TEAM SUPPORT, TEAM STIMULATION:  Two young naked bodybuilders from the CMCS-registered team
The Throttle Drivers (from colleges in the US state of Pennsylvania) show a new teammate the basics
of oral stimulation and the effects effective naked bodybuilding posing.  Many new teammates have never
experienced mutual cock stimulation, and teamwork helps them evolve essential sport skills.
We all know that the vast majority of cock stimulation techniques used in the world of naked bodybuilding are done between men.  While many athletes will use women, the durability of men is often needed, and likewise there is often just the need to maintain single-gender environments with so much nudity, thus making fellow male athletes the best option when cock stimulation requires additional help.

However we also know that the majority of naked bodybuilding competitors have no interest in male sexual relations prior to engaging the naked muscle sports.  because so many cock stim techniques are identical to gay sex, it cane a hurdle for the atoll;ate unfamiliar with the common training techniques to get comfortable – let alone to master – the essential skills for cock stimulation and development.

This is where teams in the CMCS network have already proven to be invaluable.  Many collegiate muscle athletes are exposed and trained on cock stim techniques for the first time on their college naked muscle teams, giving them a distinct advantage should they look to further enter the world of competitive naked bodybuilding or other musclecock sports.

"At first I found out how much monster dick I would have to pack down my throat to train with these guys," a young athlete told us as we researched for this Special Report.  "And I was like no way!  I had, like, no interest in putting a dude's dick in my mouth, let alone a freakishly thick one!  But when I saw the sick results these guys were getting in the gym, and saw how this was just bros getting into a sport and not some creepy sex clubs, well, I gave it a try.  I gotta say I am pretty damn good now, and the results sort of speak for themselves!"

He is not the only young college athlete who gets the benefit of learning cock stim techniques in a fun, male-bonding driven environment among peers.  The benefit of college teams in the sport has advantages that will extend into the future of naked bodybuilders.



  1. I do admire that the CMCS is creating spaces where athletes can openly and honestly train, and can move beyond the societal stigma associated with male-on-male contact, and start the hardcore programs that a successful naked bodybuilder needs to grow their cock and cum game. There are so many additional benefits too, as mentioned, there is the increased comradery associated with tit-for-tat oral stimulation – learning that the give and take between bros creates greater connections and deeper training relationships. We also know that as much as all these young bodybuilders come to the CMCS imagining they will be the next Mr. Alpha, many will not make it that far, and to continue participating in the lifestyle may involve working as a muscle or cock trainer, gym assistant, or professional or semi-professional Naked Bodybuilding Assistant. And besides, a big plus is a belly full of testosterone-rich muscle sperm can give a big pump to a hardcore workout!

    I also would callout out that there continues to be a stigma associated with anal cock stim work amongst bros, probably due to the disregard a lot of NBB pros show towards NBAs, but it should be noted that NBBs show disregard to ALL asses and throats they can get their hands on. I hope the CMCS also makes a point of introducing young muscle bros to the upsides of ass work for cock growth. Studies have shown that not only are anal stim effects longer lasting for the fucker’s cock than oral work, but the recipient’s absorption of muscle testosterone via cum loads is way higher and much quicker acting when taken anally instead of orally.

    Lastly, I think that the CMCS’s focus on the collegiate space is a smart one – that’s when many boys are out on their own for the first time, and can really start learning about the dedication and needs of fully investing in the naked bodybuilding lifestyle. That said, I think as the sport grows in profile and prestige, more and more teen competitors (high school and maybe even middle school wannabes) will be attracted to the sport and training, so there will be a need for organizations that cater to these young bros as well.

    1. Solid comments. Thanks for posting.

      I agree with your point that these young bucks may want to have the swagger of a Douton or Paulette right out of the gate, and most will not get that far. As such, keeping the focus on the fun and excitement of the sport is what we need among younger people.

      And what an AWESOME point you make about the way NBAs are treated like worthless fuckholes by top pro NBBs. This could really make younger dudes pull away from using anal sum, because they want to feel more like their alpha male naked muscle idols. But your point is correct: most of the studies price that heavy anal stim and enhanced cum in the ass is a HUGE benefit to gains, both with cock and with muscle. Knowing the differenced between using a hole for heavy cock training versus proper techniques of anal stim for a competitor is a key difference that young NBBs need to learn.

  2. Well the social stigma's and prejudices about man on man contact and public cock display have always been a hindrance to the development of this sport (the sport we love). Frankly there are enough stigmas and prejudices against clothed bodybuilding "grown men prancing around in their underwear" , "narcissists" ,"it's so 'gay'" Massive muscle is socially disruptive. It is shocking. It disrupts the norm. Then when a massive muscle brute drops the posers and starts swinging around a over-sized man tool and flaunts flagrant alpha arrogance and swagger... well then it is REALLY socially disruptive.

    The hurdle for the sport is to get lads in their late teens and early twenties to become comfortable displaying and yes flaunting a nude muscular body. To some it comes naturally, the naturally arrogant, or those that are naturally homo-erotically disposed. But a good portion of every new "class" of recruits have neither natural alpha arrogance, or has same sex sexual attraction. 40 to 70% of each new class are young fellers who possess budding specimen's of bodies and handsome monster cocks (by natural standards) but are still shy and find man on man contact awkward at best, abhorrent at worst.

    This is where the top youth coaches come in. There are a few stand out coaches around the country who have a special knack for getting the big muscular but shy 19 year old to "take to dick". Some of the shyest young bucks who would turn beat red at the sight of and erect penis, develop into the most arrogant swinging dick alpha muscle studs on the competitive scene.

    Coach Charlie Lanigan at the HCU Gym (Hardcock Underground Gym) takes and incremental approach. As Charlie tells it "When a new kid finishes his first workout I blow him. I tell him it's an integral part of the training. Well even the straightest stud wont turn down a blow job. The kid gets blown for two weeks after every workout. At first by me, then after a week by some of the other athletes. Then after two weeks he is told he now has to return the favor. After two weeks of blowing dudes he is comfortable being around cock and is told he now must fuck his gym partners ass after every workout. Well every straight guy is curious what it is like to fuck ass so they all dive in enthusiastically. After a few weeks of him pounding ass he is told it is now time for him to receive anal stimulation. Something that would have been abhorrent and shocking to him ... now seems kind of natural. He is told the pain will be his true initiation to the Underground Gym. And presto an anal stim athlete is born.

    Butch Radamacher At the Balls to the Wall summer training camp in northern Wisconsin. Swears by putting his new athletes through sexual deprivation. He has the young fresh recruits don a cock chastity cage for the first 45 days of their training. The young studs go through the nude workouts with the pros and semi pros who are erect during their workouts and then watch the pros ass and oral stim each other in the gym and locker room. As Butch tells it " After 45 days in a cock lock, these kids are dripping precum, have cow eyes and are just begging to be fucked.

    Justin Mandick runs the Blue Vein Gym in East LA. "I just do total immersion" Justin explains "I put them in the release room, I have them in the back of the locker room and witness the action of the pros post workout" Coach Mandick brags: "I haven't had a kid who lasted more than a week before he was in the middle of the action"

    Different Coaches different training methods ... but we owe our gratitude to these men for securing the future of Naked Bodybuilding.

    1. I personally feel like the immersion style of Coach Mandick from Blue Vein Gym seems like the most logical to me. If the newbies have had enough courage to sign up and join at nude gym, then they are probably ready to start seeing what it takes to be a naked bodybuilder. I think bombarding them with the lifestyle is key to making them feel comfortable to participate. So in addition to requiring them to see the live pump work by pros, I think it is important to also keep videos of past stage posing running on monitors around the gym, as well as backstage and training videos showing man-on-man hardcore stim work both on the gym floor and in the lockerroom. I also think the cock work shouldn’t be confined to the locker rooms or release rooms. Having mutual cock work happen on the gym floor, in front of the entire room full of men, I think is also important to “normalize” the intersection of muscle work and cock work when you are training to be an Alpha.

  3. I would like to express a different point of view on naked body building, and cock training by college students, of which I am one. Some of you may remember my first comments on this blog some time ago now when I told you of the training programme a few of my buddies and I were carrying out. Well, what with pressure of course work and the effort needed to get results that idea bombed and just two of us were left to train together.

    While we are both avid followers of the blog, we took a firm look at ourselves and realized that neither of us had either the time or inclination to train seriously to become NBBs and enter competitions as such. and so we set ourselves the goal to develop nice physiques and decent sized cocks and then to top at that level, limiting further training to maintaining ourselves at the level we had achieved.

    We decided that what we both wanted - and we are both totally gay, by the way- were physiques which we could show off at the beach or pool and even at nude gay gatherings and cocks other guys take a second look, without aiming at the type of monumental fuck-stick that the pros have. Our optic was to enjoy life as we now are, which we do. We are both pretty sportive and we have a hell of a sex life together and also with a number of other gay guys we have met at college.

    So there you have it. Two guys who have developed themselves to the level which suits them and are happy to go no further. In fact neither of us sees much point in attempting to build more muscle or bigger cocks as we feel fine just as we now are. I don’t want to boast , but both of us have bodies and cocks comparable to the two guys doing the blow job in this shot, and for us that is enough. We don’t want to go any further as unless one is going for broke and wants to become a pro NBB there seems little point. It’s a huge effort with not much return.

    So you college guys reading this, reflect on this different point of view. If you are happy in your skin as you are now and get plenty of sex, then why go any further? Remember also that the career of an NBB is relatively short and then what do you do with your massive muscles and even more important, your excessively long tool, which is difficult to manage in normal life. Remember also that most of us cannot ever aspire to a nude life style 24/7. Just flick back through this blog for a few years and see how many of the then stars are no longer around. This does not mean that you should not appreciate the pros and their sexual prowess. Both me and my partner (Jake, by the way and yes, we are a couple) have greatly enjoyed the superb muscles and mammoth cocks of the Anaconda; but we just no longer aspire to that level of hyper-development; in fact I don’t think we ever did.

    One final point, commentators insist that the sport is not just for homosexuals but also for real men who need to fuck other real men to show their manliness. Well all I can say is that from my admittedly limited experience, everyone I have ever met associated with this sport has been gay.

    1. Hi Kevin

      I have just read your comment above today. I agree with everything you say. I did caution young guys some time ago not to rush into training to be NBAs which seems to me to be a dead end job of short life.

      OK I can understand the desire to fuck and to be fucked by Alpha dicks, (we all probably have tee same desire,) but my view is that if you need that sort of experience, just go out and buy it from time to time to satisfy yourself. There are quite a number of male escorts with the sort of bodies and cocks you crave to satisfy your needs. So just do not allow yourself to be trained as an NBA unless you are truly sure that that is the life you want: having your hole beaten to death by a humongous lump of man-meat attached to a guy who has no considerations for you at all. Think hard and long before you commit to such a life.