PLAYFULLY FLEXED:  Pro megaweight Yuri Korozoev (aka, "Hard Red") playfully flexes with
lightheavyweight Raul Rubenez and superheavyweight Emmannuel Neuville during the final posedowns.
Korozoev, Rubenez and Neuville hammed it up quite a bit in the final round, bringing a spirit

of enthusiasm for naked muscled cock and hard-dicker flexing.
We fans of muscle cock hear it all the time: these pros of the naked bodybuilding world love, love, love to get attention while showing off their nude, thick bodies.  The only thing more thrilling to them than flexing naked for an audience is demanding praise and attention while flexing nude for an audience.

But when you're already the center of attention, how do you garner more worship from screaming, thrilled, horny fans?  Well, for pro megaweight sensation Yori Korozoev, it's done by showing off just how much you live for the relentless attention of fans on stage.  During the Final Overall Round of the Anaconda, Korozoev seemed at times to direct his posing more to the audience than the judges, often sending waves of deafening cheers as he would squeeze his monster pecs and throb his frightening dick.

Returning Anaconda champion Raul Rubenez has always been frank about his love of attention while naked, and very similarly to Korozoev, he seemed to lay to his home country fans.  At one point Rubenez even stepped towards the stage edge and positioned his thick dick towards the front row, blasting them with his hot cream as he threw up a perfect double biceps.  He came to break the top ten – and he did just that – and the final round seemed his time to enjoy being completely nude and horny in front of a sea of thrilled eyes.

The mood of these musclecock-positive gestures seemed contagious, and the vibe on stage was less contentious than what one expects to see among competitors in an Elite contest,  Several times super heavyweight Emmanuel Neuville even seemed to intentionally pose in front of another competitor so that the loads released splattered against his hardened, lean muscle mounds.  The new young pro seemed energized by the premium man spunk drooling on his physique, and the glistening affect was truly the epitome of what we all think of as a true man: powerfully muscled, boldly exhibitionistic, and smeared with hot sperm.

The Final Overall was truly a climax not only of competitor excellence, but a testimony to the positive image of the sport.



  1. Replies
    1. Ugly cock-grab by Neuville too

    2. ¡Homem ovos quentes! ¡Rubenez os tem!

  2. To answer the editorial question: The upbeat vibe is much preferred.

    1. Thumbs-up for the upbeat vibe.

    2. (AKA CoachCox) I am grateful for and support the more upbeat vibe.

    3. Ride the vibe.

    4. Everbody enjoys a goodtime, so's be right for the NB pros to shows they do too.

    5. It is nice to see when there’s a sense of camaraderie between the competitors. As much as they are battling against each other for supremacy, they are also in the unique position of understanding what each are going through. I imagine outside of competition, most of these men do not get to spend any significant time around men as aggressive and alpha as they are, so I’m sure it’s a relief to be able to be with like-minded guys as much as I’m also sure when you get to the last rounds, everyone is probably delirious from so much pumping, fucking and cumming, that they’re giddy. Kudos to these guys for showing that as much as they are competitors, they can also be friends.

  3. Attn: RealBBer -- your expertise needed

    What is a "pecs squeeze" and is it movement?

    Asking because in Anaconda 19 you wrote "Holds are allowed WITHOUT MOVEMENT.'

    A cock-grab seems to mean -- grab, hold, no movement.

    A pecs-squeeze seems to mean -- grab (that is get hold of), then squeeze (that is movement). So is it legal?

    1. haha. You;re getting your moves mixed up.

      There are such things as poses that involve movement. This is true of every form of competitive bodybuilding. The craft relies on knowing how much movement is TOO MUCH; that is, how much movement impedes the judges' ability to assess you well. So while there is no hard rule on whether you can have movement of the body or muscle during a pose, generally most bodybuilders minimize movement because it can be distracting and work against them.

      In naked bodybuilding, there are likewise no rules on muscle and body movement. Move away, if you think it helps, and sometimes a little movement can help. A few pec bounces, a swing of heavy squad meat, a flourish of the arms finishing a biceps pose – all these can add effect to the pose, and thus are often beyond allowed and straight up welcomed advantages.

      Yet because of the cock factor of naked bodybuilding, there is one movement rule – you may not work your cock on stage during posing. That is what I meant when i referred to "no movement"; I meant no movement up and down on the cock. You can't stroke or jerk your dick on stage.

      So a pec movement is fine, regardless of what one is doing with their dick. The ONLY rule on movement is cock stroking/jerking. That is to say, you can GRAB or HOLD a cock, but not MOVE YOUR HAND while holding it.

      So yes, a pec squeeze is a movement, but has nothing to do with cock grab rules. The two movements are irrelevant to each other.

    2. So you can grab your dick and make it and yourself look ridiculous and it is all within the rules, But what is the point?. One has no appreciation at all of the cocks of Rubenez and Neuville in the above picture. They both have made themselves look totally ridiculous in what is anyway a ludicrous pose. Sorry, but that is exactly how I feel about it.

    3. RealBBer,

      You've explained posing and moving very well. Thank you. But I still have one point of confusion I hope you can clear up.

      The posing and moving you describe does not involve touching one body part with another. The exception is the cock-grab, which puts hand on cock, which is allowed, but prohibits stroking/jacking, which moves one body part with another. OK, I get that.

      But the Pecs Squeeze -- BTW the way I can't find this pose listed among official poses like I can Crab, Front Double Biceps, etc --
      -- the Pecs Squeeze, unless I misunderstand how it is done, involves one body part - hands - getting hold of and squeezing another body part - pecs.

      What actually happens? And what is the purpose? Is there squeeze and hold without pumping action? Or is there pumping? Is the athlete squeezing his pecs so that he shows off his nipples?

      Finally, not to be too demanding of your time and expertise, but please clarify these possible poses with holds and movements. I ask because you wrote, "The ONLY rule on movement is cock stroking/jerking." Are tickling/pulling/stretching of the balls-nutsac allowed? What about pinching/pulling the nipples? And what about bending over, showing off the asshole — that much, I guess, is allowed — but what about fingering? External touching and patting only? Insertion? One finger only? Multiple fingers? Finger licking after insertion?

  4. If anything pleads in favour of eliminating cock grabbing completely, this picture is it. we have a supebr shot of Korzoev's tool but we can cst fprget the other two. Why they do it beats me!

    1. You'd think the pros would wise-up to the fact these cock-grab poses are not attractive.

    2. ¡Rubenez sobre-tudo! ¡Rubenez geral!