BRANDISHING BRAZILIAN BRASS AND BONERS:  Proudly displaying their IFNB Phallus trophies backstage
immediately after the winners were announced during the Final Round of the Anaconda are
Superheavyweight Paulo de Almeida (Fifth Overall) and Lightheavyweight
 Raul Rubenez (Sixth Overall).
No matter where an IFNB Pro Level naked bodybuilding competition is held, it is open to all pro-level naked bodybuilders worldwide.  However, many pros do not travel to Standard Pro Level contests simply because they favor Elite Level pro shows, which have more prestige.  Therefore Standard Level Pro events tend to remain very regional in their competitor ranks.  And for 14 years the Anaconda was precisely that way; drawing primarily regional naked bodybuilders from South America.

Yet now Anaconda's Elite Pro Level status entices competitors from much further away than South America.  Indeed, the top four in this year's Anaconda were foreign: Korozoev (Russia), Douton (Africa), Paulette (USA) and Neuville (France).  This meant no South Americans held the top spots this year.

But while you might imagine upset from South American fans, the lack of top South American placements only made the top competitors more hungry, not more embittered.  And Brazil gave us the fifth and sixth place champions in Paulo de Almeida and Raul Rubenez, which shows that South American naked muscle sports are not that far out of the elite pro game.

"When you possess a cock that everyone envies, and a body that fascinates anyone you meet, you begin to crave bigger conquests," Paulo de Almeida told us.  "Because I am so physically perfect, I can walk around knowing everyone adores me, and is likewise terrified into respecting me.  But what makes a man an alpha is not just his prowess, but his ability to truly show his dominance.  And without a thing to conquer, it is hard to get the fire in the belly.  So placing fifth only makes me want to lift more weight and fuck harder for the next year and come back in the kind of muscle brute fuck machine that Korozoev brought to the stage this year."

"I am only more passionate to expand my male dominance," de Almeida smiled.  "Brazil has the most beautiful people int he world, and some of the best cock you have ever seen.  I will one day be the single man who is known world wide as having the most intimidating dick and perfect muscle ever to come from my home country."

De Almeida was not alone in praising those who placed before him.  Rubenez likewise had kind things to say of those who placed ahead of him:

"I was just starting competing when Pierre Douton began winning as an Elite Pro," he told us.  "Douton's arrogance and dominant attitude is an example to us all and something that insured so much of my own work.  The way he takes what he wants based on the authority of his looks and strength is what a real man should be, and it comes so natural to him.  I admire what he does with his posing and rock-hard hole-wrecker so much that I have no problem being a few places behind a hero in the sport."

"But to be among terrifying muscle cock like Paulette and Korozoev is truly a dream come true," Rubenez continued.  "Being a smaller naked bodybuilder, it is always a dream to get into overall posing rounds with the big beasts and their throbbing cocks.  So to get in the mix with pros who brought so much male perfection was as gratifying as earning my Elite Pro status.  Their muscle is even more insanely huge up close, and their dicks, well, even an alpha like me can see why those non-stop dongs are intimidating.  Getting a chance to show that a Lightheavyweight can hold his own against that level of masculine power was a thrill."

If there was any doubt that this year's Anaconda was marked with a mood of brotherly sportsmanship, the attitudes of these two Brazilian champions would confirm the man-to-man appreciation that set the tone.  There's no doubt we will see these two remarkable pros hit the Elite circuit as they seek to advance in the game.

"Although you may not see me in competition again for a little while," Rubenez smiled.  "I may finally take that long, mass-building break I was planning on taking before I jumped in to this contest!"

"You'll see more of me," de Almeida smiled. "Now that I am in the circle, I plan on getting my name out there.  Just watch for a lot of crying NBAs and terrified fans, and you'll know it's a contest I am hitting!"



  1. Dear Editors,

    I just wish to say that you have truly outdone yourselves with this Anaconda competition We have been treated to a selection of international muscle and cock which has been unrivalled in its perfection in my view: Korsoev, Paulette, Douton and Neuville: all four of them with more or less perfect physiques and incredible fucking equipment. I have to say that I would have given Neuville the top spot, but that is just my opinion and all four have been totally superb. Together these four studs must have the finest cocks on the planet. And I have to say that I particularly like Neuville’s fuck-stick: it is quite incredible: total perfection

    And now to end (or is it???) we have this amazing shot of de Alemeida and Rubenez, the two local heroes, both with impeccable bodies and marvellous dicks. So what if they are not in the top weight categories? Who cares as they are just such great young studs.

    With the quality of man-meat available, I am not at all surprised that post contest fucking reached unprecedented levels. How could the top contenders resist fucking each other? It would have needed incredible self control not to indulge oneself in such a unique opportunity to fuck and be fucked by some of the greatest muscle-cocks on the planet.

    And have you noticed, editors, the quantity of comments that this series has generated? The question is where are you taking us next. The Anaconda may be new, but it’s going to be a hard act to follow.

  2. I was just reflecting that it is interesting that we didn’t see anything from local Elite level superstar Carlos Monza. He’s a Brazilian, though as a world-wide star, I’m not sure if he lives and trains there anymore? Too bad – he’s such a beast. Now that the Anaconda is an Elite event, maybe he’ll show up next year?

    1. I agree. I was hoping the new Elite Level Pro status of the contest would attract him. But he is so focused on larger events and the MR. Alpha that I can see why he didn't put this one into his roster. But there's no doubt he could have beaten Korozoev, and so that WOULD have been a show indeed!

    2. It may sad to admit, but men do age-out of competition Monza is probably ready to move into the the seniors category and let new young bucks with the upbeat vibe have the main spotlight.

    3. I don't think Monza is that old! I'd rather suspect that he's probably in the midst of some cycle of experimental chemical treatments, and not ready to compete. But all speculation anyway. Knowing his penchant for living the full naked bodybuilding lifestyle, his complete absence from Rio is strange.

  3. Rubenez e de Almeida são verdadeiros galos Alpha. Todos os homens devem adorá-los e, chupar seus galos.

  4. Longas, grossas, cremoso galos brasileiras. Boa sucção. Boa porra.

  5. Meu pau é tão duro, minha garganta está tão sedento, e meu cu é tão quente quando eu olhar para estes dois brasileiros macho alfa que eu preciso para bater o imediatamente.