HARD RED CONFIDENCE: Megaweight Yori Korzoev (now being nicknamed "Hard Red" by fans)
struts around backstage, flexing and showing off how his monster cock stays hard and ready no matter what.
Hard Red is not only predicting that he will take down veteran competitor Paulette, 
but also loudly bragging that he will even win the Anaconda overall prize.

What makes the sport of naked bodybuilding so thrilling for fans is the ability to witness the way these dominating men of physical perfection so often use their self-worshipping egos to drive levels of performance that astound and thrill us lesser males.  Their arrogance and cocky swagger is the fuel which feeds the furnaces of their superhuman development, allowing us to glimpse their perfection in awe and wonder.

In short, they prove that a real man is one who is utterly involve with himself and arrogant enough to demand we all agree.  It may seem at first off-putting, but the results of that kind of attitude speak for themselves by creating the ideal of manhood we all admire.  And it all culminates in the battlegrounds of naked bodybuilding.

Which is why many think Yori Korozoev may be the new competitor to watch int he Elite Pro level ranks. The aggressive, cocky Russian competitor is a non stop show off of self-congratulating self-assertion, and is known for sneering and smiling smugly as he shoves his muscle and cock into the faces of anyone around him.  This is a man not only amazing to behold, but utterly self-aware of how incredibly perfect he is – and eager to hear agreement on that fact!

And agree more and more judges are with Korozoev, as he has been progressively scoring higher throughout the Finals of this year's Anaconda.  The Megaweight class was originally thought to be a guarantee for veteran pro megaweight Jeff "Buck" Paulette, fresh off his history-making domination of the 2015 DragonCock Pan-Asia last fall.  But while Paulette still holds the leads at the end of Prelims, Korozoev has presented a challenge that the near-perfect Paulette may not be able to beat.  Korozoev has made the Megaweight Class so difficult, fans began labelling the Russian star "Hard Red," referring both to how he is so hard to beat, as well as to how rock hard his frighteningly exciting fuck stick is during his posing.

"The Club [Paulette] is a great competitor, it's true, and of course deserves all the worship and obedience from you lesser men," Korozoev smiled as we caught up with him backstage during the break between the Prelim rounds and the Finals.  "But as superior as he is, he is not as amazing as me.  You see how I take breaks to flex in front of people?  You see how my cock is always calling to me to fuck anyone in my way?  I am unstoppable in this sport, and the only reason I have never beaten an alpha like The Club is that he has never met me.  But now that he has, even his might will become a bitch to my male perfection.  How anyone can't see that is just ignorance."

"In fact I will probably take the entire contest," Hard Red continued, sneering and smiling in his charismatic way.  "Ever since Papa Byk got me started me as a very young boy, it has been my destiny to dominate the men around me.  My size is the best, and my cock is trained to dominate every thought in my mind – every hour, every minute – during competition.  Even now I am thinking of fucking you into unconsciousness!  My desire to dominate is unstoppable, and that is what I bring to the stage."

"In fact," Korozoev laughed.  "If you don't step back soon, you will not be happy with what happens to that photographer."

Editor's note: We have switched our head photographer for the remainder of the contest after he got too close to Korozoev.  He is on the mend, but could not be lulled out from under Hard Red's fuck wrath for almost an hour.  The photographer ties FULL responsibility for not heeding the warning, and sent thanks and good luck to Korozoev after he was revived several hours later.  He will keep his job covering competitions for the IFNB, but will not continue covering the Anaconda until his anus and throat heal fully.



  1. Well our Russian friend can raise quite a phallic monument when he tries as this shot shows. But what has happened to his balls? They seem to have all but disappeared, sucked into his body.
    And in earlier shots he had a very well defined head and rim on his cock, whereas here I get the impression that he still has some residual foreskin which is spoiling his presentation, Go back to Shot 12 of this series and look at Korzoev’s dick. In that shot; it is utter perfection, which in the present shot it is not.
    So it is perhaps the biggest single cock on show (although Neuville, whom we do not seem to have seen recently, has a superb piece of meat) but frankly it does not look attractive here. If he has a foreskin problem then he should consider getting it surgically corrected. You all know my view that all contestants should be cut and if they are, it should leave a perfect penis with a well defined head and rim to display As ever the pose struck and what we see are the only things we, the fans, have to judge by. And in this case, in my view, biggest is certainly not the best. This is not a very aesthetic shot of what is a major piece of man-meat.

    1. I just wanted to add to my comment above and say that for all our very verbose newcomers who seem to have surfaced for the Anaconda, if you guys really want to know what a top cock looks like, then go back a couple of years in the blog to the following shot of Carlos Monza;

      Date: 01/15/2015
      Shot: Alphafest Expo 14

      This guy in this shot, just has to have the definitive cock of all time. It is a mindblowing picture. There is a saying that "A thing of beauty is a joy forever." Well for me, this guy's cock in this shot is it. His muscles aren't half bad either!!!

    2. Quit whining. If you met that cock in person, you wouldn’t know what to do with it.

    3. I am not sure, Anonyme, that you comment is apposite; in
      fact I am quite sure that it is not. If I were less polite than I am, I might be tempted to say that I would stick it down your throat; but as I am not like that, I shall refrain from making such a lewd suggestion. Of course were that eventuality to be realised, by some hand other than mine of course, I wonder if you would know what to do with it.

    4. It would have to be some "hand" other that yours ... because your handle says it all ... cockWATCHER ... just looking, no action.

    5. One possibility is that Korosoev’s balls have been surgically lifted and placed in his pelvis, and his scrotum trimmed. This is part of the growing body modification movement, which includes tattoos and piercings. Many men are getting into it. They think that the penis, especially when erect, looks better alone, without the visual interference of a wrinkled nutsac. That’s also why they buzz-cut their pubic hair or man-scape it into artful designs, or shave it off. These choices give more prominence to their penis.

      Another possibility is that Korosoev had his balls surgically removed (testectomy) or that he has been chemically castrated. This may have become a necessity as a result of the training methods of Bogdna Silvestrov, nicknamed Papa Byk — Bull Daddy. For four years, 2007-2011, Korosoev was one of Papa Byk’s ребенок быки —Baby Bulls. And as Korosoev said in Anaconda 4, as a Baby Bull, he was often jerked off without stop for two or three continuous days. Activity like that puts an immense strain on a young athlete’s gonads. It’s sure to make them disease prone. Testectomy or chemical castration might be necessary.

      As to the differences in appearance between Korosoev’s dick and sac as seen in Anaconda 4 and 14, they can probably be explained by careful analysis of the camera angles, one (#4) looking down at, the other (#14) looking up to.

      As for circumcision, it’s what the man prefers: full, partial, none — except infant males often don’t get the choice. Parents or even doctor’s make it for them. I have a friend whose newborn son was circumcised without consent, the doctor simply went ahead and did it without asking. The new dad is furious. The choice was not left up to his son to make at an appropriate time.

      Just to take the discussion a step further … What’s to happen when an NB athlete shows up with a tattooed penis? Moreover, why aren’t there any NB athletes with body tattoos? Given the mainstreaming of tattoos, including in the general sport of bodybuilding, the absence of tattoos in Naked Bodybuilding seems to be peculiar.

      I am not here to dictate what Naked Bodybuilding athletes should do, artistically, with their foreskins and scrotums, I am here too appreciate what they do. I try to enjoy them as individuals, not to fit them into preconceived molds

    6. Jock Walt, Thanks for your insights. One thing I can add to them is mention of foreskin restoration. Many men are trying it.

  2. What an effin man-pole, fuck-stick, cock, dick, prick, dong, schlong, pecker And it ain’t even fully erect yet, I bet there’s two more inches at least behind the foreskin. And it’s thick around as a baseball bat.

    Mr Korosoev, sir, I was thinking about going to Community College and hooking up with the Naked Bodybuilding team there, and giving first dibs at my sweet virgin dude-pussy to Coach Cox. But if I fly down to Rio, will you bust my cherry for me? Please !!!

    1. Hey brogasmXXL

      Back on Anaconda 9, you wrote about your fears of rape by raging, brutish IFNB pros who attack at whim, without intelligence or concern. Your feelings really got too me.

      Yori Korosoev was one of four perpetrators — they were never charged — who prompted your remarks. Now you see this picture of his cock, and your ready to hop on it.

      Please think again. You deserve better. Stick with Coach Cox, like you one time said you wanted to do. Coach Cox will mentor you in a manly and fair way. He will introduce you to the brotherhood of Naked Bodybuilding both as sport and as gay sex pleasure, if you want that part.

    2. Mr Jackstrap,

      Thanks for reminding me what I posted before, and how suddenly I changed just because I saw a monster cock on a sexy muscle-bound hunk. I pretty much came to that conclusion myself - I mean not jumping on Korosoev’s cock — because I really don’t want to be raped.

      I won’t be going to Community College either. Dad wants me to go Back East to the college he attended, four years, so that’s what I’ll be doing. Since I’m late admission, I have the application, paperwork, and a lot of other catching up to do. Plus dorm stuff, and clothes. For styles and weather, Massachusetts is way different than Southern California.

      Dad and I did get to attend one of Coach Cox’s visitor sessions/open houses, but it’s not because we didn’t like it that the decision was made. In fact, we liked it a whole lot. But, dad, my mom too, and I agree, I need to experience life outside SoCal, where I was born and raised. Now that I’m becoming mature seems a good time to do that.

      Coach Cox probably won’t remember me, he had forty or fifty guys attend, so I doubt I’ll stand out. Me and my dad weren’t the only father-son pair at the session, either, we met two others, looking over the program like we were, shows what a good reputation it has. Plus, maybe I shouldn’t write about his business, but I am impressed with his techniques and his educational tone, and want to say so.

      I just listened to and watched all that was going on. Coach Cox emphasizes how the sport is Naked Bodybuilding, not a club for sex, and how cum is a muscle and manhood builder. He doesn’t say much about going-pro, probably because that rough stuff might scare people away, but he does explain how a commitment to Naked Bodybuilding and the lifestyle can be a lifelong personal amateur thing with longevity, good health, friendships, and self-esteem as rewards.

      Like I said, I was just watching and listening, and so was my dad. The whole evening lasted about three or maybe four hours, I lost track of time, there was so much interesting to hear and see. Coach Cox or one of his team members came by every once in awhile, asked us if everything was okay, did we want to try anything, or want an explanation and demonstration. But we just said, “Not right now, thanks.”

      So maybe about 9:30 — the event started at 7 — Erik Lindgren came by, he spoke quietly right to my dad, I didn’t hear him. Dad looked and me and asked, “Do you mind?” I said “No” — I didn’t know what I was not minding, but “No” is what I said. My dad left the bleachers and went to the gym floor with Erik. Him being my dad, I couldn’t watch everything that happened, so I had to look away, focus on other things going on, but I glimpsed enough so I know he did pretty much everything there is to do that uses cum to build muscles. I’d never seen my dad like that before, hadn’t done anything with him, never knew that he was into Naked Bodybuilding, I certainly didn’t think he was into the gay sex. Anyway, to wind up, after what seemed like a very long hour, dad sat next to me. He was a sweaty, sticky, and way beyond sexy, proud, thrilled, if you could put those in one word.

      Like we know from his posts, Coach Cox always ends his sessions with felching. As Coach Cox was supervising down on the gym floor, dad asked would I fetch with him. “Yes!” was my eager reply. So my dad stood, turned his butt to me and put it on face, skooching close so his asshole was on my mouth. I sucked and slurped, we did the mouth-to mouth cum exchange, swallowed. What a manly and intense bonding experience.

      I didn’t give up my virgin cherry dude-pussy that night, or since. I might wait til I meet somebody my own age Back East, and we might be able to do it for each other, like young Cox and his buddy Reuben did. Or I might give it to my dad.

      This will probably be my last post to the IFNB blog. Thanks for having my best interests at heart. I’ve enjoyed your posts about The Zoo and Travis, who is my age. Good luck to him.

    3. (aka Coach Cox) brogasmxxl, good luck back east. Father and son pairs are always hard to miss, especially your father. His muscular body and erect 12" beer can wide dong was hard for Erik to miss. Even though the 19 year old is straight, he likes a huge cock shoved up his asshole. Erik also warted to receive the cum of a man with an impressive endowment in his chute. Is it possible your father belonged to a Mass. frat house where members lived naked, worked out naked, and fucked each other?
      I always recommend students live naked 24/7.* You look buff for an 18 year old, and have an impressive 9" cock. I hope you plan to seek NB outlets. If your father isn't an alumni of a frat house, always go naked in your college dorm, or the gym locker room as much as possible, and other naked guys will talk to you about your muscles and dong, allowing you to ask about NB opportunities. I am assuming you want to continue to increase muscle and cock size. Keep eating and absorbing cum. Based on what you said, and his participation at the visitor session, your father would support your interest in NB. Work out with your father, follow my weights routine, and have him fuck your hole and throat as much as possible. You want to absorb his potent family jizz. According to Erik, your dad's sphincter was tight around his cock, and your father's asshole didn't want to let go of Erik's fuck stick. So, fuck your father, drill his hole deeply with your tongue, suck out your cum and spit it into his mouth. This will make him shoot on your naked body, allowing you and your father to rub it onto your muscles and dong. You want to keep the male bond with your father.
      You have choices to make. If you want romance, wait for Mr. Right. If you want big muscles and a larger fuck stick, start working with dad. You can also have both choices, with an understanding Mr., and keep them separate, or maybe Mr Right would join you and dad in NB. I am positive you will find a NB outlet that suits you and supports you, and offers opportunities to bond with men who live the NB lifestyle. At this point I sense you are not interested in an alpha pro NB goal.
      *This morning, 6am, I jogged in a fishnet micro speedo, front panel cut out. From afar, I looked covered, but up close my huge dong, balls and ass crack could clearly be seen. The speedo was so small, 1" of my cock at the root was exposed as I hit the pavement with each stride. After awhile my sweat made the fishnet transparent and I looked totally naked. I am proud of my manly, sweaty, hairless body and want others to see it. Other joggers have favorably seen my naked, muscular body, and huge dong before and joined me today. Since I was jogging with a group, I took off the speedo, and jogged with my huge dong, slapping my thighs. The others laughed and slapped or grabbed my naked ass. As before, I talked about being naked 24/7 and about NB. After I left the others, I jogged home naked and finished the hour.

    4. Awesome! Coach Cox, you saw my dad.Totally awesome! I’m glad you told me. When my dad was working out with Erik, I felt jealous. My dad’s always been so discreet, I never knew him to do anything like that. Did Erik work every inch of my dad’s dong? Like you said it’s big.

      But Coach, here’s my problem. I read what you wrote and I took it to heart. I thought I was saving my cherry for somebody special, but didn’t know who. Now I know it’s my dad. I want to get in on the potent family jizz you wrote about, but how am I going to do it? Seems like I lost a chance when didn’t hook up with my dad that night at the Community College gym, or maybe in the car on the way home, especially since we rode naked and hard all the way. At home, with mom around, I don’t feel like is the right place. I thought maybe in the locker room or showers at Fit World or the Y after workout, but that might be too risky and rushed. I thought of renting a cabin in the woods for for a weekend, but that seems too boyfriend-romantic. Your suggestions?

      I know my dad supports my interest in Naked Bodybuilding. That’s why he took me to checkout Community College team. Listening to your inspiring words and watching your enthusiastic presentation relit a fire in him. On the way home in the car he said when he was at Mass College he was a member of Gamma Beta Nu frat. It’s completely nude frat 24/7 with a basement gym for cum-muscle workouts, the naked frat guys have hard-ons 24/7 for all the sucking and fucking you could want. He’s going to get me pledged to it. He wants me to have that experience like he did.

      And another way dad showed his support. Back in April, when I turned eighteen, he got me a posing suit like professional bodybuilders wear. We ordered it online from Muscleskins — you should checkout their site — I chose the skimpiest they have, narrowest ass-crack and waist strip, tight, shear, stretch-fabric pouch printed in a camouflage print. LMAO - hiding my junk in camo so I can look naked. Anyway, I wear it when I cut the grass. I can’t jog naked like you, so it’s about the best I can do outdoors where I live. I know my dad wants me to show off my body.

    5. Hey brogasmxxl, Erik's asshole worked every inch of your dad's dong as the latter plowed the teen's chute with his 12" long, beer can wide dong. As your dad shoved his gigantic cock in and out of Erik's asshole, the teen was in ecstasy, with his eyes rolled back and his tongue sticking out of his mouth. Since you looked away, you didn't see me shove my 11" long dong into Erik's mouth. He swallowed my cock up to the base without gagging. For several minutes your father and I were plunging in and out in rhythm. After your father shot a gigantic load deep into the 19 year old's hole, he pulled out and Erik sucked and licked every inch of his dong. Then I plunged my cock, with a 7" circumference, into your dad's chute. I plowed him, as he loudly grunted, until I came in his hole. Then the teen drilled his tongue into your father's chute, sucked out every drop of jizz and swallowed.
      Your dad gave you clues that he is ready to give you jizz, but he wants it to be your choice.
      I would recommend you use the garage. Most don't have a/c, and I doubt your mother wants to see the 2 of you naked. Your dad can tell her he's training you for the frat and you both will strip when you start sweating. Once you are used to being fucked by your father, with a cock circumference of 8", you'll be able to handle any cocks plunged into your asshole by NB frat brothers. Have your father fuck you as much as possible and have him dig deep into your chute with his tongue to suck out his jizz and spit it into your mouth. You don't have much time to build the bond with your father, or to absorb family jizz, before you go to Mass. in the fall.
      This summer I will be offering, on Tues. and Thurs. nights, 10- 12pm, a summer version of my college NB team. I would like to invite you and your father to join. It would be good practice for you to be part of a team and to prepare for joining the NB frat, and I would like the team to experience being fucked by an 8" circumferenced dong, 1" larger and 1" longer than mine.

    6. Coach Cox,

      Yesterday morning, after I read your post, I felt confident. I understood, like you said, that dad had been sending me clues, but he wanted it to be my decision. I took your suggestion about the garage, but we don’t have weights and workout there, we go to Fit World or the Y, so I had to change it up.

      I was supposed to cut the grass, I texted dad from the garage that the lawnmower wouldn’t start. Simple version: He busted my cherry in the garage, twice you might say. First I was on my back, legs in the air spread wide. Second he wanted to do me doggie-style. After those two fucks, he ate out my dude-pussy and slimed me in the mouth with his cum.

      Coach, it sure hurt taking my dad’s 12” x 8” cock, and it was good too. Dad was aggressive, and my virgin asshole was real tight. I felt my sphincter pop, twice, when he plowed into me. I was hungry for dick in my ass, and I wanted to be aggressive about taking it, like it’s part of my Alpha Male training. Do you think I did all right?

      So I fucked dad once, did the ass-suck and mouth-slime thing, then cut the grass wearing the camo poser he got me, while he watched naked from the garage. After I put the mower away, dad fucked me again, on my back again, but this time I had my left ankle on his right shoulder and my left leg wide out on the floor. Dad jammed me up good, he said this way he could grind his pubes against my asshole, and I’d get an extra inch of cock that’s inside the pubes. He sure made me feel like he was ramming more than 12 inches in me.

      After lunch and then again after dinner, dad said we should check out the lawnmower. It kind of freaked mom out that the lawnmower was suddenly such a center of attention. Dad and I threw each other a fuck, ass-suck and felch both times. So total for the day was eight fucks: five on me, three on my dad. What do you think about that?

      About the Tuesday-Thursday summer sessions at the Community College gym, Dad and I both think it’s a great opportunity, so we will be hooking up with you.

      Thanks, Coach.

      BTW — my handle is brogasmxxl, but my name is Woody, and my dad is Drew. Our last name is Harden

    7. Woody aka brogasmxxl,
      You and Drew did it just right. An 18 year old is now a man. Your father is really supporting your desire to grow your muscles and fuck-stick by giving you loads of his jizz. Your sphincter is now ready for my huge cock, the college team, and the frat house guys. Don't neglect the weights. When you and your father go to Fit World and the Y, stay naked in the locker room. In the gym wear short, tight, mesh shorts, and go commando, especially Drew. When the other men see his VPL, they will know a MAN is in the gym. I'm glad the bond with your father is getting closer with every thrust and drop of cum.
      If your dad is going to "assist" with the summer session, he needs to be hairless from the neck down. All the students are. The 2 of you can have a shave/fuck session. Being smooth will make Drew's beer can dong look monstrous. The experienced NB students will fight to see who gets plowed by your dad first, and the newbies will be nervous when they see his gigantic phallus.
      Tues., June 14, 10 pm is the first session, in the weight room. Arrive naked and park outside the weight room door. There will be 19 young men, 18 - 20. I will begin with a verbal intro. Then everyone will warm up with weights. After, with students watching, Drew will plunge his fuck-stick into Coach Cox. In this course I am the alpha male, but I want the students to see I can have a monstrous dong shoved up my asshole. After your father cums in my hole, you will drill your tongue deeply into my chute and suck out every drip of your dad's jizz and swallow it. Then your dad will aggressively fuck you so the team can see how you can take it and how your father gives you potent family jizz. After this demo, everyone will participate in the usual routine using weights, sucking men working out, fucking between sets, and sucking the jizz out a team member and swallowing it to absorb the protein which will help with muscle and cock growth, at the end of the 2 hour session. During this first meeting, I would like every team member to either be fucked by your father or to suck his dong. As I walk around pointing out correct weight techniques, I will plow every team member with my huge dong at least once during the 2 hours. Bring a towel because there will be cum and sweat all over everyone's body, the equipment and the floor. Some of the guys will lick the cum off each other's entire bodies, and others will walk home naked and let the summer air dry their muscles and cock.

    8. Hey Coach Cox,

      Are you planning a graduation ceremony for the Naked Bodybuilding team? Or did it already happen? Could you tell the blog readers what took place? Did you have special honoree? Did an Alpha Pro make an speech or give a demo?

    9. Hey bonerbroXXXL,
      I am planning a graduation ceremony for the Community College NB Team. But I need to wait for the Whitneys and Lindgren to return from Brazil. Rex Whitney and Eric Lindgren can't return until suckspLOAD unveils its massive campaign to promote their cum supplement featuring the faces of the 19 year olds. The unveiling will occur 3 hours after the final Anaconda event. The IFNB will allow suckspLOAD to use the same venue. The IFNB is working to foster the goodwill of the Brazilians, and the participation of OS QUATRO GALOS (The Four Cocks), beloved in South America, will add tremendously to a positive view of NB.
      Word has leaked of the unveiling and there is a huge ticket demand.
      In the mean time, The Four Cocks have been training at NU and the Universidade do Rio, as NB in residence. NU is so packed, passer bys see NBs posing, fucking, sucking and cumming on and in each other, and on the gathered crowds, on the streets. Erik wants Brazilian cum and has been known to suck out the asshole of every Brazilian in the facility. Erik tries to pound every chute offered to him, but sometimes there are just too many NBs.
      At the Universidade do Rio, dad Alex is working with the coaches and the students feel it is an honor when he fucks them, being Erik's father. Max, 18, has become the mascot NBA to the students. With 30 students in the course, he is bent over from the beginning to the end of the class. Erik loves to suck out Max's chute at the end of these sessions, the latter ready to explode the churned jizz.
      At NU the Four Cocks met a NB coach, Paulo, a retired pro NB with a 14" cock, in his late 30s. He works at a private high school and his course is an elective. It is popular and supported by the community, especially by parents who want to see their sons become pro NBs. Students must be at least 17 and have a 7"+ cock. Many of these students go on to the Universidade and enroll in the NB course. At the course sign up Paulo (naked) interviews each student (also naked) to verify they have a true interest in NB. A day later he holds an invitational initiation, inviting male family members (naked), to observe the students using weights, and sucking each other's cocks. Then he lines them up, bent over with hands on the wall, and fucks all 25. He thrusts into each one at least 10 to 15 times. Family members often cum, as they proudly watch their kin take Paulo's 14" cock. The 14" is no surprise because Paulo is usually naked throughout the male gym facility. Afterwards, the coach invites everyone to go home naked so everyone will know there is a budding NB in their midst. The school is proud to have a former pro NB on the staff, and believe he can plant the proper seed for future pros.
      The Whineys and Lindgren visited the class. By popular demand, Alex, Rex, and Erik, fucked each of the students. The students wanted their potent jizz. Again, Max served as a NBA. Erik demonstrated how to drill his tongue (using Max) into an asshole and suck out the cum. Then Erik spit all that cum into Paulo's mouth. Paulo spit some of the cum into his hand and using it as lube, shoved his 14" cock into Erik's chute and roughly plowed him. Erik's tongue hung out of his mouth. The excited students partnered up and drilled each other's assholes deeply with their tongues, like Erik, and swallowed. Most of the young men had never seen this before.

    10. Hi Coach Cox. Thanks for saying I’m a man, and thanks for saying dad and I did it right.

      Like you recommend, dad’s loading me up with his jizz. He cums in my ass at least three times a day, sometimes five, Saturdays and Sundays we go eight or nine times. Sometimes he makes me keep his spunk my anus and absorb it, he butt-plugs my asshole so none drips out. Other times he sucks it out and then slimes me in the mouth. I’m always sure to lick his tongue clean. Of course, mom’s freaking out about why we spend so much time in the garage tinkering with the lawnmower.

      What do you think, coach? Is dad’s 10” x 8” dong is giving my asshole a good workout? Will I be ready for you, the team, and especially the frat at Mass College? By the time I’m Back East, I’ll have my training with you at Community College too. Dad says the frat will have about a hundred members: seventy-five sophomores, juniors, and seniors, and I’ll be one of twenty-five freshman pledges. That’s a lot of cocks and assholes to workout with.

      Dad and I went to Johnson’s Sporting Goods to get short, tight, mesh gym gear like you said. He wanted mine to be extra tight so he got them in the boys department, for himself he got white and red shorts, three pairs of each color. They’re Under Skins brand in the style they call Cling Fit. Wow! You said shorts like that would show his VPL and other men would know he’s a MAN, well, it’s more like dad’s showing a VPB — Very Prominent Bulge — and it sure gets attention because dad usually gets a chubby (half a hard-on) when he works out.

      Besides that, we when peel off our shorts in the locker room, dad gets a lot of admiring stares. First time we peeled down at the Y, a dude was sitting on the bench right next, so dad’s dick was practically in his face. The dude copped a feel, dad’s dick sprung to attention. Meantime, two more dudes walked in the locker room. Short Version: dad fucked them three and me too. Coach, are things like that okay to do in a locker room? I ask because I got a feeling they will happen a lot more often.

      Another thing. In the showers, dad gets his cock soapy and hard, he says it washes cleaner that way. He doesn’t care who’s watching. Dad says I should do that too. What do you think coach?

      Monday, Memorial Day (LMAO - memorial to the sacrifice of our body hair), dad and I will do our first neck to toe shaves. Mom will be at her sister’s, so we’ll have the bathroom to ourselves for as long as we need it for our shave-n-fuck ceremony. Can hardly wait for that and can hardly wait to see the looks we get in locker room and showers at Fit World and the Y when we’re totally shaved.

      So we’ll just have to keep the stubble off til we see you June 14. Looks like you got a real good welcome planned. Looking forward to it.

      Thanks for all your encouragement and advice, Coach Cox. See you soon.

    11. Coach Cox, Thanks for your excellent post. It has so much information and so much to ask about.

      As for young Erik Lindgren, just 19, When will he turn pro? Being the face, with Rex Whitney, of spunkspLOAD, I guess he can’t remain amateur status much longer. Erik is astoundingly impressive in his public displays of cum eating, rimming, sucking, and fucking. don’t know of anyone like him among current pros. They are models of antisocial behaviors, including bullying and rape. But Erik shows a public commitment to and enthusiasm for Naked Bodybuilding that bonds others in brotherhood with the naked lifestyle.

      As you said, Erik workouts out at Gym Nu, in full view through the plate glass windows that face the outside street, where he fucks everyone at the facility and eats out the cum, his own and others, from all assholes. He participates in the Universidade de Rio Naked Bodybuilding program by sucking out 18 year old team mascot Max Whitney’s jizz filled anus after all twenty team members and their coaches have pumped it full. And at Treinador Paulo’s classe para atletas jovens, he was part of the trio, with Alex and Rex Whitney, that each fucked all twenty-five students. Then with Max Whitney again as his partner, Erik demonstrated asshole sucking, and in a surprise move, spit the cum he had sucked out into Coach Paulo’s mouth. The coach then slobbed some of that cum on his fingers, lubed his cock, and plunged all 14” of it in Erik’s manpussy. Erick panted with pleasure, his tongue hanging out, showing how an Alpha Male enjoys a good hard fuck, especially when it’s a massive 14” dong jamming his chute. That was good for the student athletes to see, and of course it got them horny.

      How horny will the crowd at the spunksLOAD kickoff be? What will churn their gonads and stiffen their cocks? I haven’t heard anything about mandatory nudity for the audiences at Anaconda, and at least two photos, Anaconda 7 and Anaconda 2, show clothed audiences. Will the spunksLOAD audience be naked? Will they get free samples? What kind of show will Erik and the Whitney’s put on? Any special guests? Audience participation? I hope Max gets to do some fucking and sucking. Maybe if he takes a mega-dose of spunksLOAD he can fuck and suck Alex, Rex and Erik on stage, eat out their asses too.

      Looking forward to reading about this. Thanks again, Coach Cox.

    12. Hi brogasmXXL,
      You look great in your photo. Since you I.D. as an exhibitionist (glad to hear it), I thought you would have posed naked. For the next photo.
      With all the jizz your father is giving you, you will definitely see growth in your muscles and cock. If you want to make sure you can take all that frat cock up your asshole, have your father buy some huge didldos. Your dad can help you shove them up your chute. Some of the guys will be horny as hell, plunge right in, and fuck you like rabbits. Your dad should also double fuck you with his dong and a dildo. I know some of the guys will be into double penetrations.
      Your dad already has the ATTITUDE of an alpha pro NB. I don't know where you are headed with NB, but if being a pro NB is in your future, follow your father's example. Guys will crave your muscular body, and large dong in their assholes. Fuck them in the locker room. Alex Whitney taught his sons to be comfortable with having man on man sex in public. The short time he has mentored Erik Lindgren on public sex has resulted in Erik being viewed by thousands in public in Brazil, and millions on social media, taking cock, giving cock and eating ass. This has endeared Erik to the Brazilians, especially the young men. You are an exhibitionist. Let guys see you stroking your hard on in the shower. When you wash your legs, spread them wide, bend over, and let them see your fuckhole. Slowly soap the crack and stick a finger in. Even though it is not officially allowed, there are accounts on the Internet where guys do work out naked in the Y gym. You and your dad should do it. Remember, it is ATTITUDE.
      See you soon.

    13. Hi Coach Cox,

      Do you have any plans to have Coach Paulo visit Community College? Will that be in the fall, when classes are back in regular session.

    14. (AKA Coach Cox) Hi bonerbroXXXL,
      Now that Erik and Rex are being sponsored by suckspLOAD, the company will advise them on entering their first IFNB amateur competition. (I think you meant to say the young men are anti bullying and rape.) At the end of Anaconda, Erik and Rex will participate n the company's big unveiling of the new promotion. Then Erik and Rex will graduate from my NB team at Community College in Los Angeles. For the start of the Games in Rio, Erik and Rex will return to South America to kick-off suckspLOAD's campaign promoting NB to the athletes and the Games attendees, and they will introduce all to the company's cum enhancing product.
      The executives of suckspLOAD want the kick-off to be filled with surprises. Nudity will be required and it is being made clear that attendees should expect to participate orally and anally. This includes the executives and production staff (who have all been using weights, getting plowed, sucking cock and eating cum at NU - Erik and Rex know all their holes and muscles intimately). The executives promise no one will be disappointed at the unveiling.

    15. Hi Jock,
      Thanks for the idea. It would be great to have Coach Paulo visit Community College. It would have to be in the summer, because he has to be back in Rio in the fall to work out naked with his seniors, stimulate their sphincters, feeding them his potent jizz orally and anally, and rubbing his cum onto their muscles and dongs. On days when a student deserves special recognition, he will deeply drill the deserving student's asshole, in front of the class, with his tongue and suck out every drop of cum and spit it into the same student's mouth.
      I will ask Alex Whitney if he will provide air fare for Paulo. All the Whitneys like having Paulo's huge dong up their chutes and Erik loves the taste of his jizz.

    16. Hi Coach,

      Whenever he cums, Coach Paulo will be a great benefit to your Naked Bodybuilding program at Community College. Let’s hope Alex Whitney will be generous in funding his travel. You must be interested in working out with his 14" dong too.

      Also, you wrote about Coach Paulo that he shows his commitment to the Naked Bodybuilding lifestyle and to introducing young athletes to the sport. By working out naked with his seniors, stretching their sphincters, serving them his potent jizz orally and anally, and rubbing his cum on their muscles and cocks, he prepares them for the Universidade de Rio. Does he also provide training for freshmen, sophomores, and juniors? Or does all training happen senior year?

    17. Hi Coach Cox ,

      Now that the Anaconda results are in, your posts about the Community College graduation ceremony and the spunksLOAD kick-off are going to be the highlights of the IFNB blog.

      What you report will make the best reading, and finding out how Erik and Rex perform will be important because these two young athletes are destined to be top competitors. What they are doing now sets the precedent for showmanship and sexual display that Naked Bodybuilding athletes will need to do in order to be fan favorites and judges picks in the future.

      At graduation, Erik and Rex will be deserving of the congratulatory fucks they receive from their classmates. And, as everyone watches, they will be glad to service your 10.5” dong, orally and anally, as thanks for the expert mentoring you gave them. Perhaps your Head Coach will be there to observe — or even take part in — the ceremony. You deserve his cum salute too.

      As for the spunksLOAD kick-off, that is sure to be a dynamite event. A naked audience ready for every kind of sucking and fucking is sure to make for an explosive atmosphere. And with Rex, and especially Erik leading the way, the utmost in showmanship and sexual performance can be expected. This will be great to read about.

      You noticed that my use of “they” in my previous post was vague. I meant “they” to refer to most other Naked Bodybuilding athletes, not Erik and Rex. I appreciate that you let me know.

      Thanks, Boner

    18. Hi Coach Cox

      Always good to hear from you and get your advice Coach. But about the dildos for asshole stretching, dad says we’re not going to do that. He says we have to be 100% natural, he says he can stretch my sphincter and anus by hand. First two fingers, then three, then four. And he says he can fuck me with his dong and get two, three, or four fingers at the same time. What do you think of that?

      Dad also says I can work my asshole myself, like Erik Lindgren does. He says if Erik can put four fingers in his own manpussy, I can learn to do that too. I read about Erik in your posts. He’s my hero. I sure want to be like him.

      Like you said, my dad has the Alpha Pro Naked Bodybuilder Attitude. I’ve only been training hard for about a month, so I don’t know yet if I’ll become a top competitor, but I want the Alpha Pro Naked Bodybuilder Attitude, that’s for sure. I want the swagger and dominance and easy way with manly public sex. For sure, I’m an exhibitionist, just have to get more confidence.

      I’m working on that. Here’s what happened. Wednesday, dad and I went to the Y, like you said it’s a better place for a naked workout than Fit World. Before we went, I had the idea to rip out the elastic from the skimpy workout shorts dad bought me, but I didn’t let him know. At the Y, dad and I don’t use the main gym with all the fancy machines, we pump iron in the free weights room, which is where the real muscle-heads are. We were lifting weights there with just four other guys. Without the elastic waistband, my shorts kept slipping down. I’d let them get real low, showing off my ass and my shaved pubes and most of my dick, then I’d pull them back up. Two times, my shorts were all the way down to my knees before I pulled them back up. Third time that happened, the muscle-head doing squats hollered, Why don’t you just take the damn things off! And the spotter at the bench press said, Yeah, take them off. So I did, but guess what happened … as soon as I had the shorts loose from around my ankles, I got a supercharged boner that let loose six blasts of cum. Wow! I really liked having those guys eyes on me, like I was on stage. That felt good,

      The shower-room at the Y is real cool. It’s a big room with some shower heads hanging from the ceiling and others on the side walls. After our workout, dad and I were there, but not next to each other, when the muscle-head squatter came in and stood under the shower on my left. He started soaping up, his dick getting hard, spreading his legs wide, bending over and showing me his asshole, like you wrote about. I was feeling my Alpha Attitude so when I saw an opportunity, I plowed my manpole into the squatter’s dudepussy. Then fucked him hard as we both liked it. Soon as that was done, the spotter came in and took the shower on my right side. After I let him give me a show of how much he wanted me, I fucked him good too.

      Dad watched everything. On the way home, he told me I did good, and he said he was proud how I figured out how to drop my shorts so it looked natural.

      Friday, dad and I were at the Y again and the same four muscle-heads were in the free weights room, plus two more. Soon as the squatter saw me, he asked was I gonna workout naked. I said, Damn right. He looked at the the other muscle-heads and said, Strip. When I saw them all naked and looking at me, craving my muscular body, my throbbing pecker blasted out eight jets of jizz. Man, that was powerful. I feel like my mojo Alpha Pro Naked Bodybuilder Attitude is kicking in. After our workout, the four new guys went with me into the shower-room where they sucked me off and I fucked them all. Squatter and Spotter stayed with dad in the locker-room for their sex session.

      Coach, with what I’ve been doing at the Y plus dad loading me up with his potent dad-jizz three or four times a day on weekdays and twice that on weekends, I think my cock grew an inch. But you’ll have to be the judge of that when I see you June 14.

      Looking forward to that, thanks again, Woody ask BroGasmXXL.

    19. Hey Coach,

      Probably you didn’t get to read what I posted earlier today, don’t mean to rush you or take advantage, but couldn’t wait to tell you about what I did right after that.

      You know Coach, Saturday is the day I cut the grass, and what’s been on my mind is to do that naked. Since I’m getting revved up with my mojo Alpha Pro Naked Bodybuilder Attitude, I made up my mind that naked lawn mowing was top of my bucket-list today.

      Dad got such a kick out of the ripped out elastic trick I played with my gym shorts, I thought of something similar. I hated to do it since he paid so much for the camo mini-poser he gave me for my birthday, but I decided what to do was sabotage the poser in a similar way. At the T in the back where the ass-crack string meets the waist string, I cut them so there was three loose ends. I covered my junk (cock and balls) with the poser pouch, “glued” the three cut strings to my ass with some K-Y jelly, and went out to cut the grass. I figured the heat and sweat would melt the jelly pretty fast, so the poser would fall off and I’d be naked in the yard. What I forgot is how horny my dick gets when it knows it’s gonna be exposed in public. The jelly melted alright, and the poser started to fall off, but quick as that happened my pecker stood at attention and fired off a dozen rounds. The poser pouch got filled with gooey cum and stuck to my dickhead, with three strings dangling down. (LMAO — My plan backfired, when my front fired.) So that’s how I mowed the lawn.

      When I got back back to the garage, dad grabbed my poser and stuck it on his face. Then he gave me the best Alpha Dad fuck ever, so I know he was turned on by what I did. After he fucked me, he fed me his cock hot from my asshole, then he scooped his dad-jizz out of my anus with four fingers and fed it to me. Soon as I slurped that down, I pulled his ass to me to show him it was his Alpha Son’s turn to fuck. I reamed him hard as he did me, fed him my dick hot from his dad-cunt, scooped it out, fed him my jizz too. We were gonna go a second round, but mom hollered from the kitchen that lunch was ready.

      Thought you’d want to know this asap.

    20. Hi Coach Cox.

      Dad and I are on our way and we expect be at Community College in about an hour for the start your summer Naked Bodybuilding program tonight. Earlier today, we gave each other full body shaves again, neck to toes, with special attention to our assholes, so we will be nice and smooth for the first workout session. We’re gonna travel the NB lifestyle way, no shorts on the floor or backseat either, we got a whole lot of Alpha Attitude going on.

      For sure you can bet we’re really up for that demo you got planned, where dad works your man-chute til he busts his nuts, then I suck out and swallow his potent dad-jizz. After that, he jams me up aggressive, like you say, and pumps his cum-load in me, but I’ll keep that in my anus to absorb, so I’ll have two doses of strong dad-spunk in me, oral and anal, to start the night.

      See you soon,
      Woody brogasmxxl

  3. So we are agreed, Korozoev still has some foreskin left. And it really spoils this shot, as his cock-head is partly masked by the offending foreskin. Why don't these guys get themselves properly circumcised instead of fucking about with it and leaving it half done?

    You all know my view: all guys in this competition should be fully cut so that we can appreciate the beauty of their man-meat and see their cock-heads and rims. I know it’s not an IFNB requirement, but frankly cut cocks just look so much better.

    Let me modify my above statement and say that, in my view, any self-respecting guy needs to be circumcised if he shows his dong in public at all. For a superb example of how marvellous a well cut cock can look, just go back to my Carlos Monza reference in my comment above.

  4. It's been awhile since I commented. Many thanks to the links to my Tumblr page.

    In my humble view, the debate above is somewhat moot. What I'd like to know a little more about is what happened to the unfortunate (?) photog who got a little too close. Details, please. I am particularly intrigued by the idea that his throat had to heal. One can only hope that other photogs were standing by,
    cameras ever at the ready, documenting the actual encounter. And was there a lot of flexing and posing
    that occurred at the same time? Sigh. It's these real-life Naked Bodybuilding fanboy encounters that really propel our interest. If only the equivalent of, say, TMZ, existed, sneaking around the edges of backstage and training camps, grabbing the images and video of otherwise undocumented activity.

    How else is a true fan to learn about, say, the labors and intensity that go into the milking process?

  5. Wow, if these two dominate the competition as winner and runner up, I can only hope that the IFNB photo team will be backstage in the post winners pump room to see the winner anally dominating the second place finisher.

  6. Hard Red ain't the right nickname for Korosoev. His nickname should be Red Menace.

  7. Reading about Korosoev’s brutish treatment of the IFNB photographer, it’s obvious that he did not learn anything from the reprimand he received for his part in the incident with The Four Cocks.

    What will the IFNB and Brazilian law enforcement do? Will they continue to tolerate rape and sexual assault? In the case of the IFNB, will the organization not only continue to condone it, but in fact encourage it? If they do nothing, aren’t the witnesses, apparently all of them IFNB staffers, aiding and abetting criminal activity? Why aren’t they charged? How many second chances will Korosoev have? How many victims, perhaps scared off threats of retaliation, will not press charges? Will it take until one victim is so maimed that he cannot recover and will spend the rest of his life in hospital in a vegetative state? Will it take the death of a victim?

    In sports, aggressive behavior can be appreciated. But rogue, sociopathic, illegal behavior cannot.

    1. Dude, you're not getting the POINT of this fantasy.

      A lot of dudes get off on the idea of being raped by aggressive men.
      A lot of guys fantasize about absolute male dominance.
      A lot of men like the ideas of sexual authority and entitlement via power.
      These are not just themes of this series. These are the very core of the site. This is why people come here.

      And we come for the fantasy, not to have the fantasy poked at because it is not "politically correct."

      This series plays into it. If you don't like it, move on. There's lots of other muscle sites that don't get into this stuff. In fact, the vast majority are like that. This series is about exploring those dark, hot desires. if you don't like them or find them offensive, just move on, but please stop trying to take the piss out of the fun fantasy by calling it out.

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    3. Anonymous, who does even have the balls or the decency to have a handle,

      What makes you think that I do not understand the POINT -- your screaming word -- of the IFNB fantasy world? I know it: its point is the celebration, promotion and enjoyment of Naked Bodybuilding.

      The anal and oral rape sociopaths have taken over the blog. Editorially, there is simply no understanding — let alone respect — of law.

      What cannot be tolerated and especially not encouraged is illegal behavior: rape, sexual assault, violence.

      In the IFNB, there is no enemy that needs to be defeated at any cost. There are no soldiers, there are athletes. This is a sports event, not a war. Fans are not collateral damage. What don’t you get about that?

    4. Anonyme shows that he/she lacks understanding of the term Political Correctness.

      Political Correctness has to do with language and its use, for example calling a black man a boy. Political Correctness is not and cannot be a cover-up term that absolves the illegal behavior of those who violate laws but say the are doing so because they do not believe in Political Correctness. For example, they designate restrooms for use by skin color or religion, or perhaps they separate gays and straights, and claim they do so because they choose not to be Politically Correct. In doing so, they attempt to use a language ploy to justify their bigotry. Some acts are intrinsically illegal, murder for example, even when it is called lynching. The terminology does not mitigate the crime. Discrimination is like that. Using manipulated terminology to label it does not make it right.

      Claiming rape and sexual assault as entertainment is analogous. That someone (a sociopath or perhaps even a psychopath) finds certain acts entertaining does not legitimize them. These are not acts that can be justified by a language manipulation. Calling them entertainment when they are in fact crimes does not show that the caller merely flouts Political Correctness, it shows that the caller invokes supposed disregard of Political Correctness as a means of excusing his/her antisocial desires and excitation.

      The separation of fantasy and reality is not absolute. We are all imagining things all the time. The problem is that some people disconnect their moral tether to reality when they drift or propel themselves into fantasy. They lose their sense of right and wrong and justify any actions in their fantasies, even the most abhorrent, as entertainment.

    5. Jock Walt

      You make excellent and necessary points. Korosoev did not learn anything from the reprimand. He is still a bully. He thinks power is beating someone up, assaulting them, raping them. He is wild and out of control.

      Korosoev mistakenly thinks that being large makes him in-charge. True, his physique and cock are large, but that does not make him in-charge. He is not a natural leader. He simply does have it in his character. His actions show that. Leaders don’t need to rape. They know that true respect does not happen because they are feared.

      Character-wise, Korosoev is a loser. Probably that will show in his ranking too

    6. For five years there have been hot stories of dudes getting hard raped by muscle beasts. It has not "taken over" recently.

      Guys come here and get off on the fantasy of it.

      It is FANTASY.

      if this kind of thing doesn't get your dick hard, move on. Because sexual violence and hard act domination scenarios have been part of the blog since the start. if you don't like it, go elsewhere and leave us to enjoy the site without your nattering on and distracting from our fun.

  8. Who are you to tell me what to do? What right do you have to tell me get out. If you have that right, expel me.

    You don’t even have the balls to have a handle so anybody can track what you post. You hide behind “Anonyme”

    Are you “Anonyme” because you are so ashamed about enjoying a rape fantasy that you can’t even make-up a handle for yourself?

    Further, because nobody can track what you post, you are probably nothing but a lurker. What have you added to the storyline of the blog? Have you been “Anonyme” for five years and contributed nothing? How can we track your “Anonyme” and the others? Or are all the others you? Are you the Super Lurker? Are you just here for your private jerk-offs? Five years cumming.

    I read the posts by “Anonyme” — whether that’s one person, you, or many — but I read nothing by any “Anonyme” who adds to the storyline of the great rape fantasy he/they supposedly enjoy so much. Sometimes, an “Anonyme” says how hot a story is, but what does that add? Just an opinion, praise, but that’s nothing engaging. No question, no suggestion, no embellishment, no furtherance.

    I don’t run this blog, but I express my fantasies and opinions here. Important point: I express opinions. I do not demand — telling others to get out if they don’t agree with me. Certainly, I hope Io persuade. But I am not a domineering bully who expects everybody has to agree with me or get out of the way. I try to argue thoroughly and intelligently. And I do not shout in capital letters, I keep my temper.

  9. Buck Paulette, Please charge in riding a white horse and get rid of this Red Menace.

  10. Why do you call Korsoev the red menace? In my view this guy has
    one of the finest cocks and physiques among the competitors. Just take a look at the size of his tool in this picture and in shot 17 of this series, as I said, he has struck one of the most original and terrific poses for years. Why be down on th guy?

    1. Kevin, I think pump spurt is mad because he wants us all to call the rampant power fucking "rape." he sees Korozoev as some sort of criminal. he doesn't understand the sport and is all down on the fact that these athletes use holes to prime their cocks.

      But I agree that Korozoev deserves all the attention and praise he gets. He is a total hero 100% and while I am a HUGE fan of Paulette, Korozoev is one of the most exciting pros in the Elite ranks.

    2. RealBBer,

      You are putting words in my mouth and you are simply and absolutely wrong. I most definitely do not want to call rampant power fucking "rape." Rampant power fucking is rampant power fucking. Rape is rape. The terms mean and describe two different things.

      To quote exactly what you wrote in Anaconda 9, "the force and domination akin to rape are present, but I think the thematics – at least as how I have read them over the past 5-6 years – are different in a key way from true "rape". it is a play on a them, not an advocacy of violence unto itself."

      The "I" is you writing in first person. Importantly, note the word "akin" -- note "true rape" ... note "play" ... note "thematics"

      Also you wrote, "it is less a fantasy of harming others so much as a fantasy of the idea of a man being so perfect and sexually powerful that he somehow has the ability to have sex with anyone."

      If the man has the ability to have sex because of his perfection and powerful sexual attraction, he does not have to force his unwanted cock into someone. Desirous and willing participants are available to him. He's giving off his pheromones. The two can have a rampant power fuck. He doesn't have to rape, unless he is a sociopath and gets off on it.

      Please do not put words in my mouth, and please know that I know the difference between rampant power fucking and rape.

    3. Kevin,

      I did not coin the nickname Red Menace, but I agree with it. Here's why.

      On the afternoon of Saturday, April 30, four Americans, who were attending Anaconda, and who had no connection to IFNB but are enthusiasts of Naked Bodybuilding, were attacked. They had walked naked on the street from their hotel to the training center where they hoped to meet pro NB contestants. The four had gained a favorable reputation around town. Other NB fans treated them like rock stars, and they were famous on social media. They were living the naked lifestyle 24/7, always hard wherever they went to sightsee, eat, everything. Also they gave a promotional talk at a gym, participated in the opening of a new Naked Bodybuilding gym, given a beach demonstration about Naked Bodybuilding, and performed in a nightclub. The four are Alex Whitey, his sons Rex and Max, and their friend Erik Lindgren. They became know as Os Quatro Galos, The Four Cocks.

      Yori Korozoev was one of the four attackers, he was probably the ringleader. The others were Emmanuel Neuville, Hugo Cortes, and Pierre Douton. Their NBAs were also part of the attack group, thus outnumbering Os Quarto Galos. Korozoev was heard saying, "the pros should be world famous, those wannabes need to have their assholes ruined." Mouton lifted up Max, who is only eighteen years old, and said, "you want to be more famous than Pierre? - he needs to punish you with his killer fuck stick.” There was more, but that gives you the idea.

      The Four Cocks did nothing to provoke the attack, indeed, they had been doing good work to promote Naked Bodybuilding. Yet the four perpetrators were enraged, they were in fear, they felt jealousy and envy, they felt fear of losing what they had, they felt fear of not getting what they wanted. All because Os Quatro Galos were having a good time, and being admired.

      What happened to The Four Cocks was a sexual assault, that is rape blatant and raw. It was not rampant power fucking. It was not akin to rape, it was rape, a distinction that RealBBer explained so well in Anaconda 9, and which I agree with.

      More evidence that the event was rape — The IFNB issued a reprimand to Neuville, Cortes, Douton, and Korosoev, and it “decreed” that Neuville, Cortes, Douton, and Korosoev would be banned from the IFNB if they ever sexually assaulted another NB, NBA, amateur, or fan, again. Furthermore, the IFNB is creating a document to reflect the decision and give it to every pro, amateur and NBA, registering at future events.

      So that’s why Yori Korozoev is not of necessary good character to be an Elite Pro Champion.

      Everything I’ve summarized here was reported by others in Anaconda 9. I didn’t make up.

    4. You know, Pumpspurt, there is a saying which goes like this:
      "If you know you are going to be raped, just sit back and enioy it."

      The rapees, let's call them, were strutting their stuff in a sexually charged environment and atmosphere so why are they surprised and outraged when a big muscle-cock decides to dip in his wick? They were attending what is nothing more than a major fuckfest. So they got fucked themselves; so what? It will give them a great story to tel when they get back to wherever they come from and no longer have access to such good looking, well set up alpha males who are willing to share their attributes with all and sundry. They should think themselves lucky to have been fucked by Korsoev. Many guys would have paid good money for the privilege.

      Come on Pumpsurt; this site is all about cocks and fucking and shredding NBA's sphincters etc.. etc., etc. So these guys were just asking to be fucked. In the context of the blog it does not strike me as being exceptional; so kindly stop giving us fans lessons in morality as you see it.

    5. Kevin,

      I've made my points intelligently and thoroughly elsewhere in the blog. I am not going to repeat them here for you. Why should I? You have plainly stated that you don't care.

      However, I will add this. I never heard that saying you quote, yet, being the intelligent and sentient human being I am, I know that anyone who believes it is ignorant ... that one one word says everything about the person ... ignorant.

    6. People cannot agree and continue sniping in blog comments? How original. . . . Can we just move on - no one is changing their minds, the blog is going to be what it's going to be, and we're just filling up the comments of post after post with the same back and forth.

    7. Pumpsurt you have the rare distinction of being both a bore and boor.

    8. As for boor, Kevin, you apparently do not know the meaning of the word. As for bore, both your holes are infamous worldwide. Now, I've been a boor. And a wit, so not the kind of bore you are, nor the kind you, neglecting the two meanings for the word, might have meant. Thank you for this opportunity. You deserved it.

  11. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.