EXPERIENCING THE EXPERIENCED:  College sophomore Jeyden Harill (center) learns how to
flex his young muscle and keep his throbbing dick hard while 
posing from post-college graduates
and former members of the CMCS team Jizzwave Marc Follinger (left) and Clarke Windhill (right).
Jizzwave regularly run workshops with homer graduates two that the young bucks of the
collegiate naked muscle scene can learn from those who have moved on into competitive naked bodybuilding.

Jeyden Harill joined the CMCS team Jizzwave late in his freshman year, when he met a heavy-hung senior named Marc Follinger in the gym shower.

"[Marc] was just walking around naked, with his massive dick rock hard, swinging everywhere and even drooling precum all over the place," Jeyden recalls.  "At first I was a little freaked out.  I always thought that kind of thing was perverted.  But Marc was just, like, super confident and didn't even act horny.  He was just a  totally down to earth dude who had a raging hard on and didn't seem to care who looked at it.  And it was kind of hard not to stare because it was so big!  I mean, I always admired bodybuilders and wanted to be one, so I would have looked at his body anyway because he is so perfectly built.  But I had just never seen a guy so chill about swinging his hard dick around a locker room where you normally think it's inappropriate."

That day in the showers was a turning point for Jeydon.  While the two lathered top their thick muscle, Follinger told him about the sport of naked bodybuilding, and how in that game the cock is seen as a symbol of masculinity and power, not only sexual interest.  Jeydon was fascinated, and remembers having a hard time not staring at Marc's monster cock.  Bollinger, who enjoyed the attention, saw Jeydon's own muscle and cock as having potential and encouraged the boy to not only be proud of getting a throbbing hard on in front of other men, but also to consider the nude muscle sports.  Obviously, Jeydon soon joined Jizzwave, eager to learn what he fast discovered to be the "ultimate sport of masculinity."

But Follinger was graduating in mere weeks after this meeting in the showers.  The influence his masculine confidence had on helping a young muscled buck grow eager to show off his nude body for other men might be gone.  However, Jizzwave, like so many other CMCS teams, keeps an active connection with it's alumni; Follinger knew that he would be able to continue shaping his new young muscle buddy to be a horny, cocky muscle brute like himself.

If the CMCS team Jizzwave seems remotely familiar, it is because current IFNB pro heavyweight Clarke Windhill got his start in nude bodybuilding while still a member of Jizzwave in college.  In fact, Windhill still continues to show up for alumni workshops that Jizzwave holds.  Windmill has been a loud voice of this sort of practice, encouraging all pros to get nore aggressively involved with shaping younger muscled competitors and teaching them how their sexual prowess and masculine aggression is an asset tot he bodybuilding game.

Jizzwave is far from the only CMCS team that hosts former alumni help instruct and influence current teammates.  Of the hundreds of CMCS college naked muscle organizations, currently over 80% of them have active alumni.  We applaud the adult men who take time to get naked around younger, easy-to-impress athletes who are fascinated by thick muscle and aggressive masculinity.  It is this sort of legacy-maintenance that has helped the CMCS become more than just a  fringe organization and actually become an influence in the greater sport of naked bodybuilding.



  1. Windhill whom I did not know until this shot, really does have a magnificent cock, but even better, such a superb pair of balls, Jus look at the size of them: big but not too big and so well defined. If I have to make a negative comment then I would say that for my taste they hang just a tad too low. Utter perfection for me would be that same superb definition but held a bit tighter beneath the guy’s cock; but I am, as ever, a nitpicker and this stud is superbly equipped.

    I know that in a competition no cock jewellery is allowed, but I Windhill would look absolutely stunning wearing a trianguloid cock ring. The lower ring would hoist up his balls and really put them into perfect relief; and they really do merit our attention for they are as near to perfection as anyone ever gets. In fact looking back over recent shots in the blog, I cannot think of anyone who has a set of nuts to equal this stud.

    The stud in the centre, Jaydon Harill’s equipment really shows just how much better Windhill is. Harill just does not have the same presence, even though he had a nice body. But he is a beginner and can improve, although I doubt that he will ever have such a perfect set of nuts as Windhill. Let’s see more of him in future shots,

    1. Hi Cockwatcher.

      I am one of your most ardent fans as you are a constant voice on the blog when others come and go never to he heard of again. I love your penetrating and often nitpicking analysis of a stud’s credentials and generally I think you are spot on with your comments; but not in the present case. I think that you have allowed yourself to be carried away with a wave of admiration for Clarke Windhill’s balls. And I agree with you that they are really terrific and quite exceptional, In fact I think that they are absolutely beautiful; BUT in my view his cock is not up there with the best.

      Just look back over the past few weeks of the Anaconda and you will surely see that there are many guys, such as Neuville for instance, with a block buster of a penis or even more recently in CMCS series (Number 6) where the young stud Bell Ardott has a cock which knocks spots of Windhill’s

      OK his dick is not bad, but just look at it objectively separate from his nuts and you have to admit it really is a bit of a blunt instrument with its massive flat head. I sure as hell would not want to be a young NBA with a tight hole who had to take that sphincter stretcher up my arse. Talk about an arse wrecker then this is it in my view.

      So yes he does have easily the best balls we have seen in ages. We seem to be in a period where even the big guys (including Korzoev with his rock hard monument) all have tight, little scrotums with very small balls held close to their cocks. I am with you that dangling balls are not attractive (though Donovan Pryde says he likes them) and I too like them held tight beneath a guy’s penis; but there has to be something there and that is exactly what Windhill has. I also agree totally with you as you have said elsewhere several times, that all guys should have their cocks cut if they want to indulge in this sport. Foreskin is definitely not beautiful; what we need is a good knob and a fine rim to set it off from a well balanced shaft with the whole sitting on top of a well defined pair of balls. Someone said somewhere that they thought guys with those tiny scrotums had had the snip. I find it hard to believe that any guy would allow someone to touch one of his most precious possessions on the off chance that it improved his chances of winning at the competition level.

      What Windhill does have is a cock which lends itself to sucking, much like a lollipop and I should think a full face fuck by him might be an experience. What I would really love to see is for him to cream his dick and show us how much spunk he produces. My guess is that with those balls we would we would drown in the cum.

      So sorry, Cockwatcher, I think you miscalled this one. But don’t let my comments put you off as your analyses are always worth reading and we know whom we are listening to.

  2. Gotta say, I love Windhill's huge low-hangers. He's definitely got some of the best balls and biggest loads for his age.

  3. Just let all of the musclemen fuck me please

  4. Say what you want about Windhill’s balls; some of us like them dangling and some of prefer them held tighter to the body, tucked neatly under the cock, as I do myself, but at least this guy has as terrific pair of nuts. As far as I can see from the blog, so many pros today, even at the top level have hardly any balls at all. Even Korzoev in his side shot (5/10/2016 Anaconda 14) in which he shows of a humongous fuck-stick, has hardly any balls; in fact in this shot you can barely see them at all.
    We have had all sorts of debates over the years about unbalanced extra long cocks such as sported by by Chris Garter and Yann Perrod, both of whom seem to be fading stars, but it seems to me that we need now to focus on a well balanced cock and ball combination rather than cocks alone. Of recent new comers, I would give the crown to Neuville, who I think not only a super dick but also a nice pair of balls; not as good as those of Windhill however, whose separation is superb. And college student Bell Ardott in CMCS 6 could give lots of alphas a run for their money. Just take a look at his world class cock and bhis b alls a e not too bad either. But of course they are not in the same class as those of Windhill, who I think has set the testicular and scrotum bench mark for the near future. So well done Windhill, you have a pair of nuts most of us can only dream of.

  5. I like the view about Windhill's balls. I like them dangling and hope he will put some extra weights to his balls to get them even bigger.

  6. It is great to hear about all the alums that are working with their prior teams as well. It makes sense that these guys would want to come back – not only as elder statesmen, but also to bask in the rightful worship that an accomplished NBBer deserves. I think it tends to be less the big name pros that do this, however I’ve heard that in his good-natured way, JK Roher has always supported his CMCS alma mater, the Rammers, with educational visits to see him more casually at his home gym, Steel Rod Gym, and even occasionally having them over to his home to party and partake of trying to squeeze a Mr. A-winning, perfect horse cock up their asses if they dare. Even experienced bodybuilding pros who have climbed on top of that monster and shoved it deeply inside their muscle asses report that it leaves them faint, not only from its sheer size and power, but also the intoxicating perfection of it, even as it rips into them.

    I find it fascinating that Harill had never heard of the naked end of bodybuilding until his freshman year in college! It is just further evidence about both the need for the CMCS organizations to reach out to all incoming, athletically minded boys, but also speaks to a need for outreach organizations for high school aged teens to get them into the sport. Harill obviously must have spent time as a teenager working out, because his physique has the refined and well defined look of someone who has spent years perfecting their look.

    I’ve also heard about Windhill’s work with the younger set – he’s one of the more charitable NBB pros out there. He’s well known to do appearances at smaller Naked Gyms across the country when he is in town, and will take time in each town to talk to young NBBers about muscle growth, allow them to touch his pumped body, and even get a taste of his testosterone rich cum sometimes to enjoy the hormone pump from having a real pro’s sperm in their stomachs.

  7. I just heard that one of my former Community College NB team members, now working as an assistant to the head coach at Madison High, gave a talk and demonstration on NB to his high school bodybuilding team. At the last session of the semester he answered questions about bodybuilding. Some of his teens, juniors and seniors, started asking about NB. Madison in Los Angeles is not far from CC so some of the guys had heard about the NB class and team, from older brothers and friends. A few of the high school team members had snuck into the visitor training sessions I hold quarterly, where attendees are naked and have the option to work out and serve as NBAs. A few had visited CC's male Phys. Ed. Dept. where clothing is optional. A few asked about the naked, muscular guy, with the huge dick in the hallway. Mike, my former student, told them I was the assistant coach in-charge of the NB program. Those teens who were interested in NB were invited to come back that evening to the high school weight room. Mike, lean, but muscular, with a 10" cock, greeted them naked. He said if they were seriously considering NB, they needed to strip. Eventually, they all did. Mike talked about the philosophy of NB, demonstrated with weights the best exercises for stim. and explained the sexual requirements. He conducted the session as though it were a nudist lecture/health class. He told them that at CC I expected my team and class members to try and live as I do, naked 24/7. When he was done he invited the 10 students to use the weights with the demonstrated positions. Although no touching was allowed, some of the young men had erections, The young men asked for enrollment details about my class. Although all had muscular bodies, some were disappointed to learn that their cocks weren't long enough for my class or team (at least 8"), but Mike told them there was a gym across the street from CC, Bulge, where members and day visitors, although against the rules, were allowed to work out naked. Mike was positive some of the teens would be enrolling in my class or trying to join the team. Other than hearing what they thought were rumors, some were not familiar with NB, but now wanted to have the full experience as soon as they turned 18. Most of them began making plans to work out naked in their home gyms. Some shared ways to live naked as much as possible.