WELL-SEASONED WITH CUM:  Pro Masters 40+ class competitors Jae Ferdi and Edward Nevos 
show how the older competitors have remarkable flair and style and sometimes
blow more loads than their younger counterparts! 
What keeps a real man going?  Like, what makes a stud want to push and push and keep striving to represent a dominant, intimidated, thrilling position of power over men he sees as beneath him?  The answer is obvious: affirmation.  And the game of naked bodybuilding is one of the most power-affirming sports a muscled athlete can enter to encourage his progress as an alpha muscle did over the long run.

You can see how this sport encourages the oversized egos that competitors parade on stage that we all wish we could maintain, especially illustrated in there Masters Divisions of pro level contests.  Masters classes are determined by age, and a win in the Masters – like the Junior or Teen classes – does not qualify a competitor to take the overall.  Yet these side classes provide their own evidence of how a man's body, power and cock is fascinating across all age ranges.

The Anaconda hosted three Pro Masters classes this year: 40+ years, 50+ years, and EliteRank 40+ years, for those pro masters competitors with Elite level scoring.  And it was this last subclass that had the most thrills during the fourth round of Finals posing.

Pro naked bodybuilding Masters Jae Ferdi and Edward Nevos were judged in a rare numerical tie in the class.  Rules state that the head judge can either make the detraining call or else conduct one more round of posing and have the competitors re-assessed without the rest of the class line up.  The head judge, veteran IFNB official Paul Julie chose to add another posing round for Ferdi and Nevos, much to fans delight.  Most insiders in the sport know Julie as one of the best top officials the IFNB has, having judged over 200 pro-level events in his career of 8 years in the league.  You could have predicted Julie's call that the two horny bulls would be pit against each other in one more posedown.

Ferdi had unloaded 8 loads in the class thus far as compared to Nevos' 11, which should describe how excellently Ferdi performed physique-wise to create a tie with the every horny 47 year old Nevos.  In the additional round, Nevos gave up 7 more delicious loads, hitting them with several old-school positions (including a textbook side-serratus cock grab that shows you can perform grabbed-cock poses without looking like you're beating off on stage).

But it was Ferdi who's horny cock came to life.  Maybe it was because there was more attention on his massive naked body, hard and pumped in front of the open gaze of so many fans?  But whatever happened, Ferdi gave a posing round that made him seem a much younger competitor, delivering a horny, nearly-always-ready-to-shoot flex round of 13 more sprays of mature male muscle power jizz.

"Always it is the attention that gets my dick hard," a proud Ferdi told us after the unusual tibreaking class.  "the attention on my perfection is deserved.  I know that.  People who are lucky to se me know that.  So when it all comes together and people are focused on my amazing body and thick cock, it just makes me eel like everything is right, and that how I feel about my body is how everyone feels.  That shit goes right to a dude's cock.  That shit is what I use to win in this game, and have for over a decade."

"Jae is a great muscle cock poser," a friendly Nevos mentioned afterwards.  "We've competed side by side maybe seven or eight times, and the win always swings back and forth.  Sometimes I take it, sometimes it's Jae's.  Which makes sense; when you have that much amazing male perfection shoved in your face, well, do you want to be responsible to make a deciding call?"

Wise words from veterans of the game.  Julie was also praised, especially after it was revealed that Competition promoter Hugo Hackelberg was hoping Julie would grant Nevos the win.  Neves dropped a Hackelberg contract three years back, and the win would have probably helped Hackelberg bring Nevos back into his stable of sponsored muscle gods.

We asked Julie about the Hackelberg interests to which he informed us of what we had already guessed: "Judges are not allowed extraneous contact with any parties – even the promoter of the event – during the judging process.  Even if we were, I'd make sure the panel I was head judging would stay focused on the muscle and dick.  I didn't know about Hackelberg's bullshit until after the round."

I think there is a hint there a subtle reveal of opinion of how an influential league official like Paul Julie sees Hackelberg's wealth-driven desire to turn naked bodybuilding into a sexual free-for-all.



  1. The cock-grab always looks like it's a manual beat-off boost, so it might have been Nevos' crucial mistake. It's probably what made up Judge Julie's mind. (BTW, is he any relation to Judge Judy?)

    1. Cock grab poses are legal, so long as there is no stroking (judge's discretion). However, for obvious reasons, grabbed poses have fallen out of vogue because most fans (perhaps rightfully) agree that hands-free cum flexing shows a level of male arousal that seems somehow superior to held-cock poses.

      However, that all said, a well-executed cock-grab pose is still impressive, and quite traditional within the sport.

    2. Yes; cock grabbng may be within the rules, but it distorts a guy's cock. Sorry! I have said it many times and I will say it again. I hate, hate, hate (got it?) the grabbed cock look. The only bright light on the horizon is that it is (finally, or so you say) falling out of vogue. For crying out loud, just ban the practice.
      And as far as contestants having themselves castrated to show off their dicks better, well all I can say is just look back through the present series at Douton, Neuville and Korzoev (in his first pose) when we got a real good look at his tool. All these three guys have marvellous fuck-sticks, beautifully presented and they all look terrific with their tight balls.
      Even out friend on the left here, has a nice cock and good well held balls. So why on earth hide them? They are part and parcel of a guy's presence. If a guy has a loose scrotum with an uneven ball support, as some guys do, then all that is needed is a some very simple corrective surgery on the scrotum to render it more aesthetic. But castration or testectomy as it has been called, Never! What the hell is the world coming to? Much more important in my view, is that a guy should make sure that his circumcision is really clean with no loose bit of foreskin still hanging around. If necessary get that loose foreskin cleaned up and forget ball work!
      Douton, Neuville and Korzoev all have impeccably presented cocks and balls in the shots I mention and are a real pleasure to behold.

    3. The possibility, Cockwatcher, is that they have the tight balls (technically sac) you admire, because they aint got no balls, they had the nip and tuck.

    4. RealBBer,

      Is this kind of hold legal? The poser puts thumb on his pubes right above the base of his cock. The index finger and the others curve around the side and go behind his sac, mostly on the gooch or taint. (I've heard it called both -- the space between the back of the nutsac and the asshole.) That way poser can lift his whole package, but not actually touch it. This can even be done two handed. I hope I described it well-enough for you to picture it. This hold, changing right, left, then two-hands, makes for a really show-off display. But as I said at the beginning, is it legal?

    5. Bonerbro, from what I can tell, yeah that kind of hold is legal

      Holds are allowed WITHOUT MOVEMENT. But there are traditional forms that judges tend to favor.

      But what you described seems totally legal. It may not necessarily look aesthetically on point, but yes, without movement, legal.

    6. Thanks RealBBer, you are as always right. Many of these cock holding poses are some of the traditional NBB poses of yore. I think they probably started out in the time before there were heavy stimulants and intense cock training, so competitors were not necessarily completely hard throughout a very long posing routine. This was a way to get a bit of life back into a flagging erection, as it was a chance to position the cock at a right angle to the body for the judges - the dick being straight out from the body as the simplest and most masculine pose, and the differentiation from non-naked bodybuilding, where the penis is hidden behind unnecessary fabric and sadly de-sexualized.

      But modern training techniques and new chemical advancements mean most pro's cocks can stay long and hard through an entire routine, so you see less and less of these cock hold poses. But makes sense that these pros who have been posing for years would still have these in their repertoire.

    7. Thank you, RealBBer, and thank you, Anonyme

      The pose I described shows off a athlete's man-parts in a proud and aggressive way, almost threatening if he struts the stage and presents himself to other competitors. I wish there was a simple name for it.

      Up here in my neck of the woods, a competitor grabbed back of the head of his cock -- positioned four fingers and thumb on the shaft behind the glans -- and the judges ruled that illegal. It was in a local amateur competition about a year ago. I guess they thought he was pulling to make his cock look longer. Like you say RealBBer, no movement.

      As I understand it now from RealBBer, that's the risk in a cock-grab. If the athlete squeezes -- or it looks to the judges like he is squeezing -- to get extra girth in the part of his cock above his fist, then there's movement. So the pose is illegal.

      Frankly, I don't like the cock-grab illegal or legal. It always looks like a squeeze. And as Anonyme suggested, chemical advancements will eventually mean the up and cumming pros won't need to do what the passing generation did. Seems good to me ... yet even with that, an NB athlete showing off his cock and balls, right, left, or two handed, with his thumb on his pubes and his fingers curved around to his gooch makes a display that sure is powerful.

  2. Its great to see that the that the older Elites are still bringing the alpha game, and showing that aging doesn't mean that you have to give up on your muscle game, or cum less than the horny young upstarts. I have to say Ferdi's cleaner look - dense but still with clean, long lines of his musculature and dick - is my preference to Nevos' density. But again, personal preference for aesthetics over size.

    A little gossip too, I know Nevos pulled away from his Hackleberg contract because he felt he was playing second fiddle to Hugo's "flavor of the week" among the young bodybuilders he was stabling. Nevos also felt like Hackleberg was sending him out for promotional events where he was being treated more like "the old bodybuilder" oddity - made to fuck and cum for hours at second rate events to show that "the old man still has it". No wonder he left, and I would be surprised if he would agree to go back to that.

    1. Interesting gossip about Nevos! And it doesn't surprise me. I think this is why Hackelberg doesn't have that many Elite Level pros in his VERY vast stable of sponsorships. An alpha is meant to be honored and tribute, not owned like a bitch. Hackelberg is beginning to expect too much for his money – and the real men won't stand for it!

  3. Rightly said, RealBBer, pro Naked Bodybuilders are to be honored, now owned. Hackelberg misunderstands what sponsorship means. He wants the spotlight on himself and he wants profits from the way he whores out his stable -- as with promoting Nevos as a curiosity -- to stuff his already bulging bank accounts even more.

    1. Yeah, I'm not sure if Hackleberg wants the spotlight so much as he just wants non-stop muscle cock - he's more of a cum whore than he is a fame whore. But considering how many NBBs he now sponsors, it makes sense that he's acting like a distracted hummingbird flitting from one cock to the next, leaving long stretches where he cannot give his alphas the proper time and respect they deserve. Eventually that kid-in-a-candy-store mentality is going to backfire.

    2. Agree with both of you guys. I do think Hackelberg is playing with fire. Is greed for hard muscle cock use is overwhelming him, and I think the Elite Pros show that he can not ascend with his money too far.

      You are right that he has TONS of NBBs under sponsorship and DOES benevolently fund them and the sport. But notice how few ELITE LEVEL guys stick with Hackelberg. Use him and toss him aside like a bitch. (Which I think is APPROPRIATE BEHAVIOR for a TRUE ALPHA.)

      So it will be a slow burn for the Hack, I think, because no matter what he does not he fame side of the game, he can't maintain a position in the upper echelon of the sport – and i is that upper echelon that the fans like us adore!

      For now, I am at least glad for the top pros example: use a worshipping fuck bitch for his money, drain his cash, then toss him aside without thought and move on with your own amazing greatness. If Hackelberg wants to be the most known muscle cock slut bitch for true alphas to ever walk the planet, well, his rough treatment, perpetual abandonment, and financial draining is deserved.

    3. Yeah, I think Hackelberg thinks he has so much money, and that it is so important to a bodybuilder in training (which it admittedly is), he can entice the best any cock he fancies into plugging his overworked muscle-cunt. But as you point out, as much as true Alphas do need the money, they serve no one - especially a cum bitch like Hackelberg.

      I also know since he's taken his billion dollar company private, Hugo has a lot more leverage to use the company's funds to keep his personal lifestyle funded, his hotels and resorts lavishly financed, as well as sponsoring amateur and professional competitions, bankrolling his son's NBB aspirations, and making sure he's marketing naked bodybuilding as a lifestyle to the world. For that last part, I appreciate the work he has done to "socialize" the idea of nude, alpha muscle as not some freak fetish, but a true sport and complete lifestyle. But he can only persevere for so long before he's left with a harem of overblown amateurs more willing to be his paid dicks than a stable of truly inspirational pro Alpha Bodybuilders.