THE NAME TO WATCH: Russian pro Yori Korzoev checks in to the Anaconda,very self-assured that his perfect muscle and cock are rumored to be the front-runner
for a good reason!

Casual fans of the sport of naked bodybuilding who only pay attention to the mainstream coverage probably have never heard the name Yori Korzoev.  However, everyone  interested in naked bodybuilding has heard of the controversial Papa Byk Methods of training, founded by Russia's premier amateur naked bodybuilder super trainer Bogdna Silvestrov.

In the late 00's, Silvestrov was hired by a private lab to explore the limits of chemical-free physique and cock potentials.  Nicknamed by his athletes as "Papa Byk," his aggressive (and sexually brutal) training styles pushed the young, naked muscle athletes in his program to ruthless sexual and muscular intensity.  While controversial for it's ruthless assault on a young man's muscle and sexuality (once criticized as "little more than a muscle sex slave camp for men desperate to become alphas)  the real fact of the matter is that Silvestrov's incredible training methods have helped create many of the methods used worldwide for men to grow their muscle and cock and sexual performance.  Likewise, it is undeniable his methods have created some of the winningest Russian amateurs to ascend into the pro ranks.

And one of those pros is the powerhouse brute Yori Korzoev, who turned pro in early 2013 and has rocked the heavier weight classes in the past few years in smaller pro outings.  Korzoev was in the Papa Byk training camp from 2007 to 2111, after which he began chemical enhancing and shortly after achieved pro status.  His insane uniform thickness on chem enhancements many say comes from the many, many years he was making muscle and cock gains without chemicals.

The Anacona is Korzoev's attempt to elevate to "Elite Pro" status in the professional Naked Bodybuilding ranks.  (Elite Pro, as you know, is the cumulative number of athletes you beat in succession over consistent time frames.)  While he has carved his own name in the lower pro ranks, he still credits his early days under Silvestrov as a foundation for his impressive success.

"This dick that you are admiring, it got its start under Papa Byk's torture," Korzoev laughed.  "It was not really torture, of course, because it was so much sex!  I will never forget how often was drochil (jerked off) for 2 or 3 days forced without stop!  This was normal when I was boy in bodybuilding with Papa Byk, and it taught me to be ruthless cock warrior.  I fear nothing with my dick weapon!"

And what of the aspects of Papa Byk training that involve heavy anal stim?  Many argue these methods undermine the athlete's innate alpha mentality.  "You will say nothing bad of Papa Byk," the normally playful Korzoev told us, growing stoic.  "That holes are forced open with weights training only proves dedication to sport! You could not handle these things, lesser men!"

However he was quick to return to his laughing persona to add: "However, because I am perfect man, this dick is only one ruining holes these days!"



  1. Russian methods have sure produced a big cock, up there with the best of them, but looking at this guy's body, although it is huge and muscular, it is, somehow, dull. He will be up against Douton and Neuville, and for me he just does not have their class. As a newcomer I really dig Neuville. He truly has it all: a cock to die for and a really well proportioned body. In fact. my money is on him rather than Douton. But I am dying to see what Eduardo Bedone looks like as he is also competing. I am one of his greatest admirers, but we have not yet seen him in his latest 'incarnation'. Anyway, the contest is shaping up to be very interesting.

    1. You are quite right, of course; there is nothing at all wrong with this Russian's cock, In fact it is really quite magnificent and he does truly have an exceptional head which this shot sbows off to perfection. Pity, though, that we did not get a really good pic of his balls, as in this shot, hidden as they partially are, they look to me to be a bit skimpy - really rather small to be frank,

      His problem is his lack of muscle defintion. He and Douton have similar physiques as far as I can judge from the pics, but Douton has such good definition, which this Russian guy lacks. Perhaps he needs a better muscle trainer as his man-meat is doing just fine. But for me, he is not going to get far in this conteat. But I guess he gives his NBA's a good workout with that magnnificent tool of his. It is just so very much better than Rubenez's cock, which we can now all see in the latest shot added to the blog. But Rubenez, a lighter guy, has better muscle tone. In fact in the shot of him just sitting there and nursing his meat (now we know why!) I think Rubenez looks terrific and a very desirable fuck partner.

      But the end of the day, you know, it's the old gang who are going to finish up in the finals and fucking each other when it's all over. This guy and Rubenez and their like are probably just going to be forgotten. The more one looks at the blog, the more one realises just how difficult it is to get up there with the best NBB's in the world. Thank goodness there are guys like Neuville around who are trying and I believe, succeeding.

      As a young muscle cock stud, Neuville, has clearly learned from the errors of his young predecessors, who went all out for cock length over everything. Neuville has clearly understood that to get up there with the best, he has not only to have a big piece of meat, which he has, but that it also has to look attractive; which it does. The guy has great balance., physique and cock adn I am sure we shall see him around in the future contests.

  2. Eager to hear more about Korzoev.

  3. человек является мастером петух

  4. Muscle-wise, Korozoev might not place higher than fourth, but cock-wise, he has the man-pole that every pro wants up his ass, especially the big guys. There's no pro stud who can pound another pro's man-cunt as good as Korozoev can. Like anonymous said above, in Russian ... the man is a cock master. Korosoev trained under Papa Byk ... Bull Daddy, is a good way to translate that nickname -- nothing less than complete domination of his inferiors -- as he sees them -- can be expected of him. And even the biggest bullies, the rude, brutish, most aggressive Alphas, who act like they never had a man's fuck-stick up their ass-pussies, assume the position - bottom dog - when they sniff Korozoev's man-meat.

    1. I agree with your thoughts, andI like how well you understand the sport, and the power these perfect men possess!

      I agree that Korozoev has a solid chance at this title, but will probably fall short. And i agree, that dick of his will keep him in the running up until the end.