A special report looking back at contests we were unable to cover in real-time from the 2016 season

MUTUAL STIMULATION: During the posedowns at the Finals, the bond between Gerard Bouchelle and 
frontrunner Pierre Douton generated all the more curiosity.  The two playfully showed off their alpha prowess
and it was clear the intense mutual male arrogance was an added stimulation for both competitors.

The Mr. Akpha was not the same as it had been in previous years, but that is not to say there aren't always things happening at the Alpha that get fans buzzing.  And the main point of fan gossip focused on the mysteriously sudden bond that has spring up between two competitors who are known for the kind of intense and admirable arrogance that should have left them rivals.

We're talking about Pierrer Douton's strange friendliness with young new middleweight Gerard Bouchelle.  The two were consistently prepping together backstage, but there had always seemed something uneasy and even ashamed on Bouchelle's face from time to time, that had many fans speculating if Douton hadn't bullied the smaller competitor into being is pro-level fuck bitch behind the scenes.

Douton is known for sudden and erratic behavior, especially when it will show is dominance.  His performance was nothing short of the best of his career at the Mr. Alpha, especially because there were no antics this time from a competitor with a long history of sudden and aggressive changes.  Yet this lack of surprises has left many speculating that maybe this time the big Douton twist is something happening at the host hotel, behind the scenes, and not happening in the convention center at all.  Bouchelle and Douton had been hanging out a lot post and pre-contest, and many wonder if the typically non-anal Bouchelle is being regularly force fucked by the brutish, demanding stud Douton.

Fans of Bouchelle deny the speculation, and chalk the strange duality to Bouchelle's moods up to nerves – this was his first time at the Mr. Alpha.  Likewise, Bouchelle has very little anal stim in his cock prep program – essentially none, in fact.  He is a known fucker for his cock prep, and tends to not vary in his process.  Indeed, many know him as not leading any sort of gay sexual life in his personal time, in spite of his enjoyment in powerfucking thousands of asses during cock training.  because of these details, many are doubting that Douton has turned the top tier competitor into his own, personal training hole behind the scenes.

Yet stories of Douton's bullying ad forcing his way are more common than are Bouchelle's short reputation.  Either way in the public face the two competitors seemed friendly.  Even as Bouchelle's chaces at an overall slipped away at the start of the Finals, unable to keep up with the cum-flexing of the power cocks in the superheavyweight and megaweight classes, Douton still seemed friendly with the young upstart.  In fact, the two were lightly roughhousing during the final posedown of the contest, bothclearly beung aroused by the sheer aggressive masculinity the two create when side by side.  And that show of muscle and cum, fans agree, was worth it regardless of whether we ever know the real story of their connection or not.



  1. For sheer raw muscle honed to the peak of perfection, this shot of Bouchelle has to be one of the very best examples of an alpha male ever; and in a guy who looks just so young and who is incredibly handsome. But why the fuck does he have to spoil it all by grabbing his cock?

    As far as his attitude to training is concerned he seems, if we are to believe what we are told, to function only as a “top”, which is to say he fucks like a rabbit himself but does not allow anyone to access to his hole. I really wonder about this. What does Douton get out of this apparent friendship if he cannot fuck his friend? With a cock such as Douton is endowed, I find it hard to believe that their friendship is, how shall I put it, platonic. My guess is that when the two get together Douton, with that super tool of his will not be able to reisist shafting Bouchelle who, let’s face it, is a very fuckable commodity

    Take a look at the superb tool which the much older and more experienced Douton is displaying in this same shot. It is everything that any alpha male could wish for: big, well balanced, superbly cut to show off a magnificent head and great rim and, the icing on the cake, a good dollop of rich creamy cum. Can anyone believe that he does not exercise this humongous piece of man-meat on Bouchelle. And I equally find it hard to believe that Bouchelle had no sex life outside of his pro life. Come on, a stud who looks as good as this must just love a little recreational fucking; sexual intercourse is the life-blood of all these guys. Or are we to understand that Bouchelle has a female companion?

  2. Even at his most outrageous, there’s no denying the seductive quality of Douton. Apart from his amazing physical presence, he just has that “it” quality that makes people pay attention to him, and have made him a star. Bouchelle, in spite of his anti-anal training stance, wouldn’t be the first dominant alpha male who succumbed to Douton’s charms (and that huge black man-rammer). For his part, I imagine despite the difficulty of having your first alpha anal experience being with one of the masters of cock dominance in both aggression and size, the testosterone pump that Bouchelle would get from an ass full of Douton’s enhanced muscle cream would probably be pretty addictive, even if it left him a little “ashamed”, as his looks may indicate. It wouldn’t be the first time two dominating alphas fell into this kind of training/bromance relationship (remember Teri Ballo and Chad Galvin, or JK Roher and Monza, etc).

    1. However much Bouchelle maintains he does not go in for anal stim in training, I doubt that his friendship with someone like Douton will let him off the hook as far as puttng his arse off limits to Douton's stick is concerned. My guess is that if their friendship is more than skin deep, by which I mean not just a show on stage for the fans, then Douton will inevitably have fucked his buddy Bouchelle so very hard until his hole can take no more.

      Come on, all these guys live for fucking and being fucked and if Douton is Bouchelle's true friend then he will be a regular recipient of Douton's magnificent fuck-stick. After all that's what friends are for: a little anal stimulation.

    2. My former student, Max Whitney, was able to secure a spot as a NBA at Mr. Alpha, due to his connections to IFNB officials in Brazil. Returning items left behind by Douton, Max went to the host hotel, knocked, and entered when he found the door unlocked. First he heard Bouchelle moaning and yelling "fuck me," then Max walked into the bedroom and saw Douton shoving his monstrous dong into the latter's hole in one thrust. Bouchelle screamed and Max could see the whites of his eyes, but Bouchelle yelled "don't stop!" Douton pulled out and shoved his dong in the hole numerous times, not seeing Max. The latter ran out of the hotel room not wanting to be caught. If Douton had seen him he might have recognized him from the controversy at Anaconda in Brazil last year.

  3. I want to become a NBAS
    Can someone help me?

    1. Chan Kwun Hei - I can help you, sir.