HAPPILY ELITE AND CUM SOAKED:  A smiling, cum-soaked Paulo De Almeida (left) wins fifth 
in the Final Overall placings at the Anaconda, 12 places higher than his 2015 Anaconda outing,
and high enough o bring his career average into Elite Status in the IFNB.  Also earning Elite distinction is 

Raul Rubenez (center) who placed overall sixth.  Rubenez needed to place above 8th to earn Elite status.
There are many ways to be seen as superior when you are a musclebound stud with a shockingly dangerous cock.  And the naked bodybuilding game is an arena that allows awarded distinction to those men who are the most superior specimens of masculinity and prowess in the world.  And while winning the Overall first-place in a contest is a unique alpha goal, there are many other ways to gain credibility as one of the world's dominant males.

And within the ranks of naked bodybuilding are tiers that allows fans too understand the degree of alpha each competitor possesses.  Not all professional naked bodybuilders are at the same caliber, and while all have ascended above the amateur ranks (ranks the IFNB does not manage, in spite of affiliation), there is still a tiered system for pros in the IFNB, with some being listed as Elite level.

Elite level is a distinction of how much a competitor has won – or rather, how many men have been dominated in the scoring.  This distinction is kept via a score that is progressive, changing contest to contest, that gradually creeps a pro naked bodybuilder into the esteemed ranks of classic names like Otter, Derrio, Jeung, Roher and another legends of the game.  And when a standard pro contest like the Anaconda is suddenly granted Elite distinction by the IFNB, the race is on for many pros to gain enough momentum to enter this upper circle of male cock and muscle excellence.

And the one competitor who fans were most eager to see gain his Elite status was the man who won the overall int he Anaconda in 2015 (prior to the contest's new Elite ranking), lightheavyweight pro Raul Rubenez.  Rubenez was a long shot, and was advised to not compete at all because of how unlikely it would be for him to shake up the Anaconda.  He even temporarily lost sponsorship from the very lucrative and generous Hackelberg group, as a signal that they did not want to back him.

But Rubenez possesses that trait all fans admire and adore of naked bodybuilders; an unstoppable arrogance, cockiness and boldness.  He is not a man to follow anyone's rules but his own, and he entered the game in spite of the cynical reaction.  In the Preliminaries, much of what you might expect occurred, and his distance from reclaiming overall seemed to grow further away.  But in the Finals, his rapid muscle growth cycles kicked in, and his horny cock gave him a magnificent edge, allowing him to zoom up in the overall rankings as the final drew near.  But the 5th round it was calculated that, while unlikely to become the Anaconda Overall winner again, if he could crack the top 8 spots in the Overall, he could earn enough cumulative score to become ranked as Elite in the IFNB

Well, fans of Rubenez will be thrilled to learn that the young, horny, thick-dinged Brazilian landed in sixth place in the Overall!  His final round of posing achieved a personal best cum score, naming 15 hot, horny loads and timing 12 of them perfectly with poses.  His career average is 9 loads per round, so it's obvious this smaller muscle beast prepped for the stage to be extra horny and extra aggressive. Whatever he did to prepare his sexual prowess is arguably what brought him up one or two placings to his very respectable 6th place overall.  Considering he was estimated in the lower ranks going in, achieving official Elite status in the IFNB is a huge victory for the lightheavyweight!

He came in behind fellow Brazilian sensation Paule de Almeida, whose fifth place win was well earned and yet also a bit of a sleeper.  While de Almeida was definitely a memorable competitor throughout the Anaconda – with his shredded thick shape and forward-facing, ever-cummins hole-destroyer of a cock – he meanwhile played a safe game, posing and cumming by-the-numbers.  He was also a long shot for the Overall and the top ten, so it's clear he played safe to ensure landing in the top ten, rather than risk positioning through greedy desperate moves.  The result is de Almeida also garnered his Elite level status, which obviously was huge thrill to the muscle beast because, when his placing was announced, he spontaneously shot a thick wad of cum out of sheer excitement!


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  1. Considering the monster international talent that came out for the Anaconda this year, I’m happy that the “home team” of Brazilians did show relatively well. As a lightheavyweight, it’s even more striking that Rubenez did as well as he did, though as mentioned his cum game was on point. I think also alluded to but not specifically mentioned was what an amazing performer Rubenez is – it may be his training in Dominio or just a natural showmanship, but his posedowns are truly sensual and engaging in person, and can be quite magnetic even when he’s cycling through the perfunctory poses. It is a very “Brazilian” way of bodybuilding, so it would also make sense that the local judges would score his overall presentation (including muscle, cock, cum, arrogance AND live performance) well.

    I’m also really glad to see Almeida score so well. It’s telling how much control he was exerting that he did spontaneously cum when he found out the news – sort of endearing, like a young pup of a bodybuilder, who is trying so hard to hold on to his sperm even though he’s so turned on and horny! He obviously was playing it safe all through the competition, but it ultimately worked for him and it was a great representation that the Brazilians aren’t all about show – they also train hard and can have amazing control. I personally really like his balanced and sleek look, but do hope that he “lets loose” a bit more in competition now that he’s at the Elite level – I think he could be big! But I guess it depends on if he really wants it. Unlike Rubenez, I know Almeida lives a pretty low key life outside of naked bodybuilding – he’s from the relatively sleepy Porto Alegre, not the flashier Rio or Sao Paulo, and besides heavy lifting and man-on-man cock stim, mostly lives a quiet family life with his wife and children. But the NBB bug is strong once you have it, so with his elevation to the Elites we’ll have to see if his sleepy private life stays so quiet.