ANACONDA OVERALL TOP THREE:  Pro megaweight Yuri Korozoev (aka, "Hard Red", center) cock still
drooling hot cum, is the official overall winner of the 2016 IFNB Anaconda.  An excellent appearance
by super heavyweight Pierre Douton (left) earned him a solid (if lackluster for him) second place.
In third was Jeff "Buck" Paulette (right), who was clearly disappointed with the placings. 

One of the biggest megaweight on-stage battles concluded with a small footnote of naked bodybuilding history being made at the IFNB 2016 Anaconda South American Championship.

For the first time ever in IFNB history two of the top three spots in an Elite level contest went to megweight class competitors!

Megaweights are known for their incredible heft and their uncontrollable sexual rage, which often keeps them in the running for top spots, but rarely breaks them into Overall positions, let alone multiple Overall spots.  But the contention between the two most notable megaweights in the game, Yori "Hard Red" Korozoev and Jeff "Buck" Paulette, aka "The Club," was so fevered that the two super men pressured each other's game.  Both delivered remarkable physique and cock work in an effort to out-do the other, creating a race for the overall in the megaweights not seen since, perhaps, the 2014 Mr. Alpha when the Megaweight class was stacked with top contenders.

Most experts in the sport and the majority of fans had Buck Paulette as a solid Megaweightr winner in the Anaconda, and many thought he would be this year's overall.  Fresh from his dominating and thrilling Overall win at the IFNB DragonCock, he seemed more unstoppable than usual.  And most fans who know the brute know his final move – to over-cum in the Final round – is often enough to lock him into a top spot.   The horny monster of muscle blew 21 wads hot juice during the Final round – a true signal of just how self-worshipping this idol of muscle perfection truly is!

However, what no one expected was Korozoev also playing a strong quantity game.  While timing of cum loads is always an edge, a competitor who is just distractingly horny represents a strong display of the masculine ideals judges go for, and megaweights play the excess game well.  Yet Korozoev has exhibited unusual and powerful control over his monstrous and dangerous muscle cock, favoring instead gorgeous poses and using his muscle to earn him favor among  the judges.  With his stylistic game, it would be impossible to overtake the closely-ranked veteran of flexing and cum, Paulette.

But Korozoev surprised judges and thrilled fans by turning his usual physique-focused game into an all out flex and cum rainstorm.  The pro seemed to put aside the tedious control he exhibited throughout each prior round, and instead let his cock respond to the thrill of flexing for adoring fans among.  With his cock controlling his show, it was clear this beast from Russia was gonna give a classic performance, using muscle to incite his male arousal.  The result was an excessively shot 27 loads throughout he day – far eclipsing Paulette.

The Club has spewed a 27 and even more in past shows, and so it was clear he was trying to match Korozoev's control from previous rounds.  Had Paulette unleashed his famous and dangerous sexual rage, he might have overtaken the rapacious Korosoev.  But as it stands top honors went to Hard Red, this year's Anaconda Overall champion.

The true blow to Paulette came when judges placed him third behind veteran star Pierre Douton.  Douton has had a solid game, being one of the best cum-posers in the Elite ranks  In the finals, Douton has stayed at the top of the Superheavyweights, and seemed an inevitable for the top three spots.  Many fans even thought he would sneak into he first place.  However, Douton's game was, while amazing in general, lacking the usual aggression we all admire in him.  Mouton is a dominating warrior of strength and cock authority; to seem him play by-the-numbers always feels a little less than his full potential.  Could he have won the Anaconda?  Definitely.  Why didn't he?  Perhaps because the judges know how much more this champion can deliver here at the top of his game.

Yet Douton's fuck pole spewed a solid 15/14 game – almost perfect and certainly plentiful for a super heavyweight.  His posing was gorgeous as always, nudging him ahead in the physique scores.  And all this spelled a very frustrating third place for the amazing Paulette.  While it is never a surprise when a megaweight gets placed below super heavyweights and heavyweights, in this particular contest it was especially frustrating, considering how much heat went into Paulette's otherwise-incredible showing.   No one wants to see a bull-on-the-loose Paulette bested by a phoned-in Douton, but the scores don't lie, and  The Club has to make due with his third place win.

Emmanuel Neuville, the newly-pro young buck in the super heavyweights, was originally seen as a threat to Douton early in the contest.  The beast from France landed a very respectable Fourth Place Overall.

Because of these twists in the final placings, the Release Room was put on double security.  With megaweights winning, there is no doubt the "dominance fucks" would be to dangerous for anyone to handle except seasoned pros and NBAs.  While dominance fucking is NOT an official practice, and often does not occur, it is a common tradition post-contest.  Megaweights, who need excessive cock release after a heavy contest, no doubt will be engaging the decades old naked bodybuilding camaraderie tradition.  Yet megaweights on the loose fucking is just too physically dangerous for fans, and security measures have been doubled for the safety of asses and mouths as the contest ends.



  1. What a stunning final line-up this competition has produced. Myself I am surprised that Neuville was not included, as in shot Anaconda No.22 he really does look superb. Anyway, Korsoev clearly is the best of the three we see here; but the best of a superb bunch of studs all of whom all merit the status of being Alpha MuscleCocks.

    These three and Neuville all have superbly perfectly balanced physiques set off by monumental pieces of man-meat, the likes of which we rarely see so perfectly displayed as here. And I think that this pic. really illustrate how important it is to see competitors one against the other in identical poses/ as iahve said many times, it is he only was we fans can arrive at any judgement. All the talk about cum shots etc. etc. is interesting but no more. We did not and do not actually see the studs bathing eah other in their cum as it spurts from their dicks. It’s all in our mind’s eye. And just think; had we listened to the views of some fans, some of these superb guys would never have got to the stage. They would have been cashiered. Thank goodness common sense prevailed

    Frankly, in my view all the brouhaha made by some fans about the so-called rape was a storm in a tea cup. If fans strut around naked in the presence of competitors, then what do they expect? They deserve to get their sphincters stretched. They are in the presence of horny guys with big egos and even bigger cocks, who have to service their needs, So, what the hell: if arses are available, why not take advantage of them? After all the whole business is basically about fucking butt. It would not surprise me if some of the “injured parties’ do not now brag about having been shafted by the leaders in the competition, as there is a lot of kudos to be had from actually having experienced a top cock up one’s own arse.

    This has been a great competition and shows again how totally international this sport truly is.

    Bravo editors, for a great series which you have put together. and don’t take any notice about the criticisms concerning the scoring, it does not amount to a hill of beans, What really counts is a series of super pictures and that we have had.

    1. Neuville came in fourth. For a competitor fresh out of the amateur ranks, that is excellent!

    2. Yes, from off-the-radar to fourth in an International Elite Competition, that's definitely a meteoric rise. Will he and his cock fade as fast?

  2. Wow, well I have to say I'm surprised that Douton beat out the Club for runner up, especially since Douton was playing it so conservative and the Club seemed to be putting in his all. No wonder he was disappointed with his 3rd place standing.

    That said, Hard Red deserves the win - his hardcore Russian training combinded with his dedication and chemical enhancements all came together. This is truly a new dawn for megaweights, and is going to make this year's Mr Alpha that much more facinating.

    As far as the post show fucking, I know that as Alpha as he is, Douton respects the traditions of the sport, and this isn't his first time as runner up, so I bet he'll submit to Korozouv's cock with at least some grudging respect.

    For the Club, I bet he's going to have a lot of rage fucking to do, as he expected to be top dog like at the Dragon Cock. I imagine all the backstage will be on alert, and probably the Rio police and FETM will be out and around the center to contain him. As the pro right below him in the standing, as well as a newbie to international level competition, I bet that Neuville and his beautiful young muscle butt will probably take the brunt of the Club's most hardcore fucking. We'll have to wait and (hopefully) get the full report (with pictures!) should the editors dare to head back there.

    1. That's a GREAT point about the Mr. Alpha. You're probably right; in the late 80's the Superheavyweights were seen as outliers, but by the early 00's there was already a superheavyweight Mr. A. So your point about the possibility of a megaweright Mr. A is very apt; especially considering how many Megas have earned Eliute status these past few years.

      Ironically, the lighter classes have had some definite standouts, though, so as much as the mega are the new heat class, I imagine we will see some lighter class stars emerge. I think Rubenez well represents that sometimes weight is relative, and the appearance of size is what makes the win.

  3. (AKA Coach Cox) Three hours after Korozoev was announced winner, 1,000 naked men streamed into the auditorium for suckspLOAD's unveiling of their new product, ATLAS, featuring Erik Lindgren and Rex Whitney. After taking a dose of ATLAS, the chemicals when exposed to air inside cum, are activated, making the jizz extremely potent, providing quick results for muscle and cock growth, when the cum is absorbed, anally, orally or rubbed on skin. The cum can be absorbed by the ejaculator or by the receiver. Staff unveiled 2 20'x 10' photo posters: 1) coming from the left, the head of Rex's dong is in Erik's mouth, jizz is in Erik's blond curly hair, on his cheeks and chin, dribbling out of his mouth, and his blue eyes starring at the camera; 2) Rex is in the doggy position, his smiling Greek face looking at the camera, cum dribbling out of his mouth and splashed across his eyes, with Erik's face buried in the Greek's ass, the Swede's eyes peering at the camera over Rex's ass cheeks. The horny crowd cheered, many with hard ons and stroking, and some jumped up and down when they were told everyone would receive both posters in a 36"x 17" size. Next, OS QUARTO GALOS (The Four Cocks) walked out, dad Alex Whitney, Max Whitney (18), Rex Whitney (19), and Erik Lindgren (19). A number of guys rushed the stage, their erect cocks in the way, so they shoved them into the welcoming fan assholes in front of them. It was clear Rex and Erik had been taking ATLAS. Their muscles were larger, Rex's cock now 14" and Erik's 13". As The Four Cocks started their posing routines, it was announced that they would need to be anally and orally stimulated to provide cum blasts. Fans shouted they would volunteer, but the organizers had some surprises. The following came out to cheering, louder with each name. Senior Lucca from the private high school Colegio Alejandro and middle weight pro Paulo De Almeida stood left and right of Alex. Coach Paulo from the Colegio and middle weight pro George Caro stood left and right of Max. Danilo from NU, the public NB gym, and Raul Rubenez stood left and right of Erik. Freshman Enzo from Universidade do Rio and and "Buck" Paulette stood left and right of Rex. The crowd went nuts. With the exception of The Four Cocks and Paulette, all on stage were hometown NBs. ( Fortunately, Paulette's rage was spent at the post-show fucking.) The pros plunged into the assholes of The Four Cocks. The non pros and Coach Paulo shoved their cocks into the throats of the Four. During the 20 minutes there was some switching. De Almeida plowed senior Lucca while Alex put his large cock in the student's mouth. (Lucca's father and brother beamed as they watched him participating with a pro and a celebrity.) Caro and Coach Paulo double fucked Max. Rex and Erik switched trios so they could both experience Rubenez and Paulette's dongs in their chutes. The site of 4 trios spit roasting and double fucking on stage stimulated much of the audience to use their cocks, assholes and mouths on one another. The sounds of moaning, grunting, and sex talk, was deafening. After the 20 minutes of stim, the 12, dripping sweat, men on stage, lined up. They all shot loads of cum on the audience. The 4 pros, Coach Paulo, and Rex and Erik, shot hands free. Paulette and Rubenez shot buckets after the vise like grip of Erik's sphincter on their dongs.

    1. You and you co-writers have filled the blog with so much ink recently, mainly of what is usually known as the "purple prose" category. The blog, which is pure fantasy, nevertheless remains almost believable. In contrast, your stuff, I regret to say, is just so way left of field, that it is totally and utterly unbelievable.


    2. SuckspLOAD continued. The organizers promised audience participation and 12 members were randomly chosen from a basket. The NBs on stage selected an audience member by predetermined rank: Paulette first, Rubenez second, etc. The willing fans were roughly plowed. The crowd cheered on their favorites. Coach Paulo's high school students were heard yelling: go coach, go coach, as he plunged in and out of a huge ginger NB, with his 14" dong. After 10 minutes, all 24 men on stage posed, some of the fans, badly, and shot jizz on the audience, again the pros did so hands free. Now for audience participation with a prize, suckspLOAD offered to the first 25 couples who could cum while fucking on stage, a year's supply of ATLAS. Random names were selected from a basket. The named would pick a partner. No one declined. Groups of 5 couples went on the stage. Any position could be used as long as the audience could see the cock penetrating. Again, some audience members became so horny, they fucked a fan in the seats. Erik declared he would eat out all 25 assholes plowed. As soon as the first couple came, he got on his knees so his profile faced the crowd, buried his face In the crack, drilled the fan's chute deeply with his tongue, sucked every drop out and swallowed. He wanted to savor the cum from all 25 asses. To acknowledge Erik's contribution of the above technique to NB, the 5 pros drilled their tongues deeply into an asshole, sucked out the cum and ate it: Paulette with Rex, Rubenez with Erik, Coach Paulo with Max, De Almeida with Alex, and Cara with Lucca (this time the senior's class mates chanted: go Almeida, go Almeida!) Much of the crowd could also be seen eating assholes. At the end baskets of free samples were brought out. Like The Four Cocks, everyone went home naked, exhausted and happy. Brazilian pride was bursting among the audience. Sales for ATLAS will be enormous, and gym executives and owners, covered in jizz and sweat, like everyone else, will be converting to NB facilities.
      SuckspLOAD will pay for the cleaning of the cum and sweat all over the seats, the floor, and the stage. At the end, when Erik saw all the cum, he said, "what a waste." He heard he had a new nickname, "the vacuum."
      The Four Cocks return to Los Angeles today.

    3. Coach Cox, Thank you for your excellent report about the spunksLOAD lauch.

    4. Monsieur Kevin,

      Vous ne comprenez pas le sens du terme «prose pourpre." Un article de Wikipédia, je cite:

      Purple prose is prose text that is so extravagant, ornate, or flowery as to break the flow and draw excessive attention to itself. Purple prose is characterized by the extensive use of adjectives, adverbs, and metaphors. When it is limited to certain passages, they may be termed purple patches or purple passages, standing out from the rest of the work.

      Purple prose is criticized for desaturating the meaning in an author's text by overusing melodramatic and fanciful descriptions.

      Certes, Monsieur Liftingwts ne fait rien de cela. Son rapport n'a pas les adjectifs, les adverbes et les métaphores qui sont caractéristiques du style. En fait, ce qu'il a écrit est simple déclaration. Il énumère les événements et les participants. Il n'a pas dramatiser ou sensationnalisme. En effet, vous avez fait pour le lire correctement. S'il vous plaît regarder à nouveau et de le traiter de façon équitable. Je vous remercie.

    5. Cher Anonyme,

      I do wish if you choose to take me to task in French (though lord knows why anyone should, when they can express themselves in the language of Shakespeare) that you would take a lesson or two in French grammar before you commit your outpourings to paper. Purple prose it is not, but it is very bad French! And by the way, I think in your English bit, you mean ‘denaturing’ rather than ‘desaturating’.

      dramatiser, dramatisé, dramatisée, dramatisés, dramatisées. dramatisai, dramatisez

      All the above forms have exactly the same pronunciation. The trick, which you evidently do not have, is to choose the correct one for the given context, which you, alas, failed to do. Perhaps trick is the wrong word and lack of understanding would be better. We could, of course, conduct a quiz, where you try to select the correct form for your sentence. But then, of course, if we did that, you might get it wrong again, which would be embarrassing for you. The sentence anyway is wrong in addition to the verb ‘dramatiser’ being a bad choice, so there is little point in just correcting a grammatical error with the verb,

      Anyway, to help you in your future literary labours in the French language, let me just remind you of the somewhat tricky rules governing the agreement of the past-participle in French.

      “The past participle agrees in gender and number with the preceding direct object if the verb conjugates with the auxiliary ‘avoir’ in its compound tenses. Note that if the direct object does not precede the verb, then there is no agreement of the past-participle. If the verb conjugates with the auxiliary ‘être’ in its compound tenses, the past-participle agrees in gender and number with the subject. For reflexive verbs. all of which conjugate with ‘être’ as the auxiliary, the past-participle agrees with the subject in gender and number.”

      I hope that this recapitulation of the rules will be of help to you as you compose your future French texts. However, if you feel you need to practise, then I suggest you write out in full all the tenses of the verb ‘s’en aller’. Pay particular attention to the negative interrogative forms of the compound tenses which are very tricky for foreigners. And to make sure that you fully understand how it all ticks, write out every person of every tense in the singular and plural.

      In conclusion one had to say, sir, your French offerings are certainly not purple prose, but they are most certainly very bad French. And in case you were in any doubt, I can confirm to you with absolute conviction that God is an Englishman.

      Je vous prie, Cher Monsieur, d’accepter mes salutations à la fois les plus respectueuses et les plus distinguées.

    6. Kevin

      I don’t need your French lesson, and neither does the blog. Two words: Off Topic.

      As for what you dub my “English bit,” it is as stated in the post “Un article de Wikipédia, je cite” — From Wikipedia, I quote — “desaturating” is the word in Wikipedia. Apparently, you are such a language maven that you can correct Wikipedia writers too.

      My point — which you did not attend to — remains: Liftingwts did not write purple prose.

    7. Awesome, Coach Cox, totally awesome. Awesome event. Awesome report.

      Erik "The Vacuum" Lindgren is my hero. Wish I could suck cum from assholes as good as he does. Also liked finding out about Lucca from the Colegio and Enzo from the Universidade,

    8. You are quite right Anonyme, I did not bother to bother to look in Wikepedia. I just thought you had made a mistake. The word did not sound right. Wikepedia is written by a variety of authors, running the gamut from good to bad. I thought “denature” was the correct word.

      Anyway, Sir, I have checked in the Oxford Dictionary and the word "desaturating" does not exist; nor does the infinitive "to desaturate” exist; so much for Wikepedia as a fount of all knowledge!

      And you may not need MY French lessons. but you sure as hell could do with some from someone.
      I cannot understand why someone with your level of French should suddenly start to write in French in what is basically an English language blog. Try me out in German some time if you feel up to it and want a run for your money!.

    9. Hey Kevin, regarding your June 4 post,

      In case you didn't notice, this blog is written in pixels, not ink.

    10. Hey Kevin, regarding your June 6 post,

      In case you didn't notice, this blog is digital, not paper.

  4. Hi, Coach Cox,

    Thanks for writing about that spunksLOAD. Showed what a goodtime Naked Building can be when a group of guys gets together.

  5. Coach Cox,

    Great job you did on your post about the spunksLOAD kick-off Your reporting made me feel like I was in the center of the action. Thanks.

  6. (aka Coach Cox) Follow-up to the pumpspLOAD event.
    NU, the NB gym will open a second location in Rio, in July, to accommodate the overflow crowds.
    MUSCULOS, a bobybuilding chain with 20 sites in Brazil (executives attended the pumpspLOAD event) has changed its name to MUSCULOS NUS (Naked Muscles) and has begun remodeling each facility to accommodate NB. Facilities and parking lots will be clothing optional, and in the male only NB areas, nudity will be mandatory, including staff and observers.
    PumpspLOAD will start a massive campaign for their new supplement, ATLAS, on Friday, July 29, one week before the Games in Rio. Erik Lindgren and Rex Whitney will be present and participate in all aspects of the promotion. The first major event, with their large muscles glistening and their huge dongs swinging, will be on Copacabana Beach. Attendees will be encouraged to be naked.
    ATLAS will be promoted to fans attending the Games, and to NBs at NU and all MUSCLOS NUS facilities. Large oversize ATLAS posters of Erik and Rex with jizz on their faces will hang in each gym. The NB chain and the NB independent gyms will be providing free passes in the swag bags for the male athletes. Word has reached the executives of ATLAS, NU, and MUSCULOS NUS, that many of the athletes are interested in NB, especially from South America. Athletes without passes just have to show Games I.D. to use the NB facilities free.

    1. Definitely looking forward to your report about the Copacabana Beach event.

    2. The remodeling of the Músculos Nu Ginásio do Brasil, is proceeding very fast. The plate glass window-walls are already in place at all twenty locations, so passers-by have an excellent view into each facility. And for just 7 reals (roughly 2USD), males can buy a bilhete de amizade which gives them access to explore the gym floor (not showers and locker rooms) and admire the naked bodybuilding athletes close-up, provided that they are willing to strip naked before entering. A bilhete de participante (70 reals, 20USD) grants them the privilege of having their holes used (also on the gym floor, not locker rooms and showers). These tickets are valid for one hour, and are necessary as a crowd control measures inside the facilities, which have become very popular attractions. Otherwise, MNGB are interested in the most open-door policy that promotes public interest in and appreciation of Naked Bodybuilding.

    3. Has anyone heard whether NU-2-Rio, which is in the same district as the Colegio and the Universidade, has a Clube Jovens - Young Men's Club - especially for beginning athletes, ages 14 to 17, who are interested in Naked Bodybuilding? Perhaps Coach Cox knows.

    4. (aka Coach Cox) The NB gyms in Brazil have decided not to allow under 17 year olds into their facilities. They are following the decision of the private high school in Rio, where Coach Paulo works, and of the Universidade do Rio. The schools' decision is based on the age of consent laws in South America. All but one country goes as high as 17. The one exeception is 18. Since students from other countries are allowed to enroll at the private high school and the Universidade do Rio, the school boards decided to require males to be 17 or older.
      In California, the age of consent is 18, so I have always required my students to be 18 or older.

    5. My younger brother and his high school bodybuilding friends solved the problem of not having a gym where they could workout naked by building their own private gym in the basement at one of the friend's house.

    6. A special feature of the Músculos Nu Ginásio -Salvador is it’s Capoeira Program. Started when the gym was not exclusively for Naked Bodybuilding training, it is now being continued, with changes, as conversion to a Nude Muscle Gym is underway. Capoeira is very popular throughout Brazil, but it has special significance in Bahia because that is where slaves from West Africa introduced their forms of dancing and fighting which have evolved into modern day capoeira.

      So, even though MNG-Salvador is a Naked Bodybuilding gym, the management, understanding the needs and interests of the gym’s members and as well as those local enthusiasts, decided that capoeira must stay. To that end, capoeiristas are totally naked for their dance-fights, which they call capoeira respingo cum (cum splash capoeira). Traditional elements are retained. The players still form rodas (outer circles) and enter the pitch with an au (cartwheel). Both the rodas and the competitors maintain the ginga (swaying movement) at all times as well as the singing and playing musical instruments (berimbau, pandeiro, atabaque, agogô, and reco-reco). Also each jogo (game) is the traditional 1min30sec long. During the jogo, each capoeirista tries to coat the other with cum as completely and as artistically as possible, but showing power too by splashing the face and crotch. Contestants are judged on style, technique, agility, creativity and dominance in the game.

      Many fans in Bahia hope that capoeira respingo cum (cum splash capoeira) will become a regular feature of the Anaconda competition and other Naked Bodybuilding events in Brazil, and even throughout South America and elsewhere.

  7. I have always loved "the cum game". the ability to control ones cock and balls to that extent is an amazing athletic feat, and beautiful to behold. Obviously shooting spunk loads is absent from traditional posing trunks bodybuilding. (though you do see a few wet spots in some contestants posers now and again)

    For those of us who could not fly to South America for the event, I would like to know a few specific examples how Yuri dominated the the cum show. Just two or three specific examples of how he displayed his superior alpha athleticism by shooting spunk ropes around the stage would be much appreciated by this horny fan (and I assume by others who follow muscle-dick-cum sport.)

    The author got me hard with his discription
    " let his cock respond to the thrill of flexing for adoring fans among. With his cock controlling his show, it was clear this beast from Russia was gonna give a classic performance, using muscle to incite his male arousal. The result was an excessively shot 27 loads throughout he day – far eclipsing Paulette. "

    What feats of superhuman alpha cum control did he do to take the prize from Paulette big muscular hands?

  8. This comment has been removed by the author.