RELEASE ROOM REVELATION:  This photo from the post-contest Release Room shows Anaconda Champion
Yuri Korozoev (center) getting very much used by former Anaconda Champion Raul Rubenez (left).   
We were granted permission to share this photo from Korozoev himself, who is known for barely using any 
anal stim in his naked bodybuilding programs, and typically refuses ass insertion in general.
In training, the beastly studs of the naked bodybuilding game are different.  Their physical strength is aggressive, and their sexual demands become so strong it is frightening tot he average human.  Often blind with a seemingly unquenchable drive to work their dicks, the years of enhancement to their masculine facilities has mutated these muscle cock brutes into mass monsters with dominating sexual aggression.  And that means they are often very different people in the gym, during contest prep, and of course in the Release Room immediately after a contest.

"To be honest, it's like everything is sped up," Raul Rubenez explained to us.  "I can only remember feeling my power and the sexual rush of relentless fucking.  It's not like I am totally in control of my rage, even if I am in control of the situation.  It is just the nature of the game at this level; we are the most sexually dangerous men in thew world.  Which is probably why we are also the most revered."

Rubenez was explaining his Release Room experience in light of a photo that has left fans as confused as they are delighted.  The image was taken in the Release Room immediately post contest, and shows the champion of the day, Yuri Korozoev, happily having his muscle ass jackhammered by the 6th place Rubenez.  It is usually the tradition among naked bodybuilders to use one another (instead of NBAs) post contest, but the dominant alpha male is often the overall winner, which in the case of the Anaconda was Korozoev.  Having the champion alpha of a contest get hard used by a competitor much further down the ranks is highly unusual among alpha men.

But that is not what have fans confused the most.  Korozoev is among naked bodybuilders who follows the "old school" cock training methods, which means he is known for not using any anal stim.  And most who know the competitor know he is a notorious (and ruthless) fucker in training.  So seeing the champion so welcoming to Rubenez's power cock seems far out of color for the pro.

We requested to speak with Korozoev, but he laughed off the offer, leaving many to speculate.  The most likely explanation is that Korozoev's early years in naked bodybuilding under the strict and aggressive nationally ranked coach, "Papa Byk," who's cock training methods include grueling prolonged powerfucks for the young men being trained.  Many want to simply believe Korozoev was simply reverting to "old times" when he welcomed a lesser alpha penetrate him.

"I was originally not sure about that boy," Douton remarked about Raul Rubenez.  "But he earned my respect throughout the contest.  But in the Release Room, an animal emerged from him that none of us had seen of the boy.  he was forcing his cock into men and throwing dudes down like he owned them.  It was clear he was not going to be told what he can and can't so, and while he was respectful of his superiors, he was nonetheless pushing the envelope to get his cock worked like a true alpha.  That is when he earned my respect, and I am sure Yuri probably saw the same.  I am just not the type to turn fuck bitch, even when a fellow alpha impresses me."

Looks like we have more insight into Dolton's opinion turnaround on Rubenez, as well as a side of the otherwise polite young naked bodybuilder we had not really seen revealed.



  1. It's just great to see some muscle cocks actually in action. after the stage posing. This is a really good shot of some super studs fucking each other. Keep up the good work. We need more action shots like this.

    1. Agreed! More sucking and fucking pics are needed.

  2. Rubenez é a porra do campeão cu.

    1. Rubenez precisa de seu cu para ser arado.

  3. Great photo scoop !!! Glad to to see the blog editors can get the inside info when it really counts.

    Got to say tho, I’m not too surprised Korosoev gave up his ass-cunt to Rubenez, especially since he was invited to do that in the Dominio-style Capoeira suck-and-fuck on stage at Anaconda 9, which didn't happen because Korosoev wimped out. Got to bet his asshole has been twitching for the Brazilian’s cock-muscle since then. Definitely an ass-cunt, BTW, not an ass-pussy because Korosoev was well-trained in anal stim by Papa Byk’s brutal Russian methods from an early age.

    Probably the Anaconda first place over-all winner wanted to show in public — even tho it was just a select group of Elite Alpha Pros in the Release Room — that he appreciates good anal stim when he can get — and deserves — it. Maybe him and Rubenez even had some workouts that’s still on the QT, confidential. Goes to show he aint such an ass-stim non-user athlete except when he wants to promote that image.

    Seems like Korosoev is getting into the new Upbeat Vibe, and didn’t want to get left behind by Rubenez, who has been leading the way.

  4. I sincerely doubt that with all the intensive training Papa Byk put Korozoev through, that he really has any difficulty in taking major poundings up his muscle ass. And the purported unwillingness to take a dick probably has more to do with the Russian culture of naked bodybuilding (see the notes on AMATEUR LEAGUE 2015 ROUNDUP 8), where getting your ass publically used by a younger competitor is a pretty significant humiliation. As a more worldly competitor these days, maybe Korozoev has gotten more in tune with the modern thinking in Wester NBB circles that promote anal cum absorption as the fastest and most dynamic route to getting enhanced testosterone bursts, as well as an increasing understanding that anal prostate stimulation training is incredibly effective in helping a pro maintain not just harder erections, but also cum more actively. Also many a productive training relationship has been established by having one muscle bro plow his buddy – it builds stronger and more trusting bonds between men when they fuck. I also suspect that by releasing the image himself, it would seem like he may be passively trying to start to break down that “machismo” barrier that has kept other Alpha starts from taking dick.

  5. Bravo! Rubenez, bravo1 bravo! Foda-se o russo! Mostre a ele que você é o melhor touro muscular!

  6. Excellent editorial work. This is an informative and enjoyable photo and write-up.

    Anonyme is probably right that Korosoev has no difficulty in taking major poundings up his man-chute, but the picture does show another competitor spreading Korosoev’s ass-cheeks so that Rubenez can get deep access to the Red’s anus. This seems to show that Korozoev enjoys offering his ass to multiple Alpha Pros, and that he craves admiration and use of his sphincter muscle.

    Also, as the editors write, as a young athlete, Korosoev was trained by Papa Byk (Bull Daddy), whose methods emphasized grueling prolonged powerfucks. Rumors say that Papa Byk was “dry” — that is, drug use caused his gonads to shrivel to small dried out peas that can not make sperm — so he fucked his trainees in long sessions without need or desire for orgasm. Also, he over-used PowerTool, an erection enhancer, so that he displayed a hard-on 24/7. In the Naked Bodybuilding training school he ran, where he, the other coaches, and all the student athletes were always nude, Bull Daddy would grab one of his Detskie Byki (Boy Bulls) in the gym, shower, cafeteria, dormitory, anywhere in the facility, then rough fuck them until their nuts were emptied and their tongues hung out. Then he made them lick up their spooge off the floor. As one of his favorite Boy Bulls, Korosoev was most likely received this training very often — training which is public proof of special status, importance and admiration ... and that taught him to respect his ass as a source of power.

    This formative experience from his youth is surely on Korosoev’s mind as he seeks to establish himself as an international champion. He’s showing off the all-round man-imal he is, with plentyy of ass power. He is so proud and self-satisfied, he can ignore questions with a laugh.

  7. It may well be as reported that Korzoev does not use anal stim to prepare himself for the stage, but he clearly has taken a liking to Rubenez and in particular to this young stud’s magnificent tool. In Shot 26 he is kneeling “in homage’ to this young man and was reported to have given him a magnificent blow job which he clearly wanted to do and then in the present shot he is taking Rubenez’s cock up his own arse.

    Korzoev may well enjoy fucking butt, as I suspect most of us do, but he clearly appreciates having his on hole reamed by an expert cocks- man such as Rubenez. There is evidently some chemistry between the two studs. And let’s face it a good anal fuck can be a very satisfying act for the receiver as well as for the fucker himself. A really well-rounded stud enjoys both giving and taking equally.

    Rubenz is proud of his man-meat and has announce his intention of spending some time now off- stage on a serious regular fucking programme - five or six times per day- to improve his cock still further. This guy is someone to watch as he may break out from the confines of his home country and enter international competitions.

    Anyway, however you judge it, this release room shot is truly an eye-opener. It’s great to see some action as the first anonymous commentator said.


  8. It is clear that there exists a very special bond between Rubenez and Korzoev as shots 26 and 29 testify. But in these two shots, both guys are strutting their stuff before an audience. Do you suppose that these two studs ever get together in private and enjoy sex together as I guess most of us fans do with our partners? In a word, do these guys ever actually make love to each other rather than just having a release type fuck.

    Surely the Alpha male needs some sort of private sex life. On the stage, and in the release room etc, these studs shoot their cum every which way; but do they ever have the satisfaction of being a couple with their partner and reach orgasm, so that the top guy shoots his cum inside his partner's rectum whilst he simultaneously reach orgasm and shoots his own load. Let’s face it, this type of sex act is one of the greatest of life’s pleasures, where two guys please each other. In fact, I wonder if these Alpha males have a private sex life with a partner or partners at all; or is it enough for them to fuck as and strut their huge dicks in public as we see them do on the blog? It seems a pity to me if such well equipped guys do not experience the true enjoyment of sex with a partner, that they are missing out on one of life’s greatest experiences. And what do they do for sex once they retire from the competition?

    1. I don't give a damn about romance and old-age sex. I just want to know about Naked Bodybuilding.

    2. It's great to know that there is at least one broadminded fan around. Your comments are truly enriching!!!!

    3. Why such snarky sarcasm? Can't people express a different opinion than you?

    4. I haver to agree with he Anonymous poster above. While I think it ENTIRELY APPROPRIATE to speculate and wonder about their lifestyles beyond the sport – and I myself really enjoy the occasional BRIEF departure into such speculation – overall I like following the sport from the sport aspect here.

      The thrill of the sport – including how sex is here used aggressively, ruthlessly and focused on championship and male competition – is what keeps fans like me and the anonymous poster coming back. So I kind of agree with him – ultimately I could care less about how these guys may or may not be akin to the tropes and themes of male-to-male sex that we all know. That sort of storyline can be found in endless spaces all over the internet. But here we find a unique and thrilling spin on it all in the sport of pro naked bodybuilding, and so I am eager to not only forego those "relatable" story aspects, but in fact entirely eager to jettison those ideas for the sake of more and more coverage of the nuances of the sport and the athlete's muscle-aggressive lifting, ego inflating attitudes, and cock-enhancing training.