MASS MONSTER: Jeff "Buck" Paulette wants to one day see the first Megaweight to win the Mr. Alpha.
His showing here during the fourth preliminary round of the Anaconda makes many think he could one day do it.

Megaweight competitors are among the most revered naked bodybuilders and yet among the least rewarded.  It is the class for those athletes who truly blow their proportions to superhuman scale, and their cock enhancements are so intense that their sex drive quite literally dominates their minds.  Yet while their size and horniness make them prime examples of the kinds of men we all admire, it is these same qualities that can cause inconsistencies on the competitive stage.  Which is why so few megaweight competitors distinguish themselves as top tier naked bodybuilders.

However, Jeff Paulette – a/k/a "Buck" Paulette – may be the megaweight to change that trend.  The beast of a competitor entered the Anaconda at a shredded 297 lbs, with some of the leanest cuts of his career.  Paulette has always had phenomenal arm to cock size symmetry, and his thickness and upright-curved fuck bone portrayed a majestic picture rarely seen in megaweight classes.

This year's Anaconda Preliminaries have been very much about size, and density is Paulette's strength.  His broad shoulders and heavy-set pecs made him a standout in the Megaweights, and in the overall for the round only closest rival Yuri Korozoev managed to challenge so much mass.  Paulette's mass and shape were so on point his scores were far ahead any need to worry about his real stage weapon: his overprotective sexual assertion that creates one of the horniest stage cocks in the league.

Nicknamed the Club by fans, Paulette is known for becoming literally unhinged with sexual power, and his remarkable ability to fuck for hours and shoot repetitively without exhausting.  This blind sexual rage usually plays to his advantage on stage, where his lust for his own muscle is only rivaled by his arousal from showing it off – all of which conspires with his over-enhanced dick to create remarkable and plentiful cum shots, even if not always the most well-timed cum-to-pose performance.

Paulette has won the megaweight in the first four rounds of the Anaconda, but this fourth preliminary overall win makes his first overall of the show.  His dong splurted 19 shots during the round, which was low for the typically over-horny muscle monster.  However, as 15 were well timed, his control seemed more on point than is typical from the megaweight, hyperhorny beasts, known for having cocks which explode unexpectedly and frequently in delicious cum.

Many think that if Paulette can maintain this control through the finals he stands a strong chance of winning the overall.  Paulette usually brings a horny game into his final rounds, though, and most expect him to play the game as he usually does: showing off his superiority as a man regardless of placement in a round.



  1. I'm a fan of The Club and I hope he wins. After seeing the last 2 pieces where he had to wear clothes and getting fined for pulling out his monstrous dong and cumming 7 times on a plane, it is good to see him naked. He's been sited living naked 24/7 100% EVERYWHERE since he's arrived for Anaconda. I hope he gets some television coverage. In Brazil, amateur and pro NB events are televised. To the best of my knowledge, nothing from Anaconda has been aired. I heard a rumor that Hackelberg refused to work with Brazilian companies because he couldn't get the fees he wanted. An opportunity to further spread the sport of NB and the IFNB is being lost. Social media has been the main outlet. Fans who can't get into the Anaconda halls to witness the competitions, want to see The Club pounding NBAs, fucking throats, and shooting loads of cum.

    1. The sooner Hackelberg and his manipulative shenanigans depart from the IFNB scene the better. He personally and his business empire are a detriment to the sport of Naked Bodybuilding. He thinks and acts like it's his own playground. He's not interested in any athletes except a select few he can buy. He's interested fattening his own wallet and satisfying his sexual desires. He does not have a genuine interest in furthering the sport.

      That said, I hope the blog will have some reports, if Liiftingwts can write them, of Jeff Paulette living the Naked Bodybuilding life 24/7 at Anaconda. Where has he been pumping his muscles and swinging his cock?

    2. Jock Walt, I agree, and think you're right on point about Hackelberg!

      Sure, he has helped a lot of pros fund themselves, and certainly raised the quality of many events. But these benefits don't change the fact that his empire is inching closer and closer to the heart of the sport: the judging and standards. The IFNB is the world standard for true masculinity, and those standards were arrived at gradually over decades. I worry that Hackelberg's expanding influence – and deep wallet – will begin inflating the sport.

      Because, you're right, this is all about having his hole ruined by as many muscle beasts as possible. While many fans of the sport fantasize about being sexually brutalized by dozens of muscular men obsessed with heir own superior beauty and sexually dominant, he has the money to actually live out this fantasy. While that isn't a bad thing, his influence in the IFNB while acting out his fantasy is getting too far-reaching.

      Last report I saw is that upwards of 60% of the athletes in the pro IFNB ranks have received sponsorship tribute money from Hackelberg or one of his subsidiaries, and 37% of all pros receive regular annual sponsorships. That is a LOT of influence!

      meanwhile, the Anaconda its not the only show Hackelberg has infiltrated. He has been looking to buy out the popular Dick Show in the USA, and has been trying to get the IFNB to grant the amateur AFNB Olympenis Competition in Greece pro level status. Meanwhile, his companies were all over the Freak Show's FreaXpo last year. The guy is getting too dominant!

      I like that he has 7 chemical labs that produce muscle and cock enlarging serums, and am glad he keeps the sport funded, but in the end this is a wealthy man living out a sexual fantasy more than a supporter of the true naked sport.

    3. To help promote NB and Anaconda, administrators of IFNB asked Paulette to accept an invitation to present a demo at Universidade do Rio. There are a number of colleges in Brazil and some of them offer NB courses. Student class admissions are based on space availability and ranking in descending order. At Rio there are 30 slots for NB. Student criteria
      Include muscular development, cock size 7"+, and amount of cum spurt. Two of the weight room walls are floor to ceiling tempered glass and are shared with the locker room and the pool. The university has a clothing optional policy for the male gym facility. For NB, students and coaches must be naked at all times.
      As Paulette stepped out of the limo naked, student fans recognized his large pecs, abs, massive thighs, enormous biceps and monstrous cock. His swinging erect dong led the way to the gym. All 30 NB students were present. Everyone a freshman, aged 17 - 19, wanted to suck or be fucked by Buck's thick fuck bone. The students were told to work out and Buck would select his assistants. Some of them did seated incline v leg raises or weighted flat leg raises so Buck would see their twitching assholes. Paulette's routine was to plunge his gigantic dong into an asshole and pull in and out of the student numerous times. Most of the freshmen either gasped, yelled, grunted or whimpered when Buck shoved his monstrous fuck pole into their assholes. Then he would shove his cock into another students throat, gagging some of them. Every 4 th or 5th student he would pose, and then shoot an enormous load on the face of a coach and insert the last of the cum into the asshole of the same coach. A crowd watched through the windows and cheered each explosion of cum. At the end, after a couple of hours, learning this technique via my students: Rex and Max Whitney, and Erik Lindgren, as shown on social media, Buck had the coaches suck the cum out of each other's assholes and swallow. The college students went wild. With cum dripping from his erect monster dong, Buck strutted back to the limo.

    4. Thanks RealBBer, you pointed out many specific objections to Hackelberg’s dominating influence. Hackelberg and his kind aren’t about promoting the sport of Naked Building, they’re about greed and narcissism.

      In the generation of young athletes coming up in the sport, I see hope. They are adept at social media and crowd funding sources, they won’t need to rely on vain, egotistical, wealthy sponsors who want NB athletes as money-making schemes and personal, living sex toys. They can use GoFundMe and thus have hundreds, even thousands of fans making small contributions to their careers. There’s strength in this increased fan base and in this connection between the athlete and his fans.

      I’m not impressed — and I’m sure must fans aren’t impressed — to read about pampered peacock pros who ride in limousines and fly in chartered planes that cost $80,000. Like me, most fans probably don’t make $80,000 a year. Pros who live like that are out of touch, and sycophants like Hackelberg who make that kind of lifestyle possible are the reason.

    5. Jock Walt, bro, you are singing my song!

      There are tons of wealthy sponsors out there. We all know that even the current two-time Mr. Alpha, JK Roher, is funded by at least 5 billionaire "sponsorship bitches" (his own words), yet none of them interfere with the sport to any degree, much less the way Hackelberg tries to. There is LOTS of money for the pros to find sponsors to pay them tribute for their alpha superiority, and typically dos of these wealthy benefactors remain obediently anonymous and stay clear of the spotlight, like obedient sycophants should. And this fact allows the best pros to emerge (like Roher, Douton, etc.) without the interference of a horny beta trying to live out his fantasy by transforming one of the oldest and most noble sports into his personal ass fuck orgy.

      I think Neuville has set a great precedent among new pros that, as tempting as Hackelberg's empire is, it is not the only game in town. If you are truly an alpha, the money will flow in to you. A truly superior man knows he is owed tribute based on the sheer fact that he is a superior man; he needn't be tempted and woo'ed into funding the way Hackelberg uses his deep pockets to manipulate younger pros.

      Again, I know and agree that Hackelberg has ton tons of benefit to the sport's growth – you can't take that fact away from the man – but I also agree that his meddling makes me more and more worried for the state of things to come. And yes, it is his aggressively turning otherwise valuable pro naked bodybuilders into his personal army of fuck tops that deteriorates the high standards of the IFNB and all of naked bodybuilding.

      It makes me kind of happy that Raul Rubinez lost his Hack funding for this contest, yet seems to be doing fine without it. It shows to the world, on a very public stage, that Hackelberg is actually completely irrelevant to the outcome of a competitor in spite of being so deeply immersed in trying to be essential tot he sport. While Rubinez hasn't said it directly, it seems he is proving Hackelberg's influence not only has limits, but is perhaps irrelevant to the game in spite of having his name all over it.

    6. Coach Cox Liftingwts, Thanks for the report about Buck Paulette’s demonstration at the Universidade do Rio. The teenage students and their coaches in the naked bodybuilding program must be very proud of their opportunity to workout with him.

      Mostly, Paulette heard grunts of appreciation when he plunged his massive man-pole in and out of the tight assholes of the young athletes. They knew it was an important experience to have their anuses reamed and their sphincters stretched by one of the top pros of the IFNB. All the more so because they gave up their ass-pussies as their team-mates and coaches watched. That was a terrific bonding experience that builds the fraternity of naked bodybuilding men.

      Also, Paulette did the right thing by spurting loads of his cum on the faces of the coaches and then cum-boosting them with his jizz when he stuck his fuck-pole in their man-pussies. He showed them respect for their work to promote the sport. The greatest respect an IFNB pro give a man is to load him up with pro cum. The coaches must be very proud to have this public display of respect.

      And, you must be proud too, Coach Cox, because Buck Paulette had the Universidad do Rio coaches demonstrate your favored training technique of sucking cum out of assholes and swallowing it. Of course, most fans would like to hear that Paulette is using your technique himself in training, and that he will soon demonstrate it in public.

      Thanks again, Coach Cox, for your report. If you have any more news about Buck Paulette or other pros, demonstrations, or goings on around town, please post it.

  2. i am still rooting for Neuville personally. I think he is finer than Paulette and quite frankly, he has a much better cock. Just go back a few shots and take a look a him. Neuville has a fuck-stick to die for. It's up there with the very best. Just imagine the pleasure of taking that monument up your own hole.

    1. I go along with your view, Anonyme, I think Neuville is much better than Paulette. He has a superbly balanced physique with no trace of coarseness

      And then there is of course his cock, which is a truly sublime piece of man-meat if ever there was one. It really makes me drool just looking at it. In fact, in my book he, Douton and the Russian guy all have better cocks than Paulette, with, I think, Neuville and the Russian tying for joint first place at present in the sphincter stretcher stakes. Any NBA who takes either of those dicks up his hole will really know that he is being used by the very best meat available at the contest.

    2. I am a die-hard Paulette fan myself, but I agree with you guys that Neuville could definitely be a huge challenge to The Club.

      And Jason, you're right that cock-muscle balance is better on Douton and Korozoev.

      Which is why it seems the muscle is playing the critical role in this year's anaconda. The cocks alone don;t make this year have a clear stand out.

    3. As an inveterate watcher of this marvellous blog, and true to my Penname, let me just give you my personal take on the man-meat we are currently presented with.

      I know that the sponsors tell us that sometime muscle is more important, but let’s face it; we can gawp at super muscles on endless regular BB sites, where small cocks, conditioned by excessive steroid use are common place. They are usually hidden, as they should be, in a pair of minuscule posing briefs, which is just as well as no one really wants to see them: let’s face it; the is not really much to see!

      So, what sets this blog apart is that the NBB’s all have formidable fucking equipment between their legs. Don’t get me wrong; it is great to see generous cock endowments supported by muscular bodies. But in my view, it is the guys’ dicks we are really interested in, Anyway that is how I feel personally.

      Now after a somewhat shaky start, with a disappointing Rubenez we were presented with four guys who each have fuck-sticks of undoubted merit: Paulette, Douton, Korzoev and Neuville and, just today, Ramirez. I don’t know how many of the fans are familiar with the European Union’s meddling in standardisation, but one of the important objects on which that august group (their view of themselves, not mine!) is the burning question of cucumbers, Cucumbers should now all be dead straight and certainly not curved.

      well, in many ways, I feel that this rule should actually have been applied to the NBB’s who figure in this blog, as I feel that the dead straight penis (which is surely what the EU directive would have called it) should be the norm. And let’s face if=t a ramrod straight cock, perfectly cut an supported by a nioce pari of tighly held ball, is a joy to behold.
      So I agree with Jason, when he plumps for Neuville and Korzoev as having the best cocks of th e present bunch. My own preference is for Neuville, but frankly the two guys have both got stupendously attractive endowments, which any NBA would be honoured to service. Douton and, especially, Paulette, whose tools are also out the top drawer, both suffer from that no no, which is curvature. And as for the newcomer Ramirez; well this guy has nice muscles and even though he has a big tool it really is not all that attractive and his balls are a real mess. Just ask yourself which of the guys’ tools please you most aesthetically. For me it’s Neuville, number one and Korzoev, number 2. Neither of the local contestants cut the ice with me and Rubenez in particular needs some further intense cock training if he is to remain in this sport. Of course that is all just my personal opinion and others may think differently. After all; there is no accounting for taste.

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