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It's a world where the most massive muscle imaginable merges with reality-defying, gigantic cocks and then becomes real right before your eyes! Bodybuilder fantasies of arrogant, over-endowed muscle-men – eager to show off their amazing bodies for devoted fans – become a reality here. The IFNB is where the line between imagination and reality blurs via imagery and words . . .

Official IFNB rules require complete nudity and mandatory cum shots during judged competitive bodybuilding posing.

In this blog we cover those IFNB competitions and events. Posts include onstage pics, pumproom shots, and exciting nude bodybuilding stories and reports, as well as hard-dicked posing, naked gym training, IFNB competitor nude bodybuilding lifestyles, and much more.

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BIGGER AND MAYBE BETTER?  Pro megaweight contender Yuri Korzoev took tot he stage 
at a shredded 286 lbs in the third round of Finals, winning the overall for the round and 
making it harder for Paulette to hold dominance in the heaviest of weight classes.  "Hard Red" also
brought his horniest posing to the stage releasing 22 delicious blasts throughout the posing rounds.
Keeping holes ready for pros to fuck as they warm up for their posting rounds is daunting enough, but the challenge becomes even more tricky when trying to keep available ass equipment ready for the brutal prep fucking regiment of megaweight naked bodybuilding competitors.   Of all the classes, more naked bodybuilding assistants holes are ruined and require removal from the prep room by the megaweight competitors, whose cock-prep fucking is usually so relentless that the number of men used as fuck equipment is typically overstocked for Elite level pro competitions.

Of the supply of 50 naked bodybuilding assistants used for prep equipment among the megaweights at the Anaconda, already 14 fuck holes have had to be removed due to over-use.  To win at this game a competitor's cock has to be over stimulated and properly edged for the stage, which requires a level of throat and ass fucking in the prep room that seems superhuman.  Yet even the most durable of fuck hole equipment wears out, and the throttling of ass and throat often causes the equipment to pass out from both terror pain and blissful euphoria.  And the number one exhauster of NBAs during the Anaconda has been the megaweight the fans now call Hard Red: Yori Korzoev.

Of the fuckhole equipment retired for the contest, Korzoev was responsible for ruining 9 of the 14 men removed with his throttle-punch fucking sprees, many of which last into he hours early on in his stage prep.  His Russian style of prep is far more aggressive as it was designed for men who were not chemically enhanced, but add the chemicals and you have a degree of fuck-power that most NBAs can barely handle even when their fuck holes and throats are fresh.

"A man's only priority sexually is his own cock pleasure," Korzoev explained.  "Everyone knows this.  So when prepping for stage this fact becomes even more vital.  My cock has to be super sensitive and very excited when I take to the stage, and to do this means fucking and edging as long as possible before the posing round.  I am not paying attention to whether the hole I am fucking is begging me to stop; it would make no sense to break my focus and worry about unimportant things.  The most important thing is my cock feeling great, and seeing it throbbing and full.  I use the equipment aggressively to ensure that result; if the equipment breaks down, I can not be stopped or concerned.  I am here to win, and that is the purpose the fuck hole equipment is supposed to serve as well.  And as you can see, being able to not lose focus or be distracted by whether the NBA is passing out or crying in terror works."

He was referring to his win in the Third Round of Finals, where he took not only the megaweight class but also the overall for the round.  Jeff Paulette was the frontrunner in the preliminaries for the megaweight, but Korzoev has stepped up his game in the Finals and has made it herder for Paulette to hold on to the class lead.  Hard Red has not yet taken it from the Club, but the two are now fighting a neck-and-neck race due to their bringing stronger sexual games in the final rounds.



  1. A great pose of a muscular mountain, Great shot of his cock head, which in this pic is quite superb. But it's a pity we don't see the full length of his monster dick.

    1. Ask Cockwatcher about it. He seems to be the expert on Zorozoev's dick.

  2. Hi guys, I’m still around and kicking though I have not commented much recently.

    I have a question which some fans might like to try to answer. Where do the editors get the original photos from; this superb shot of Korzoev, for instance? OK, I understand that this is all a fantasy, and that the editors modify things digitally to give us the enhanced cocks and muscles we crave to see, but looking at the previous shot of the line-up of several contestants, where does the original come from in the first place? Surely the line-up happened somewhere; or has it all been digitally concocted? Frankly things are so realistic most of the time that it is hard to believe that it is all make-believe. The editors are always silent; so fans any ideas? How is it all possible?

    And just for the record, some of us do try to emulate what we see and develop our own bodies and cocks. So there is some reality which comes out of this fantasy. And I don’t mean the exaggerated stuff we have been recently fed in quantity about the Anaconda shenanigans and the self- righteous outpourings of some fans. If we listen to them then the sport will die as everyone will be canned.

    1. The original creator is Laurent; his email is I am betting he can shed some light on the series for ya.

  3. By geographic rights, the Anaconda champion should be from Brazil or another South American country. I hope the interloping Russian rapist does not take the title.

    1. All the IFNB competitions wherever they are held are, to the best of my knowledge, open to competitors from around the world.So if the best man in any competition is not a national, then he gets still the title. So no, Anonyme, your argument about geographic rights does not hold water I'm afraid! IFNB events are not nationalistic.

  4. Well, you know, Jason, it's just like rooting for the hometown team. It's good to see the locals win on their home turf.


  6. I heard a little back stage intel that the problem with the NBAs has as much to do with the “Red Animal” (as they call him) as it does to do with the organizers not being fully prepared to support the Anaconda as a full pro level event, and not investing in truly experienced and talented NBA stock, whos asses and throats have been exhaustively trained for years to hungrily accept the most extreme and aggressive sexual behavior possible.

    In the past, since this was a local, lower-level event (despite the profile that the Brazilians bring to the sex game of NB), the NBAs were largely pulled from a pool of local semiprofessional aspiring naked bodybuilders (used to regular anal stim and looking to experience a pump of higher level competitor spunk) and cock-and-muscle-worship groupies. Both of these sets may be used to some consistent and regular pounding, but I’m sure they are no match for the intensity of a megaweight’s arm sized cock drilling them for hours on end. But these are just some of the growing pains you might expect as a competition gets itself up to the standards of a pro event – finding the right and willing holes to take that much abuse can end up being an afterthought, unfortunately.

    And ultimately it’s the Alpha competitors that suffer if their cocks aren’t properly stimulated to show to their full effect, and can lead to the volatile and (if you actually understand the IFNB world) completely understandable rape attacks we’ve seen backstage during this show.

  7. I think that this is one of the best poses we have seen in a long time on the blog. Korzoev has broken away from the standard poses and created something quite unique. I just love the way that magnificent knob of his cock peeps above his thigh. Tantalisingly inviting.

    Phpasoth NBa will be inspred to try yo shoe=w off their enowmnets in such imagintive eays.

    1. Sorry for the garbled last sentence above It said:

      Perhaps other NBs will be inspired by Korzoev to show of their endowments in such immaginative ways.

    2. I agree Kevin. Say what you want about the Red, but he is good at this sport. I like how he makes that massive cock of his part of the pose while not dominating the overall picture.

    3. Megaweights aren't known for their imaginative ways. Mostly they succeed because of their uncontrollable cock displays, quarts of cum, wild jets of jizz, not any savvy skill.

      Even in the otherwise impressive photo above, Korosoev doesn't show that he timed a shot.

    4. You're right - and GOOD POINT!

      A good pose is one that accounts for cock, mass and shape. But a GREAT pose includes proof of a man's self-worship, potency and sexual power – i.e., flexing AND cumming.

      at the end of the day you can not overlook the power of a muscular physique so self-obsessed and horny that he blasts a monster load just due to flexing for adoring admirers.

      And this will be the key to a Korozoev win!

    5. It's possible Korozoev might win. The number and volume of his cum blasts -- even if mistimed -- might persuade the judges.

      But don’t count Rubenez out. Remember his edgy cum performance in Anaconda 9 and look ahead to his his fan-thrilling cum blast on the audience in Anaconda 23. Rubenez has the cum resources — that is mega-size sperm producing balls, seen in Anaconda 11 — to swamp the stage, other competitors, and fans with man-juice. Could be he is waiting for the time and place — the Elite Pro Anaconda Finals — to pull out all stops and let loose his imaginative ways and savvy skills.

    6. ¡Homem ovos quentes! ¡Rubenez os tem!