limits of what true, glorious masculine dominance can mean for the world.  Most pro competitors who have been in the sport for a long time will know several records and the names of past stars who achieved feats of male prowess, but ironically most fans only know scant records.  So it was a surprise thrill when the audience in attendance at the Pan-Africa learned they had witnessed a moment of naked bodybuilding history take place.

The record for cum-flexing in the pro lightheavyweight division was most previously set by Argentinian pro Jaime Retalgo in 2002.  Retalgo, who traveled to Australia for the  IFNB Throbbing Aussie Pro Invitational that year,  blasted a glorious 27 cumshots total and timed 19 of those delicious spunkloads perfectly with his poses.  The average cum loads of lighheavyweights trends at around 10 to 12 cum shots total, so even just cumming more than 15 times in a lightheavyweight division is impressive enough, let alone over 20, because lightheavyweights rarely have enhanced cocks at the same degree as their far more muscular counterparts.  Meanwhile, the more excessive a cock is trained to cum, the harder it is to time such a relentlessly horny beast, and thus makes the timing with poses a skill challenging to master.

But during the Fifth Prelims of this year's Pan-Africa, a little-known lightheavyweight clobbered Retalgo's amazing feat with 22 perfectly timed cum shots!  Swazila's skill in timing that much sperm was incredible, as he seemed guided by his cock as he flexed, only having spontaneously uncontrolled cum loads 7 times of his 29 on stage shots. Seeing a muscular stud flex himself to ejaculating so many times sent the crowd into an uproar, and it was clear Swazila knew that he was approaching the record.

"When I turned pro a couple year ago, I knew my body was most competitive as a lightheavy, but my cock needed to show my dominance better," Swazila told us.  "I started working hard cock training and heavy enhancement cycles. I was always mainly into the muscular training, but when I took my dick to the next level, I got hooked immediately!  Then again, I had the best naked bodybuilding trainer."  Swazila is referring to current Mr. Alpha himself, Pierre Douton, who had trained Swazila for several months back in 2015.

"Douton was one of the most inrense cock trainers I had ever worked with, and it was his brutal style that reallyhelped me reach a new level in this sport," Swazila told us.  "Such intense training!  Things like, I don't know.  Like, dtainingdrills where I was forced to keep my cock inside an NBA's ass for 8 to 10 hours straight, while Douton and other cocks fucked my ass to stim my dick into responding more frequently.  it was gruwling, being sandwiched between so much muscle, having my prostate hammered for hours to force my body to get harder more often.  Of course the chemical enhancement cycles I was on also made my cock insanely responsive – there were weeks in trainign where I was like a fuck zombie, literally going insane unless my cock was being worked, or sucked, or used to fuck hole!"

One thing Swazila also mentioned was that he thinks the controversial cock and spern enhancing drug SPH is given a bad reputation. "I never tried SPH until Douton trained me.  At first I was frustrated at the response – literally blacking out and learning I had fucked 15 or 20 dudes and couldn't be stopped but not remembering – just feeling awesome inside.  That lack of cock control messed with my head.  But while you can never quite predict how SPH will hit you, I've gotten pretty intuitive at it.  And yes, it was a risk to dose before the Fifth Prelim, but everything seemed on point, and clearly I made the right call with a mild dose.  I mean, my cock was on fire, and every time I flexed I could feel my nuts wanting to explode.  It feels amazing when it doesn't take you down, so while I agree it is not for everyone, you're looking at a man for whom SPH dosing worked perfectly!"

Of course, this was all told 12 hours later. Swazila's dose seemed to kick in more heavily right after the class was out, while he was in the Release Room.  he glazed over and was chronically jacking off, and anyone who approached the drooling, obsessive, babbling horny stud was almost immediately and forcibly mounted and fucked.  "Look, I am not saying SPH is always prettuy," Swazila laughed.  "But most of those affects you don;t fully remember anyway, so as they happend out of the competition, who cares?"

"Besides, think of the lucky NBAs who got mercilessly pounded by this amazing record-holding cock!!!"


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  1. Professional sports are nothing if not for their records and achievements. How else can we understand the excellence of the athletes that participate if there are measures for their success and records for them to break? The scrupulousness of the IFNB to track and promote NBBing, in spite of unjust societal pressure and condemnation is to be respected all that much for more how miraculous it has been kept alive by a dedicated set of men for 50+ years.

    That said, I wonder a bit if Jaime Retalgo’s record should still stand, or if Swazila’s record should exist with an asterisk to it. Back in 2002, Retalgo was able to coax those 20 perfect shots with just old-fashioned cock training and superior genetics. Now there’s SPH and a huge number of supplements on the market that continue to increase cum volume and natural horniness, so Retalgo’s seems rather more impressive to me that Swazila in that respect. Swazila training with Douton in 2015, after his famous SPH led flameout at the Pan-Africa, so he seems to have adapted some of Douton’s own learnings at that time about how to “responsibly” use SPH at a performance tool.

    Ultimately, it’s tough to tell if this record-breaking feat came about because of his intense preparation and training (musclefucking for 10 hours straight is a true feat indeed, especially with Douton’s own monster cock deeply pounding your hole) or from the SPH, so watching Swazila’s future performance will be an indicator if he truly is an athlete to watch, or if this was just a fluke.