THREATENING STANCES: Carlos Monza's cock still drools cum from when it exploded due to anger with
judges clearly favoring Gerard Boiuchelle in the first Finals round.  While Bouchelle maintained a nervous
composure, Monza later in the round shot loads several times directed to Buchelle's mouth and ass

to "mark the holes I'll be punishing later to out this little punk back in his rightful place."

The Finals at the PowerDong Muscle Classic opened with a dramatic display of raw male domination and aggression, changing the jovial tone of the contest.  Gerard Bouchelle has opened the Finals with another win, putting many pros on edge and literally infuriating veteran top pro Carlos Monza.

Monza came to the stage the best he's looked all contest, and many thought he would win the round easily.  His muscle was swollen and hard, clearly from proper hypergrowth conditioning, and his cuts and muscle separation was dramatic.  meanwhile his cock was so exaggeratedly swollen as to make Monza looked literally dangerous – like a muscle bull that might break out in brutal ass pounding any minute.  it is the dominant alpha look that has won Monza so many ravenously loyal followers, and the crowd responded loudly with glee as he swept the superheavyweights with a very intensified round of posing and cumming.

However, during the final posedown the monster of muscle and cock grew visibly impatient when the judges seemed to favor middleweight pro Gerard Bouchelle.  Monza and Bouchelle have been grating each other's nerves and it began to come to a head when Monza clearly began to indicate he did not agree with the judges not watching him more.

The aggression between the competitors has been brewing both ways, with both men eager to dominate the other and prove that their looks and muscle are more masculine than their opponent.  Their back stage prep began to get so intense, in fact, that both men have begun to ruin assistants during their prep.   Bouchelle has caused two assistants to pass out because he face fucked them so hard, one of which attendants were barely able to release from Bouchelle's horny grasp.  meanwhile, one assistant had to be removed from circulation after Monza power fucked his hole to a state of complete ruin. While the assistant came four times, he meanwhile was screaming as the monstrous muscle fucker seemed insatiable, jackhammering him ruthlessly for well over 90 minutes in prep for the round.

It was clear neither men was leaving their horniness to chance as they prepped their dongs for the round, hoping to bring a level of testosterone agitation to the stage – which they did.  The excessive man sex prep worked for both of them, making the fucked over bottoms they used felt a glimmer of pride that their exposure to ruthless man sex went to good purposes.

Indeed, Monza's cum game was aggressive and intense, shooting 15 loads, and timing 10 of them brilliantly.  More impressive was his loads often had 6 or 7 large spurts of juice flying into the air before subsiding into several pumps oozing out the remainder of the orgasm.  Often, Monza was clearly positioning himself to spray his cum directly into the face or onto the glutes of the stoic Bouchelle, indicating an urge to dominate the smaller competitor.  While the actions were exciting to watch, it was clear the assertion was also making fans slightly nervous that a  fuck brawl could break out right on stage – one that, with so much strength involved, might not be possible to break up!

But no such brawl ensued, and in the end Bouchelle came a perfect 11/11 round and took the top spot for their First Round Final.  Monza was so vocal and furious with the decision that special assistants were assigned to him in the Release room, knowing that his tension release post-round would be som of the most brutal man sex work possible.



  1. Well, the word iconic is much overused but in this case I think well merited. Over the past year years we have seen a number of marvellous shots of Monza, none better, until now except for that iconic (yes I mean it) shot of him in his “Iron –Man pose” posted on Jan 15 2015 under Alpha Expo 14. That shot was really an eye opener for all of us: a superbly muscular, bronzed, heavy weight body, perfectly posed and set off to perfection by possibly the finest piece of man-meat we have ever seen or are ever likely to see again on this blog; and if not here, where else? But this shot confirms that Monza is truly exceptional; perfect muscles and what a set of abs, Talk about a six pack it looks as though he has actually swallowed the can, the definition is just of spectacular.

    But to come now to Bouchelle, who we are told took first place in this round, presumably for his stage performance. Well I think that these two studs are both Alpha quality and more or less equal, although if asked to choose I would have to give the round to Monza. But what I find really great is that a smaller guy has finally made it to the top.

    Just to comment in greater detail on their fuck-sticks, which are, after all, of prime importance to naked body-builders ingeneral and to this competition in particular; each of them has, in my view, a perfect penis and ball combination. You all know by now my preference for the dead straight cock with a good head well defined by a clear rim, which Monza truly has. In fact, you could say that his is the classic Cockwatcher cock, which it is. But Monza also has a perfectly hung pair of balls; large but not excessive and well defined, so that one can see that he really does have two of them. So often otherwise quite splendid cocks are spoiled by balls which have been subsumed into one spherical globe, thereby hiding the fact that there are two of them. The authority of Monza’s cock is breathtaking. If ever there was a sphincter stretching, arse shredding tool, this is it. Both guys have exemplary muscles, but Monza’s abs. are unbelievable. Talk about a six pack; it looks as though he has actually swallowed the cans; such incredible definition
    As for Bouchelle, well his cock is one of the most arrogant fuck-sticks I have ever seen; that superb upward curve, culminating in a magnificently defined head. My God, this is also a tool which I imagine needs assistance of several NBAs to bring to stage perfection. And he too, like Monza has a magnificent set of well defined balls. His cock may lack a little girth, but taken in context of bis’ body, it is just perfect. Should you have any doubts about Bouchelle’s qualities, then just click back one shot and look at his solo pose there; this guy is quite, quite magnificent.

    So there we have it; a magnificent shot of two superb young men. My only regret is that Joff Ballo, my personal favourite, was not up there on the stage with them, I would really like to see him in a stage ready pose, as I think he has superb muscular definition and I know he has a world beater cock, which we all deserve to see fully prepped for the stage. We have one very good shot of him in this series, which shows his qualities but it is not quite the same as seeing a guy fully prepped to flex and shoot cum on stage. When a guy has had hic cock well prepared by some professional NBAs, it take on a totally different look.

    In conclusion I think that our friend Roher will have to look to his laurels as he has a number of terrific competitors at his heels. To draw a current analogy; Roher should not allow himself to fall into the trap of complacency, and finds himself playing “Clinton” to other guy’s who are playing “Trump”.

    1. You are quite right, Cockwatcher, to call this an iconic shot. However, my own feeling is that Monza should have been the outright winner. Just look at this guy; he is everything that a naked muscle-cock stud should be. Frankly I fin dit hard to image anything any better,, To me he is utter perfection right now. As ever I base my judgment only on what I see and not what I am told happens on stage; on that basis to me Monza easily places first. Unfortunately for him he seems destined always to be pipped at the post.

      In saying that Monza ought to have won this round, I do not in any way denigrate the achievement the lighter Bouchelle who is also quite superb and is what we need: new muscle and cock in the competition. It is pity that Neuville was not around, for he too is a brilliant newcomer with a monumental fuck-stick.

      ButI do agree with you wholeheartedly that we need to see more of Ballo. Like you I am a great fan of his. But it’s not yet over so we shall see what happens next.

  2. Good luck to Bouchelle. Glad to see new muscle, new hard-ons, new cum in in IFNB.

  3. Benchpecs here.... for some reason I can't log on under my handel. WOw what a stud fight. This is one of the best alpha duels of all time. I agree with Cockwatcher. talk about threatening fuck rods. Both these boys have it. But regarding Monza playing "sharp shooter" and basting cum on Bouchelle's arse and mouth. Monza might regret that. Bouchelle is known for his cum game. In the minor leagues he has devastated his competition with cum shots to the eyes, noses, balls. Wherever he wants to shoot a load. in one competition he shot a huge load up his poor competitors nostril. Made it look like the poor guy had a runny nose. Or another guy got shot in the eyes ...blinded him. Bouchcelle has an expert cum game. Even though Monza is the bigger man, he may have started a fight he can't win. Lets see.... game on.

    1. Benchpecs, thanks for bringing up Bouchelle's years in the amateur ranks and in his early pro career. I have heard similar about his cum game – and indeed that was most of what lured him out of the idea of non-naked bodybuilding to begin with. he is a man of intense cock arrogance – as he SHOULD be – and he could easily pull the same antics as Monza, coating the big bull's monstrous muscles with his champion cum wads.

      I ama fan of Monza, but remember the young Bouchelle from way back and he caught my eye even then, even as a middleweight. So while I tend to lean towards Monza in the rankings, I think this contest is Bouchelle's moment to bring something we haven't seen from the smaller competitors in a long time.

  4. One more comment from Benchpecs.... as I have said before-- Bouchelle, even though he is a short french Canadian fucker. He is a walking cum factory. He can out gizz the big boys Even though Monza has a herculean physique and world class fuck rod... the short fucker just might do it. He is a giant killer

  5. I just went back and read all the comments - and there were lots of them - provoked by the Iron Man shot of Monza under Alpha Expo 14. On that occasion pretty well all contributors seemed to agree that Monza had achieved something quite extraordinary. He had refined both his body and his cock to such a degree that he then seemed the quintessential perfect muscle-cock. At least that is what the general impression was then.

    Well, if that was perfection then, what has he achieved since then and where does that leave him now? As the above shot shows so very clearly, he has developed the most fantastic set of abs ever; they are utterly magnificent. If you don’t agree with me, then just name another guy who is better. But additionally he has refined his cock to such a stage that the balance of this massive piece of man-meat is perfect. so for me, although Bouchelle may have captured the judges vote, I agree wholeheartedly with those above who think that Monza should have won this round. Come on; let’s face it; Monza is just fucking marvellous in this shot.

    And while on the subject of fucking, an act which, by all accounts, Monza seems to have perfected - at least on the NBAs - what do guys like him do for recreational sex? After all they cannot train all the time, but with such a gargantuan appetite for sex which they all have, they must have a means of satisfying to satisfy their natural desires. So what sort of private life do these guys lead? Do they have partners on whom they rely for both active and passive sex, for most of them probably like to have their own arses reamed out from time to time? Or are these guys so self-obsessed with their cock prowess that they only fuck and never allow themselves to be fucked?. It would be great if we could get some insight into what makes these guys tick when they are not in the gym training or on stage shooting cum at their opponents.

    Speaking from my own experience as a keen naked body-builder at the amateur level, my partner and I (we set off as four students but two dropped out due to pressure of work, as some of you may remember) have established a real good relationship. We now live together and train together. I can tell you I would hate to go one single day without sex, even when we are not in the gym; training apart, fucking and being fucked in turn are an integral part of my life and totally indispensable . It seems to me that the guys we see on the blog must be the same as they simply cannot switch off from their professional lives. So what so they do to satisfy their needs? So editors, can you think about running a series of what some of the leading studs do in their private lives; it would really round out the picture.

  6. While most people on here know as a dude who respects the sport and the standards of the IFNB judging (the best int he world by far), I meanwhile find that I have to agree with the fans on this one: Monza seems a nudge better. Clearly, it must have been two things that pushed Buchelle a hair above "The True Alpha" Monza:

    1.) Obviously this contest my be scoring heavily on cock work and cum performance, if it can bring a score up to beat something as near perfect as Monza's . And Biuchelle as we all know, beings his cock game as one of his strongest competitive assets. So that is one reason for the nudge for the Canadian.

    2.) Monza is an aggressive and domineering alpha stud. I can imagine he was so furious with the judges that it cane out somehow in a distracted game. His spiteful (yet, in my opinion, COMPLETELY reasonable and justified) on-stage cum-bullying of Bouchelle may have also cause the slightest bit of down scoring that allowed Bouchelle's consistent scores to nudge ahead.

    Overall, I see Monza as the man to beat at this contest. And while Bouchelle's opener was impressive after an equally stunning Preliminaries closer, I still think we're a long way from he Final round.

    1. "A nudge better" you've got to be kidding. I'm with several other fans on this one and base my judgment on what I see rather than on what I read. Monza is more than a nudge better in my eyes.

      Come on' just look at this guy and what he has achieved: marvellous pecs, biceps and those absolutely unbeatable wrought iron abs, which frankly look as though they could take a jack-hammer and not give way. And then there is his cock; a competitor to the Washington Monument. This guy is just so hot, I think you would burn yourself just to touch him. he is the living incarnation of everything this blog stands for: Massive Muscle and Cock.

      The sad thing about Monza is that he seems fated to come second and never first. But for me he is the top stud at the moment.

      This is not to say that Bouchelle is not a great guy also. But I think that Monza truly eclipses him and I can understand his anger at the placing he got.

  7. I’ve heard that Bouchelle has been definitely waging a battle to psych out Monza and make him perform poorly. Bouchelle knows that his cool, calm demeanor in the face of Monza’s backstage and onstage alpha theatrics upset. Monza not only looks like a beast, he acts like one, and nothing infuriates him more than when he thinks another man is not sufficiently intimidated by his huge, power cock and hulking frame. And Bouchelle knows how to work this; his unwillingness to even respond to Monza dousing him in cum – he knew that would infuriate Monza to no end. He also has been repeatedly overheard saying how “a little man with a huge cock is still going ruin ass when he takes home first place.” The possibility of having to offer up his huge, round ass in defeat to Bouchelle in the post winning competitor fuck-fest must just drive him to distraction. Monza only very grudgingly has participated in this unofficial ritual in the past, and the idea of needing to climb on and have his ass repeatedly rammed by a Middleweight would be an indignity he would have a hard time taking.

    1. Wow – that was an AWESOME post, man! VERY col to remind us of Monza's history around the UNOFFICIAL ritual of victory fucking. It does add perspective to a lot of the round.

      Because you are dead right that Monza has done a lot to forego that painful and brutal ritual of male dominance. Monza doesn't have a submissive bone in his body, and while he has had to concede to getting hard plowed by men who beat him throughout his rise to the top ranks, he has often found ways to use his own aggressive alpha energy to intimidate and bully his way out of these humiliating fuck tests. Most fans respect him for using his masculinity to create his own path like this, but we have to also see how that self-presumed superiority can work him in the face of someone like Bouchelle.

      Because I heard the same thing about Bouchelle's psych out games. While new to being a fan of Bouchelle, I am hearing so much about how his charm and charisma and cool cocky arrogance avail him to some unsettling sabotage of larger alphas. Which is part of the game – to use your male facilities to maintain your status. He has wit on his side, and he uses it to undermine others and achieve alpha status among peers. And he is clearly employing that here.

      So while we can all agree with Monza's fury – because we all can see he is truly a top alpha stud destined for legendary huge cocked fame in the annals of muscle domination – Monza's fury alone does not undermine the means by which Bouchelle achieves a dominating stance. One uses intense aggression, the other uses unsettling stoicism, yet both are clearly, in a way, equal contenders in spite of having differing individual assets.

      I would never deny that Monza is an alpha who I must submit to as obediently reverent, and will always be a fan of his evident superiority and perfection. But I think Bouchelle's game is a strong one, and I grow more and more thrilled with seeing him ascend to a true alpha male stance in his own right.

  8. Benchpecs comment -- Well you guys took the words out of my mouth. First yes in the last pic Monza dominates Bouchelle's physique and cock. Though in the previous pics Bouchelle looked a lot better. But as I said before being a cocky short snort Bouchelle plays the mind game to his advantage. Just like in martial arts you can turn a big mans power against himself. Bouchelle is fucking with Monza's mind -- he is winning the head game. In spite of his size Bouchelle's finnishing move is his cum game. Monza's bulling cum attack on Bouchelle was child's play to him. Wait till he starts his sniper fire on Monza. Attacking very sensitive parts of the body. Bouchelle in the past has brought brought big men to their knees, or literally dropped them with his target practice sharp shooting to their face and nuts. So yes I think Monza wins the pure size line up. But ultimately our sport is about alpha domination and not purely about size. And Yes Monza has amazing abs == but to this cocky muscle stud of a French Canadian that is just a "cum gutter" to fill. And given the cum factory between his legs he is just the man to fill it. Game on. In the brotherhood -- Benchpecs