The IFNB (International Federation of Naked Bodybuilding) is the worldwide competitive organization for bodybuilders who possess fantastical levels of masculine form, attitude, muscle and power.

It's a world where the most massive muscle imaginable merges with reality-defying, gigantic cocks and then becomes real right before your eyes! Bodybuilder fantasies of arrogant, over-endowed muscle-men – eager to show off their amazing bodies for devoted fans – become a reality here. The IFNB is where the line between imagination and reality blurs via imagery and words . . .

Official IFNB rules require complete nudity and mandatory cum shots during judged competitive bodybuilding posing.

In this blog we cover those IFNB competitions and events. Posts include onstage pics, pumproom shots, and exciting nude bodybuilding stories and reports, as well as hard-dicked posing, naked gym training, IFNB competitor nude bodybuilding lifestyles, and much more.



OUTSIDE CLOSING IN: Gerard Bouchelle takes another win in the Fourth Round, closing in on the
Overall titleusually  for the PowerDong.  Joff  Ballo (left) brings in the second place for the round,
and Matt Boyer came in fourth, in spite of an impressive dum game.

When the IFNB PowerDong started, most fans of Elite Level Naked Bodybuilding had never heard the name Gerard Bouchelle.  Rarely do the middleweights reach mega-stardom, and when they do it is usually because of their cock performance than their overall package.  Who can forget Stump Derrio's early career in the 00's, with a cock measuring 14" in circumference! Yet Derrio himself moved up to heavier class competition before his early retirement, leaving the mega-stardom to the biggest muscle men of the game.

Yet Middleweight Mania has taken hold of naked bodybuilding fans everywhere during the PowerDong, lead by the most surprising competitive dark horse we've seen in recent years, Gerard Bouchelle.  fans are now calling the 5'6" muscle monster "The Giant Fucker" in anticipation of his ability to pull an overall win in the PowerDong.  And with another win in the Fourth Round of Finals, he has made it hard for other competitors to beat him.

Carlos Monza was seen as the probable winner of the show, but his early placings were too varied to yield a clear win.  Monza's muscle was on point throughout, but his cum game was too varied to beat Bouchelle's steady gushers and smooth presentation.   Carlos Monza is, indeed, the better package overall, yet in this one series of competitions, Bouchelle has just presented better.  Monza was again visibly angry with his 3rd place in the Fourth Round, just in back of equally impressive Joff Ballo.

Ballo brought his usual horny game to the stage, seemingly in euphoric sexual bliss with each pose.  While Ballo is always overwhelmingly sexually aggressive on stage, his physique on the Fourth was sharp and crisp, and his muscle full and swollen  Pair this with a horny 17 cum shots, and it was only a lack of timing that held him from beating Bouchelle.  Ballo only timed 10 of his plentiful cum shots – a sign of how horny nude flexing for thousands of men make this young competitor – while Bouchelle's perfect 13/13 was hard to deny.

Monza was definitely sexually aggressive, trailing Ballo's 17/10 with a respectable 15/11 cum game.  Many thought if Monza had nailed a perfect game – which he has done in his competitive career – he would have taken the first place in this round.   Which was very important, because the physiques are so neck-and-neck with each other at this point that cock performance is the edge to gain ground in the placings.

Had Monza won the round, he could place as low as 5th in either the Fifth or Sixth rounds with a second on the other and still nail an overall.  As it stands, anything less than second place in either round will knock his ability to take the overall.  Meanbwhile, even if Monza pulls two wins in a row, it would mean Bouchelle places below fifth in at leats one final round for Monza to beat him – which seems unlikely.

Meanwhile, Bouchelle now has a lot of padding for the overall.  His numbers currently land him with a comfortable buffer going into the final rounds; he could place fourth both times and still numerically take the overall.

While we're looking at possibilities, we can't discount Ballo, who could take the Overall with two straight wins in the Finals, so long as frontrunners like Monza, Bouchelle and matt Boyer, all make errors and place low.  And Matt Boyer himself could pull the same stunt if we see Perrod, Roher, Ballo and other competitors cause shifting in the finals, to bump frontrunners downward.

So while it is anyone's game, the four main picks seem to be Bouchelle, Monza, Ballo and Boyer.  Which fans of the middleweights are ecstatic about!


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