THE PIECES HAVE BEEN SCATTERED:  Lightheavyweight Raul Rubenez (center) accomplishes what many thought impossible
as he takes the 5th round overall, after a stunning 4th round win in his lightheavyweight division.
Hugo Cortes (left)was 5th overall, in the Fifth Finals Round, Buck Paulette 9second from left) was 2nd Overall for this round,
Yuri Korzoev (second from right) was third overall in the Fifth, and Emmannuel Neuville came in 4th.

The desire to become a muscled freak has it's start in a passion for lifting and scale.  But the desire to become a naked bodybuilding world champions it's roots in the unquenchable obsession to have the world worship your mass and all men tremble at the might of your cock.  It is this one, single goal all pro naked bodybuilders possess, and their unwavering commitment to demand our respect and dominance is what separates them as true men among men.

And while this desire has been on display since the beginning round of preliminaries in the Anaconda, few have represented this drive quite like long-shot competitor Raul Rubenez.  Last year, before the Anaconda was upgraded to an Elite International Event in the IFNB roster, Rubenez took the overall as a competent if not Elite Level pro.  When faced with he prospect of defending his title against some of the biggest cocks and thickest muscle in the world, most competitors would have pulled back to improve their game and return later in superior condition.  But not Rubenez:

"I was born to show off my muscle and beautiful Brazilian fuck stick," he said after the Fifth round of Finals.  "Forcing the world gaze at my naked perfection is all I want.  I see it as my get to the world.   And that is what drives me to dominate."

And at last, after so many exhausting, cum-splattered rounds, Rubenez had his first overall win of the contest in the Fifth Round of Finals.  He already finally took a division win in the Fourth Round, placing first in the Lightheavyweight class in that round, and that momentum brought him to an exciting win in the Fifth.

Rubenez has been dosing rapid-growth serums for this contest, and apparently the lab sponsoring him knows their science, as the smaller competitor has come into each round thicker and leaner.  Fans love seeing this rapid muscular growth over such a small span of time, yet the judges favor it even stronger, and it is arguable much of Rubenez's higher scores are the result of judges seeing his passionate deviation to huge, masculine muscle.

Yet his edge in the fifth round came not only from his physique, but the brilliant marriage of muscle flexing and cock performance he gave us.  Rubenez seemed almost distracted he was so horny while showing off, at times literally quivering from what seemed sexual aggression.  His throbbing cock was a slow fountain off pre-cum, drooling and bobbing from apparent over-stimulation due to such intense flexing – the thing he loves.  Yet Rubenez was in no way distracted from his game; his timing was perfect, delivering all 14 cum shots of this round precisely at the apex of poses.  In the fourth, Rubenez nailed 11 shots, and prior tot hat his best cum round was only 7.  Doubling his sexual aggression in so few rounds clearly made the judges shine new respect on this smaller competitor.

The win now lines Rubenez up to break the top 6 in the Anacona Overall.  If he accomplishes this task, he earns his Elite Level pro status – setting him up for higher prizes down the road.  While not the return win Rubenez fans hope, it would be an astounding push forward for the young Brazilian pro.

So if he gains Elite status, will Rubenez start competing in 2016's other Elite contests?  "Probably not," he smiled.  "After this I plan on taking 6 to 8 months just fucking everything in sight, and lifting old school – the way I love.  I am already setting up a fuck schedule of 6 to 8 cock poundings a day if I can>  After this prep, trust me, all I want to do is explode and enjoy the sport the way I learned it – through heavy lifting and hard fucking!  You won't see me on stage for a while."

"Well,:" he smiled.  "Unless it is a fucking contest.  Then you'll see me win the championship for sure like in my days still competing in Dominia Capoeira!"



  1. I feel like there may be a bit of local favortism playing into Rubenez's win, but that said he still looks magnificent. We all know the Brazilians have always favored sexy showmanship and a really rich and productive cum game over the densest musculature - they definitely treat NB posedowns as a sexual performance art as much as they do a sport.

    I also wonder too if Rubenez (and all the local competitors) haven't upped their game when they realized that if they loose Douton, Paulette, Kouresov, etc, they'll be on the receiving end of getting victory fucked by some of the largest and most aggressive male dicks on earth in the post competition pump room. Avoiding having your hole ripped apart by these gods might be a good motivator for anyone!

    1. Excellent dilemma -- makes you wonder if the losers might be the actual winners.

  2. Sure would like to see Rubenez on stage in fucking contest. In fact, sure would like to see fucking on stage at Anaconda.

  3. Rubenez and the others show magnificent cockstands in the photo.

    As the editor/s wrote, Rubenez has been dosing rapid growth serums, and he has excellent lab science sponsorship. In particular, the lab has access to the rare cock-power stimulant Amazon Python Venom. It's not the APV others have heard of, which is an oil or salve made up mostly of emollients with scant amounts, if any, of second rate, processed venom. For Rubenez, the elite lab harvests venom from wild pythons, and Rubenez rubs the pure venom on his dick and nutsac once every day, or twice if the harvest is big enough. This explains the extra horniness, showing-off, quivering, and especially the sexual aggression that the editor/s said Rubenez displays on stage.

    And it raises interesting questions about the implications of Rubenez’ closing comment about a fucking contest. Is he looking for one? Might he make it happen on stage at the Anaconda finale? After all, Rubenez did come pretty close to jamming up Korosoev in Anaconda 9. And keep in mind Rubenez has Dominio sport-performance as one of his top athletic skills. The Alpha Pro gives every indication that he’s ready to go all the way.

  4. Please can we try to get things right? It is all fantasy but I ask you. What a load of nonsense you write!

    Pythons are not found in Latin America. The biggest Latin American snake, also not venomous, is the Anaconda, after which this contest is named. I believe that the Anaconda is the biggest snake in the world.

    Doubtless there are venomous snakes in L.A., so do your research and choose one of them. from which to make your "snake oil".

    1. Really, the species of snake is worth making a big deal about? (eyeroll) Anyway the concept of on-stage fucking during the official portion of the competition is ludicrous and counter to all the established rules and mores set out in the IFNB and the lore in general.

    2. Yes, contrary to rules, but still something I'd like to see or at least imagine.

  5. Jason, don't get your titties in an uproar.

    Like you've written elsewhere -- and right above - "It is all fantasy." Isn't all fantasy nonsense? Or do you believe that Mary Poppins flies via umbrella, well, she does in the movie, and Clark Kent changes clothes in a telephone booth and becomes Superman who flies with a cape?

    So, as for what you bemoan as "a load of nonsense," I remind to be consistent. Top to bottom, left to right, the blog is all fantasy, which you seem to know. But which deny when it suits you. You may not like some of the fantasy, but the objection that it's not real (i.e. "get things right") simply makes no sense. Nothing in the blog is or has to be or even can be real. It's all fantasy. And it's right if the poster writing the post says it's right.

    Furthermore, you are not the person who gets to mandate the rightness of things for everyone else. The editors do that. Make you case to them, see what they say.

    As to AVP, here's why it might be "real," i.e. why it works in the fantasy. The science lab making the product wants intentionally to deceive, thus it misinforms in order to protect its product and its source. Competitors copycat an existing, successful product in order to cash-in. Really, Jason, do you have so little imagination that you couldn't figure this out?

    Finally, in your last sentence, you really go off the deep end. What have venomous snakes in L.A. got to do with anything? Do you suppose I'm in L.A.? Why? Is it a fantasy you enjoyed making up? Do you mean to lie to people about me? When you wrote that I make snake oil, you did both those things again.

    I don't make snake oil, but I posted something that has to do with a (need I say fantasy) use of snake venom. I guess you don't like it. That's on you. But don't blame me for having my own fantasy.

    1. Nice to ro know that I have pushed yor buttons!

  6. The rankings/numbers have me confused.

    The text says, Rubenez "had his first overall win of the contest in the Fifth Round of Finals." And the photo caption says, Rubenez "takes the 5th round overall."

    So what does the headline mean when it says, Rubenez's wins "POSITION HIM TO BREAK INTO TOP SIX IN OVERALL" ?

    Didn't we read that Rubenez won a first place overall in round five? If he is first, isn't he already higher than sixth?

    1. The overall scores are a blend of the competitors placements in the prior rounds, so even though Rubenez scored first in this round, his blended score only sets him at sixth. Make sense?

    2. Sorry to say, Not really. Blended how? What are the points-weights or prorportioning of points? Why is there an overall winner, which I guess means best of all weight classes in round 5? Is there is an overall winner in each round? Rubenez was first in Lightheavyweights round four. Who was first in Lightheavyweights in round 5. Or was he both first and overall? Or does round 5 not have weight classes, only overalls? When final scores are tallied, what the value -- relative value or flat points -- of being 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 in weight class per round? Then adding the overall? This blend seems to be a mud soup to me. There are to be a graph or chart or bracket somewhere on the blog to show how the scoring and blending works.

    3. Two words. FANTASY BLOG. Jeez, didn't realize we were here for a master class in statistics.

    4. Why does "FANTASY BLOG" - screamed in capital letters answer the question? Even fantasies have systems for their numbers. Consider Fantasy Football.

    5. Fantasy football is based on the performance of real players playing real games as a blended statistical average for the fantasy leagues. This is 100% fiction from start to finish - it only has to make rational sense in whatever reality the minds of our fair blog editors have constructed for us. If you need more than that to enjoy yourself, I think you'll be disappointed.

    6. Rational sense? That's the point. There is no rational sense. There is whim. There is arbitrariness. There is no way logical to understand the progress of how competitors advance, even though the editors present the story as if that is happening.

    7. Listen up, you lot of Anonymes: do stop whinging. Look the editors produce, FREE OF CHARGE TO THE VIEWER. a totally amazing top grade porn site for gay men. God knows now they do it, or where the pics come from, but they do it and it is an amazing site.

      So, either just sit back and enjoy the product and let the editors who are also the owners, exercise their rights or if you don’t like it, then JUST STOP LOOKING AT IT. If you think you can do better, then why not try. I have checked out so many naked muscle cock sites and there is nothing, ABSOLUTELY NOTHING AT ALL, which holds a candle to this blog, with all its quirks and faults. And which of us fans does not have his own quirks and faults.

      Have you tried clicking on some of the other sites which are to be found down the side of this blog?. If not, please do so and you will see what makes this site head and shoulders above the rest.

      Which brings me to a question. Donovan Pryde has his own blog in the side list. (Check it out an you will see that even for a pro like him it is not easy to keep a blog going) BUT where has Donovan disappeared to? , We have not heard a comment from him in months and he has been a valuable contributor for ages.

    8. Jeez, you're a bossy guy. Who made you dictator?

    9. I agree with Jock and Jason: The original poster needs to stop whining and is a bossy little snit.

      But I have been watching this for a LONG time and can tell you how the winning and losing works.

      First and foremost, if you are not HIGHLY familiar with non-naked competitive bodybuilding, then you are already too far removed to understand how they seem to set up these naked bodybuilding competitions. You have to understand non-naked BBing, it's processes, the differences between various leagues, how the judges arrive at scores, and how to advance in order for ANY of the IFNB system to make sense.

      If you do not follow or understand the intricacies of non-naked bodybuilding, start there. Go google yourself lots of info and understand it. The guys on this site do a freaking REMARKABLE job emulating that system. (Incidentally, that system is convoluted and, being a subjective sport, is ironically also influenced by whim.) The point is, one of the MOST realistic points of this blog is how accurately they mimic this system. Clearly, these publishers know the intricacies of the noon naked sport. If you don't, then yes, this all may seem random.

      Second, remember; ALL bodybuilding, naked or otherwise, is subjectively judged. That adds a factor of randomness. This doesn't address your main question, but should be remembered when things seem random.

      Now, the IFNB does contests different than noon naked bodybuilding. You compete in a SERIES of competitions – Preliminaries and Finals.

      The point of the preliminaries is to thin the herd going into the finals. While your FULL scores in the Preliminaries are not there, from what I understand some percentage of your preliminary scores is assessed as you enter the finals. So the preliminaries DO influence the final outcome.

      Now, the way the contest runs is NOT a simple process of "as many first places as possible wins." Each round of competition is factored back into the progressive performance of the athlete over the course of the competition. So you can be moving up or down in the Overall scores quite liberally as each round progresses.

      Likewise, there are apparently (from what I have ascertained over years) differing wants the weight of each score is factored into the overall. Each athlete competes across ten criteria, but the highest placement in the ten criteria is NOT what produces your final score. Criteria are CROSS-WEIGHTED somehow. So, just because you had the highest score in, say, mass and cock performance, another competitor might have a BETTER mass and performance COMBINED score.

      You see that this creates a whole range of numbers for each athlete, creating variances in advancement. (and another reason the preliminary rounds are important – they reduce the numbers the tabulators have to deal with and refine the winners.)

      In short, the system is set up VERY complex. Which is perhaps the MOST authentic aspect to the blog. You see, the creators MUSt know the non-naked side, because their system is an ironic improvement; they are here presenting a model of bodybuilding that allows competitors COMBINED attributes to be better assessed, as opposed to JUSt their overall impression. it's a subtle aspect that most who know little about competitive bodybuilding judging and scoring practices would not even catch. But frankly, it was this informed aspect that first made me get into this blog – it is NOT written by random dummies, but people VERY aware of the "real sport."

      Hope this is enlightening.

    10. Thank you RealBBer! I do follow non-naked bodybuilding in real life, and you're so right that it is incredibly subjective and judging and scoring can be very opaque; the cross-weighting of scores always seems to be at the whims of the judging panel. That said, we're here to ENJOY ourselves, so I hope your thorough and thought out answer helps us move on (though you never know with these folk).

    11. RealBBer! Believe me when I say that we love you BUT!!!! Frankly you have the ability to make a complicated subject worse. I have read and re-read your "essay" above and I have to say that you have made it all as clear as mud!.

      So fans, I reckon my way is the best: sit back and enjoy what you see.

    12. A masterpiece of obfuscation. Thank you for the time and effort you put into it.

    13. Non-naked bodybuilding scoring is nuanced.
      Often the fans are left to figure things out on their own.

      Like it or not this is an aspect (a flaw?) of non-naked bodybuilding.

      The blog (cleverly) includes this aspect of NNB in the world of naked bodybuilding. The standards are not spoon fed, often leave fans towards confusion, and – yes – obfuscate.

      That was my point: these weird calls and standards happen all the time in the NPC, the IFBB and all the other non naked bodybuilding arenas. The creators of the blog maintain this element, which adds realistic elements for those of us who follow and watch non naked bodybuilding.

      the fact that things seem confusing is, ironically, how it also works in "real life."

      And yes, in real life there are patterns that reveal themselves in all this bodybuilding judgment confusion, just as there are patterns to these calls.

      You guys are just frustrated because it is not spoon fed.

    14. You are dead right, RealBBer: it is not spoon fed. But does it have to be presented as if it had been passed through a food processor?

      Kevin is right when he recommends that we just enjoy the photos for what they show snd forget about how decisions are made. I suspect we shall never know; and speaking for myself, I don;t much care!

  7. Oh no my friend! There you are quite wrong! It has nothing at all to do with statistics. It is all down to smoke and mirrors, coupled with a liberal applications of snake-oil, to promote reverse osmosis of course, Fret not! Read the editors' blurb, look at the pictures and enjoy this amazing blog. It is TOTALLY UNIQUE

    1. Unique, yes, and arbitrary. The editors get to pick the winners at their whim. So to get excited about the rankings is worthless. As Kevin says, read the blurbs, look at the pictures and enjoy -- or not.

    2. The editors are the creators of the fantasy. So yes, it is their whim.

      But there are patterns to their creation. Stick around and you will gradually see them. It is whim, yes, but NOT arbitrary. They are following their own set of rules. Even if those rules seem often convoluted or protracted, it is clear there is not an arbitrariness to their whims. There IS a pattern here, and so yes, you CAN get excited by placings.

    3. If the editors have a pattern, why don't they show the fans the courtesy of explaining it? Why do fans have to figure it our for themselves?

    4. As I just said above in a previous response, non-naked "real life" bodybuilding is often confusing too follow. Calls get made that seem whim and random. That is the nature of the leagues in the sport – they are bit clumsy.

      And fans of non naked bodybuilding are not spoon fed the explanations; they often have to watch and figure out the patterns of judging on their own.

      In this respect, the exact thing you are frustrated by – the lack of simplistic explanation – is ironically common to the real-life sport, too. So to me, rather than a flaw, it seems that the editors are savvy; they include this element as a way of making this sport seem realistic to the "real life" version.

      Would it be nice to have a refined document to say EXACTLY how it all works? Sure.
      But ironically, you DON'T have that in "real life bodybuilding." So it's lack in naked bodybuilding only makes this fantasy seem more "authentic" in the eyes of us who know the "real life" version.

      This blog seems to pay a subtle homage to the real sport without falling into the stereotypical muscle fiction cliches. One man's confusion is, apparently, another man's authenticity!

    5. So RealBBer, you will agree with my latest comments on the shot just posted above this one, (shot 21 of this series) that it really is unimportant whether we understand the scoring or not. The objective surely is to enjoy he shots or am I just too simple in my approach?

  8. ¡Rubenez sobre-tudo! ¡Rubenez geral!