WORLD CHAMPION STILL A MAN OF THE PEOPLE:  A fan gets a selfie with the world's current top naked
bodybuilder, weighing Mr. Alpha JK Roher.  Roher's entrance was both completely nude and completely unexpected!

The first day of registrations for the 2016 PowerDong kicked off with a surprise that took excited fans by storm.  Unless you've been under a rock, you have already heard the social media buzz: reigning two-time IFNB Mr. Alpha, JK Roher has entered the SuperHeavyweight class!

Roher, the youngest Mr. Alpha in IFNB history, has always been beloved by fans for the way he makes himself so accessible.  Known for regular marketing stunts that bring him directly in contact with fans in exciting ways.  "It's all part of his mission," his publicist told us in an email.  "Mr. Roher seeks to promote the sport of nude bodybuilding by allowing fans to admire his perfect, dominant shape up close, and allow them to appreciate the shape of a real man and flatter him in person."

Roher's most recent fan junket was the summer-long self-promotion that kept him out of competition for several months.  The promotion, as you probably already know, was the "JKR: Hard At The Gym Tour," where Roher showed up at local gyms naked and hard unannounced.  "I know a chance to be in my awesome presence would make any dude get to the gym as much as possible," Roher said of his stunt. "So I both get the attention my perfect body and cock deserve, but also encourage men to dedicate to the gym more!"

Apparently, the entire Hard At The Gym promotion was a long set-up for this very-surprise entry into the PowerDong.   No one knew Roher would be competing, and while pros have to pre-register, Elite pros are allowed day-of entry.

Many competitors are obviously intimidated by the idea of being in a contest with the known-best.  However, Roher is usually known for improving over the run of contest rounds, giving some of the lower-ranked pros at least a chance to shine a little in the Super heavyweights.



  1. His balls look horribly skinny!

    1. JKR has never had overly sized testicles. One of the things I like best about him is the effort he makes to stay aesthetically pleasing - always striving for a balance between muscle and genital size that is massive, yet in equilibrium.

    2. I don't think that I agrew with you, In fact the more I look at Roher, the less attractive I find him., His testicles are not overly sized tht is for sure: indeed they are as I said above skinny. Beauty is of course, in the eye of the beholder. but for my money if you want an idea of the perfect guy: well balanced muscles and a superb (and I do really mean SUPERB) cock itting above a nice pair of balls, then I suggest you go back and take a look at at Emmanuel Neuville in the Anaconda South America Contest Shot Number 2. There you have my idea of absolute perfection. I personally think that Neuville knocks Roher for six. But that is just my view. But take a good look at hic cock and try to imagine what it would feel like to let him fuck you. I get hard just thinking about the guy.

    3. You know anonym I am inclines to agree with you. As a long time fan of the blog, I really find that I have become increasingly tired of being told that a few, so-called, alphas are what every man aspires to and that they are all worthy of our admiration if not our worship. In my view there are all sorts of very attractive young studs, who come and, alas, seem to go, never to be seen again. In fact that is one of the things I fault the blog on most; we see a really attractive young guy and I do mean ATTRACTIVE and then we never ever see or hear of him again. What the fuck ever happens to all these guys? They cannot just disappear, or can they?
      And so I agree with you, Roher is not the acme of the perfect alpha which we are told he is. In fact, his penis, to give it its proper name, is totally overrated in my view. In this shot it looks completely unbalanced, and frankly with that huge knob it really does look very like an oversized lollipop, which I guess is great if you are really into sucking. And as for his practically nonexistent balls; well let’s just forget them – not that there is very much to forget.
      I am with you all the way on your choice of Neuville as being a young stud who verges on perfection and certainly his fuck-stick is absolutely perfect. One of the great pleasures of the recent Anaconda series was that we saw a lot of new talent which we had not seen before, including Neuville , of course , and several other block busters, such as Korsaev.
      But, you know, going back over the years I can remember several guys whom I truly felt were great, each in his own way. OK they may not have won the prizes, but but they were just so very attractive. And so I liked, among others, a few unknown lads, not necessarily the heaviest o th most muscular, but each in his own way to my mind perfect:
      Young Chan Somki (Pan Asia Shot 5)
      Greg Corwin ( Expo 1) really very light weight, but just to very fuckable and a pleasure on the eye.
      Diego Pena ( Pro-Africa 25) another kujscioulsy attractive oung man with a cock to die for.
      And of course, to name a block buster, Monza in his Iron Man pose of Expo 14.
      If one has to name one well-known stud for the top accolade, then, for me, it has to, be Monza. That shot of him, beautifully bronzed, with his cock ring supporting his huge and perfect penis, has to be one of the truly great pictures of all time. For me Roher just does not hold a candle to Monz. But then I am not an official judge!
      So good on you, anonym for calling it as you see it. What do others think I wonder? And what do people think about the recently just finished amateur college series? Very refreshing in my view and there was some really good hard man-meat on show.

    4. Look, guys, this topic seems to come up every few months, and it gets tiresome.

      From my perspective, it seems like there are three main stances this blog operates on:

      1.) Emulating the world of competitive bodybuilding, and it's media, good and bad. And if you go look at that sport – not just jerk off to the pictures, but actually read and follow it – there is tons of black-and-white language, hyperbole and presumption. The fact that the IFNB Report mimics this is actually what enhances it's realism. This isn;t anything-goes fantasy; while it is a wild ride, there are rules to this world, and many of them are from the world of bodybuilding. You have to just roll with that.

      2.) The idea of ultimate, alpha male absolutism is kind of what the whole thing hinges on. Okay, in the real world there are endless varieties of ideals. But the fantasy here, is the idea that there could somehow be one, ultimate male. If the aspects chosen buy the creators don't match YOUR versions of ultimate, well that sucks, but it is not the job of the blog to cater. This is their version of the ultimate ideal. They are playing out that fantasy. Criticizing it because it doesn't match YOUR personal fantasy is just counterproductive.

      3.) This is not an attempt to cater to the masses, but is a very specific niche. Yes, the work they do does draw a big crowd, but they have never (as far as I can see) tried to please that crowd. So making suggestions of what you think their fantasy "should be" is just not what tis space is about. Yes, I have very often seen them take a lot of inspiration by us, the fans, but they don't seem to be in this to just meet everyone's creative tastes.

      Like, any fantasy serial, we as fans are bound by the intentions of the creators. Therefore, there are rules that will exist that we may not agree with, and ideas that we want yet will never see. This is true of any fantasy reproduction anywhere on the planet, from movies to fiction to comic books to porn. As long as the creators are doing their best to play within their own standards and rules, we can't sit here frustrated that they are not meeting our personal interests.

      That is NOT to say that we shouldn't be sharing out thoughts. Just that I get tired of reading (over and over and OVER) that people are "tired of seeing" this or that, or "fed up with" such-and-such. Just ignore and move on. They are sharing their fantasy, not providing a service. (Even if they posture n their writing like they are providing a service, that is just part of the fiction.)

      It gets tiresome seeing people act disgruntled when none of you guys could create a tenth of what's been created here. There are TONS of parts of this I don't care fore, but roll with because the overall theme is consistent and wen it is fun, it is a BLAST. So try not to be so harsh on not getting things your way.

      Just my suggestion.

    5. Also: Clockwatcher, it has been explained SO MANY times on here why some guys disappear.

      There is a practical, realistic reason, and then a fictional one that fits into IFNB lore.

      First, the practical: The creators are cutting and pasting real images. So they are limited to how many pictures they have. If they only have one face, they only have one face. That one face can get maybe two or three images, but no more. So your frustration that you have not seen Corwin or Pena or whoever is really unfair. They may not have any other pics of those guys. They can't just create images of men they don't have access to. Constantly reiterating over and over that you want more only gets insulting.

      why don't YOU go find the pictures of the real life people, send them to the editors of this blog, and THEN you'll get to see your favorites again. Sound like a hard thing to do? That's probably because it is. So try to be less of a complainer and accept that these people only have a VERY LIMITED supply to work with. When you see a face over and over, it is because they had many original photos to work with. Use your head.

      As far as the lore of the IFNB, we all know that the politics and games of the sport are what make some athletes rise as much as their looks. The IFNB is based on EXCESSIVE size, EXCESSIVE hyper masculinity, and EXCESSIVE cock power. These have ALWAYS been the standard. As such, one or two good contest outings do not a regular character make. You have to let go of the need to have EVERY character have it's own story line. It's hard enough to follow the MANY MANY story lines they already have going. if they have not followed one or two that you hoped, just deal with it and move on.

      You got to stop hounding these guys for stuff they can't produce, and that may not be in their main story line themes anyway. Stop being so demanding. Some characters are just gone.

    6. Thanks RealBBer. The excessive complaining and comment trolling IS tiresome and I find a real drag on the narrative. No one person is going to have the exact same interests, so pontificating like it makes a difference what you prefer is such a bore. The creator obviously does a lot of work and invites us in to participate, the least we can do is be respectful and literally follow the rules they request as laid out in the "participate" section.

  2. Roher already seems to have some cum on his neck – I wonder if this is his own, or if it’s the spontaneous shooting from a surprised fan? I have to admit I am a little surprised JKR made the effort to come to the show – he doesn’t have anything to prove and I thought he would be focused on preparing for Mr. A, but it makes sense that knowing his penchant for promotion and preference for direct and friendly connection with his fans (unlike the more prickly starts, like Douton). I do wonder if he’s in the best shape to dominate, but maybe his surprise entry will mean he can dominate without any real elite level competition, since it was such a surprise.

    His summer tour was definitely the talk of the NBB world, and his youth brings a true knowledge of the power social media can play in keeping yourself famous and relevant (since the live tweets of his surprise appearances often led to pandemonium in those gyms – both to get men there to get muscle-building tips from the reigning king of physique, but also to see if they couldn’t get their hands on that perfect Alpha cock – and maybe a taste of that addictive white muscle juice).

    I imagine as intimidating as having Roher in the competition might be, he will bring a up the quality of performance to the show overall. Not only will the bodybuilders need to push themselves to the max to possibly outshine his supernova of perfection, I think JKR’s own good natured competitiveness actually encourages a better level of work from those around him. He dominates for sure, but always seems to encourage the competition. Lastly, I bet just the sheer fact that he will dropping loads of his explosively testosterone-filled cum into willing male mouths and asses backstage for the next several days should exponentially increase the amount of pump happening all around him – yet another way he brings up the quality of game for all those around him!

  3. Is JKR wearing a wedding ring? Does anyone know if he is married or is that just a piece of jewelry? So rare that a naked bodybuilder has the time or effort to put into a relationship, unless it is with another NBB who also lives the lifestyle.