PROUD AND HORNY: Matt Boyer showed what it is to be a seasoned nude muscle pro
with an unexpected yet well-deserved win in both the Super heavyweight class, but the entire 
Fourth preliminary round, and presented with a new personal flex-and-cum record. 

Imagine going to a non-naked bodybuilding competition.  There on stage are some amazing physiques; thickly muscled, intensely chiseled, and proudly flexing their amazing bodies, and yet they are stuck wearing trunks, ruining the aesthetic of the male form.  But imagine one of those competitors has a pair of trunks with a huge, swollen front pouch, with a monster cock unlike other competitors flexing on stage.  It would be impossible to overlook – especially if, in the middle of competition, that massive pouch started swelling up.  Picture that: a bodybuilder with a massive dong getting unstoppably aroused while posing in a competition!  The spandex of his trunks stretching so far that you can see the scale of the monster dick on stage.

That was the history of Matt Boyer for over ten years, prior to discovering the superior world of the IFNB.  During his many years after leaving non-naked bodybuilding behind, Boyer has arisen to Elite pro level status, and for many has become the icon representing how the non-naked game would be better if the men were stripped nude.

While Boyer has had his fair share of success, he eludes those big wins in major contests.  As he came up in a world that emphasized only the body instead of big dick, much of his pro career has been about improving his already oversized cock to frightening scale and performance.  And during the Fourth Preliminary round o the PowerDong, it looks like Boyer has finally brought the dick to match his incredible physique.

Boyer's competitive rounds usually knock out between 7 and 9 loads on average – respectable numbers but nowhere near some of the intensified records of many of his Superheavyweight peers.  Yet he brought a refined package to this contest, much the result one sponsorships backing him.  During the round Boyer flung 15 rounds from his aggressively hard cock, with cleanly coincided cum sprays with poses for 14 of those amazing hot muscle loads.

"I have always gotten horny because of how great I think I look," Boyer smiled in the Release Room. "The bigger and more amazing I get, the hornier I become.  After this many years on the nude side, I am more impressive than ever, and the feeling of my bare body being adored because I am so good looking was the boost I needed to bring a new level of horniness to the game."

Boyer's signature pose – a front double-biceps with a cum load – won him cheers all four times he ascended into the pose.  The cocky competitive veteran behaved like he was the only man on stage, and was clearly deeply aroused by his own prowess.  It came as a shock when it was announced he was winner of the second preliminary with Mr. Alpha JK Roher trailing him by what must have been a very close margin.  It likewise shocked fan that Carlos Monza – who has been flawless for the first few preliminaries – landed in fifth.  Gerard Bouchelle took fourth and Joff Ballo finally broke the top three in third.

As we all know, success in the Prelims does not mean the Finals are a lock.  But Boyer has finally showed that he has what it takes to play the game at the dominant alpha level, making hm a reasonable threat for first int he Finals.



  1. Yet another terrific cock! We really have had a surfeit of well balanced man-meat in this series. If you doubt it, then just, just flick back (YES RealBBer) and take a look at the incredible selection of fuck-sticks we have been shown since the beginning of this contest.

    Now this present shot of Boyer shows a somewhat unique penis. As you all know, I’m all in favour of well defined head on a well-cut dick, but in this case I find that the cock head looks horribly like a WW2 nazi war helmet. So even in this, balance is important: enough but not too much. But that apart, Boyer looks terrific.

    However, I was delighted to see that my own favourite, Joff Ballo, (editors; you say Tedi Ballo; but I guess that this is a slip of the pen, as we have not seen anything at all of Tedi in this contest) had placed third in this round of the contest. Please, fans, go back and take a another look at the one shot we have seen of Joff Ballo so far (PMC 2016 Number 5). I think there is no doubt at all that Joff Ballo has one of the finest physiques in the contest; but in my mind there is not a shadow of a doubt that he has absolutely the finest cock among all present contestants. Just take a long look at it and compare it with all the others; Ballo’s fuck-stick is a world beater. In my eyes he is undoubtedly the best. And I suspect and hope that at the end of the day the judges will recognise his qualities. What would be great would be to see Ballo in action with one of his NBAs as he prepares himself for the stage.

  2. Boyer may think that he is good looking as the notes say; but not in my eyes. I agree he has a great physique and a massive dong; But it is a badly flawed cock; the head is disproportionate and the shaft is very uneven in diameter. There are many better looking cocks on show in this competition: Monza and Ballo to name but two.

    But the most disappointing thing for me about Boyer is his face. Just look at him; he looks as though he has been in a nazi concentration camp. And he does not make himself any more attractive by shaving off his hair. Why does he do this? Sorry My. Boyer, but you are no my favourite even though you have won this round,

    1. I strongly disagree with this – I think he looks great, and his face just shows how hard he has worked to be completely shredded for this event. Really bringing his A-game, as always. And as far as the dong, I think it looks great – very full, with a massive head that would aggressively rip open any and all asses he so chooses!

    2. I agree with the previous poster that Boyer looks awesome, and that is the face of a man committed deeply to this sport. many men who only know the competitive sport from a thrill seeking standpoint don't know that the occasionally gaunt face is a signal that a man is being hyper aggressive. In a bodybuilding aficionados eyes. that look eventually becomes equated with hyper masculine determination. That is how I see him, and I am a HUGE fan of his dedication.

  3. I think Boyer’s relatively “low” cum shots during pose routines come from another place – and not necessarily that he’s playing “catch up” from his non-nude days, but more that he’s always been a perfectionist, and instead of the wild abandon that many younger pros exhibit in throwing loads whenever they please, for he truly times them perfectly, so that the cum is the apotheosis to his massively aggressive posturing. His consistent drive for perfection, outside of whatever is “trendy” in the world of NBB-ing is one of the reasons he continues to have an enduring fan base, despite not hitting the relative heights of many of his pro peers. I hope he brings this aggressiveness to the Finals!


      The dude is not deficit at all, and is one of the best naked muscle pros we have on the scene by far! Your point about Boyer's well-known perfectionism is EXACTLY the correct perspective to take on how he performs.

      Boyer plays his own game. And yes, he pays to win, but not at the expense of his consistent development and prowess. And consistency is one of his strongest assets – he is one of the MOST consistent elite pros in the game, always horny, aggressive, and getting into himself while arrogantly flaunting his muscle.yes his perfectionism skews him from the same degree of gimmickry we see from other pros, but he is an iconic super stud who deserves the ravenous fan base he has accumulated!!