OLD GUARD, NEW DREAMER:  Raul Rubenez, still with a load of Pierre Douton's spunk on his face,
takes a moment during the Post-Contest Fan Banquet to pose with one of his long-time idols in the sport.

IFNB pro Raul Tubenez has made no secret about his admiration of long time veteran of the pro naked bodybuilding ranks, Superheavyweight Pierre Douton.  Indeed, it was Douton's early pro years that were partly responsible for inspiring Rubenez to take up naked bodybuilding:

"I remember the first time I saw a photo of his naked muscle and being fascinated by the size and power of his throbbing hard dong.  I was always obsessed with muscle as a kid, but when I saw how he f;exes with his herd on proudly declaring his masculinity, I was amazed!  The sight of that giant fuck stick shot through me and made my own big dick get rock hard.  Not because it made me horny – it was something deeper and more manly.  
"It was like a raw, pure male connection; it was like a pure testosterone rush came over me, and while it was a horny feeling, it was not like the way you want sex.  It was like a pure male animal inside me was being poked awake, and my own cock responding to the sight of Douton was telling me that there is more power to a man's physique than just the strength and size I loved to build.
"If a man's cock and muscle could mesmerize me like that, and even cause my body to respond, I knew that I want to achieve that power myself one day.  I wanted what Douton had; what all the IFNB pros had: a power of male sexuality and might that not only forced people to worship me, but also literally caused them to uncontrollably get desperately horny in my presence.  That is real male power!"
And indeed it is.  What the young Rubenez was reacting to has been scientifically proven: that the years of extreme, experimental chemical enhancements of most naked bodybuilding pros actually causes a pheromonal reaction to those nearby, literally causing a hyper-activity of sexual impulsivity. In other words; you can't consciously prevent getting blind with lust in the presence of these men.  Rubenez was merely identifying that idea in a photo at a young age.  More importantly, he was getting in touch with his own ability to become that way.

And, as we all know become that way he has.  He has been frank during the Anaconda about how thrilled he has been to share a competitive stage with Douton, but he discovered at the Closing Fan Banquet that the admiration actually was mutual.

"I know how much men admire me," Douton told us at the banquet.  "I hear all the time about how I inspire men to attempt to achieve my kind of true masculinity.  So it is nothing new to me that a young pro should admire me.  But Raul represents a level of fight and aggression I don't see often in the newer pros.  He is hungry for it; all he wants is the world to worship his muscle and men to be powerless to his dick.  He reminds me of my own early years, when I knew one day you would all beg to be in my presence.  He will go far if he remains as certain of his superiority as I am."

As close to a complement as you might get from the admirably self-worshipping ego of the amazing Pierre Douton.  The two sat with each other for much of the banquet, and seemed almost like old friends at moments.  The banquet is designed to give fans willing to afford the exorbitantly high ticket price a chance to get one last handshake with a pro before the contest shuts down, and many of the fan photos with either Rubenez or Douton had the other in the frame.

Both competitors are notoriously independent in their training, and known for doing it on their own – the result of both competence and their unwavering macho egos.  So it was thrilling for fans to see the two pros hit it off so well.  Who knows/  Maybe the stoic Douton and the excitable Rubenez may work together in the off season?



  1. WOW !!! According to paragraph 4, the young Rubenez felt and responded to Douton's pheromones via photograph. Guess all readers of this blog better watch out for how they behave when they look at the pictures.

  2. In Anaconda 26, there was an "Anaconda Victory Banquet" -- a Hackelberg event. It was, quoting the text, a “mandatory nude party"

    Above in Anaconda 28, the audience for the "Closing Fan Banquet" is clearly not nude.

    Are these two different events?

    If these are two events, are they both Hackelberg sponsored money-makers for his already gold lined pockets? Quoting text, Anaconda 28, had “exorbitantly high ticket prices” for the Closing Fan Banquet.

    For the Anaconda Victory Banquet, quoting text, "The private event was open only to competitors, their trainers and entourage, select NBAs, sponsors, and a small crowd of lucky (and well-networked) fans." No mention of ticket prices, but apparently by free, if you are in the Hackelberg network.

    Be on his A-list network, apparently for previous services, or pay -- lots!

    Fans seem to be getting ripped-off by a sleaze ball, so-called sponsor, who seems to have as his motivation for his interest in the sport, his own fetish interests and insatiable manholes, i.e. his ass-cunt and throat-pussy, -- and his lust to consume cum that could be better used by the athletes who need muscle and cock development.

    The IFNB, as an organization, and its fans deserve better.

    1. I agree with pumpspurt. What's the joy? What's the point? of being a fan of a sport where everything is so private and so expensive? Naked Bodybuilding for the people !!!

  3. (aka Coach Cox) There are different aspects to Raul Rubenez's personality. He will be visiting the NB students at the UNiversidade do Rio in August. Enzo, the 18 year old freshman who shoved his cock down Rex Whitney's throat at the suckspLOAD event, invited Rubenez to visit, after the pro plowed Rex's (19) and Erik Lindgren's (19) chutes, with his monstrous dong, on the stage. The pro's muscles, cock size, manliness, power, and the fact that he is a home town pro NB, has inspired many of the students to pursue NB. The students have already had their sphincters stretched by Rex and Erik, and Buck Paulette, but not by a Brazilian icon. The students would be honored to receive training pointers and to have their assholes fucked by the Brazilian's gigantic dong.
    Coach Paulo and Lucca(18), from the private high school in Rio, invited middle weight pro, George Caro, to visit, also in August. The coach and Caro spit roasted Max Whitney (18) on the suckspLOAD stage. Lucca wanted to be plowed by Caro's gigantic dong on the stage, in view of his classmates, but it didn't happen. The coach's 14" dong has plowed Lucca's chute in the NB class, almost daily. In addition to his looks, height, large muscles, and monstrous dong, Coach Paulo admires the pro's sense of playfulness, and would like Caro to share with the high school students his love of camaraderie, male bonding, and friendships with other pro NBs. Lucca's not the only senior who wants to be fucked anally and orally by Caro's huge fuck pole, and to eat or absorb his potent jizz.

    1. It's true that Lucca did not get fucked on stage by George Caro at the spunksLOAD kick-off, but he did get fucked on stage by Paulo de Almeida, the fifth place overall winner at Anaconda.

    2. And don't forget that Caro ate cum out of Lucca's asshole at the kick-off. It was, if I remember correctly, de Almeida's cum.

    3. (aka Coach Cox) The graduation for 5 of the Community College NB Team, including Rex Whitney and Erik Lindgren, was held Wed., June 8. By the time the 2 returned from Anaconda, the college was closed, so I was able to have the ceremony in the main gym. Over 100 naked men and Head Coach Flash, also naked, attended. The social media focused on Rex and Erik was not missed by the student body or Flash. The large increases in donations for Coach Cox in the Phys. Ed. Dept.; rumors about me, Rex, and Erik; and social media; led Flash to me and the NB team. Flash, 53 and divorced, a nudist and runner, with a toned body, muscular legs and ass, and a 10" cock, is always naked In the locker room day and night, and frequently runs on the track, including late at night naked with the lights out, confronted me, so I invited him to the ceremony.
      During the last 6 weeks, in Rio, Rex and Erik have been taking pumpspLOAD's ATLAS. Clearly, the supplement has provided larger muscles and cock growth: Rex's dong now 14" and Erik's dong 13".
      Erik explained to the crowd that participating in College NB, under Coach Cox's direction has provided him with a fraternal bond with his teammates. Even though he is straight, during training, having his cock inside the asshole of a teammate, or vice versa, has made him one with the other male, He enjoyed the camaraderie, the friendships, and thought of each team member as a brother. Also, Coach Cox's muscular body, 11" cock, and living naked 24/7 were an inspiration. Erik stated, I love my brothers and Coach Cox. Having absorbed every team member's cum in my body means you all will always be part of me. Rex agreed to everything.
      Along with the other 3 graduates, the 5 asked to be fucked by the other 15 teammates, including Max, Erik's brother, and the 5 would plow the chutes of the 15. Then I, the alpha male, got In the doggie position and had each of the graduates fuck me until they came. Erik came over and sucked all the cum out of my ass hole and spit it into the mouth of Head Coach Flash. He was shocked, but swallowed all of it, licking the last off Erik's tongue. Then Flash went to me, bent me over, and shoved his 10" cock into my hole, to show everyone he was the alpha. After he came, he sucked the cum out of my hole and spit it into my mouth. I swallowed.
      Then Flash announced 1) he would allow the NB Team and trainings to continue discreetly, 2) the entire men's Phys. Ed. facility would be clothing optional, (now Flash could always let his cock swing freely) 3) Cox may coach naked for all his courses, 4) students in his traditional bodybuilding and wrestling courses are now in clothing optional courses.
      The rest of the evening was devoted to the team working out with weights and the audience voluntarily providing anal and oral stim. Alex, Rex and Max's father, was plowed by Flash. The latter intends to occasionally visit the NB team after his late night nude runs.
      All 5 graduates will be allowed to train naked free of charge at the gay spa I go to in North Hollywood. It has a complete gym and I have been training some of the regulars on NB.
      I encouraged everyone to go home naked. I know Flash did.

    4. Coach Cox …. Your report on the Community College Naked Bodybuilding Graduation Ceremony is excellent reading. It provides a detailed record of events from the beginning with Erik Lindgren’s speech to the climax with you and Head Coach Flash fucking and felching. It’s very good news to read that Head Coach Flash is now fully supportive of you and your Naked Bodybuilding program. This is sure to lead to bigger and better things you will want to report about.

      Finally, I must compliment you for the open and participatory way the graduation ended. After the formal speeches and demonstrations, you planned time for communal/fraternal workouts, with the audience and guests able to be active in a sportsmanlike way with graduates, students, and coaches. This certainly shows that you encourage Naked Bodybuilding and want to see the sport widely accepted and enjoyed, not just have it be exclusive for the rich.

    5. (aka Coach Cox) The Community College NB course met Tues. night, 10 pm, with 20 students and over 40 family members and friends, including Head Coach Flash, all naked in the crowded gym. I gave the philosophy and techniques of NB, and described the routine followed in my course. For the 10 week summer course all the students were on a waiting list with one exception, Elwood Cooper, the grandson of the Chairman of the College Board. The latter is also the college's largest donor. Elwood, muscular, 6'4" tall, with a 12" cock, was a shy, obese, bullied teen in the 10th grade. Bullies saw his naked, obese body, and freakish cock, and nicknamed him "elephant." Elwood discovered IFNB and reading the blog figured out Community College is his grandfather's college. On Elwood's behalf, Chairman Cooper spoke to Head Coach Flash, who told me to add Elwood to the class.
      The first five students are 18 and will be the NB team's new members in August. Fourteen of the others will be back ups if any vacancies occur. As the alpha male, I fuck each new student with 15 to 20 thrusts in their assholes. All but Elwood have been to at least one visitor training session.
      First: Carlos, 5'9" tall, 8" cock, straight, with a bubble butt, and from E.L.A. As my 11" long cock with a circumference of 7", slowly penetrated his chute, he cried, but he gasped, "don't stop coach, I want to be an alpha NB." He yelled, "fuck me!"
      Second: Reggie, 6'2" tall, 10" cock, grew up in Compton with his grandmother and now lives in Hollywood. His role models are bodybuilder Kai Greene, and NB Raul Rubenez. Reggie took my thrusts without a sound. When I pulled out he said,"thank you coach."
      Third: Kenji, 5'10" tall, 8"cock. His grandfather was a champion sumo wrestler in Japan. As I plowed him, he gritted his teeth and nodded his head when I was done and barked, "sir!"
      (To be continued.)

    6. (Coach Cox continued) Fourth: Elwood had transformed into a hunk. Looking at his gramps, he told me to give it to him, so I shoved my dong into his chute. He grunted as I fucked him and he shot, hands free, a huge load on my 30th thrust. Elwood shouted to his gramps, the latter with a hard on, "thanks gramps!"
      Fifth: Juan, 6' tall, 10" cock, and was on a high school wrestling team in L.A., where he was known as "hard Juan" because his dong naturally stuck out. My large cock just slid right in his asshole and Juan asked me with a smile, "you like my hole coach?", his sphincter feeling like a vise and I had to pull out before I came.
      Sixth: Woody (aka brogasmXXL, and a contributor to the IFNB blog, communicating with me, and going to college back east in the fall) 18 yrs. old, 6' tall, 9"cock. I introduced his dad, Drew, 6' tall, cock 12" long and circumference of 8", who will be my "assistant" for the 10 weeks. I want the students to experience a dong, closer in size to that of an alpha pro NB, and larger than mine. I told the class that Woody and Drew had been preparing the hole of the young man for the course.
      I then bent over and told Drew to fuck me. He plunged in to the base of his 12" cock. I grunted. I wanted my students to see and know that I, the alpha male could take a huge dong up my asshole. Then Drew pulled out, lay on the floor, and had his son sat on his huge dong in one swift move. I pushed Woody on his dad, chest to chest. I squated down and shoved my dong along Drew's and stretched his sons sphincter to the max. Woody groaned and moaned, his tongue hanging out of his mouth. The Chairman of the Board and others gasped, some never having seen a double penetration.
      (To be continued.)

    7. (Coach Cox, Part 3) After Drew and I came in Woody, Elwood rushed over, drilled his tongue deeply down Woody's chute and sucked out all the cum. Elwood went over to his grandfather, spit the cum into the 60 yr. old's mouth, and slimed jizz onto the Chairman's tongue. The elder Cooper shot a huge load onto his grandson. Elwood smiled and rubbed the cum all over his muscles and hard dong. I told the students that at the end of the 10 weeks they would be able to take 2 large cocks like Woody. I make this part of the training, because most likely at some time each of them will be double fucked if they continue in NB beyond this college weight room, and if they choose to go pro, their asshole will be adequately stretched for those monster dongs.
      I continued fucking the students until all 20 were penetrated. Then everyone spread out, the students using weights, and friends and family voluntarily providing anal and oral stimulation.
      Chairman Cooper thanked me. He could see the value of the NB program, providing friendships, camaraderie, and increased self esteem, with other young men. Elwood never had this before. Cooper also admitted, although he is straight, he now understands a NB's need for potent family jizz, and he will agree to his grandson's request to plow him weekly. The Chairman, fit and no tan line, with a 10" cock, and a tennis player's legs and ass, asked to visit occasionally. I said it would be good for the students to know that the Chairman supports NB. Cooper laughed. Flash was providing oral stim to Kenji as rhe student did bench presses. I instructed all the students to be fucked anally or orally by Drew, at least once this first session. Straight Carlos gagged trying to suck the huge cock, but at least he tried. I fucked every student again during the session as I observed and gave pointers on handling the weights. This time Carlos did not cry. He said, "I can take your cock Coach." Before the class was over, I had all the students pair up and suck the cum out of each other's assholes and swallow. I reminded them to be alpha males and live naked 24/7. It was after 2am. All the students drove or walked home naked, like Juan, who lives 5 blocks from campus. Today I turned 31, and as usual, drove home in my birthday suit.

    8. Coach, That first meeting of the Community College summer Naked Bodybuilding course was outstanding.

      Of course, there were some surprises. I thought it was going to be just the twenty students (me included), plus you and my dad and maybe Head Coach Flash would pay a visit, but I didn’t expect the audience of family and friends. I just called on my Mojo to put my Alpha Male attitude on extra high active that night, especially since I’m really getting into showing off myself and my training techniques for everybody to see.

      The other surprise was the double penetration. I didn’t expect that, but like you said, my Dad Drew has been training me with his 12x8 man-hammer and finger-work and stretching too, so when it happened I was ready. It was another way to so show that I’m an Alpha who knows how to ride dick, even two dicks at the same time, and that all the athletes can watch me and now they are in the presence of a true Alpha who is totally aggressive about getting the workout training I need for my muscle and cock growth.

      Looking forward to the rest of the summer and training with the team ….. Woody

    9. Coach Cox,

      It was good seeing you again, it’s been about a month since our first meeting at your visitor open house until Tuesday’s start of the Community College summer Naked Bodybuilding. During that interval, my 12x8 man-hammer had been doing its own thinking about how to workout and train your man-chute, so I appreciate — as I’m sure your student athletes and visitors do — that we showed you taking anal stim in several positions that spread open your legs wide and give a full-on view of your pulsing asshole as I plunged and plowed my 12x8 dong in and out. Among all the man-pussies and man-cunts I’ve trained, serviced, and just plain fucked — and I’ve fucked a lot of them — yours knows best how to work out with the trainer so you get the maximum development, especially because your aggressive tight sphincter squeezes out all the sperm which is so important for muscle and cock growth. I know we’re doing the sport at its best when I’m giving you anal stim.

      When you gave me that sign — your index and middle fingers pressed together — I knew right away that the planned demo of Woody being a man-up role model to show the team how he can handle my 12x8 dick would not be that simple. You wanted him to get a hard-pack, double penetration. It seems that was a good idea since Woody showed he was an Alpha Male who knows how to ride when a good ride is offered. As you know, that was Woody’s first hard-pack.

      Not counting Woody, the nineteen young athletes you assembled for your summer training program look like a very promising team of Naked Bodybuilders. Reggie, in particular, is impressive. He took my cock up his ass with just a little spit for lube. Also Carlos, with you training his asshole and anus and me training his mouth and throat, he seems likely to become a spit-roast champ.

      Drew (Woody’s dad)

    10. Hey Woody,

      I read about your getting a hard-pack, your first, at Coach Cox’s summer training program. Congratulations !!! Your gonna see real fast how great a hard-pack is for muscle and cock growth. So I recommend you get into it bro and gasm away …. LMAO

      Seriously tho, I been reading your posts, and maybe you saw what my dad posted about me. Maybe you know me and all my family — my dad, my uncle Ed and Cousin EJ, and great Uncle Stush, Ed’s dad — belong to The Zoo, a Naked Bodybuilding club here in western PA. Our club has an initiation tradition of hard-pack (double penetration or double fuck as some call it). My initiation was a big night for me, and you can read about it in Anaconda 1.

      But lemme tell you about something I found out since. In Pittsburgh there’s this guy, name is Petr Kutas, son of Polish immigrants, best-known Naked Bodybuilder around here, he’s like a Semi-Pro, no Elite or national titles, but tops in the tri-state area circuit. Couple times a year, he rents a hall like a Sons of Italy or Polish Falcons, might be on the Northside, Southside or in Beaver Falls or even out East Liverpool or Weirton way, he gives a talk about the benefits of the Naked Bodybuilding lifestyle, does some posing and timed cum shots. Last week, he was in McKeesport, so I went to see him. (BTW he can spurt a load six feet up and six feet over, a genuine arc of triumph.) He promotes a male power enhancer called DRD - Dual Ring Dynamo, works on the two sphincter rings, inner and outer, supposed to set up in tandem vibration signals — as your sphincters expand and contract during anal sim, they send out signals that all the muscles in your body reciprocate — autonomic responses, he calls them — so all your muscles get pumped when your asshole gets pumped. DRD is real easy to use, it’s a like an inhaler-nasal spray thing, has a creamy-chocolate taste and smell too, like cum sucked out of an anus.

      You know me, my dad, uncle Ed and his son EJ, and Uncle Stush, share a lot of family cum, which Coach Cox says is the most potent and powerful muscle and cock developer. That plus the hard-pack, which like everybody at The Zoo is into, can really pack on power for a NB athlete who puts in the time and effort. Dad don’t want to admit it, but I think I’m already topping out at 11” which will exceed the Zwick men whose all 10.5 or 10.5+ — I think think the difference is DRD, which I started using since that day I saw Petr Kutas.

      You and me being just about the same age, give or take a week, and getting into Naked Bodybuilding about the same time, I feel sad that Coach Cox reported you had only a 9” cock. Seems once before he said it was 9.5” and you figured maybe you growed to 10”-and-half-or-at-least-a-quarter, since all the workouts and training you did with your dad Drew.

      You might be right. Get an impartial dude to measure you. That’s what I’m gonna do.

      Dads — and old guys in general — can get jealous, Woody. They like to claim they passed on the genes, but they don’t necessarily like to be sur-passed.

      Travis “aka The Steed” Zwick

    11. Hey, Travis, Thanks for reaching out to me with your post. Like you wrote, we got a lot in common.

      I read about your initiation at The Zoo and how you got ready for it. That was impressive. I figure I can learn something from you about not feeling used and humiliated. I’ll just turn my mojo on them and say, Hell No I ain’t ashamed. I’m the Alpha teen who can take a hard-pack of the two biggest cocks here at Community College and not whine or cry. Who else can say that? I'm going to challenge the other nineteen student athletes to get a hard-pack from my dad and coach. And when each one does, I’ll get two — first from dad and coach and second from the Naked Bodybuilding student athlete plus either dad or coach, his choice. That’ll show I’m an aggressive hard-pack champ. What do you think of that Travis?

    12. (aka Coach Cox) brogasmXXL (aka Woody), I owe you a big apology. I misled you and the summer class when I showed I am the alpha male by double fucking you, with your father, and by implying that sex is how you prove one is an alpha male. I have been lax in my training. The true alpha is judged by muscle and cock size, and by the number and size of cum shots while posing. Also, in my class, camaraderie, brotherhood, and friendships, are also factors. Erik Lindgren and Rex Whitney became the class alphas because they excelled in all of the above. Also, rhe best alpha NBs know when to apologize. That requires the most strength of all. Tonight I am informing the summer class that double fucking is banned, and only being fucked by a single cock or dildo will be allowed.
      This is my final entry on the IFNB blog. Like a reality show, I can see that the blog is distorting the self image of some of my students.
      As for Erik and Rex, they are now under the management of suckspLOAD, so I wish them well. As for Max, he has accepted a job as NBA, working along side Coach Paulo and his 14" dong, at the Universidade do Rio.
      I love NB and support the IFNB. I've met great men, and bonded with a number of them. I enjoy working naked 24/7 at Community College and coaching the clothing optional wresting and clothing optional bodybuilding courses. Of course, I love coaching the late night NB summer class and the school year team.
      Get big, shoot cum often, eat and absorb jizz, and become one with men by shoving your dong into male assholes as much as possible. I've had a "blast" sharing on the blog. Live naked 24/7!

  4. Thanks for more reporting about Lucca from the Colegio and Enzo from the Universidade, it’s good to find out about Naked Bodybuilding athletes my age.

    Enzo in particular must a very important prospect for the future of Naked Bodybuilding in Brazil. Just 18 like I am, he is a college freshman (which I won’t be until September), and he already had the honor of being on stage at the spunksLOAD kick-off where he throat-fucked Rex Whitney and Erik Lindgren, for the oral part of a spit-roast, while Raul Rubenez and Buck Paulette worked out on young Rex and Erik’s sphincters and anuses for the ass part.

    Now Enzo has invited Raul Rubenez, sixth place winner overall in the Anaconda, to the university’s Naked Bodybuilding program to be a guest instructor, trainer and demonstrator. For such a young athlete, Enzo shows tremendous initiative and commitment. The students in the Naked Bodybuilding classes will appreciate and benefit from the input Rubenez gives them. When Paulette visited the Universidade, he trained the assholes or throats of all thirty members of the NB class, as well as the assholes of the coaches, who also sucked cum of each other’s anuses, to show their students this muscle development technique for the first time. It will be hard for Rubenez to provide better instruction, training sessions, and hands-on demonstrations than that. It is definitely be something everyone who is interested in Naked Bodybuilder education programs will want to know about.

  5. I don’t think that Rubenez was the first man to have that kind of visceral, lusty reaction to their first encounter with Pierre Douton. There is a reason he is a legend in the sport despite not being the most-winning pro out there. But there are few that bring together so much – his amazing training and dedication to the lifestyle (as evidenced by his magnificent body), his stunning and mesmerizing black dick, his record setting abilities to cum and cum and cum, and an attitude so inherently demanding of worship as it is self-worshiping that he truly sets the standard for arrogance. I continue to be a huge fan, and I hope that Rubenez takes to heart any mentoring that Douton may give him, including letting him take plenty of his rich, enhanced muscle sperm.

  6. Considering that Pierre Douton said this about Raul Rubenez in Anaconda 9

    "When a little turd like that boy mouths off, he soon learns what a true superior man will do to him," Pierre said.  "When I win – and I am now more determined to win just to teach him a lesson – when I win he will be the first ass I punish in the Release Room.  I will use my perfect dick to make that little boy wish he had never even heard the name Douton!"

    It’s now very surprising to see them so buddy-buddy at Anaconda Victory Banquet.

    1. AWESOME catch! And I agree: there is CLEARLY more to this story!

      Mouton is known for surprising people with his sudden changes of mind and direction, so in some ways it doesn't surprise me that he switched opinions about Rubenez. Likewise, Douton is a trash talker, so it could have simply been the pre-contest aggression speaking when he cut on Rubenez.

      But there is still. I think more to this than we have learned.

  7. Anonyme right above makes a good point.

    Also, further above, the Editors wrote:  “Maybe the stoic Douton and the excitable Rubenez may work together in the off season?”

    But in Anaconda 20, editors interviewed and Rubenez said

    So if he gains Elite status, will Rubenez start competing in 2016's other Elite contests?  "Probably not," he smiled.  "After this I plan on taking 6 to 8 months just fucking everything in sight, and lifting old school – the way I love.  I am already setting up a fuck schedule of 6 to 8 cock poundings a day if I can>  After this prep, trust me, all I want to do is explode and enjoy the sport the way I learned it – through heavy lifting and hard fucking!  You won't see me on stage for a while."

    "Well,:" he smiled.  "Unless it is a fucking contest.  Then you'll see me win the championship for sure like in my days still competing in Dominia Capoeira!"

    Sooooo…….. Will Douton be one of the “everything in sight” that gets six or eight poundings when Rubenez fucks him? Or will he and Douton be (on stage?) competing in a fucking contest?

    Just a couple of points this fan wonders about.