MEGAWEIGHT MATCH-UP: Jeff Paulette (left) typically dominates the Megaweight Class, but has been closely
matched in the ANACONDA preliminary rounds by fellow megaweight opponent Yori Korozoev (right).Korozoev's first place int he last preliminary round sets a stage in the Megaweight class 
that may see The Club bested by "Hard Red."

The vast majority of fans of the sport of naked bodybuilding know that one of the most ideal competitors in the Elite Pro ranks is the domineering Jeff Paulette.  Buck Paulette – as he is known back in his small town – is a man obsessed with three things; his own beauty, his unstoppable sexual appetite, and his drive to win.  And these things have conspired to make him a champion who often does just that: bring home a win in the megaweight class, if not an overall title.

Paulette is part of the new breed of Megaweights that have begun to exhibit control of their over-enhanced sexual appetites.  When the class was established in the late 1990's, it was the denizen of the super freaks of the sport – giant brutes over 270lbs or more who were known for being "sexual attack zombies" – literally prone to blind sex rages and nearly impossible to control due to their excessive strength and size.  This creates a stunning physique and cock, and a competitor who can pose for hours on end, rock hard and ready to shoot sperm, yet often creates a competition who lacks the refined control that it takes to present an alpha physique and cock.  The megaweights, quite simply, are too horny and aggressive for their own good, and often fall short of overall wins due to lacking the control you see in lighter weight classes.

Since 2012, however, we have seen the rise of a new breed of megaweight competitive pro, capable of dialing back some of that raw, male, animal muscle rage and delivering performances that exhibit the kind of powerful control we expect of a truly superior man.  Njals Bogarson riveted crowds at the 2013 Mr. A, for example, and even the second place Mr. Alpha winner, super heavyweight Carlos Monza, flirts with he idea of competing as a megaweight some day. Yet it has been veteran competitor Buck Paulette – known to his ravenous fans as "The Club" – who has brought the megaweight class out of stereotype and into the position to be the new class to watch int he IFNB Pro ranks.

Paulette has been dominating contests for several years, and after a nearly 5 year break, returned to competing last year with form and control unlike The Club of his early pro days.  And his example has caught on, as we are seeing more and more megaweights tighten their game. Sure, it means the top megaweights com less in favor of control, but considering these beasts cum so much anyway, it is a fair trade off.

Yet Paulette's fame as "the best megaweight" is being challenged by a well-trained megaweight newcomer, Yori Korozoev.  Throughought the six Preliminary rounds, Yori beat Paulette three times and the remainder of prelim rounds was close on his tails with a solid second place to The Club.

The two competitors are well matched, and the calls are often close between the two.  Both beasts on stage, and both with throbbing thick dicks, Korozoev often pulls ahead on Paulette with minor details – meaning there is no predicting how these two will battle out out in the Finals Rounds.

Korozoev has so riveted fans with how he has made the contest "hard" for The Club that a nickname appeared for the Russian in a blog recently that seems to be sticking among fans watching the rounds between the two contender: "Hard Red."  Korozoev has not himself used the nickname, but already "The Club vs Hard Red' has been one of the contentions to keep an eye on in the Anaconda.

Hard Red Korozoev brings what many may feel is a solid cock game to the finals.  His Russian Method training and hyper enhancements endows him with an ability to blast as much as The Club, but Korozoev has repeatedly hit better control numbers when posing and cumming multiple times.  Paulette, like most megaweights, has less control when he cums in a round more than 20 times, yet Korozoev maintains a better ration of uncontrolled spermblasts versus controlled even at higher numbers.

While the battleground has been mostly about muscle in the Prelims, the Club may need to rely on his club-dick to maintain a position in front of the Hard Red cock from Russia, which will swing emphasis to how horny and sexually dominant these men are in the Finals.



  1. This is a very revealing shot. It is just what we the fans need if we are to make our own realistic evaluation of the competitors. As I have said many times, all we have to judge by are the photos in the blog and one pic is worth a thousand words. And waht is so great about this shot is that we have, for once, two superb studs in identical poses.

    So here we have the perfect shot to allow us ot make up our own minds based purely on the photographic evidence. Everything else is just hearsay.

    My own view is that we have two magnificent studs, in all ways coomparable, I think,. Primus inter pares: first among equals for both men. I would myself just give the edge to Paulette, who wins in the cock stakes. But both guys are terrific and have fuck-sticks to die for. This is a definitive shot for me. Let's have more like it. What a relief not to be confronted by more cock grabbers!!!

  2. I agree with Cockwatcher - these are two really great-looking muscular dudes. The difference in the width of their shoulders and the slimness of their waists is amazing. I often wonder how they do it.
    In the end I prefer the guy on the right as his cock is more in proportion with the rest of his body. Let's have more great shots like this one.

    1. I agree with you. They guy on the right has a smaller dick but it is better proportioned, And, for me. it has a superbly defined head. This is for me the perfect fuck-stick. I like his well defined tight balls too.A ll in all this guy wouold be a very desirable, but of course, unattainable parnter. Being fucked by him must me a rare treat.

  3. The angle of this photo is very important. It clearly shows Paulette to an advantage. The 3/4 view of Buck’s hard-on, thrusting upward, captures the majesty of his man-pole. By comparison, the power of Korozoev’s stick is diminished by the straight-on viewpoint when these two behemoths are posing side by side.

    Muscle mass is another consideration. Especially in his upper body, Korozoev looks lumpy and cartoonish and his thighs in particular are out of proportion. Paulette is massive, balanced, and smoothly contoured. Judging by this photo, Paulette is the Anaconda champ.

    But the photo also seems to reveal something else. It seems to reveal that Paulette has undergone a testectomy, i.e. excision of the testicles. This body modification is gaining popularity among bodybuilders in the United States, especially California, which is Paulette’s turf. A nip and tuck of the scrotum, to keep it from looking flabby and flat, is usually performed at the same time. Sometimes saline implants — much like those used for women’s breast augmentation, but much smaller — are inserted as false balls. But this is done weeks or months later, after the healing and recovery period following the testectomy. As far as the photo shows, Paulette does not seem to have implants, although he may do so at a later time. Some men do, others don’t. For most men who have a testectomy and scrotum tuck, a modest about of cellulose is inserted to give the scrotum a plump look. That’s enough, it provides visual (aesthetic) satisfaction.

    Something important to note is that testectomy — which some people all castration — does not end, or even curtail, a man’s ability to have an erection, to orgasm and to ejaculate. Excision of the testicles ceases sperm production, but the prostate and other vesicles continue to produce seminal fluids. Sperm are only 2 to 5% of a typical man’s ejaculate, ejaculate being semen which is seminal fluids plus sperm. The libido, not the testicles, facilitates orgasm, and the erect penis spews out the ejaculate.The mind (sex drive)
    is willing and the plumbing works.

    Indeed — this is my speculation, not fact — testectomy might be the reason that Jeff Paulette shows greater precision with his cum blasts. The small change in the nature of his ejaculate makes Paulette a kinder-gentler sort of megaweight, who is in greater control of his virility.
    This makes a better athlete, a better competitor, a better show. That’s good.