A special report looking back at contests we were unable to cover in real-time from the 2016 season

BOTTOM TO THE TOP: For many years, this man who many see as a true alpha
was the beta fuck boy backstage for literally hundreds of monster-cocked competitors in the INFB.
But coming in second place at the 2016 Mr. Alpha has brought a new level of alpha cred to
the NBA-turned-pro Eduardo Bedone.

When you think of the dudes used backstage by the pros for onstage cock prep, the last thing tyou think of is "alpha male."  These men work as equipment – literally – to be used in the final prep hours leading up to the pros taking the stage line-ups.  Their job is to shut up, open up, and deal with the intensified hours of throat and asshole pounding the pros require to prep their dicks for the stage.  Cocks need to be extra hard and always hovering on the edge of cumming to win prizes, and the naked bodybuilding assistants are there for no other reason but to be used as holes for the real men of the day: the naked pro bodybuilders.

Yet we all know what the effect of prolonged exposure to enhanced cum produces.  Affects more potent than steroid cycles are common for men who absorb the cum of the hyper-enhanced pro naked bodybuilders, and the NBAs often experience latent muscular growth just due to exposure.  So much growth, in fact, it is sometimes easy to mistake one of these fuckholes for being a bodybuilder himself!

Yet when you are regarded as the bitch among men – a beta who obeys the sexual demands of ravenous muscular alphas – it is hard to ever shake that stigma.  And it's even harder to prove that you, too, may be of alpha male quality.  Yet this is exactly what the young Eduardo Bedone has done gradually in his professional naked bodybuilding career.

Since turning pro, Bedone has always been known for his dramatic and fluid posing style.  His cock is genuinely a masculine centerpiece to poses that at once evoke personality and manly power.  His swagger and confidence make him seem a man who was always dominant over other males, rather than the boy being tossed around and powerfucked by men far stronger than he could resist.

And the Bedone story continuesd to unfold at the 2016 Mr. Alpha, where he came in second place overall.  One of the most horny competitions he has ever gave, Bedone set two personal bests in the contest.  He blew a perfect 15 loads timed perfectly with poses in the Sixth Round of Prelims, and had his personal cum max in the 3rd round of competition with 18 loads in one round – which helped nudge him ahead in a tightly contested field.

While many longtime fans resist heralding a beta fuck boy as a true alpha, Bedone's best win of his career does much to win over even the most ardent alpha male fans.



  1. It is quite some time since I wrote a comment in the blog, but this
    shot of Bedone merits a word.

    So Bedone has almost made it to the ultimate summit in the sport.
    He has had an amazing career to date and can be proud of what he
    has achieved. For me he is the perfect alpha male; he has a
    gorgeous, muscular body with everything perfectly proportioned
    and as for his cock; well what can one say? It is absolutely

    After the results had been announced and Douton had been
    declared the 2016 Mr. Alpha, Bedone, who is basically a nice guy,
    congratulated his opponent on his victory and in time honoured
    tradition, offered him his own anus for a celebration fuck.
    And of course, Duton realised that he was being offered the most
    famous cock training anus in the world, that of Eduardo Bedone,
    the most famous ex NBA of all. Douton did Bedone proud as he
    pounded his co-contestants arse in his victory fuck and when he
    had finished, made a very revealing comment. “That Eduardo,
    was one of the the greatest fucks in my life. How do you do it?
    How have you managed to maintain such a tight hole after the
    years of cock pounding it has endured?”

    This gave Bedone an opportunity to say a few words which
    totally changed the perception of where he is now and what
    he is still capable of.

    “Now that I’ve turned pro NBB, I am tired of reading so much
    nonsense written about the state of my anus and that how,
    after so many years servicing some of the top cocks of the sport,
    it is worn out, sick, floppy, flaccid and the rest. Well let me tell
    you as Pierre has just discovered, that my hole is still the tightest
    and most reactive place where any serious NBB can work out his
    cock today. It always was and still is the greatest hole in the
    business, which is why as a NBA I had most of the top cocks
    of the sport as my clients. I have a unique ability, which is
    given to very few men, in that I can control my anal sphincter
    to grip, and I do mean grip, any cock I’m servicing, in much the
    same was as a woman can grab her lover’s cock with her vagina
    muscles when they are fucking. And this unique gift has allowed
    me not only to be the greatest NBA ever, but also never to lose the
    ability to give satisfaction to any guy who wants me to train his
    cock up to competition standard. I am the benchmark, the gold
    standard, against which all others are still measured, even though
    I no longer train other guys’ cocks. It is my legacy to the profession
    of the NBA, whose work is vital to the continued health of the sport.
    Without a regular stream of young men willing to provide guys
    such as me with access to their anuses on a regular basis, where
    would we be? Well I can tell you: nowhere! To compete successfully
    in international NBB competitions, a guy’s cock needs regular and I
    do mean regular exercise, which can only be got via the anuses of
    a team of dedicated NBAs, who have trained themselves opt meet
    the needs of even the largest cocks, which seem every year to be
    getting bigger and more demanding.

  2. Bedone comments continued

    Now to dispel some other nonsense which is talked about me.
    All of us in this sport, need both regular cock training and anal
    stimulation to enable us to meet our goals. So along with all
    other serious practitioners of the sport, I too need NBAs both
    to train my cock and to give me the necessary anal stimulation
    to maintain my ability to shoot cum on stage. So important are
    these two services which the NBAs provide, that I and a number
    of other like minded NBBs are proposing to tour the country this
    summer and give a series of master-class workshops in the essential
    arts of anus and cock techniques, to many of the young studs at
    college and who are attracted to the sport. As we have seen on
    this blog, there is great interest in the sport at college level and
    it is our duty, as professionals, to nurture it, for a constant flow
    of young NBB studs is important to keep the sport alive. We intend
    to give the attendees a series of practical demonstrations in the art
    of cock training and anal stimulation. I think it is a good thing to
    expose these young men to some of the top professionals in the
    sport today and I hope that I shall be able to persuade even more
    of my co-contestants to participate with me in these classes.

    I seem to remember that someone the other day in the blog asked
    a question along the lines of “Do the professional NBBs ever indulge
    in recreational sex?” Well of course we do. We are men like any others
    and fucking for pleasure with an agreeable partner is part and parcel
    of our lives as it is for most men. So yes indeed, we do fuck each
    other for pleasure, without which life would barely be worth living.
    Cock training and anal stimulation, both hard work , have nothing
    at all to do with recreational fucking, as it has been called. Sex with
    a well loved partner, where two warm bodies come together and
    fuck each other, is one of the greatest pleasures in life. So at the
    end of the day, in that respect we are perfectly normal.

    And on a closing note, I would just like to tell you that I have
    written an autobiography of my life to date. It is lavishly illustrated
    and will be published in July 2017 by Gaymuscle Press of Phoenix Arizona.

    I have entitled it:

    Eduardo Bedone: My Journey:
    From Alpha Anus to Alpha Muscle Cock

    1. Well done Eduardo. I'm backing you for 2017 Mr. Alpha. I just love this shot f you. In my view you have the finest cock in the world. Good on you for proposing to share it with some of the college ANB's as they need all the encouragement they can get.

      It's a pity that some of the other top cocks of the sport don't share their meat and knowledege with the college aspirants.

    2. Well, Bedone really is a Renaissance man. He has excelled as an NBA and now practically topped the world of NBBs. And his is so well spoken: it's not all the usual, "I'm the best Alpha. . . ." drivel that other pros spout. I will look forward to reading his book when it comes out, and also happily learn more about his class schedule when it comes out. I mean, he obviously has been gifted with the natural physique and anatomy (wow, that anul is a gift) to build on to gain this success, but I'm sure his friendliness and inspirational message will help recruit more young men into the sport, at all levels. I hope the blog will devote some coverage to both a review of his book (and the more fascinating and unknown details inside) and his classes and whomever other NBB stars he gets to joon him.

    3. Since reporting earlier in the month on the proposed Bedone cock-training master-classes, I understand that the arrangements are now well advanced and will start with an inaugural session In Cleveland Ohio, in May, before moving on to Chicago, Minneapolis, Des Moines, Saint Louis, Kansas City (Mo) and other mid-western cities, after which they will head west to Denver, Seattle, Portland, San Francisco to end in Los Angeles.
      Bedone has recruited three other alpha studs to assist him: Monza, Neuville and Ballo, and there will be eight professional NBAs in tow, so it looks like this is going to be a very serious series of cum-filled classes, allowing young studs across the country to see, first hand and for the first time, how the top professionals train and use their man-meat.
      Demand for places has been overwhelming and already all named venues are reported to be sold out completely; tickets with a face value of $250 are rumoured to be changing hands on the secondary market at $500 plus. So the fact that so many young men wish to participate in this unique series of events is a good indication of the health of the sport of Naked Bodybuilding and the world of the MuscleCock in general. More and more, young college studs everywhere are realising the importance of having a large and imposing penis and there is a move almost everywhere among college students to training courses in cock and muscle development: a good sized fuck-stick gives a guy self confidence and prestige among his friends: size is, in fact important – very important indeed!
      Bedone has now said that he and his three associates together with their own professional NBAs will take the participants through the whole routine of cock training and growth enhancement to show the participants the hard and regular work which is needed to build up a good-sized and well-proportioned fuck-stick and how to develop that much desired, repeat cumming ability. Bedone stresses the importance in all cock training, of aiming for balance and not just length, for in his view the potential future alpha male must, above all, have a well balanced and attractive looking penis, preferably circumcised and displayed with all pubic hair removed. In fact other than hair on one’s head, Bedone favours total removal of all body hair, which detracts from the beauty of a guy’s muscles and, of course, from the all important penis; the sine qua non of the sport!
      Continued below

    4. Concluded
      But after the teaching steps, the four studs, assisted by their NBAs will then perform live, the complete sequence of steps, from prep room, on stage muscle posing and cum shooting and post stage release room fucking, all of which are integral parts of any performance.
      But Bedone is also acutely aware of the fact that participants will want to involve themselves in the actual process and not just sit there looking on. So he and his three associates have agreed that the four of them will each perform the important release room steps using members from the audience rather than their own NBAs. Each session is limited to fifty participants, eight of whom will be selected by a draw to offer their arses to the release room ministrations of these four top cocks of the naked bodybuilding world. This is a unique opportunity for the chosen fans to experience the pleasure of taking the massive meat of all four protagonists up their own arses; a sphincter stretching occasion if ever there was one!
      But then later, so that no one feels left out, after conclusion of the formal class, there will be an “after party” at which all participants may take part in a free style session of anal copulation. Bedone and his three associates will also participate in this indulgently decadent sex party and will offer their own arses to the fans. So the after parties promise to be very hot occasions to say the very least.
      And finally, Bedone has decided that the entire class will be held totally naked: participant and pros alike; so these are not places for timid beginners as everyone must vaunt his wares.
      All in all this series of events organised by Bedone is shaping up to be one of the biggest attractions this year as it actively involves amateurs of the sport for the very first time. It will be an occasion of more or less continuous copulation to be remembered by all who are lucky enough to secure a ticket for any one of the venues.

    5. This should have been posted above the other half, but due to some glitch on my part, it wasn’t. Anyhow, you should read this first and the other part (above,) second as I do not know how to correct things once they have been posted.

      I gather that the organisation of Bedone’s proposed master classes in cock training are more or less complete. He has co-opted a stunning team of alphas to assist him: Monza, Neuville and Ballo, together with a team of no less than eight professional NBA’s. So it looks like we are all set for a humdinger of a series.
      The planned schedule starts in Cleveland in early May, and then moves on to Chicago, Minneapolis, Des Moines, St. Louis and Kansas City (Mo) before moving west to Denver, Seattle, Portland, San Francisco and ending in Los Angeles.
      Bedone and his team will show the participants at each venue, all the professional steps which they use to develop both cock and muscles and to coordinate cum-shooting with muscle posing on stage. “Special attention will be paid, “says Bedone, to the question of promoting cock growth and sequential cumming as these are the points which are probably of greatest interest to young studs. A big cock and the ability to produce large and regular quantities of sperm at will are the keys to success in this sport; of that there is no doubt at all; and I think that it is our duty as professionals to encourage young amateur enthusiasts to develop their man-meat as fast as possible. They should also be encouraged to exercise their cocks as often as possible on their friends and team mates, for regular

    6. continued from above

      vigorous fucking is the key to success in penis growth and sperm production.
      Apparently all tickets for every single venue have already been sold and are already changing hands on the resale market for twice their $250 dollar face value, so great is the demand for places. So the sport of naked body building and Muscle Cock are in good health.

    7. Alright! I will check for tickets for his presentation in San Francisco. With only 50 spots I'm sure it will be tough, but definitely a once in a lifetime opportunity to experience that level of world class muscle in person.

    8. Great news for those disappointed fans of Bedone living in the area of the twin cities of Minneapolis-St.Paul. The Minneapolis master class in cock techniques and development, scheduled to takeplace in late May, has long been sold out. However, due to the unprecedented and unexpected massive demand for places in the twin cities areas, Bedone has decided to schedule a second class which will be held three days later than the Minneapolis class but this time in St. Paul.

      So those of you who were disappointed and did not get a ticket due to the huge demand for Minneapolis class now have another chance to see Bedone live and learn from him and his three associates in St. Paul. And of course, for the lucky few who are chosen in the draw, to experience the man-meat of these four exceptional males first hand, a treat not to be missed. So don’t delay applying for your ticket as places are already flying away.

      All in all, this Master Class idea of Bedone’s has all the makings of the 2017 event of the year. But then why should it not be? Fans will have a hitherto unique chance to see and experience live, four of the greatest living NBs and certainly four of the biggest cocks ever seen in the naked bodybuilding business. This is really a series to savour.

    9. Thanks for the tip-off, Jason, I got the last ticket for the Bedone St.Paul Master Class, so I count myself among the lucky few. My God, the demand was so great that all places had been sold by the end of the first day they were offered. I am really looking forward this live event with top quality musclecock alphas. Andn I pray that I shall be one of the lucky ones to be balloted to experience some live alpha meat myself. What a privilege it would be to experience the cock of one of the four alphas live up one's own arse. I just live in hopes that my name comes up in the ballot.

      This must be the very first time that we the fans get the chance to see live and, hopefully,interface directly with some of the top muscles and cocks in the world.

      Bedone is a genius to have thought up this idea, which from all accounts judging by hte dmenad for places is a success before it has even taken place.

      Bravo Bedone!!!

  3. My Community College NB team and class have added more photos of Bedone to the weight room walls. Many of the students see the pro as a role model and were thrilled that he was named Mr. Alpha runner-up. Many of the team and class members, gay and straight, prefer taking cocks up their assholes for stimulation, and hearing Bedone's support of ANB with much used assholes becoming pro NBs, is a great motivator to continue being stimulated via their asshole and absorbing loads of cum in their chutes. Part of my training includes anal tightening exercises. Frequently fucking my students to provide anal stimulation and to give them my potent cum, I can verity that all my students have tight assholes.

    1. Make sure that you get your team to enrole for a masterclass from Bedone this summer so that they can experience the the great man, first hand - or perhaps better put - experience his massive cock.

    2. After the 18 yr. old high school NB visitor event at Community College, in order to nurture the interest of seniors new to NB, I decided to add assistant NBs to my team, instead of waiting to add anyone until the summer and fall sessions. As part of my interview process to determine commitment, I fuck applicants with my hard 13" cock. I contacted the 3 seniors I fucked at the visitor session, one, Jose, who is my neighbor. Mike, formerly on my NB team, now the assistant coach at Madison High, not far from C.C., recommended 2 of his seniors who just turned 18 and attended his private lecture on NB (no touching). They are muscular, hung, work out together, are always naked in the high school locker room, and totally committed to becoming pro NB. The 5 seniors came to my home gym, as well as Mike, and my 2 alpha team members, Angel Mariposa and Elwood Cooper. I explained that I was adding team members who would come to evening sessions and serve as ANB. The 5 18 yr. olds were committed. Then in turn, since I had not fucked them, I had Matt and Ken lay on a workout bench and I plowed their assholes. Matt gasped and moaned and Ken grunted. After I fucked them they high 5'd each other. Then as part of the initiation ceremony, all 5 18 yr. olds lined up against a wall. Angel - 9", Mike - 10", me 13" hard, and Elwood - 15" hard fucked each of the students in that order. The new ANB were moaning, groaning, grunting , swearing, and everyone was sweating like pigs. After the fucking the ANBs faced the NBs and we shot massive loads of cum on the high schoolers. Then we broke into hugs to welcome the ANBs to the fraternity of NB. For the next 2 hours we did muscle work and cock work. All 5 ANB were very enthusiastic and couldn't get enough cock and cum in their assholes. Matt and Ken especially wanted Mike's cock up their chutes. I am going to contact IFNB to see if C.C. can be a site on Bedone's tour. I am sure the college would pay the fees. The ANBs and NBs licked up cum oozing out of each other's assholes and spit it into the mouth of another guy. I don't like to waste potent cum. I know these teens will share the evening with friends who are interested or curious about NB. Another way to promote the sport to younger men. After midnight, everyone went home naked, covered in sweat and cum, including 6' tall Jose who walked to his home across the street, cum dripping from his swinging 9" hard cock.

    3. Fucking is a great pastime and never ever fails to please. But do we really need a stroke by stroke account of every act of copulation which you and your lads indulge in. I'm happy for you all that you all get so much active cock work in; but come on; tell us something more interesting

  4. Replies
    1. Chan Kwun - I want to help you. Email me mhwong13@gmail.com

  5. This is a superb shot of a superb stud; superlative muscles and a world beater of a cock! What a pity that Bedone is shown here against another naked guy in the background. Had he been set against a black background and quite alone, it would have been so much better. But he really is a great NBB and will surely be the 2017 Mr. Alpha.

  6. I agree totally with all the praise being heaped on Bedone. He,really does deserve it as he is a magnificent specimen of MuscleCock manhood. I just love his cock in this shot and I am sure that he will make Mr. Alpha this year. I you wonder waht constitutes a perfect cock, then this is it; it's as good as it gets

    But here is another thought for you all. Donovan Pryde, who was until about six or so months ago a regular contributor to this blog, suddenly disappeared from view; he just stopped commenting.

    I don’t know how many of you have ever followed Donovan’s own blog, IFNB Musclewatch, which you can access via one of the boxes down the side of this blog. Well I personally did and do follow it and it was there, after much chivvying along, Donovan finally revealed his all and believe me, if you have not already seen it, there was plenty to reveal. Donovan turned out to be a superb young musclecock figure with a monumental penis, equal or surpassing the very best we have ever seen.

    But about six months ago, he also stopped posting on his own blog and it stagnated. That changed a few days ago, when he posted a real humdinger of a guy on his site: a guy with the finest unenhanced cock I think I have ever seen. But over and above that, he since then has gone ahead and tidied up his blog, which had frankly become a mess.

    So here’s what I am wondering. According to remarks made by Donovan, he and Bedone were kindred arseholes as NBAs at many IFNB events. Now that Bedone has switched sides and become a leading NBB, I wonder if Donovan is planning the same. He should do, in my view as he has all the attributes to pose and shoot cum on stage rather than remain in the backroom. If ever there was a musclecock hiding his light under a bushel, its Donovan.

    So come on Donovan, If you read this, just let us know what you are up to. Why did you stop posting your comments on this blog and why have you suddenly started updating your own blog after such a long silence? Come on Donovan, enlighten us; tell us what you are up to.


    1. Hey bud. Been working hard on my end, which has meant the blogging has fallen way behind. The shear number (and VOLUME) of loads I took the last 8 months is unreal (IFNB logged me at 7,225), and with all that extra juice flowing through me, I either have to lift, breed, or start punching people's lights out, lol. So, I've been the gym constantly, to avoid getting arrested. ;-P Been training hard, in prep for the upcoming season, and making great gains. People tell me I should compete, but honestly, it's a tough choice. Getting paid to be a cum dumpster for Alphas is fucking awesome. A while back, I was approached by representatives for some European labs and real BB moguls looking to sponsor new competitors, but their offers were not enough to make me leave he lifestyle I have. Now, if some big billionaire wants to drop the cash it's gonna take to keep my incredible cum-hunger satisfied and get me the quality NBAs my cock deserves, I'll consider it. Till then, I'm taking a brief vacation before resuming training. If anyone needs me, I'm hitting some muscle beaches in the Bahamas.


    2. Well it's just great to know, Donovan, that you are still alive and kicking. I really had wondered what had happened to you as I am sure had many other fans, who missed your comments.

      Anyway you sound to have been having a hell of a time. Taking your stats. at face value,eight months equates to about 240 days, give or take, and with 7225 loads over that period,you have been getting fucked at a rate of some ten times per day. And that is not taking into account how many times you have served other guys with your own monumental piece of man-meat. Now that really has to be a world record beating achievement for which you are to be congratulated and of which you can be truly proud. Yours must be the most fucked anus on earth, which is quite a claim to be be able to make. I can well see how much you love your job and as the Alphas come and go, you are always still around.

      So, as the Aussies would say:"Good on you man" You are sort of an international treasure: the greatest NBA of all time: a living example of the perpetual and successful conjugation of the verb, to fuck, in both the active and passive. It's a pity that the IFNB does not give out an Alpha award for the top NBA of the year. If they did, then you would certainly deserve it. Your dedication to the sport is inpressive: an example to all other young studs who might wish to follow in your footsteps. So if that is what you like, then why change?

    3. Well Donovan, I was sort of pipped at the post by Jason in saying welcome back. So my scenario that you might also be going to do a "Bedone" so to speak, turns out to be wrong.

      Anyway Donovan, now that you have managed to put pen to paper once again,I hope that you will agaoin find time to become a regular contributor to this comments section.

      Meanwhile, be good and if you can't de good, be careful.

    4. Hi Cockwatcher; it's a bit late to comment on your remarks of March 4th, but as I only came across them today, here goes.

      I had a look as you suggested at Donovan Pryde's blog and you are right. The latest guy he shows, replete with all his tattoos is a magnificent stud, but one with the sort of physique which any guy could achieve by regular working out.

      But as for that cock! Well there are cocks and cocks but this guy has a COCK. It is just so luscious that I got wet just looking at it wondering what it would feel like to to give it a real good suck right now. I also belong to those fans who like body jewellery on naked men and so I love the way this stud has had his nipple pierced and the way he wears that cock ring around the root of his cock and balls. It really does set of his piece to perfection. What I would really love would be to see him wearing a three-ring cockring of the sort worn by Greg Stone a few years ago. For me that is just the height of sophisticated cock presentation.

      I guess you are right when you say that this is an unenhanced piece of man-meat as it really does look so very natural. But enhanced or not it is truly magnificent and makes me,and I suspect others too, green with envy, not to mention lust, just to look at it: quite magnificent! The pity of it is that we only a have a still picture of this unknown stud and no action shot, for when he fucks butt with that tool it must really be something.

      Anyway Cockwatcher, full marks for drawing our attention to this marvellous shot.

  7. Being overwhelmed by a more powerful sexually aggressive gentleman is obviously one of the best fantasies. And its one that all of us who are spporters of the IfNB are worshippers of gigantic of Circumsized cockhead