RUBBING IT IN: Raul Rubenez finally makes the final posing round in the 3rd Preliminary Round,
where he showed off by rubbing his cum load into the thick leg of opponent super heavyweight Yori Korzoev.

When a muscled dude strips down and flexes, his muscles swell up.  Keep flexing, and he gets a pump, and is bigger than he was before.  Finding a way to capitalize on this system is one of the main themes of the laboratories which help evolve the super men of the IFNB.  Rapid muscle swelling chemicals are not perfected, and typically have mild affects, yet have made improvements over the years to where you occasionally see a pro able to swell in size during the course of a competition.  And this year, it looks like we have one such competitor: Raul Rubenez.

The former 2015 Anaconda Champion entered the contest in he light heavyweight class, far smaller than what might be needed to retain his championship.  Yet many noticed how he seemed larger during the second preliminary round than he did in the first.  Well, in the 3rd he had swelled larger still, leading us to inquire whether Rubenez is taking a risk on rapid-swell chems.  Fortunately, Rubenez is known for his blunt candor and made no bones about sharing:

"Sperm-activated growth-burst chem-balls are totally an edge I am bringing into his contest," he told us.  "You will finally see a truly huge Rubenez!  I am gunning to keep my title!"  The dense, solid chemical balls he is referring to are a type of slow-dissolving system that uses sperm to activate inside the rectum.  The balls, ranging in diameter from 1" to 3" usually, are inserted and left inside, while repetitive courses of sperm are injected anally to slowly dissolve the chemicals for delivery.  The upside?  A bodybuilder who seems to grow in size right before your eyes!  The downside?  They are slow to dissolve, and because it is illegal in the IFNB rules to have any insertions while on stage, competitors risk poor timing.  (Who can forget the frustrating disqualification of the amazing Carlos Monza, why used chem-ball delivery to surge forward in the placings at the 2013 Mr. Alpha, yet was disqualified due to undissolved balls still inside his ass.)

"My dose is small, so I have no worries about timing," Rubenez said.  And indeed, the effects have helped him in this contest, which has been race of muscle-to-cock balance in these early rounds.  Rubenez finally took first in the light heavyweights, yet was shut out of the overall win for the round by new sensation Yori Korzoev.



  1. Great pic of Rubenez and Cortes. Very exciting to look at with the cum dripping off Rubenez's face and ass.

  2. WTF is all the BS about "sperm-activated growth-burst chem-balls"? Look at the picture! Here’s what it makes fans ask. These are the questions fans want answered. How did Rubenez get so close behind Korozoev that it looks like he’s gonna fuck him in the ass live on stage? Since Rubenez is behind Korozoev, how did Rubenez’s cum get on the front of Korozoev’s thigh? How did Rubenez get cum on both his forehead and his ass? (opposite sides of his body, also high and low) Last, and least, why did Korozoev change the spelling of his name since Anaconda 4?

    1. Dear Troll,
      Here are some possible answers:

      WTF is all the BS about "sperm-activated growth-burst chem-balls"?
      – Fantasy site. Dabbles in muscle growth fantasy. Lots of sexual content. Making more sense now?

      Look at the picture! Here’s what it makes fans ask. These are the questions fans want answered.
      – You speak for the fans? Good to know. Would love to join your fancy committee meetings.

      How did Rubenez get so close behind Korozoev that it looks like he’s gonna fuck him in the ass live on stage?
      – During posing, the athletes do move around. There is a lot of casual goofy play during pose downs. Humans have feet and legs and can move. And have senses of humor, so sometimes horse around.

      Since Rubenez is behind Korozoev, how did Rubenez’s cum get on the front of Korozoev’s thigh?
      – Being that you're such a huge fan, you obviously know that many, many cumshots get fired during a round of posing, from all directions. And come doesn't magically disappear. That cum shot on the front of Korzoev's leg was probably from a moment prior tot he one you are seeing here.

      How did Rubenez get cum on both his forehead and his ass? (opposite sides of his body, also high and low)
      – See: previous question. Lots of dicks. Lots of cum flying. Lots of competitors. If this is still confusing to you how things that go flying around can land in random places, I suggest doing a Google search for: "Physics"

      Last, and least, why did Korozoev change the spelling of his name since Anaconda 4?
      – These guys are just amateurs creating a blog, They have typos here and there. This is lowbrow fun, so errors occur.

      Hope this helps quell "all the fans."

    2. RealBBer,
      I am not a troll, and I have done nothing to provoke that kind of name-calling. I am not anonymous, I have a handle, and I posted with it.
      I know this is a fantasy site, and I know it has sexual content. If you read my post, you should easily understand that my questions were about implied sexual content in the photo. What editor/s did was ignore the photo and go off on their own riff. They did not pay attention to the photo and explain it.
      Yes, I speak for the fans, just as you are speaking for the fans when you write. We are single voices who hope to have a chorus behind us. Or consider this: perhaps you are chummy with the editor/s and are their surrogate voice. Look at what did in your comment about the blog's amateur editors, you spoke for them. Also to this point, they are editors, they are not blog fan posters, they need to get their facts right, all facts, not just spelling, but correct spelling of names, that's an important fact. If they can not spell athletes' names correctly, how can we -- meaning everyone who reads the blog -- be confident that their figures about weight, cum-shot ratios, and so on are accurate? After all, typos are very easy to make using numbers.
      Yes, I am a fan, although you apparently call me a "huge fan" as a way to sneer at me and to denigrate me. Why this personal attack? My comments are clearly about the photo and what the editors did not explain. My comments never mentioned you, yet you respond as though you were personally attacked. Yes, as a fan of this blog, I understand how cum flies during competition. I'm a fan! That's why I want to know how and why all the flying cum happened. Don't you want to know that too? Or do you prefer to rely on the explanations you give based on what happened in the past. Don't you what to know what happened this time? On this occasion? With these competitors? Well, I am such a "huge fan" that I do.

  3. Have to agree with brogasm, when I see a sexy picture like this, I lwant to what's happening in it. I want to know what the news is from the competition stage.

  4. This afternoon, as OS QUATRO GALOS (The Four Cocks) walked naked from the hotel to the main training center to see and meet pro NB contestants, people on the street and NB fans treated them like rock stars. Social media had made them famous with video and images from the beach demo and the disco orgy. IFNB staff and Anaconda contestants were also aware of these NB wannabe pros. Unbeknown to the 4, the alpha contestants were angry. Korzoev was heard saying, "the pros should be world famous, those wannabes need to have their assholes ruined." When Alex, his sons Rex and Max, and friend Erik, entered the center, they were surrounded by Neuville, Douton, Korzoev, Cortes, and their NBAs. Neuville shoved his monster cock in Alex's asshole and screamed, "bitch, you think you can buy your son a place at IFNB, think again." Douton's NBAs lifted Max off the floor from his limbs, legs spread eagle, saying, "you want to be more famous than Pierre? - he needs to punish you with his killer fuck stick," and the pro plunged into into the 18 year old's anus. Cortes grabbed Rex by the hair and said, "you may look like a Greek god, but you'll never make it as a pro you pathetic worm," then abused him. Korzoev grabbed straight Erik by the throat and growled, "you're too pretty to be a pro, you need your mouth stretched and your hole ruined," and the pro plowed in and completely out of the 19 year old's asshole numerous times as the pro's lead NBA did the same to Erik's throat. The 4 were worked over by the alpha males, other pro NBs, and NBAs, for over an hour.
    (To be continued.)

    1. (Continuing) Some fans were outraged. The 3 young men and Alex are beloved to Brazilians. To most of the fans the abuse looked bad. When I (Coach Cox) spoke to Alex 5 days ago, I had seen social media depicting their beach demo on NB and the plug for Anaconda. I warned Alex that there might be some backlash from the pros. Since the beach demo, Alex and the young men worked on each other, inserting large dildos into their assholes, increasing the size when they could handle it and keeping the largest dildos inserted in each of them for as long as possible. Max, the college team's unofficial NBA, learned he could take a fist shaped dildo 15 inches up his asshole. Alex also added anal sphincter tightening exercises to their workouts. Hotel guests could see the 4 inserting dildos into their holes, through the open door. Some of the fans stripped and eagerly helped them insert the dildos and with holding them in place.
      When the 4 returned from the center to their hotel room, Alex let me know what happened and told me no one was ruined, thanks to the dildo work. Of course they were hurting, achy, and bruised.
      Erik was positive and said, "we got used by the best alpha pro NBs, and even better, we got their potent cum on our bodies, down our throats, and in our assholes. I don't hold any grudges. Remember, we have a contract with a lab, do they? Theyr'e alpha, but as Coach Cox says, the most dominant man is the one in control."

    2. Shocking! What you report is rape and physical abuse. Worldwide, in civilized countries, rape and physical abuse are against the law. That is certainly true in Brazil.

      First, authorities in Brazil must apprehend and charge the perpetrators, who are, according to your report, easily identified and well-known. Apparently they even brag about what they did.

      At the same time, the Anaconda competition, the IFNB, and all affiliates need to ban the suspected culprits from all associations and competitions for life That must happen immediately, and be in effect unless legal proceeding find them innocent.

      What you described shows the extreme to which bullying in the IFNB can be taken, and it cannot be tolerated. This must stop.

      Os Quatro Galos (The Four Cocks) are amateur proponents of Naked Building who are in Brazil to show their enthusiasm for the sport and to bring more participants and fans into the sport. They attracted widespread public attention — which in fact benefits the sport — they did nothing to offend or demean Neuville, Cortes, Douton, or Korozoev. The attack by the four pros was utterly unprovoked. It shows that these four so-called Alpha males are in fact emotional wimps who who feel threatened when the spotlight of public attention is not on them. And when they don't make money for what they do.

      Os Quatro Galos promote the sport of Naked Bodybuilding in public, for free. Perhaps its is the “free” part that incites Neuville, Cortes, Douton, or Korozoev; perhaps they expect to be paid for everything they do. Perhaps they are jealous of the free attention that Os Quatro Galos get.

      Get Neuville, Cortes, Douton, or Korozoev, and men like the, out of the sport. They are sociopaths, and so are the men who admire their behavior.

    3. I’m a young athlete, just turning 18, and thinking about joining the naked bodybuilding team when I go to community college. When I read what Coach Cox posted about what happened to “The Four Cocks” I am sick to my stomach, and I’m afraid too.

      First, why should I want to be associated with a sport where rape and sexual violence seem to be not just tolerated but encouraged? You can read in the papers how players in the NFL, FIFA, all the leagues, all the sports are punished for hurting and abusing people. They have the law after them, and they get kicked out or at least suspended. Imagine what would happen if some players from from Manchester United raped and assaulted some players from Real Madrid, or just one player from the NFL was sexually violent with his girlfriend. Nobody would approve of that. Nobody would try to defend it or explain it away. Yet the IFNB seems oblivious to the sexual violence that Emmanuel Neuville, Hugo Cortes, Pierre Douton, and Yori Korozoev perpetrated on four other NB athletes at the Anaconda.

      Second, what makes me afraid. Is some so-called Alpha male, who is supposed to be admired, maybe even idolized, going to come after me if I get some attention from fans. If I start to show potential, is he going to rape and assault me? Just because I’m me — an athlete trying to make a place for himself, trying to be the best I can be in the sport I love.

      I’m really worried that I’m making the wrong choice by getting into naked bodybuilding

    4. Brogasm, I hear you, dude, and I'm with you.

  5. Get real Punpspurt! The whole ethos of the blog, as preached by the Editors, is that the Alpha Male, with his massive muscles and even more massive cock, is a master of the uoiverse and as such is free to stick his dick into any hole he wishes, Sphincter stretching and rupturing are all part of the job the NBA's contract for. And if any other onlookers gey shafted on the way, then it's up to them to look out for their own anuses. The NBA's are considered by the Alphas as less than nothing: they are convenient warm bodies into which the Alpha can stick his oversized meat.

    So, how the heck can you suggest eliminating the likes of Neuville et al? To do so would rob the sport and the present contest of some of its finest fuck-sticks.

    Now I don't particularly subscribe to this philosphy myself, but there it is. So unless you wish to play David to the blog's Goliath, I leave it to your doubtless fertile imagination to decide what to do with your suggestion. Do feel free to contact to me if you feel you need guidance on this matter.

    1. Jason, your post seems erratic and filled with errors, but let me try to reply to it clearly and coherently.

      First, my handle is pumpspurt, with an M.

      Second, editors do not preach. They report, or they edit the reporting of other writers. They are not in a pulpit and we readers are not in church.

      Third, you claim that Alpha males are masters of the “uoiverse” — your term — so they are are free to stick fuck sticks anywhere, anytime. Does that include you? Your dad? Your mom? Your sons, daughters, grandparents, grandchildren? The President of the United States? Follow the logical outcome of your claim.

      Fourth, sphincter stretching may be part of the NBA contract, but — more importantly — to my knowledge, nobody in the proposed list above is an NBA, yet they are, in your terms, “any hole.” So the so-called Alpha can fuck them “as he wishes” — your term. Again, follow your claim.

      Fifth, most importantly, because of its particularity to this discussion, none of the the four men who were raped and sexually assaulted were NBAs. Your seeming point has an egregious lack of grounding in the facts. The four men who were raped and sexually assaulted were amateurs, fans; to bend over backwards in fairness, one of the four had hopes off becoming an NBA, that’s why he was in Brazil, but he had no job, no official status, no contract. Again, follow your logic, the four men who were attacked are not NBAs. The conduct you describe between Alphas and NBAs probably, however much I disagree with it, happens. But the four victims are not NBAs, so your casual dismissal of the behavior of the so-called Alphas simply does not apply.

      Sixth, and I will end with this even though there is more to write. I not only recommend dismissing Emmanuel Neuville, Hugo Cortes, Pierre Douton, and Yori Korozoev, I demand it. And I demand that Brazil prosecute them for the crimes they committed. Look at what happens in other sports. When the guilty are expunged, new talent rises up. Moreover, the sport shows that it is an institution that does not coddle and make excuses for criminals.

      Finally, to close with a Biblical allusion as you did. I am not and do not hope to be David slaying Goliath. I am, perhaps, just one voice crying in the wilderness — the “wilderness” being the place of common sense and legal behavior, I hasten to add.

    2. Look, anyone who frequesnts IFNB events where competitors and often the audience, or so we are told, are all stark naked, then they should not ne surpised if they get themselves raped and fucked.

      Anal fucking is the life-blood of the sport. Fans flock to the blog because they want to see Alphas with huge cocks and read about now many holes they need to ream in the release room to calm themselves. So if the fans want to walk under a bus,so to speak, it's their problem. They will get fucked unless they look after their own holes. They buy a ticket to an event but after that they are on their own: caveat emptor.

    3. So, surmising from your first sentence, you are still okay with having your grandmother, your daughter, and/or yourself raped, so long as you “frequesnts” — your term — an IFNB event.

      That said, these are my final comments. After this, I prefer not to try to reason with you.

      First, no one “gets” — to put an S on your term — himself/herself raped. Rape is not an act that happens by consent. This is the fallacy that a woman is “asking for it” because of how she dresses or where she happens to travel or be. In the case of the usual attendee at an NB event, the gender is different, the circumstances are the same, even if the attire happens to be nudity, i.e. total undress.

      Second, evidence — which is to say looking at the photos and reading the paragraphs that the editor/s put up — shows that there is much more to the sport of Naked Bodybuilding than getting fucked in the ass. Further to that point, and against yours, anyone can go back through the blog and see that far fewer than 2% of the editorial posts are about release room activities, whether anal, oral, any kind. So much for your claim that “anal fucking” — your term — is the “life-blood“ — again your term — of the IFNB.

      Third, and most important because it is the incident that instigated this discussion, Os Quatro Galos did not simply “buy a ticket to an event.” They were not in an audience. Yes, they were in Brazil, attending Anaconda, as were so many thousands of others. Os Quatro Galos were singled out — if four men can be said to be single — they were singled out for attack. What don’t you understand about that? They were targeted. The perpetrators sought revenge for a falsely perceived affront.

    4. Jason,

      How does someone "get real" in a fantasy blog?

  6. The board of the IFNB; Alex, Rex, and Max Whitney; Erik Lindgren; and Neuville, Cortes, Douton, and Korzoev; met in an emergency meeting. Because of the "incident" where the above 4 NB pros sexually assaulted the 4 amateurs/fans, the IFNB had a possible legal problem and an international PR problem. Although there were no photos or videos taken of the "incident," there were fans present who heard the pros' wrath and witnessed their actions. Rumors were circulating immediately afterwards on social media.
    During the 2 hour meeting, the Whitneys and Lindgren made it clear that they would, as we say in the U.S., "not press charges." Nothing was reported to local law enforcement. The victims love NB and support the IFNB. Through Coach Cox's training, they understand that there is a fine line between rape and the uncontrolled aggression an alpha pro might exhibit at NB events. The motives of the alpha pros were clear, but the Whitneys and Lindgren didn't want to ruin the careers of the above 4 pros, the other pros and NBAs who joined in. The 4 alpha pros are NB role models in their native countries. The Whitneys and Lindgren want to see NB flourish world wide. Erik also shared that Coach Cox made it clear that an aspiring NB, a NBA, and the fans have to make choices. If you don't want to put yourself in a position where you might be abused or have your asshole ruined, don't participate in pro NB.
    The IFNB board reprimanded the 4 pros and decreed that they would be banned from the IFNB if they ever sexually assaulted another NB, NBA, amateur, or fan, again. The IFNB will create a document to reflect the decision and give it to every pro, amateur and NBA, registering at events. At all future public demonstrations, elements of Coach Cox's discussion on choices, and what one might encounter as behavior from a pro NB, will be incorporated.
    To ease the concern of Brazilian fans on the health of the Whitneys and Lindgren, spermspLOAD agreed to move up the unveiling of the campaign featuring Rex and Erik, and present it as the opening to an Anaconda event.

    1. Coach Cox,

      I’m late to acknowledge your post about the reprimand that Neuville, Cortes, Douton, and Korozoev received. I do not totally agree with, but it’s a done-deal now.

      But what good will it be? Read Anaconda 14. You’ll see that reprimand apparently has no effect on Korozoev. Seems like he just disregards it, and let’s himself rampage and rage.

    2. To Pumpspurt,

      This is all about choice, good or bad. The photographer was warned, and he chose to get too close to Korozoev. That is why he is taking full responsibility. The IFNB board is also making choices. The Whitneys and Lindgren did not choose to be assaulted, but they chose how to deal with the aftermath. As I teach my students, it is your choice if you want to take the chance of being near a pro NB who might lose control. If you don't want to take that chance, don't participate in NB. I feel the blog does a good job of informing NB and fans of who the really arrogant and agressive alpha pros are, so faithfully read it and stay away from the pros you don't trust. Also, in the case of Korozoev and others like him, I believe in a karmic solution, in this life or the next.

    3. Yes, Liftingwts, and No. However, I am leaving this discussion in the past and moving on.

  7. I really wonder what is going on in the photo.

    Rubenez is well-known for his interest in Dominio. Derived from Capoeira, Dominio is a sort of oral/anal-penetration-dance/fight. Points are given and winners are decided for how the athlete penetrates and for how manfully the athlete handles penetration. RealBBer wrote about it very well in his post on Anaconda 6.

    Also, rumors have been flying that something hot and heavy is going to bust out on stage at Anaconda, the implication being that there will be live sex acts.

    That’s why I’m wondering whether the photo shows Rubenez trying to put some Dominio moves on Korozoev, not just splash him with cum, but actually penetrate him. Being a Russian, Korozoev probably doesn’t know how to reciprocate in the dance/fight. He must have been dazed and confused, scared shitless and mad too, that he might get face-fucked and ass-fucked live on stage at Anaconda. But, if you know the sport, there’s nothing to be ashamed of. Just do it the best you can.

    And that’s another thing. Dominio isn’t a sex act, it’s a sport, so maybe there will be both Dominio and live sex acts on stage at Anaconda.

    Good for Rubenez, if that’s what he was trying to do … Dominio, live sex, whatever. I just wish I knew for sure.

    Maybe Coach Cox Liftingwts, who has friends attending Anaconda, knows the scoop and can post it.

    1. Alex Whitney was in the audience. Rubenez was the standard distance from Korozoev on stage and faced the later's back. Raul exploded a massive amount of jizz onto Yori's back. Horsing around, Rubenez, licked cum off of Korozoev's back, getting some on his upper cheek and brow, and wiped a handful of cum off Yori's back. Raul dripped chem-ball induced cum on his right hip as he reached over to insert his own cum into his own asshole. Using 4 fingers, he massaged his sphincter with his cum as if he was getting ready to be pounded, pulled his fingers out, held his hand momentarily over Yuri's ass, then laughingly rubbed those cum covered fingers on Yuri's thigh. The crowd went wild and Yuri was furious, doing all he could to contain his rage. Raul's actions were meant to be a message to his fans and Yuri: "I am the alpha male." Then imitating Erik Londgren, Raul licked his fingers clean as the crowd cheered.

    2. Coach, this is impressive news. Rubenez is exhibiting his enthusiasm for the sport of Naked Building, and he is taking his stage performance to the next level.

      Cum sprays and splashes that accidentally hit competitors on stage are frequent occurrences, but Rubenez seems to have particularly intended to slather Korozoev with jizz. Being the cum pump that he is, Rubenez could do that even from standard distance. Then Rubenez licked his cum off Korosoev’s back. That’s something I’ve never heard of before in competition. Plus Rubenez scooped a handful of his cum and used four fingers to insert his seed into his own asshole, but he didn’t just insert, he massaged his sphincter like he was wanting to be fucked. Was Rubenez inviting Korozoev to do the deed? Did Korosoev miss his opportunity to pound Rubenez’’s man-cunt live on stage at Anaconda?

      Maybe because Korosoev didn’t take the bait, Rubenez pulled out his fingers and positioned them over Korosoev’s ass. Was the Brazilian signaling to the Russian? — If you don’t want to fuck me, how about if I fuck you? He was positioned, ready to use his cum as lube. Well, that didn’t happen either, but some poop-chute enhanced jizz got wiped on the Russian’s thigh before Rubenez licked his his fingers clean.

      Incidentally, giving credit to Coach Cox and his friends, this technique — inserting four fingers in your asshole, scooping out the cum deposits, then licking your fingers clean — is now know as the Erik Lindgren Maneuver. That Rubenez has the confidence to perform it live on stage shows he has mastered it.

      It seems like Rubenez had quite a few more firsts in his stage performance than licking cum off his competitor’s back. That was just for starters. Let’s see if Rubenez’s ability to achieve firsts like these carries through to coming first in the competition results.

      Rubenez is proving that he is a sex-charged and playful alpha who makes daring moves on stage to advance the sport. His kind of gamesmanship really ups the ante for other Naked Bodybuilding athletes.

      Thanks again, Coach, for your impressive post. Please keep reporting about what’s going on hot and heavy down in Brazil.

  8. Word was, when the Anaconda started, that it would be lively and sexy, thus reflecting Brazil's culture. But, except for the photo here and Coach Cox's input, not the editor's, there has been no reporting about a lively, sexy scene. Nothing to read about the IFNB sponsoring events on Ipanema or Copacabana beaches (Coach Cox, again thanks to him, reported about a beach demonstration - not official IFNB activity - which The Four Cocks put on.) Nothing to read about the block party on Rua Farme de Amoedo, when Naked Bodybuilding athletes took turns posing on platforms all day from dawn til dusk — the street was blocked off and nudity was required of everyone who attended. This may have been an X-Conda event, not IFNB/Anaconda. And that brings up another thing, why has there been no reporting about X-Conda? It’s the equivalent of the X-Games and includes many edgy events, which many fans hope will gain more prominence.

    Definitely not lively is the news of the five men who were raped — and that’s just the ones we know about. The editors and some fans may disagree, but to the general public, rapes are an emphatic reason not be be interested in the sport of Naked Bodybuilding. What is the IFNB doing in a positive way to counter its horrendous discouraging reputation as a rape-place, that it is offensive except to a few diehards? From what’s been so far reported about Anaconda: Nothing.

    1. Dude, keep in mind that a lot of hat you're mentioning are fan story departures. While a lot of it is hot, the IFNB Report has actually been pretty consistent.

      Likewise, there is no full expo at the Anaconda. Like the Freak Show has the FreaXpo, and the IFNB Report covers it, not every IFNB contest has a sanctioned event. The Report seems mainly to stick closely only with league happenings, and not depart too far into the fan story tangents. Fleshing out those stories is for the fans to do if they want to.

      I am liking this contes A LOT right now especially compared to the DC'15 – which was hot but this one is really impressive.

      Then again, I am fan of muscle-and-cock balance, and also love when the dominating brutes come out and get their blind aggression on. Super masculine and HOT.

    2. How about a final fuck-down ? The top ten or twelve finalists would go on stage as a group and get their blind aggression on, fucking each other, ruining assholes until only one undisputed winner remained. That would be super masculine and HOTTEST !!!

    3. RealBBer,

      I’m with you on the fan story departures, just wish there were more of them. I like to read the strings that a couple of fans got going on. Liftingwts, for example. They add hotspots to what the blog editors focus on. So, I get to cum to the blog for two kinds of enjoyment, maybe I should say one kind stimulated two ways.

      Being fairly new to the blog, I didn’t know that only one IFNB competition, the Freak Show, has an authorized side event, the Freaxpo. But it seems like people do their own thing, authorized or not, wherever they are. It’s just not for the blog to report about, as you say, the fans got to do that. Got to say I wish more fans would post about what they heard or seen.

      About your final point — aggressive, hard-driving sex: yes … rape: no. Let me ask you, do you post about about any rape experiences or fantasies you been in? What about all the Anonyme/Anonymous? Do they?

      There seems to be a huge disconnect. Lots of Lurkers? Cowards? Ashamed men? in this blog.

      You tell me.

    4. Oh, there are several IFNB events that have side expos. I was just mentioning the Freak Show as one of the largest, not implying it was the only one.

      The world of the IFNB mimics very directly (and accurately) the world of non-naked bodybuilding. In that world as in the IFNB, there are two kinds of side events: there are expositions that are run by the league itself, that are affiliated with he contest (like the FreaXpo with he Freak Show, for one example), but then there are also side events that go on alongside a competition that are not directly affiliated with the IFNB (i.e., the events that fans write about). So, in essence, EVERY major IFNB contest has side events going on, but not every one is IFNB sanctioned – which is why there is so much diversity in the fan reports as compared to the rather consistent foundation of the IFNB Report posts.

      And I agree – i love when us fans start posting our own anecdotes. Makes the world come alive!

      The fantasy is rape-driven sex is a fantasy many have, and is clearly complicit with the IFNB themes. I get why it bothers you and some. Btu the truth is, in fantasy play, some people can understand that certain things SHOULD ONLY EXIST in fantasy. And this seems to be that kind of space.

      bear in mind, too, that the version of "rape" here depicted is the idea that the receiver, in then end, somehow likes and enjoys the thing they originally refused. So it is less a fantasy of harming others so much as a fantasy of the idea of a man being so perfect and sexually powerful that he somehow has the ability to have sex with anyone – and it is APPRECIATED. So yes, the force and domination akin to rape are present, but I think the thematics – at least as how I have read them over the past 5-6 years – are different in a key way from true "rape". it is a play on a them, not an advocacy of violence unto itself.

      One of the themes of the IFNB which shows up here and theres the idea of what secret chemicals these competitors use to hyper-enhance themselves. It is the sci-fi thrill aspect of the site; that there may be, somewhere in some highly-funded, top-secret labs, ways to develop men into these mega-beasts. And one of the side effects of these treatments is a warping of the human pheromone system; that basically these men emit pheromones that cause other humans to go into uncontrolled sexual frenzy. To be in proximity of, say, Douton or Roher or any of the big guys means you will suddenly become ravenously sexual – just through biological interaction with their pheromones. It is a sexy sic fi idea that is ascribed to EVERY IFNB pro.

      This element is one way the blog has revised the rape idea. To be around these men makes you spontaneously desperately sexually eager, and hence why they have such an easy time just fucking whoever they want. In essence, no one they fuck is truly unwilling, because they are under the throws of the pheromonal spell, making them actually desperate to be use-fucked by these studs. It is a clever sic-fi twist the blog has always upheld that addresses the idea of how these acts aren't necessarily rape, so much as examples of these men's super-human masculine ability.

      Just wanted to give you some of the background themes to help further quell your (politically correct) squeamishness over what is getting so many dudes off. Yes it is power-driven domination sex. But it is not a glorification of violence so much as a glorification of overwhelming – and FICTIONAL – power.

    5. Hey RealBBer,

      Thanks for the very full explanation. I really appreciate that you put in the time and effort. I now have a much better understanding of how the blog works, so I will be able to enjoy it much more.

      You made an insightful comment in the last sentence of your paragraph five, using the key word “play.” So I’m adapting, now I think editors and fans are using the word rape in a shortcut way to mean hard, domineering sex. I’m thinking they write … Korosoev raped the photographer … but the fact is … Korosoev fucked the photographer so hard it was like he raped him. It’s a simile, and rape is a metaphor throughout the blog. I’m not expecting others to agree. I’m just explaining how it makes sense to me. Aggressive sex, yes, dominance and submission too, but no crime. In the first sentence of that same paragraph, your wrote about how the “receiver likes and enjoys.” That really turns the tables because in real rape the victim is never willing, also line three, “appreciated.” Truly speaking, a person in life can ever appreciate being raped, but in a fantasy a person can appreciate an action that is like rape. Also in “play rape” there’s desire and there’s participation in the fantasy — both the giver and receiver are in on the game.

      Still, I am going to hold out one objection: the incident with The Four Cocks. It does not fit the paradigm … simply because the four never liked, enjoyed, or appreciated. Also, there was a posse with ringleaders, premeditation means intent to commit, and the ringleaders and the posse wanted to do harm. So not “play” as you describe it, or as I understand it. Nevertheless, I going to leave The Four Cocks incident in the past. Perhaps it was an aberration, and importantly, it was not editorial content, it was a fan posting, so not part of the “consistent foundation” you wrote of in paragraph two. This event seems wrapped up, so I’m moving on.

      Your other important insight is comparing the IFNB to sci-fi. In sci-fi there is always an underlying exigent — for example Krypton in Superman, or a hidden identity as in Star Wars. A person new to the series or one dropping in occasionally might not know or might forget those things. Yet they are always in the undercurrent of the story and they are important. So it is with the secret chemicals and the pheromones in the IFNB blog. They are not necessarily mentioned in every text, but they are essential to the ethos of the pro Naked Bodybuilding lifestyle. Coming into the blog more recently, I didn’t know that. Now, thanks to you, I do, and I can use the information to further my enjoyment. Moreover, the actions/effects of the chemicals and pheromones go a long way to keep the continuing metaphor of the blog going. So, fueled by ongoing taking in and emitting stimulants, the aggressive sex play and IFNB saga become continuing and cohesive rather that a series of one-offs. Good, I like that and I like that I’m glad to know it.

      RealBBer, you’ve helped me a lot. Thanks, Boner (aka bonerbroxxxl).