ROLLIN' SWOLLEN: Long-shot former Anaconda Overall Champ Raul Rubenez (right) hits a 
side triceps dick-forward pose in the second round of preliminaries  Hugo Cortes from Argentina.
Cortes won the LightHeavweight in the second prelim, with Rubenex in a respectable third.

A thickly muscled man is always interested in being started and and admired.  But strip a muscle bull naked and something comes over him like an obsessed tyrant, aggressively shoving flexed muscle into the eyes of those dazzled with so much manhood and reminding admirers of the respect he deserves for his superior form.  This instinct its honed to a skill in the world of naked bodybuilding, where a man's ability to understand the biological fact of his innate superiority lies in his lust of his own excessively developed muscle mass.

It is this instinct that many lower-ranked pros capitalize on when they get a chance to compete in an Elite Ranked IFNB competition.  While their physiques may not be on part with top pros in the game, their egos are no less primed for the thrill of attention and adoration.

And that's the ego of Hugo Cortes from Argentina, who's posing and flexing in the LightHeavyweight division of the second preliminaries was the admirable image of a man who looks down on other men as pathetic worms before his majestic perfection.  Cortes, who is as eager to reach Elite ranking like so many lower pros in the game, pulled out every stop to make his performance a gluttony of self-lusting mass.  His front shots were outstanding, spreading lats so thick and wide that it was hard not to be mesmerized.  The smug, domineering leer in his eyes was merited, as every biceps-and-boner pose and most-muscular dick-front shot was lit up with the intensity of a man who gets aroused by how much his muscle intimidates his onlookers.

Cortes was 6th in the Overalls for the second prelims, which was bad news for returning Anaconda Overall Champion, the smaller-framed Raul Rubenez, who took third in the LightHeayweight for this prelim, and didn't break top 15 in the final rankings for this round. While still in very good shape to make it into the finals, the inability for Rubenez to advance in the prelims may shut him out prematurely before the Finals start.

However, while many think Rubenez will not repeat an Overall win in the newly-Elite ranked Anaconda,  most are willing to see that he brought a strong game.  Clearly dosed with some sort of strong enhancement growth cycle, Rubenez took the stage on the second night much thicker than the previous preliminary.  Rapid growth is a very rare thing, and few have mastered the chemistry to get even a mild effect.  But as we all know, the vast majority of cycles used for rapid muscle growth serums involve anal injection, and Rubenez's training history shows the smaller naked stud is no stranger to the inclusion of ass stim in his prep.

The swollen growth helped Rubenez elevate from his 6th place spot in the first preliminary to a solid third in the second prelim.  The advance was due to muscle, not cock.  The Rubenez dick game has always been to pose dick-forwafrd in as many set-ups as possible and his rigidity plays well against his lean cuts.  However, while he lacked the muscle thickness to match his terrifying dick, and so the added muscle scale played into balancing his physique, and moving him up the ranks.  Yet, even in spite of the growth, he still did not break the top 15 spots in the Overall, landing on the bubble at 17th place Overall for the second prelim.

The Anaconda judging seems very focused on the muscle of these naked studs, as that seems to be the most contentious point of discerning the athletes at this early stage in the game.  While cum sprays will inevitably begin to become more relevant, this year's Anaconda is starting out as a muscle mass battle, which is good news for athletes like Cortes and Rubenez, who's strategy is to advance using scale and balance, rather than primarily dick skills and sexualized aggression scores.



  1. Well here we finally get a full frontal of Rubenez and can see exactly what this stud has to offer in terms of man-meat. I have to say that I am somewhat disappointed to see what is, in my eyss, a singularly unattractive cock and ball combi. OK, the guy has got the size but just compare its presentation with those of Neuville and Douton, both of whom have very handsome fuck-sticks and this guy is just not in the running in the cock stakes. His competitors put him visually in the shade, no matter how mcuh cum he shoots and now well coordianted he manages to be. And his balls do nothing to help either, as they seem very small. and hanging in a muserable scrotum which looks as though is has seen better days. I reckon that if Rubenez is serious he needs to get himself a very good cock trainer and NBA to help him on his way.

    Well, all that's very negative but it's what I think. Positively I rather like Rubenez's physique which is, to my mind, very well proportioned. But I don't think he has any chance of winning or even getting a top placement. I ask myself how he won last time. The competition must have been very weak. At the end of the day he is an example of just how difficult it is to compete when the top guns are in play.

    What do other fans think now that we have got a really good look at him? And where is the promised Bedone? I thought he was supposed to be attending. In my view he would add a bit of class to the sbow as he really is a lusciously attractive stud,who has succeededin spite of lots of negative criticism, much of it totally unwarrented.

    1. I am also disappointed in Rubenez. I prefer Korzoev's massive cock and beefy muscles. I'd like to see him plowing a NBA.
      I like Cortes' physique and hope another photo is provided showing his dong. Then we'll see if he fits into the cock-muscles balance trend.

    2. I agree with Liftingwts, I prefer Yori Korozoev’s massive cock. Compared to Pierre Douton, Emmanuel Neuville and Raul Rubenez, the other three top contenders, Korozoev has the dominant cock-stand. The reasons are the heaviness and bluntness of his cock-head, the expanding thickness of his cock-shaft behind his cock-head, and the tapering but not too narrow cock-shaft as it thrusts from his pubes.

      Douton, Neuville and Rubenez have impressive man-poles, but all three men have pointy cock-heads compared to Korozoev’s rounded knob. Some men admire this pointy cock-head for looks, and many prefer it for rear entry because it eases open the sphincter. Also, Douton, Neuville and Rubenez have even thickness throughout the length of their cock-shaft, which some men prefer as they are being fucked.

      I can tell you from experience that “top” men (and others who had have the opportunity) prefer to be fucked by a man-pole like Korozoev’s. I know this because when I was a college freshman I was eagerly courted by upperclassmen of the wrestling team which I had joined. Custom dictates that upperclassmen dominate freshman. However, when upperclassmen saw my cock-stand, so evident in a singlet or even more-so when wrestling naked as our coach sometimes required, they sought me out for post-practice cool down sessions in the locker room. I am not saying that my my manly equipment is as massive as Korozoev’s, it’s not, but it has the same proportions. I’m a muscular guy and I have a cock to match.

      A blunt, rounded cock-head like Korozoev’s, like mine, challenges the anus, it makes entry a greater effort for both tapper and tappee. But that’s part of the pleasure-in pain game. Also, the increased girth of the cock-shaft behind the cock-head challenges the three rings of the sphincter even more. But once the first half of the tapper’s fuck-pole has thrust into the anus, the rest of the it slides in easily. Next there’s five minutes of beneficial and enjoyable sphincter work as the tapper thrusts in and withdraws half his cock, from its base at his pubes to mid-shaft. Then, gradually, the tapper slides the thickest part of his cock-shaft outward, stretching the tappee’s sphincter as he withdraws (but never completely), and ramming his fuck-pole deep on his return, out and in. This sphincter stretching and acclimation take another five minutes. Then it’s time for as much of what I call “Heavy Metal Fucking” as the tapper and tappee can take — that is until they are both ready to explode their loads. In this last stage, the tapper’s thick, blunt, rounded, heavy knob strokes and pounds the tappee’s prostate better than any pointy cock-head can. It’s the reason a heavy, blunt cock-head is preferred. It’s the best simultaneous climax.

      These techniques are what I learned from my first coaches, who saw my potential when I was just coming up in wrestling. By the time I got to college I had good skills, and knew how to use them. My college coaches and team-mates admired my equipment when they first saw it, so they wanted to put me to the test. With them, I took my skills to the ultimate level. That’s what made me a star of my college wrestling team.

      With a fuck-pole like he has, Yori Korozoev is sure to have the admiration of the other pros, and I bet they’re eager to put it to use. Image the workout they’re going to get.