TRUE ALPHA TRULY ENJOYING HIS POWER: An unusually happy Carlos Monza privileged us with 
his presence for a few questions after check in, prior to being whisked away to train his massive cock using 
the holes of some frightened and unfortunate NBAs.  The usually stoic superheavyweight plans on enjoying his 
time at the PowerDong, hinting also that he may take a break from competing for a few months, 
depending on outcomes in this PowerDong.

In 2007, an incident at the PowerDong made rumors across the fans of naked bodybuilding.  Apparently, after the second round of Finals, several of the on-duty naked bodybuilder assistants had been fucked beyond use, causing a shortage of available training fuck holes for the competitors the next night.  While several of the pros took credit – and, in truth, truly did all have some small part in exhausting the supply of gaping-holed fuck bitches supplied for competitor use – there was onename that was given most credit for the over-fucking: a yoiung, new pro named Carlos Monza.

Monza had not yet become a popular figure, and indeed was still in the lower rankings of the pro nude bodybuilders.  That year he was still only a heavyweight – and barely in that weight class – and came in 11th among the Heavyweights, and 23rd Overall among all the competitors in the contest.  Such placings could cause a competitor to become easily overlooked, if it wasn't for the incident with the over-fucked NBAs.

Seems Monza's dedication to aggressive muscle poowr and intensified fucking was with him since his early pro days, and this incident was the first time his name began to draw curiosity from fans.  Who was this beast who force-fucked 17 men to exhaustion, ruining their holes for the other competitors and still requiring more?  Truly, whoever this stoic and focused young man was, he was serious about the game, and destined to become a champion.

"It was like they had never prepared for a real man to work his cock," he laughwd about the incident yeas later.  "I have always trained to fuck as hard and fast as possible, and trained myself to ignire the resistance of whoever's hole I am using so I can focus on training my cock.  That is what makes a true champion dick: the ability to let nothing distract you.  And that night I didn't stop.  I was there to win; those bitches are put there for me to use my dick and take what I need  If those holes ruin or run out, that is not my problem.  I am the alpha; that is my attitude and this is all about me.  I was just surprised their fuck holes were so limited!"

Fast forward to 2013, and his controversial loss at the IFNB Mr. Alpha, the most presitgious title in the nude muscle sports world.  In spite of his loss, his fan loyalty grew overnight, and this aggressive, self-assertive muscle monster quickly became the most intimidating Elite Level Pro in the ranks.  Nicknamed "The True Alpha," Monza is now one of the most coveted names in the sport, and many argue the only man to take down champions like Roher, Douton, and other top alpha contenders.

But while fans adore his deep and over-focused dedication to nude muscle excellence, the PowerDong has become Monza's "fun show."  As with so many top names, the PowerDong is an outing and a chance to compete just for the love of flexing naked for men; while there are stakes involved, the mood is always about alpha muscle studs enjoying their prowess.  And even for a hard-attitude bad-boy like Monza, it is a contest to lighten up.

And it was with that lighter mood that we got an exclusive scoop on Monza's current competitive intentions.  He met with press prior to pre-contest cock training prep and strength training, and was all smiles and – unsually – charm.  You would have thouht we were talking to his fellow top pro buddy JK Roher with the way his charisma was shining.  it was clear he was in the mood to enjoy the experience, and so he addressed us with a casual aggression.  At one point amidst our questions, he slipped out:

"And who knows if you'll even see me at the Mr. Alpha this year?  I could have so much fun taking control of this show that I just tak a break and go absent from the big game.  So maybe you don;t want me to do as well as I think I will, if you want to see me take down The Jacker [his nickname for buddy JK Roher].  I'm sure it would crush you bitches to not see me on the Mr. A stage."

While he seemed to be joking, and made no direct assertion, the news was truly startling.  No Monza in the Mr. A?  Hard to believe considering how close he is getting to taking that title.  He didged follow up questions, seeming to enjoy toying with us and using his dominance to get a trhill at our frustration.  All he would admit was: "Hey, I did not say I was not comepting in the Mr. Alpha.  be a good submissive and remember your place not to think you're able to put words in my mouth."



  1. I only took looks on that blog until I had the time to read it carefully from the oldest to the newest post. IFNB does an amazing job 'reporting' this 'wonderful - and fictional... - sport'.

    But (There's always a 'but(t)' somewhere, at least, behind each of us between waist and thighs...), the passionate and expert of Ancient History I'm is a bit disappointed: Except some - very - short references about Jackon Stroth (1953) and Stuey Lewis (80'), the reader who doesn't yet have access to archive blog may think 'Naked Bodybuilding' suddenly fell from the sky like lightning in the early 50', became - just as suddenly - worldwide without transition in 2012, when it's well known that nude sports appeared 8 centuries BC for Ancient Olympics when athletes were mandatory totally naked, not only for events but all along the year and chroniclers reported they had assistants with same NBA's domain of 'competences'.

    I made a lot of researches about this subject. Do you want an example that isn't in school books?

    Herodotus wrote about the famous and undefeated Pankration Champion Milo of Croton (6th cent. BC): "Zeus decided to give life to Milo. Apollo told he wanted him as huge as Titans, Aphrodite wished he'll have a third-leg manhood, Héphaïstos added it must be as hard as a bone". He needed 3 assistants (the ancient NBA) per day: 1 for the morning, a 2nd for the afternoon and a 3rd for the night - in normal condition out of training or Games - because an only one was insufficient to endure his performances more than 3~4 hours (You know what I mean by 'performances' between an athlete/erastês and his young assistant/erômenos?). When Milo trained for Olympics, he had a special assistants team exclusively dedicated to him to permute each one every 2~3 hours. 'Used assistants' needed up to 2 days to recover. He was so excited during competitions, this time of duty was reduced to 1.5 hour per assistant to avoid fatal issue (rectal exsanguination). After each Games, his native city offered him the number of young male slaves he required as assistants to worthily celebrate his victory during several days and nights. Chronicler of that time also testified: "His assistants didn't need to eat because they were fed by Milo's milk".

    He wasn't as romantic as Hercules: He very often defeated his opponents by crushing their balls or tears out them. (In pankration, all hits were permitted except biting opponent or putting fingers in his eyes).

    I could tell many more about Heroes of Ancient Greece (Naked athletes or soldiers), Roman Empire (Naked Gladiators) or Persians (Naked Immortals).

    So, because Past can't be inspired by Present, am I wrong to think Present is inspired by Past and IFNB inspired by the Ancient Olympics?

    Please, could you grant my account to access the archives blog? Thanks

  2. If anyone person typifies what this blog stands for: big muscles, big cocks and non-stop fucking, then that person has to be Carlos Monza. And just look a him here in all his monumental glory: unbelievable muscles, with a superb tapering torso and, his magnificent cock. Of course in this full frontal shot of Monza we can only see the sphincter -stretching head of his formidable fuck-stick, but that is surely enough to tell us that Monza is right up there with the very best: one of the all time great butt-fuckers.
    Hopefully we might see a side-shot of Monza sporting a rock hard cock so that we can once again admire, as we did in that famous ‘Iron Man”– shot of a couple of years ago, the true magnificence of this super-stud’s male-meat. For newcomers to the blog, it is worthwhile going back to find that incredible shot of Monza: one of the greatest shots of all time in my view. It to be found in 2014 Alphafest Expo No. 14. Take a look at that shot and if that does not blow your minds, then nothing ever will.
    So this far, we now have Roher, Joff Ballo and Yann Perrod. all of whom seem tip-top competitors. My guess is that either Monza or Ballo could come out top and dethrone Roher. As for Perrod, well he is looking pretty good and although not as muscular as the other three guys, makes up for what he lacks in weight with bis famous cock. He is, to my mind, the most elegant of these top entrants; but then, elegance may not count for much in the eyes of the judges. So anything could happen in this contest. And we do not yet know if any of the other great names are intending to compete.

  3. Another thing struck me after looking over the entrants so far for this Canadian junket: All the contestants we have been shown have not only got large penises, but they are all dead straight, a characteristic which those of you who know my comments over the months will know is a trait which I much appreciate. I really dig the guys who when on stage can show a dead straight, rock-hard dick standing proudly to attention, just waiting for some unsuspecting NBA to fuck.

    We really do have a number of cocks which are in the world beating, top sphincter-stretching class: Roher, Monza, Perrod, Ballo; but even the younger entrants such as have truly beautiful meat; it’s a great pleasure to look at these guys. I try to imagine what it would be like to be fucked one of these massive cocks. What would be an amazing event would be if the above four studs could give a live on-stage demonstration of their cocks in action.

    I am sure that there would be no end of young NBAs or even someof the younger competitors in this contest, with good tight anal sphincters, who would happily offer up their holes for what might well be called a simultaneous, sequential fucking demonstration.

    Just try to envisage what it would be like if the four protagonists, Roher, Monza, Perrod and Ballo were to simultaneously fuck four young studs on stage. The NBAs would be bent across chairs arranged in a line so that their left sides were facing the audience. Each young assistant would then have his anus addressed by one of the four contestants, all four of whom would then fuck their partner in time to some music with a good beat, in an attempt to climax together at the same moment. Just imagine the huge ejaculations of sperm which would be sprayed all over the NBAs arses as the four studs delivered waht i imagine would be their massive loads together. What a magnificent demonstration of Alpha power that could be. But will it ever happen? Could it ever happen? Well who knows? One can but dream of seeing such magnificent men in action.

  4. Hey, can I have access to the pre-2012 stuff? Pretty please?