A CHAMPION HONORED BY AN ALPHA:  Pro megaweight Yuri Korozoev (aka, "Hard Red", kneeling)
poses for our cameras during the private post-competition Anaconda Victory Banquet.  Korozoev publicly
recognized the excellent work of newly-turned-Elite-level-pro Raul Rubenez by sucking the lightweight's cum
on stage (here, re-enacted after the fact) as a symbol of brotherly congratulations to Rubenez.  

It took 9 hours to clear the Release Room at the Anaconda, but indeed the overstimulated muscle brutes have had their cocks milked to the point of being semi-rational and ready to return to lives as nude alpha studs preparing for their next competitions.  But of course, not after one last hurrah: the Anaconda Victory Banquet, sponsored by contest promotional sponsor Hugo Hackelberg.

The private event was open only to competitors, their trainers and entourage, select NBAs, sponsors, and a small crowd of lucky (and well-networked) fans.  The mandatory nude party featured a speech and presentation of informal awards put together by Hackelberg.

The most notable award was given to Raul Rubenez, who was named Most valuable Naked Bodybuilder of the contest.  Hackelberg told the crowd that "the MVNB is the naked bodybuilder who fellow naked bodybuilders agree represents the aggression, hyper-confidence and masculinity of the sport."  Rubenez held his own throughout a very touch contest, and landed in 6th place to earn his Elite status.  More important was his rapid growth muscle cycles and intensely horny cum rounds – one of which set a personal on stage record for himself!  There is no doubt Rubenez deserved this honor.

The Anaconda Overall winner, Yuri Korozoev, requested to give Rubenez the award himself.  In an unexpected moment, Korozoev quickly popped the light heavyweight's cock down his throat, and within 5 minutes was gurgling the Brazilian competitor's sperm, as a symbol of congratulations.  "I know I am the alpha of this game," Korozoev smiled, swallowing the hot load from the surprised Rubenez.  "But we are all alphas here, and are all superior to the rest of the men of this world.  We deserve honor and worship, but also need to show our brotherhood and respect.  I consider this man a peer, which is why I was eager to taste his load.  We should all see him this way, because he truly proved himself alpha in this tournament!"

Korozoev, known for his wit, also added: "And let me tell you, I can taste that this dude's load is top quality!  I want to go to the gym now!"

That keynote of camaraderie and sportsmanship that Korozoev set up permeated the entire evening, with many rivalries seeming to melt away as the party full of naked, hyper-masculine, thickly-muscled, horny brutes carried on into the night.  As most of the post-contest victory fucks had already been completed in the Release Room after the Final round, this night was just a show of brotherhood and fun, with any sexual outbreaks being marked more with a jovial, buddy0-buddy attitude than any sort of need to dominate.

Hackelberg, however, had a harder time maintaining his own dignity.  Surprised by Korozoev's remarkable sportsmanship, the mega-wealthy sponsor was taken to masturbating frantically during most parts of the night, and several times was hard-mounted by one of the several young aspiring bodybuilders he brought to the contest.  Many felt that Hackelberg's awarding Rubenez the MVNB award was a gesture to bring the pro back under his sponsorship, and certainly the way Hackelberg was encouraging as many men to use him as possible but was hard not to see how he was using his money and influence to satisfy his personal, non-sport-related fantasies.

But for the most part the night was a celebration.  The cum drinking toasts were many, the new alliances and bonds were frequent, and the night was deemed overall a success.  It was an exciting and casual closing to an intense and action-filled pro contest.



  1. (AKA coach Cox) Raul Rubenez truly deserved the MVNB award. To be recognized by Korozoev and to take the time to participate in suckspLOAD's unveiling of their new supplement, ATLAS, featuring Erik Lindgren and Rex Whitney, shows Rubenez is an alpha, and a role model for NBs everywhere, and especially to the youth of Brazil.

  2. Vraiment, la meilleure photo de Korosoev dans l'ensemble de la compétition Anaconda.

    1. Oui, en effet, la seule chose mieux que de voir Korosoev sucer la bite de Rubenez serait de voir Rubenez baiser le cul de Korosoev.

    2. Der Hahn wahre Sieger erhält am Ende alle Arschlöcher ficken. Rubenez wird bald seine Rechte zu bekommen. Er wird verdammt Korozoev und alle Alphas.

    3. Todo homem, plebe humilde ou superior Alpha, quer ser fodida por grande homem pólos de Rubenez. Ele é o verdadeiro rei. Mas ele é um rei gererous porque ele oferece seu cu para foder também. Ele é a nova geração de atletas nus. Ele é a "vibração otimista."

    4. бык папа часто говорил: Мои самые заветные воспоминания о Йори то, когда он сосал мой член. Он работал его рот, как пылесос. Он открыл широкий и глубокий, и он никогда не подавился.

    5. Rubenez deve empurrar seu homem-pólo na garganta de Korosoev.

  3. Korozoev definitely set the tone of a true champ, being respectful, fun and energetic as always. And it was nice to see Rubenez get some recognition as the best performing local competitor in the Anaconda this year, and also a recognition that if the completion had stayed local and not been elevated this year, he would have come out on top again most likely. And looks like the years of Silvestrov “Papa Byk”’s training of Korozoev hasn’t worn off, and that he’s still willing and able to suck major loads out of a huge cock without a second thought.

    And sadly, ever more so Hackleberg is making himself a joke amongst the Naked Bodybuilding set, showing that his slavish obsession with receiving alpha loads up his well-worn ass seems to trump all dignity as a businessman and promoter. It’s too bad, because with all he has already done and what he could continue to do with his riches, he could continue to elevate the sport instead of turning it in to a muscle fetish side show for his own enjoyment.

    1. I agree that it's great to see how Korozoev's old school Russian Method training under Papa Byk still gives him that camaraderie vibe and he is not above opening his throat as a sign of man-to-man congrats. I think that there is a clear contextual difference between these men who use sexual pleasure in their sport versus sex for pleasure; these men also use it to represent brotherhood and enthusiasm, and I like seeing the top pros hold to that mood as opposed to declining into sheer sex orgies.

      I agree with the Hack being a fool. His money and contribution is so necessary that is sucks that with it comes a man who is here only for his fetish instead of for the sport. I find it disrespectful that he tries to turn a celebration among athletes into a gang bang for his ruined muscle whore ass. Not the appropriate place or behavior! The fucks here are about man to man enthusiasm, sports appreciation and celebration, not cheapened fetishes.

  4. I actually heard that the release room was tamer than the organizers and authorities had anticipated. Largely due to Neuville’s actions. Probably anticipating what was to come, Neuville took matters into his own hands, approaching Paulette as he sat on a workout bench for a small breather after riding a screaming NBA hard for an hour after his disappointing placement. Still shimmering with sweat, oil and cum, Neuville straddled the sitting Paulette, and wordlessly sunk the full 15+” inches of the Club’s oversized cock up his ass. Reportedly Paulette was so stunned, he didn’t react at first, and Neuville sensing his plan had worked, began riding the Club hardcore; quickly moving his ass fully up and down the length of the shaft, and shifting his body to massage the massive rod deep inside of him. Since Paulett is used to totally dominating fanboys, muscle whores and trained NBAs, being both serviced AND dominated by another alpha’s ass, the Club initially seemed bewildered, but quickly responded to Nueville’s deep cock stim. Witnesses report that Neuville rode the Club’s moster cock for a good 90 minutes, pulling out at least a dozen strong cum shots, which he allowed to both continue lubricating his hole as he worked the Club’s cock, and also using the major testosterone pump to keep his energy up as he energetically moved up and down and worked his hole with the Clubs fat, long cock. Ultimately Paulette actually left early after being worked over, but I heard Neuville stayed and ended up getting double fucked by the massive tools of Korozeov and Douton after Korozeov had finished throat fucking and ramming Douton doggy style for over 2 hours.

    1. Neuville has the ass that top alpha pros want two ways … 1 - they want to fuck it, and 2 —- they wish they had an ass that worked so good. You hear about horse-cocks in the IFNB, well, Neuville has one of them, and he has a horse-cunt too. He’s got the most talented sphincter and anus combo in the IFNB. For aggressive rear-end action, Neuville is the champion receiver. The others need a lot of training and practice til thy can reach his level.

    2. Let me get out my crystal ball … abracadabra, presto-changeo - I predict that Paulette will become the wide-open ass-pussy of the IFNB. Now that Neuville rode Buck’s club for ninety minutes, he’ll expect the same in return. Except Neuville won’t settle for ninety minutes, he’ll want three hours. Paulette better get ready, because he’s gonna get used and abused, and not just by Neuville, by all the Alpha Pros, even the lightweights, and he’s gonna like it. The old dog is gonna learn a new trick. Bedone went from NBA to Pro, Paulette is gonna go the reverse direction.

    3. Douton don't talk about it much, but two hours of being fucked face and ass by the champ is what he likes best after a competition.

      The surprising thing -- considering that Korosoev's services were so much in demand -- is that Douton got The Red's attention for so long. Throat-wise and ass-wise, Douton must got talents we ain't heard enough about.

    4. Well, I'm not sure about all the statements above. Neuville does seem to be from the new generation of bodybuilders who are not hung up on the idea that taking a cock up your ass makes you less of an alpha pro; they seem to look on it as just part of being a naked bodybuilder.

      But as far as Paulette becoming some muscle cunt - doubtful. He's as aggressive and alpha as they come, and I do not see that happening ever. I don't think he even does any ass stim as part of his regular training, though does anyone else know for sure one way or the other?

      Lastly, I'm not surprised that Douton was up for that much fucking - generally speaking there's a lot of pent up excitement and energy in all the competitors after the competition comes to an end, so getting off is the end goal no matter what. Two factors probably contributed to Douton and Korosoev going at it for so long - as champ Korosoev wanted to completely dominate the runner up, I imagine. I suspect that Douton also had a lot of sexual energy to run through and being as obsessed with his body as he is, I imagine that some hardcore prostate work by Korosoev's massive Russian log probably got him pretty worked up. And in the end, Douton has been bridesmaid plenty more times than the bride (i.e. the runner up and not the champ) at major competitions, so getting his ass raided by the winner is nothing new for him.

    5. The poster previous to me is right: Buck Paulette does NOT receive a lot of fucking. In many places it is reported that he trains hardcore but with no anal stim – which tome just proves how amazing a naked bodybuilder he is!!! So while I am sure he has received cock when not in first place, I am sure it is a concession rather than a norm for the brute. likewise,e he is tough as nails, as we all know and seems to thrive on challenge, so I imagine it is only flattering his ego when he is trying to manage a brutal ass smashing from an inhumanly large dong like Hard Red.

      As far as Douton, he too has been frequently reported as not taking much anal stim in his training. Although your point is right: he competes far more frequently than other pros, and has been in runner-up spots so often that he has no doubt had his fair share of anal brutalizing. But, as I mentioned with The Club, Douton seems to thrive on confrontation and aggression, so I am sure the sheer bravery and fortitude he would be called upon to muster while being destroyed would more than compensate for the suffering his muscle cunt would have to endure in concession of a loss.

      Likewise, I was a fan of the IFNB during his disastrous cock fails and SPH cycle screw ups back in 2013, when he plummeted in the placings and quite literally became a mockery back stage. While there were few reports, there is no doubt he was a rag doll fuck bitch for the winning muscle monster cocks that shouldn't rightfully ever be inserted into a human being – and yet rapidly are for prolonged stretches of ruthless ass ruining! He has no doubt seen his share of post-contest ass-trashing, and being such a veteran is probably dignified in facing the inevitable courtesy.

      And keep in mind, it is a sportsmanlike courtesy to receive victory fucking from the winner. There is no rule or regulation demanding this practice happen, and it is more of a long standing casual tradition among competitors than part of the game itself. In that respect, any hardcore non-anal-stim naked bodybuilder who is man enough to open his thick gluten for the punishment of his life should be seen as a total alpha based on dignity and bravery alone. Putting the traditions and camaraderie ahead of image is vital in an all-male arena like this. The fact that so many like Paulette and Douton engage in the tradition is a testimony to their substance as men among men.

      But as far as Neuville, as you mentioned, I am sure his young muscle cunt is completely used to be pummeled into stretched out, ruined mash. He has been reported to use anal stim in his training, as many of the young and new pros do. I am sure he is probably last picked for the tradition, only because it is far more victorious for a man to force sex on a dude who is not as used to such anal torment. But that said there is no doubt Neuville will probably handle his own during the traditional victory dominance fucks.

  5. Dear Editors,

    The report about Korozoev sucking Rubenez’s cock is informative and exciting, Thank You. But I am confused about where and how often it happened. I hope you can clarify.

    1.) According to the caption, the photo is “re-enacted after the fact” and was taken when “Pro megaweight Yuri Korozoev (aka, "Hard Red", kneeling) poses for our cameras during the private post-competition Anaconda Victory Banquet” … OK ... that’s a pose at the banquet, no actual blowjob.

    2,) The MVNB award is a Hackelberg idea, it’s not official IFNB. Quoting from your text: “the Anaconda Victory Banquet, sponsored by contest promotional sponsor Hugo Hackelberg …. featured a speech and presentation of informal awards put together by Hackelberg. The most notable award was given to Raul Rubenez, who was named Most valuable Naked Bodybuilder of the contest. … Yuri Korozoev, requested to give Rubenez the award himself.  In an unexpected moment, Korozoev quickly popped the light heavyweight's cock down his throat, and within 5 minutes was gurgling the Brazilian competitor's sperm” … OK … Korosoev gave Rubenez a blowjob at the banquet.

    3.) Editorial writing also says that Korozoev admired Rubenez so much he (Korosoev) sucked off him (Rubenez) on stage at the Anaconda competition after winners were announced, quoting from the picture caption: “Korozoev publicly recognized the excellent work of newly-turned-Elite-level-pro Raul Rubenez by sucking the lightweight's cum on stage” … OK … note the ON STAGE which must mean that Korosoev gave Rubenez a blowjob on stage at the Anaconda competition right after winners were announced.

    So that’s two blowjobs Korosoev gave Rubenez. One at the public event, the other at the private banquet. Am I right?

    I'm think about the history books and how they will look to the IFNB blog as an authortative source, so thanks for clearing this up.

    Your devoted fan, Pete Spruzzo aka pumpspurt

    1. I think you've over-thought this.

      The stage being referred to, as I read it, was the stage where they give the awards. On stage, during the awards – NOT during thew contest – was when Korozoev playfully popped Rubenez's load.

      And then the photo we see here they re-enact what had just previously happened. Was there a second blowjob while they re-enacted the impromptu moment for the camera? Who knows.

      So there COULD have been a second blowjob, but my hunch id probably not. Korozoev – who is super charismatic and clearly loves the attention and spotlight – was probably just humoring the camera by getting into he position and re-enacting the spontaneous surprise he gave on the awards stage.

      Just my take.

    2. RealBBer, you are probably right. I hadn't thought that there was a stage at the banquet, so the competition stage was not meant. But a re-enactment might have been the full monty, not just the kneeling pose for the camera, depending on how much attention Korosoev wanted. The caption does say "re-enacted" ... so an act, not just a pose.

      Either way, one blowjob or two, what's lousy is that Korosoev showed his man to man enthusiasm, sports appreciation and celebration at a Hackelberg event. Hackelberg is such a sleazy manipulator that an Elite Pro should not stoop to the level of being fetish entertainment at a Hackelberg event. This seems to be an error in Korosoev's judgement, a character flaw, unless there was a payoff or other compensation involved, in which case Korosoev has even greater character flaws and errors in judgement to account for.

  6. Rubenez tem o Alpha Galo. Todo homem quer adorá-lo.