STANDING OUT IN A TOUGH LINE-UP: The winners of the second round of Finals included (from left)
Douglas Cabrero (heavyweight class), Savio Calva (middleweight class), Hugo Cortes (light heavyweight class),
OveralL Round Winner Pierre Douton (super heavyweight class) and Yuri Korzoev (megaweight class). 

Long time Elite level pro Pierre Douton knows how to dominate all that he does.  And the second round of Anaconda Finals brought to the stage a naked muscle monster who is completely comfortable with his excessive masculinity quite literally diminish the image of those around him.

Mouton has done well throughout the Preliminaries, and while he has always had a strong chance of taking the Anaconda Overall, his performance has been "textbook Douton"; perfect, classic posing, well-timed cum shots, thick, dense-packed muscle and a cocky swagger.  Every reason fans adore this alpha have been on display, which is more than enough for him to win the prize. But those who follow Douton know he is a man who loves to challenge the game, and what he brought to the second round may just shift the emphasis for the remainder of Finals in the contest.

Thicker and more swollen than in previous rounds, Douton's arms and shoulders looked so big that they seemed like they were a second pair of legs.  The deep undercut of his pecs was emphasized by how the melon-muscles popped on every pose.  But it was Douton's real skill as a master muscle show off that brought these intensified physique features to life.  shot pose was like an example of the ideal way to execute naked bodybuilding posing – right down to his fat cock.

And this was where he brought a "Douton level game" to the round: his already dangerous-to-use fuck stick was fatter and fuller than ever.  Pointing aggressively upward without fail for the entire 4-hour round, Douton unleashed more cum than needed to take the overall.  Shooting 21 loads total, he timed 17 perfectly with his masterful posing.  In his class the next highest number was 14 loads, pulling him far ahead the super heavyweights both in loads and cum timing.  His shooting rivaled the megaweight winner Yuri Korzoev, who's horny muscle schlong blasted 23 loads, yet timed only 14.

Shooting like a megaweight yet being the best-built super heavyweight is an edge in the scoring that now makes Douton the competitor to watch for the overall.  Numerically it is still anyone's game, but while muscle has been the edge for the winners thus far these men had better show how their masculinity is expressed trough ravenous sexual dominance in order to keep up with the excellent work of Douton.

Is it a cock game now to win?  "Of course not," Douton told our reporters.  "The sport is and always will be about balance – a man's power, a man's muscle, and a man's sexual domination.  The ability to intimidate and shock are what a true man possessed, and that is what creates the criteria the judges use.  So while my cock is terrifying and makes men feel like the worthless bitches they are around me, it takes a full package – muscle, cock, and balance – like mine to win an Elite level show."

As always, both powerful insight and thrilling male-dominant arrogance from one of the top pros in the sport.



  1. Does anyone know of a blog like this one, but dedicated to younger bb's, like teens?

  2. Just the perfect comparative line-up we all need to allow us fully to appreciate the relative merits of different competitors. And there is little to add to the editors' comments which seem spot on. Frankly it's Douton and the rest. He is head and shoulders above any of the other competitors as this line-up shows.

    What a magnificent pose; what marvellous muscles and what a superb fuck-stick. Can anyone beat Douton? Paulette perhaps? Pity he is not in this shot to allow us to compare these two superb studs side by side.

  3. Korsoev does not compare to Douton in this picture. Neither his cock nor his muscles are in the same league as Douton's. I find this a bit strange, as the earlier solo shots of Korsoev show him having a formidable fuck stick. Just look at Shot 14 of this series; it is not the most aesthetically beautiful example of man-meat, but my god, it's a monument. I should think that anyone who had the pleasure of having his hole reamed out with that tool would have the experience of a lifetime. I try to imagine just what it might feel like.

    Do any of these studs ever deign to have a little fuckfest with their fans to let them see how a real pro fucks butt? I bet there would be lots of takers; any such evening would be a sell out, I'm sure. Just try to imagine Douton, Neuville, Korsoev, Paulette et al exercising their meat on a set of willing fans. Not a competition but just a friendly recreational fuck.

    And talking of monuments, what has happened to Neuville, for in my book, he was up there in the top cock category. Are we to see him again? And I thought Bedone was competing, but we don't seem to have seen anything of him at all.

  4. This photo seems to show the incredible, shrinking Korosoev. Is he taking short pills?

  5. Of these five, Pierre Douton looks the most at ease and self-confident. His experience in the sport pays off.

    1. I agree. The IFNB Report hasn't covered Douton much, but he is truly a leader, and it will be interesting to see where he falls in the finals.

    2. I’ve always been and will always be a Douton fan – his magnificent body, dominating attitude, and thick black cock have always fascinated me. But he does seem to be playing it a bit more low key than his usual competition swagger. Since Anaconda is brand new, and so few Elites are actually competing in comparison to an established event, I suspect he might be “slumming it” a bit by showing up in Brazil. Maybe trying out some new things before the bigger shows later in the year? And the fact that he’s been so steady and consistent, without the usual outbursts and random acting out – well, this is new for him! Maybe this new “mature” Douton will be able to bring it for the rest of the year, and finally triumph at Mr. Alpha.

    3. After the reprimand he got for his part in the incident with Os Quarto Galos, Douton needs to play in a low key for a while.

    4. I think he's up to something - it's never been Douton's style to kowtow to lesser men - that's why that whole apology business rings false in my ears. I don't think Douton (or any Alphas of those men's status) could have been genuine if they said that any ass they decided to use, willing or otherwise, wasn't theirs to take.

      But I digress. I hope he'll come roaring back in the final rounds and/or is waiting to really blow it out of the water at the Alpha. He's a superstar!

  6. I don't want to see Douton lose, but I'd rather see him drop-out than finish lower than first. He can always say he was just in Brazil for some fun, by coincidence at the same time as Anaconda, so he registered, or he can claim an injury. In its first year as an Elite Pro event, there isn't much prestige to be lost. Douton has the attitude, he can handle that.

    Let this first Elite level Anaconda be for a Brazilian to win. Let the host country get an ego boost.