CUM AND GET IT: Lightheavyweight Raul Rubenez has made the cut into the final rounds of the 
IFNB 2016 Anaconda, where he tries to defend his 2015 overall win in this contest.
While he remains confident (and some think over-confident), fans think it would take
a rapid-muscle-growth miracle for the long shot to truly be "The Cum-Back Kid" this year.

Where would this sport be without the admirable and thrilling arrogance of the dominant competitors whom weird their physical and sexual superiority over us with such self-worshipping intensity?  Most agree that it is this natural instinct for alpha males to dominate which is the true core of the aesthetics for naked bodybuilding.  One thing is for sure: it always makes for a more exciting spectacle when the egos of the most perfect men in the world start flaring up and get eager to parade themselves.

While lightheavyweight pro Raul Rubinez is not registered as an IFNB Elite Level Pro, he certainly has the same degree of arrogance about his muscle and cock as any of the studs in the upper echelon Elite rankings of the pro naked bodybuilding game.  When Rubinez won the overall prize at the 2015 Anaconda, the competition was not an Elite Level contest, which allowed a young pro upstart to begin building his resume of conquest on a less threatening level.  However, with the change in Anaconda status to Elite pro Level, many thought Rubinez was foolish to possibly damage his physique progress by detouring into this year's contest in a vain attempt to retain his championship, but add "Elite" to it's distinction.

But this is where Rubinez has gained huge fan support: the sheer arrogance of the man is intoxicatingly masculine, and many feel poises this young stud to eventually evolve into an Elite Pro level competitor.  Rubinez has not uttered one word of doubt about his ability to win, even though virtually every pundit and reporter feels he is one of the longest shots in the contest due to his middling placements throughout the Preliminaries.  yet it is like his ego can not even allow him to see these aspects, and the self-adoring young Brazilian seems, if anything, more positive and vocal about making some noise in the finals.

"They said I would;t even make it into he Finals," he smiled while stroking his cock.  Rubinez has been shifting his training towards heightened stim in hopes to use more sexual aggression in his posing and gain an edge.  "But here I am, an alpha male among alphas.  You all know I am superior to you, and yet you somehow can;t get it through your inferior skulls that I am deserving of your worship.  Well, I have proven it over and over, and intend to continue to show you how my muscle and monster cock are the stuff of your ultimate male perfection fantasies.  Keep doubting, but my fans have already made the noise: I am the Cum-Back Kid, and this game ain't over yet!"

"Besides," he smiled as he sprayed our reporter down with a surprisingly intense blast of his sperm, as if showing us even we in the media are his bitches.  "Here you still are talking about me.  Ask yourself: if I wasn't truly an alpha superior, would you find me so fascinating?"

A solid and logical point from a competitor who even we at the IFNB Report are beginning to warm up to with a degree of excitement.  His competitive progress has been, indeed, upward throughout the contest, and likewise he has been using rapid muscle growth techniques to his advantage in a lighter weight class.  Meanwhile, his strategy to use his cock and cum more aggressively in the Finals round is, while a common strategy, meanwhile a correct one for someone trying to make moves in Final rounds.

Who knows?  Maybe Rubinez's cockiness isn't just ego bragging?



  1. It's quite amazing how one's views can change during a contest. Up to now I had mentally written Rubinez off, but just look at him here. He looks terrific. Beautiful muscles and a marvellous hard cock. I can see him surprising us all in the end game. Once again the pose is so very, very important and here he makes the most his undoubted attributes.

  2. Now that Emmanuel Neuville, Hugo Cortes, Pierre Douton, and Yori Korozoev have discredited themselves in the eyes of many fans and judges, Rubenez has a better chance of a high placement in the Anaconda. And he has national pride on his side, he's a Brazilian and the Anaconda is being held in Brazil. Also, he takes an interest in Dominio, a uniquely Brazilian sport, and he enjoys the easy-going life of the country, especially the frankness about public sex. These are external factors, not specifically about muscle mass, cock size, posing, and cum shots, but Rubenez has those talents, too. He is a former Anaconda champion. He did it before, he can do it again.

    I'm not putting all my cards on the table for Rubenez ... yet ... for one thing, I want to know what he was up to when he was posing on stage with Korozoev. Depending on what he did, he might score points with me big time. But I am shying away from Neuville -- of whom I once had great hopes -- Cortes, Douton, and even Korozoev, of whom bonerbroXXXL wrote so well in his post to Anaconda 8. By their actions, these four men have shown that they do not have the character required of an IFNB champion.

    Paulette is strong, Coach Cox has posted about Buck's admirable behavior at Universidade do Rio.
    Or Ramierez might rise up. His goofy smile, big ears and lop-sided scrotum don't work in his favor, but his physique and cock are manly, balanced, and powerful.

    With Neuville, Cortes, Douton, and Korozoev having shamed themselves for the unprovoked attack they made on Os Quatro Galos -- even though no charges have been brought, itself an outrage, nor any reprimand or punishment from the IFNB, another outrage -- the field seems open for a new generation. Let it come.

    1. Jock, just one correction. The 4 pros were reprimanded at the meeting with the 3 Whitneys and Lindgren. Also, the 4 amateur/fans were satisfied with the threat of being banned for the 4 pros, and the creation of a document to be given to all registered participants of IFNB events, outlining the new anti-sexual assault policy. The Whitneys and Lindgren don't want to shame the home countries of the 4 pros, and they want to support the IFNB and see NB flourish internationally. The IFNB board members are confident, with the help of the Whitneys and Lindgren, that the Brazilians and South Americans who heard of the incident and hear of the actions taken at the private meeting, will be satisfied with the outcome. The Brazilians are a loving and forgiving people, support NB, and have their favorite pros. They also love nudity.

    2. Thank you, Coach. In my post, I did not mention the agreement and its terms, including the reprimand.

    3. Thank you, Coach. In my post, I did not mention the agreement and its terms, including the reprimand.

  3. Oh, our forgetful or simply careless and sloppy editors! Once again they have changed the spelling of an athlete's name. Which is it? Rubenez, as he's been known in several previous posts? Or Rubinez, as he is known here? Or am I mistaken? ... for perhaps these are two different men. "Oh! My brain is in a tizzy!" I can hear the editors exclaiming. "So many names to keep track of, so many names to spell! ... So much inaccuracy in this blog I don't give a damn about." Please, dear editors, give a damn about about your jobs. Be accurate. Spell names consistently and correctly.

  4. Dear Forgetful Editors,

    You designated Ramirez (who you also called Remirez) the Cum-Back Kid in Anaconda 11, but here you have Rubinez (who used to be Rubenez) calling himself the Cum-Back Kid. How many Cum-Back Kids will there be in one Anaconda competition? These name changes, misspellings, and doubly used nicknames are making it very hard for the readers to keep a clear head about what’s happening. Please help us out by doing your job better.

  5. There has been hope that Raul Rubenez might show himself worthy of being labeled an elite pro in both physique and character.

    Unfortunately, he has done something contrary. By splashing an IFNB reporter with cum and meaning it as an insult — for that is how the IFNB blog reported it — Rubenez shows that he does not understand the true meaning and significance of cum in the sport of Naked Bodybuilding.

    Cum, especially a pro’s cum, is a compliment and a tribute, it is praise. At the very least, as has often been written of in the past in the blog, a cum splash is the equivalent of a handshake. At his demonstration at Universidade do Rio, Buck Paulette showed his understanding of this. As his praise for the work of coaches of the Naked Bodybuilding team at the university, he splashed their faces with cum. He also used his cum as lube when he tribute-fucked their assholes. If Rubenez thinks his pro cum is an insulting fluid and uses it that way, he is mistaken. He needs to understand the potency of his pro level man-juice. He needs to use it appropriatel

    1. Well-said, pumpspurt. Using cum to insult people misses the point of what Alpha Pro cum is for.