CLOSING IN ON CHAMPIONS:  Pro newcomer Superheavyweight Emmanuel Neuville (left) finally squeezed a win against Pierre Douton in the Sixth round of Finals, which pulls him closer to overall in the Superheavies, 
but not a lock for that prize.  The amazing Yuri Korozoev won the Megaweights in the Fifth, now making his rivalry
with fellow megaweight Buck Paulette the closest race in the Anaconda.  Raul Rubenez (right) has managed to stay
in the top spaces by winning several Lightheavyweight rounds in the finals.   

Imagine two super freaks of muscle, both over 270 lbs, both with the type of frightening-sized cocks that you know there would be no easy way to accept the fact that they would pound your intimidated ass ruthlessly.  Now imagine having to choose only one and the true alpha.  it would be near impossible.

And this is the fate facing the judges after the Sixth Round of Finals at the IFNB Anaconda.  The amazing Buck Paulette has, as usual, defined the standard of the megaweight class, but close rivals Yori Korozev has created a close race that is rarely seen at IFNB pro level contests.

As fans know, Buck Paulette is one of the most undefeated megaweights in the Elite Pro ranks, bringing monster muscle and a ruthlessly horny mega cock to every contest.  Few have beat Paulette within the megaweight class, which is why the usual point of interest for The Club's fans is whether he can take an overall win at a contest.

However, the equally cock-skilled Korozoev has brought a massive muscle package himself.  The two megaweights had never faced off in a competition, and while early in the contest it provided exciting curiosity, as the race has unfolded we have seen in Korozoev the talent, size and sexual aggression needed for a competitor to take down an unstoppable muscle cock force like Paulette.

Korozoev won the sixth round of competition, bringing his numerical tally to 72.73.  Aficionados of the sport may wonder why we have shown his score pushed out to two decimal places.  Well, Hard Red's win brought his score so neck-and-neck with Paulette that the judges have been forced to pay attention to decimal points – an unusual scoring event in naked bodybuilding scoring.  Paulette, after the sixth round, holds a score of 72.74, ahead of Korozoev but dramatically close.

The two megaweights are seen as  the two most likely Overall winners heading into the Overall round of the Finals.  The question is not whether it will be The Club or Hard Red, but rather which monster alpha will take the Anaconda prize.

So the race among competitors unable to ascend to the sheer masculine power of the two frontrunners lies in breaking the top 10 or 15 spots.  With prize money and lucrative sponsorships running out to the 15th placing, the interest in placing well is still crucial to many pros even if they do not take the massive purses for 1st, 2nd or 3rd place wins.  Hugo Hackelberg's donations to this year's Anaconda has allowed the ability for more cash prizes – and larger prizes – which explains why there has been such a strong contention for the top spots.

Which is where longshot former Anaconda champion Raul Rubenez stands a chance to distinguish himself, even if he can not retain his champion position.  The light heavyweight surprised fans and judges alike by motoring through the Finals with incredible muscle swelling and near-perfect cum posing, positioning him well for top ten and maybe even top five heading into he Overall.  And that remarkable push has won him attention from his estranged sponsorship providers, Hugo Hackelberg's own Domination Securities, Inc.  After Rubenez won the Lightheavyweight class in the sixth round, a statement was released by Domination Securities that may show they should have not let Rubenez go:

"We are proud of our former spondee Raul Rubenez for his amazing example of true masculinity in the IFNB Anaconda.  We wish him well as he heads into he Final round, and hope that we will be able to once again honor this remarkable up-and-coming naked muscle star with our sponsorship in the future!"

And what did Rubenez think of this public entreaty to bring him back into the Domination Securities sponsorship umbrella?

"That is the thing about a pathetic bitch," Rubenez laughed.  "All they want is for you to use them, and when you are done with them they try to pretend that it was their choice.  Eventually, they show their lesser nature by begging you o fuck them over some more.  But I am an alpha, win or not.  And what I know about being an alpha is that the only greater lesson you can teach a bitch to respect you other than ruining their ass with my monster meat is to NOT touch them and watch them beg for such punishment."

Looks like Rubenez is becoming a master player in the game, just as his fans presumed he could!



  1. Well, here we have a truly magnificent shot of Emanuel Neuville. We have really so far had only one good look at him in Anaconda 2. There we saw what a fine physique this young stud has and that he was up there with the best of them in the cock stakes. In fact few guys have such a terrific cock as he has: length with great girth and dead straight with good head and rim: total balance! He is just everything I really like to see in a top pro.

    But here we have moved onto something totally different: Neuville in all his glory on stage in a magnificent cum shot. I find it hard to image a better shot of any competitor, His physique and pose are impeccable and as for has for his fuck-pole – I have to call it that, for it is truly a monument to a man’s masculinity; does anyone have a better one? I reckon that Neuville, in this shot, at least equals if not surpasses that famous “Iron Man” shot of Monza last year, where he shows off one of the greatest pieces of man-eat ever.

    I am not sure who the guy in the middle is supposed to be as the editors were not specific in naming the line up. Is it Paulette or Korsoev? But it matter not at all, as Neuville is head and shoulders above his two companions here. This is just one of the best poses ever by a brilliant new competitor in my view.

    And here’s the rub. Some fans in their sanctimonious outbursts would have had Neuville and several other leading studs banned from competing because of a bit of wild fucking. What the hell do fans expect? They run around naked with the competitors around so they should not be surprised if they get fucked. “Caveat sphincter emptor” I say.

    I think Neuville’s rock-hard cock and balls are worthy of being cast in Bronze. They are quite unique and should be preserved for posterity.

  2. Thank you authors very much for the creative effort for this blog. Its amazing and unique.

  3. I totally agree with Cockwatcher in his admiration of Neuville above: he truly does look terrific.. Would it be possible for you to post a blow-up of just him from this line-up so that we could all get a better appreciation of what an exceptional muscle stud this young man is. Something along the lines of Anaconda shot 17, showing that marvellous pose of Korsoev, I know that many of us fans would really appreciate it. Thanks Jason

  4. I am afraid I omitted to say "Dear editors" above as the message was addressed to you, the editors of the blog. I hope you will oblige me.


  5. I have a feeling that this could go either way – to the Red Menace or to the Club. Either way, it’s exciting to see a megaweight perform so well, especially after the Club’s amazingly disciplined (well, for a Megaweight) performance at the Dragon Cock. And all that said, I just hope above hope that the editors and blog photographer can get themselves backstage in the pumproom after the winner is declared to give us some insight to the absolute magnificence that will be the winner tearing into the runner-up’s ass for his victory fuck. To see these amazing beasts go at it will be an amazing sight indeed!

    1. I agree – and I LOVE the anticipatioN! Could be either of these super men, and I am glad to see megaweights taking a top slots, after so many years of losing to smaller yet better cock-controlled men.

      You're right, too, that The Club set the bar during the DragonCock with his performance that was far more cock controlled than what megaweights typically bring. Considering,t oo, that Paulette is just such a sex animal, and often prone to tirades of sexual aggression, this improvement to his game over his earlier pro years is truly setting a new standard in megaweight competition!!!

  6. ¡Rubenez sobre-tudo! ¡Rubenez geral!