A special report looking back at contests we were unable to cover in real-time from the 2016 season

ALPHA MALES POST ALPHA: The attendees of a post-competition victory party after the 2016 Mr. Alpha
prove that 2016 was a year of surprise wins in the IFNB pro ranks.  Long-time legedary pro Pierre Douton (far left) 
had some incredible improvements to a package many had thought had peaked several seasons ago.  
Yori Korzoev (center left) became one of the first NON-Brazilian pros to win the Anaconda. 
Eduardo Bedone (center), continues to blaze trails as a formr NBA-turned-high-status pro naked bodybuilder.
New pro Gerard Bouchelle (center right) proved that smaller competitors can reach top pro status.  
And Rick Ardutt of the CMCS team the Cockhawks was among the young nudemuscle athletes who 
showed that this student league of young muscle may be the future of the sport. 

We love our job at the IFNB Report.  Flying the world to see the most perfect ideals of masculinity and the male form never gets tiring!  However covering all the hundreds of competitions annually can be exhausting!  Which is why we try only to cover a small handful of the many, many contests each year.  We'd rather immerse you in the highlights of the naked bodybuilding world than over-extend ourselves with shoddy coverage.

However, that means we do not get to report on a lot of goings-on in the IFNB roster, and much less coverage of the non-pro amateur leagues, the PECS, the ANFB and the CEFB.  Which is a shame, because that doesn;t mean incredible things aren't happening there.

So, the editors pulled together a small batch of what we would consider overlooked highlights of competitions from last year that we were unfortunately unable to cover in full.

Above, we caught a picture from the Mr. Alpha victory party.  But while you're probably not surprised by seeing Bedone return to his NBA fuckbitch roots in order to cram as much massive cock up his well-stretched chute, you may be more curious to know who won the 2016 Mr. Alpha?!

We'll reveal the winner in a few posts. But for now here's our pick of the best overlooked contest moments of 2016.



  1. Man, where did the time go? Despite it being a wrap and the winner announced, I hope we get some in depth coverage of the Alpha. And since the results are already out there, I hope the IFNB report will focus on the backstage theatrics and things we didn't see, as well as attendees, products, and faces at the Expo. That's where the real color and personality shows through, as much as on stage skills are what really win.

    And as usual, Bedone is making friends wherever he goes! Interesting to see Korzouv again after the Anaconda - I hope he brought his own peculiar Russian ways to the competition. And also Bedone opening himself up for a college boy? I know Ardutt is one of the new breed of Alpha boys being turned out by the CMCS - more wild and more immersed, but Bedone must have been really impressed to let him slip into his hungry Alpha mancunt. Although I suppose at these parties after the end of competition, who and what doesn't go up Eduardo's exceptionally hungry asshole?

    I also have to say that Douton is looking exceptionally good there. His efforts to actually work at training and conditioning, and not rely on drugs and stimulants is really showing. He's a credit to the big-muscle and huge-dicked African competitors out there, and finally shaken off those fits of embarrassment. He probably doesn't want to be thought of as the "elder statesman", but he wears it well now.

    And Nueville seems to have jumped straight in after his win at the PowerDong. Despite being new to the game and a "little guy," I guess his skill and bravado are enough to let him hang with the big boys, at least at the after party. I'm excited to see it all soon!

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