A special report looking back at contests we were unable to cover in real-time from the 2016 season

ALPHAS FOR A DAY: Lee Miller (Collegiate Middleweight overall winner) and Sam Arrido (Teen Heavyweight overall winner)
enjoy the attention of excited fans during the competition.  For many teenagers and college naked bodybuilders,
the 2016 PECS California Teen & Collegiate Championships is the first tasted of what it's like being a male alpha.

The future of the sport of naked bodybuilding continues to look good, judging from this year's PECS California Teen & Collegiate Championship.  The PECS (Physique & Erection Competitive Society) is one of the amateur branches of the IFNB that has been running the California Teens for 8 of the 13 years the amateur contest has been run.  Numbers of entrants has already steadily increased, but this year saw a new record high number of entries, with an auditorium crowded with 89 nude muscular teenagers with their cocks raging and horny, and another 131 collegiate aged entries, equally whole and horny.

The continued rise in entry numbers was especially encouraging to head show promoter and retired IFNB pro naked bodybuilder Frank Corallo, who took the lead role promoting the event in 2012.

"These young guys are having the ultimate education with their manhood," Carollo told us.   "So it's never surprising when a young, muscular kid wants his chance to get his dick hard and start flexing for men's approval.  To me it's the most natural thing, and we should be pushing young dudes harder to be willing to bone up and show off for men.  It boosts their confidence like nothing else when a guy like me – who everyone respects – starts complementing a boy's muscle and cock.  So I hope that the urge to have fun showing off their muscled young bodies continues to grow more popular, because it really gives these young bucks a chance to see the power of their masculinity."

And what does Corallo think is behind the current spoke?  While most people attribute the growth of the collegiate amateur naked bodybuilding league, the CMCS, as one of the main forces driving the popularity of nude bodybuilding among young men, Carollo has a different take:

"Sure the CMCS and young pros like Roher and Perrod are totally some fo the reason these young dudes want to get naked and win the prize.  But I also think it's a sign of the times.  When I started out, if your buddies found out you were boned up on stage and flexing, they would mark you as queer and think you were all about sex.  But today's young folks get it; you can be a regular heterosexual guy and just want to feel the rush of beating other men in a male contest. I think more and more young people are understanding that the game of naked bodybuilding is not a "gay sport."  It is a masculinity sport.  And if you want to win, you'll do what you have to do to win.  I think young people are better at tapping into the win-at-all-costs mentality, so they don't get hung up on the cock prep.  They see it as part of the process – a fun part, but also part of the game.  As more and more young dudes get in touch with the fact that all the sucking and fucking required for a solid cock prep doesn't mean you have to "turn gay," the more and more guys jump in with excitement.  It's just about competition, and the most willing young man wins!"

Compelling insight from a veteran of the sport.  And no matter what the influence, we're glad the young scene seemed strong in 2016.



  1. Awesome! So so SO important to get young naked teens (18+) involved. We need to ensure the future of our sport and it looks like that is not going to a problem. We must reach these young boys on their 18th BIRTHDAY because we know how impressionable they are at that age. Perhap's the IFNB could offer incentives or events for gorgeous teen bodybuilderst on their 18th birthdays?

    1. Recently, Madison High assistant coach, Mike, had a flood of requests to start a NB team at the high school. Last spring and summer a number of 18 yr. old's, gay and straight, from Madison volunteered to serve as NBAs to the NB team at Community College in Los Angeles. The NBAs have also been training with older NBs at the North Hollywood Gym. With the new semester, word has spread. More high schoolers want NB bodies, to prove they are alphas and to have their muscles and cock admired. There is a small struggling gym 1/2 mile from the school. I spoke to the college president and and the head coach, and asked if some of the funds donated to the Phys. Ed. Dept. could be used to financially support an 18 yr. old NB satellite program at Silver Lake Gym. The college president, whose grandson is on my NB team and both straight, and the head coach, a straight nudist, are supportive of the NB program. The president contacted some of the NB donors and invited them to a meet and greet at the SLG. Interested 18 yr. old's had to be muscular and have an 8" or larger cock. Each teen had to demonstrate their strength with weights. Then they had to allow any adult to provide anal stimulation. All the teens, 6 gay, 10 straight, were familiar with the requirements of the sport and paired up with an older NB. The gym owner, also naked and familiar with NB, was thrilled to see his facility packed with males naked at the weights, or moaning and groaning, sucking and fucking. Watching the sweat and cum covered bodies inspired the owner to declare his gym exclusively NB. From that night on, Mike, approached muscular 18 yr. old's with 8"+ cocks, at the school to inform them of NB and the SLG. He also committed to be at the gym from 3:30 - 5:30 p.m. M-Th., to coach high schoolers. Non high school NBs would be allowed to work out with the teens. Use of the facility would be free to 18 - 20 yr. old's, so Community College NBs could also use SLG. To demonstrate his support, the college president, straight, plowed a straight high schooler with his 12" dong. The teen took it to the base, panting and grunting, until the president shot a huge load up his chute. Some of his classmates gave him a high five. I told the 18 yr. old's to eat cum oozing out of each other's assholes and the holes of NBs. I didn't want them to miss any potent cum. I chose a straight Latino teen to suck my hole., since a I had received 2 teen loads. When he was done I shoved my 13" cock up his hole as he yelled. Mike shoved his 10 " cock down his throat to stifle him. After we shot our loads, the teen thanked us for our jizz.

  2. These two young studs need to do some serious cock training. The guy on the left has a penis which can only be described as a "prick",for it is not worth of the name "cock. And his buddy is not all that much better.

    They have nicely muscled bodies, but they both need to concentrate on bulking up theirr man-meat pronto if they want to stay in the sport. Nobody wants to look at the tiny thin penises they have at the moment, Sorry to be so harsh but that's how I feel.

    Both these dude need to ened up their manmenat and pronot, if theyh mend ot go ont=with thepsort.

  3. Anonyme, I could not agree more with you, Me and my buddy you may remember started training at college. I would hate to think that we had cocks which looked like those these two guys have. Whilst us amateurs are never going to reach the size that the pros do, we do nevertheless take cock training very seriously and I am happy to say we are not at all embarrassed to strip off and show our tools in public.

    If either us had the minimum size that these two studs have, then I doubt that we would wish to strut our stuff in public. Tiny cocks are a definite no, no!

  4. Anonyme of February 2 is dead right about these two young suds. They do need some serious cock training if they are to get anywhere at all in the sport. Kevin is also right when he says that tiny cocks are a definite no,no.

    It is a pity that Donovan Pryde, possible the leading NBA of the sport in recent years and a marvellous trainer notonly of NBBs but also of the very important NBAs himself, seems to have disappeared from view. He would be the ideal guy to set these two lads on the right path.

    I wonder what has happened to Donovan as he has not updated his own site for since about sixth months now. He has just vanished without a trace. Editors; any info. on our friend?

    1. You're absolutely right cockwatcher. I don't care how well-muscled you are or how handsome your face is. If you're packing a sad little 7" fuckstick, you should be an NBA or training twink.

      On a side note, while it is entertaining to watch these specimens cum (and be drenched in cum) I'd lover to see more piss at these events. Drinking, golden showers, pissing in assholes etc. Would add an element of variety to the competition and create a whole new category for judging.

    2. I'm not at all sure I agree with you - in fact I am sure I do not. Male copulation, and its near cousin, masturbation, in all or any of their many forms, are things that men choose to do and over which they can, if they wish, exercise control, however difficult that may, on occasions, be.

      Urination, which you would like to see brought into the blog, is something quite different. Yes, we can hold our bladders for a while, but ultimately we just have to have a piss as the pressure gets unsupportable.

      I can see why you would like to add this to the blog, as I do agree, that basically the blog is in a rut (Yes editors; I regret to tell you that you are. We all love looking at big muscle and even bigger dicks, but there must be something beyond that, and I am afraid that at present there is not. The tenets of the blog seem to be, like the Ten Commandments, engraved in tablets of stone ) Urination has got nothing at all to do with copulation and sex, and this blog is about rampant gay sex, despite what anyone maintains to the contrary. So pissing on stage just does not fit in with the ethos of the blog, Nor would it ever fit in if, and it is a big and I might add, in my case, hopeful if, we were ever shown some video clips of the studs in action. This is a site which is devoted to gay male fucking and in which pissing over each other can never ever have a part.

  5. I think there’s some truth to Carollo’s message. From what I can tell amongst the millennial generation, there is so much less stigma attached to sexual preference. Being a straight, masculine stud that wants to dominate another guy by forcing him to watch/worship your naked body and/or force your swollen cock down his throat or deep in his ass doesn’t necessarily contradict being a straight guy. It’s just part of celebrating who you are as a masculine being.

    That said, I also do agree that Miller and Arrido both have great bodies, but need to put time into really plumping up their cocks to match their awesome physiques. Since these are the teen and collegiate levels, of course these young amateurs will have not had the time and money a pro has to grow their fuck sticks. So much of the performance at this level is about how a competitor carries themselves, so I bet these guys have some real swagger to have placed that high despite their dicks (and to have adoring fans already casually sucking them off). Imperative that they keep pumping their cocks as much and as often as they can into whatever other guy they can find!